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MTHS Class of 2003

This information was taken from the Senior Yearbook.  
Please contact us with corrections. 

Brittany Adams
Heath Adams
Megan Danette Adams
Devon M. Adkins
Caleb Anderson
Jacy Anderson
Elizabeth M. Aspan
Kristina Atherton
Kimberly Atkins
Theresa Axelson
Michael Baker
Rachel Baranowski
Geoffrey J. Barclay
Holly Barnett
Jessica Bauer
Ryan Beals
Bradley Bellisario
Jessica Belsly
Daniel Bender
Jacqueline Bitter
Justin Bitner
Lee Blackburn
David J. Blahnik
Michael Bonnell
Megan Boyd
Jacob Brannan
Emily Kay Branson
Andrea Jo Brant
Christine Braskich
Wesley Brewster
Christopher Brickner
Clayton Brinker
Michael Burroughs
Darlene Caho
Molly Jean Campen
Meredith Christ
Amanda Clementz
Alexander Clemons
Chelsea Cook
Lindsey Jean Cook
Adam Costello
Michael Randall Crady
Joshua Dalpiaz
Jessica Davis
Eric Joseph Debolt
Joy Debolt
Jamie DeLap
Chavita M. Delgadillo
Corinne Delinski
Anthony Kendall Denham
Colleen Dewey
Aaron M. Dickerson
Daniel Diggle
Sean DiLeonardi
Michelle Donnelly
Ryan Doremus
Daniel DuBois
Drake DuBois
Colleen Eckstein
Clayton Tyler Edwards
Christopher Ehley
Anthony Elger
Michael Anthony Eller
Brandi Eslinger
David Evans
Craig Feazel
Sean Feeney
Melinda Mardel Ferguson
Nathan Ferguson
Andrew Fliege
Matthew Force
Steven Fosdyck
Joshua Foster
Corey Funk
Tara Gaetz
Codi Garber
Julie Gilmore
Brett Glass
Jeanette Goewey
Jennifer Goodman
Kristina Grebner
Elisa Hall
Joel Harris
Joshua Hatcher
Justin J. Heft
Susan Arend Heiniger
Jarred Held
Jeffrey Herring
Elizabeth C. Hoehne
Lindsay Leigh Hoerr
Hilary Honold
Eric Hull
Timothy Huser
Brooke Leigh Inghilterra
Leland Ioerger III
Devon Marie Johnson
Joanna Bailey Jones
Matthew Jones
Robert Kearney
Andrew Kennel
Joshua Alan Kennel
Cori Kiefner
Ryan Kiernan
Alyssa Kindig
Craig Kitching
Megan Klinkradt
Morgan Klinkradt
Ann Kraut
Andrea Marie Kroeger
Andrew Laird
Amber D. Lewis
Aaron Logue
Jessica Lundberg
Anne Maksimovich
Charles Philip Marcille
Heidi Mayes
Steven A. McClone
Rebekah McCoy
Jill Meinhold
Bart Mensinger
Lindsay C. Mettler
Aaron Miller
Josiah Miller
Rebecca E. Miller
Adam Mills
Cody Mischler
Jeffrey Keith Mischler
Nicole Mishler
Jaclyn Morphew
Kari Mullins
Heidi Nauman
Bethany E. Neumann
Andrew Ngo`
Robert R. Nimmo
Meaghan Nunnally
Sara Obery
Jennifer Park
Rachel Parr
Samantha Jo Pavolko
Sean Pinaire
Sarah Christine Pohlman
Daniel Benjamin Polston
Adam Portscheller
Alexander Prose
Blake William Rasmussen
Jessica Leanne Rassi
Brett Rhoades
Ryan Rickard
Scott Ringenberg
Zachary Robison
Matthew Rooney
Brittany Michelle Rubeo
Nathan Russell
Dennis Rutledge
Richard Thomas Rylee
Jessica Saathoff
Michael Sanders
Michael Sattler
Aaron Michael Saving
Adam Rhodes Sawyer
Anthony Scheirer
Adam Blake Schertz
Larrisa Schertz
Andrew Schierer
Kacie Schultz
Melissa Renate Schussele
Matthew L. Schwab
Max William Schwarze
Jacob James Seckler
Joseph Seckler
Kyle Seckler
Jeffrey Seymour
Erica Shoemaker
Joseph Sieg
Eric Stephen Sliger
Caitlin Rose Solomon
Aaron Sparks
Johnathon Isaac Spencer
Amy Staab
Nicholas Steff
Jamie L. Stewart
Michael Stoller
Levi Daniel Swartzentruber
Laura Elizabeth Tanton
Nicholas J. Thieben
Anthony Thornton
Tera Thurston
Justin W. Troyer
Adam Benjamin Ulbricht
Eric Robert Uphoff
Jennifer Lynn VanBrooker
Brittany Leigh Vandegraft
Saara K. Viteli
Kent Daniel Wagenschutz
Paul Webster
Marisa R. Weibling
Daniel Widmer
Margaret Wilmarth
Adam Christopher Wilson
Brett Winters
Christine Woll
Mitchell Martin Wright
Anthony Wyffels
Daniel J. Yordy
Laine Ziegler
Jessica L Zimmerman

