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MTHS Class of 2004

This information was taken from the Senior Yearbook.  
Please contact us with corrections. 
Jacob Adams
Nathan Adams
Anthony Adkins
Brittany Albert
Ashley Alig
Joseph Andrew Arnold
Peter Bachman
Michael Bandy
Josh Bennett
Nick Bernitt
Chris Gene Bigelow
Cassandra Bitner
Jason Bockler
Nick Boone
Aaron Breitbarth
Cynthia Brown
Derek Brown
Emma Brown
Danielle Jo Bryan
Benjamin Burkhart
Janelle Butler
Janine Butler
DJ Butts
Dustin Call
Dana Carr
Steffan Clark
John Crabtree
Laura Cross
Aaron Curtis
Lindsay Davis  
Melissa Davis
Danielle Decker
Brandon DeLaval
Cody Denney
Drew Doty
Chelsi Dragoo
Cody DuBois
Jesse Ehringer  
Felicia Ellis
David Ericsson
Mark Ezzell
Joe Fandel
Kayla Fandel
Jessica Fehl
Larissa Ferguson
Laura Finney
Jesse Fischer
Chrissy Fisher
Katrina Fisher
Anna Fleischer
Nick Foster
Sara Frye
Ben Fuelberth
Carols Franco Garcia
Katie Garrison
Hillary Gerkin
Jennifer Gibson
Tyler Glaub
Matt Goodyear
Josh Gordon
Pete Grabel
Lindsay Graves
Kerri Gravlin
Nathan Gray
Daniel Grebner
Gillian Greer
John Griffith
Alex Grohsmeyer
Molly Guenther
Chelsie Haedicke
Allison Hall
Amanda Harrison
Lynz Heft
Mark Heggen
Lacy Helton
Jesse Hendryx
Jessican Henson
Zachary Heshelman
Laura Hinrichsen
Blake Hoerr
Julia Hovey
Brittany Hull
Curtis Jackson
Sara Jacobs
Whitney Janssen
Jeannia Jirjis
Anthony Jones 
Robert Jordan
Karin Kahila
Jessica Kendall
Nicholas Kerker
Ron Knaub
Jennifer Knop
Amanda Knussman
Jacquilne Koch
Christian Koziel
Carrie Krohn
Ephraim Nate Kurth
Taney Kurth
Megan Laird
Casey Lee
Erica Litz
Ashley Long
Abbel Luhring  
Joshua Lundberg
Kamy Lynch
Jon Machen
Kerry Maloney
Doug Mason                           
Amanda Matheny
Samantha McAdams               
Nick McClone
Bethany McCoy                      
Michael McKinney
Jade McWhirter
Katie Meismer
Ryan Meitl
Michael Meredith
Nicole Miller
Jared Milloy
Jaime Mishler
Rebecca Moore
Jessamyn Morton
Patrick Mulcrone
Desmond Mullins
Sean Murphy
Julia Myers
Breana Nauman                       
Zach Neff
Matt Nicholson            
Katie Noonan
Nicholas Oberlander                
Melanie Obery
Whitney Obery
Noriyaki Okada
Matt O’Shea
Erica Osterloo
Emily Paluska  
Brandon Park  
Ryan Passage
Mackenzie Paul
Willam Paule
Sara Perley
Shawn Peterson
Julia Pfaff
Tyler Pfanz
Christina Pizzuti
Carl Pollard
Joshua Prather
Jason Presley
Melissa Prewett
Jamie Purple
Josh Rauhaus
Lindsey Reason
Ashley Redenius                      
Chris Regan
Leona Regan                           
Diana Rego
Kelli Reynolds             
Nicole Rehodes
Stephanie Rich             
Elizabeth Riddle
Sara Riddle
Brett Ring                                
Matt Robitske
Jessica Roedell
Benjamin Rollinger
Brad Rose
Scott Rossman
Emily Rowden
Andrew Rubel 
Renee Ruder
Carly Sams
Jeff Scheirer
Kyle Schertz
Lisa Schieber
Kyle Schierer
Sarah Schierer 
Megan Schlink
Christine Session
Monica Sharick
Tyler Shirley
Kyle Shoff
Megan Siefken
Andrew Smith
Kandi Smith
Bobby Smith
Robert Smith
Stephanie Smith
Theresa Smith  
Diane Sprague
Emily Standridge
Tyler Stephens
Aimee Storm   
Drew Stutts
Saki Tatebe
Jamie Thompson                      
Stephen Tissert
Ashley Todd                            
Tara Toepke
Adam Toliver                          
Rachel Trower 
Jason Turner                            
Tim Uphoff
Dan Viggers                            
Zach Waggoner
Crystal Waldschmidt                
Jonathan Watt 
Dan Webb
Anne Weber
Rachel Webster                       
Heather Weekley
James Weekley                       
Courtney Weingart
Joe Weldon                             
Lindsey Wenzel
Ryan White                             
Preston Widmer
Elizabeth Williams                    
Ben Winkler
Maria Winkler                         
Erin Witt
Shane Woodall
Zach Ziegel
Samantha Zobrist
Dexter Zoss

Name: Brittany Albert
Class of: 2004
Address: 8701 Lantern Forest Court, Indianapolis, IN 46256
Phone: (309) 370-6981 

Name: Cassandra Thewlis
Maiden Name: Bitner
Class of: 2004

Comments: I became a mother right out of high school, and that's what I still am today, I volunteer with my sons school and also have a young daughter and two older stepsons. I am married and enjoy riding motorcycles with my husband, I plan to return to college in the next couple of years to become a drug and alcohol counselor. (Updated: 08/2012)

Name: Jason Bockler
Class of: 2004
City: Metamora,  IL
Phone: 309-712-8621

Comments: I'm working on getting my Teaching degree in History at Bradley and hope to teach high school when I graduate. Yes, really. I've been working at Lowe's in East Peoria for 2 years. Yup...

Name: Cynthia Brown
E-Mail: daisy2rose@hotmail.com
Class of: 2004
Address: 1515 Division Street, Metamora, IL  61548
Phone: 309-369-3730

Comments: Hey everybody! I can NOT believe that it is spring 2008 already! wow.... craziness! I hope that everyone is blessed no matter where life has taken you. I know that we all have changed so much! I am still in the area..it isn't as bad as I thought it would be :) I am currently a hairstylist at Studio B Hair Design on Lake Street in Peoria: and absolutely LOVE what I do! I'm also almost done with ICC. After hair school I decided to go back and get my Bus Admin because one day the coolest salon in Peoria will be owned by yours truly :) I'm just loving and living life everyday and if I see you around I'll be sure to say hello!  Cynthia (Updated: 03/2008)

Name: Janine Speiden
Maiden Name: Butler
Class of: 2004
Address: 1102 Upper Spring Bay Road, East Peoria, IL  61611

Comments: I married in March 2009 and I am a senior at OSF College of Nursing and currently work in the Neuroscience Critical Care unit. I will have my BSN in nursing in December 2010. (Updated: 03/2010)

Name: Dana Carr
Class of: 2004

Comments: Hey Guys, I can't belive we just passed our 5 year mark thats crazy-I feel so old. I married Mark May 9, 2009 and we now live in Lacon where we bought a house. I work as a Medical Office Assistant at a Pediatric/Internal Medicine office in Peoria, waiting to get into nursing School. My husband works for Collision Revision in Peoria as an Autobody technician. Hope everyone is doing well!! Send me an email so we can keep in touch! (Updated: 09/2009)


Name: Brandon DeLaval
Class of :2004
Address: 8 Kelp Lane, Santa Rita, GU 96915

Comments:  This is the first time I've been on the website since graduating.  I finished my Associates degree in Criminal Justice/Law enforcement from ICC in 2007. Now I am currently in the US Navy as a Master-at-Arms (security forces).  I am currently stationed in Guam in South Asia Pacific.  Guam is a tiny island but it will be my home for 3 years.  I was also recently married to Kimberly Ruder who was a graduate of Metamora in 2006.  If any one wants to get a hold of me, email me or look me up on myspace or facebook.


Name: Jesse Ehringer
Class of: 2004
City: Aurora, CO

Comments: So went to ICC for a few years, graduated and moved to Normal. Worked a ton there and finally moved to Colorado. Haven't looked back since. Loving the mountains and all the different activities that are out here. (Updated: 08/2013) 

Name: Joey Fandel
Class of: 2004

Comments: Wow, sometimes it seems like I just graduated!  I hope everyone is doing great!  Go class of '04!

Name: Jennifer Stefanie Gibson
Class of: 2004
Address: 133 Canterbury Ct., East Peoria, IL  61611
Phone: (309) 699-0922

Name: Jesse Hendryx
Class of: 2004
Phone: 309-367-2285

Comments: yo, 4 years eh?  Well after intense training I achieved SSJ and had a fight in the Andes mountains to save the world. Bet you guys didn't read about that in the news.  Anyways, I'm gearing up for the next battle to save mankind, cause they are about to fix up that Large Hadron Collider, and that thing can make black holes, and stanglets, so I'm gonna need to be able to punch a hole through a black hole (no pun intended).

Other than that, I went to ICC for a few years, and now work at Best Buy whenever I am not trying to stop some evil maniac from destroying the earth. Hopefully I can reach bankai by the time the LHC is fixed.

Comments: I am attending Greenville College (Christian liberal arts college in southern Illinois ) and am a sophomore. My majors are Speech Communication and Spanish, I'm an RA, I lead worship in one of the chapel bands and I love Ireland (I went there over j-term last year for a literature class- it is so beautiful), and I hope to someday live in Europe again.

Name: Sara Jacobs
Class of: 2004

(Updated: 08/2010)

Name: Whitney Roeschley
Maiden Name: Janssen
Class of: 2004
City: Morton, IL  61550

Comments: I graduated from Carthage College with a BA in Biology and Chemistry in 2008. I got married in 2008 and am currently living in Morton. We have been blessed with our little girl who was born in December of 2011, and I currently stay at home with her. (Updated: 08/2012) 

Name: Kerry Maloney
Class of: 2004
City: Morton, IL
(Updated: 06/2013)

Comments: I briefly attended ICC after high school. I then decided to join the army. I have not changed much since high school. I still have the same good attitude that I had back then. If you want to know what else I have been up to drop me a line.

Name: Matthew O'Shea
Class of: 2004
City: Peoria, IL 

Comments: Currently an Event Marketing Representative for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. (Updated: 10/2010)

Name: Jason Presley
Class of: 2004
City: Eureka, IL
Phone: 309 321 0279

Comments: Sup class of '04...its been awhile since we graduated..Ive got a wonderful wife and I have an 1 year old son!! I`m the owner of a small cleaning company. Presley Floor Care Inc. (Updated: 05/2011)

Name: Melissa (Missy) Bain
Maiden Name: Prewett
E-Mail: missprew@yahoo.com
Class of: 2004

Comments: I graduated from Northern Illinois University in 2008. I have been married since August 2011. My husband currently serves in the USMC and is currently stationed at Camp Lejeune, NC. Previously we lived in San Antonio, TX. I work for an insurance agency out of San Antonio, but I am lucky enough to work from home in NC. It is the perfect situation for a military spouse! :) (Updated: 01/2014)

Comments: Hey there everyone!! I am late in registering for this website, but it is now nearing the end of 2010, and I am coming up on my 1 year anniversary of my full time job as a Human Resources Generalist at Boeing in St. Louis. I graduated from the University of Illinois with a BS in Psychology and then stayed there for graduate school to complete my Master's of Human Resources and Labor Relations. My family has relocated to Minneapolis, so I am not in Metamora very often anymore, but would love to keep in touch! (Updated: 11/2010)

Comments: I cannot believe I am almost out of college. High School seems so long ago, but it was filled with some great memories. Running for Coach Jones on the Runn'n Red team was some of the greatest times of high school.

Currently, I am attending Monmouth College and studying Public Relations and Pre-Arch. Next year (2007) - I plan on attending graduate school for Architecture. Peace. 

Name: Sarah Keller
Maiden Name: Schierer
Class of: 2004

Comments: My life has seen a lot of changes since graduating in 2004! I attended Illinois College and graduated with an undergraduate degree in Accounting in 2007. I then went to work at Caterpillar as an accountant starting in May, 2007. I obtained an MBA through the Univsersity of Illinois in 2010, and I passed the CPA exam that same year. I also married Chad Keller July 24, 2010, and we were blessed with a baby boy, Brayden, on February 25, 2011. I live a full, blessed life! (Updated: 05/2012)


Name: Megan Schlink
E-Mail: schlinky85@hotmail.com
Class of: 2004
Address: 3727 N Dayton Ave., Peoria, IL  61614
Phone: 696-2956

Comments: Hey guys! I'm currently going to ICC and will graduate May 10, 2008! I will be a dental hygienist. I'm engaged to my boyfriend Dusty, we've been together since 2002, crazy! 10-4-08 is the "big day" We bought our first house.. it's in Peoria but we hope to move to Germantown once I get my "real" job! Hope you guys are all doing great! Look me up on facebook! :)


Name: Rob Smith
Class of: 2004
Phone: 309-360-9190

Comments: I am currently enrolled at ICC and taking my Gen. ED classes. No major yet...  Since high school, I have been working at Caterpillar Inc.  Other than that, nothing about me has changed:  I'm dating the same girl, I still play guitar, and I still hang out with the same people.  This is my life...... 

Name: Diane Sprague
Class of: 2004
Phone: 361-0902

Comments: I am not at ICC and it's going alright.  I am studying education and getting a degree in elementary education. after next year, I am going to transfer to ISU and then finish up there.  I am currently living with my parents in West Peoria , but they will soon be moving again, and I will be getting an apartment of my own.



Name: Jamie Thompson
Class of: 2004
Address: 1127 North Leroy Street, East Peoria,  IL  61611
Phone: 309-231-2194

Comments: Well I'm currently in my Sophomore year at Eastern Illinois University .  I am studying Sociology with a teachers certification. I am a member of Alpha Sigma Tau sorority. And that's about all :)

Name: Crystal Waldschmidt
Class of: 2004
Address: 216 S. Thorncrest Ave., Creve Coeur,   IL   61611
Phone: 309-699-0163

Comments: Hey guys just wanted to say hi.  I am in Fort Jackson right now for my AIT training I graduate August 19, 2004 .  I am in the Army National Guard.  I hope my buddies that I haven't gotten to talk to in a while see this a email me.  I will be planning on being in Iraq in about 1 or less.


Comments: Hi, I went to college at BHE, took horse science and welding classes. I'm back in Metamora now. I still have horses!! I look alot different now a days. When I was in high school, everyone knew how I was!! I was the CRAZY GOTHIC GIRL! You know the one that wore capes and sat in front of my locker under an umbrella. Now I bet you wouldn't even recognize me!! Country girl all the way now! Look for me on MYspace.

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