Name: Jake Backes
Class of: 2003
Address: 9700 N. Dalea Ln. Apt. 14316, Peoria, IL  61615
Phone: (309)922-7520 

(Updated: 07/2013)

Name: Michele Baldwin
Maiden Name: Baldwin
Class of: 2003
Address: 1137 North Nancy St., East Peoria,  IL  61611
Phone: 309-265-1486 

Comments: Hi everyone. Going to school for the second time around, getting my second associates and working on a few certifications for Culinary business management and baking. I have a beautiful daughter named Sydney Rae Baldwin. I bought a house up in Peoria Heights over 2 years ago, and have been working at various places around the area. Its been a fabulous adventure so far, I am looking forward to whatever life has in store for me in the future. Look me up on Facebook or Myspace. (Updated 08/2009)

Name: Meredith Christ
Class of: 2003
City: Springfield, IL

(Updated: 05/2013)

Name: Jennifer Puckett
Maiden Name: Crebo
Class of: 2003

(Updated: 09/2012)

Name: Nikki Domico
Class of: 2003
Address: 3119 Rudder Lane, Bloomington , IL 61704
Phone: 309-453-1596

Comments: Hey guys! Good to see people are staying updated! A lot has happened since graduation. I attended ISU and graduated with a Bachelor's in Social Work and now work on a crisis team in Bloomington . We respond to suicide and homicide calls to the mentally ill! VERY INTERESTING!

Also, I have been training really hard for about 3 years now and finally qualified for the Boston Marathon in April of '08! Can't wait. This will be my 4th marathon. Hope everyone is successful and happy! Keep in touch!

Name: Joseph Droege
Class of: 2003

Comments: Currently I am attending ICC and planning to transfer to U of I in the criminal justice department this fall (2005). I still live at home in Metamora and work at OSF St. Francis Hospital . Have not really expanded out of Metamora yet, but think it's great that others have, especially the ones in the military. Hope everything is going well for everyone.


Name: Ashley Flad
Class of: 2003
City: West Lafayette, IN

Comments: Hey everybody...It's nice to read that everyone is doing well! I'm in my fourth year at Purdue University and I will be graduating in December of '07. I'm majoring in Audiology and Linguistics, with a Spanish minor. Hopefully following Purdue I will be heading to Seattle , WA to work on my doctorate of Audiology. I met my boyfriend my freshman year at Purdue, and we've been together for about 3 years now. Somewhere in there I find time to waitress at a locally-owned Italian restaurant here in Lafayette , and I also do research on child language and specific language impairments in children for Purdue University . Not much else is new for me... Glad to see everyone is happy and doing well-be safe and good luck with everything guys!

Name: Jackie Polston
Maiden Name: Foley
Class of: 2003
City: Washington, IL

(Updated: 03/2013)


(Updated: 04/2013)

Name: Samuel Grebner
Class of: 2003
Address: 1501 E. Gardner Ln. Apt. 202, Peoria, IL 61616
Phone: 309-635-3583

Comments: Hello all! Have been really busy as of late. Did several tours of duty in the Marine Corps. 3BN 5th Marines. Sold cars after I got home. Havnt gone to college or anything yet but am planning on it soon. Recently got divorced and am the proud father of a son. Would like to hear from you all. Seems like forever ago since we graduated yet at the same time it was just yesterday. I see alot of you have gone on to other things. Good for you guys! Good to see you are doing well. Life has many different paths for each of us and after coming home I think its important to take advantage of those opportunities we are given. If any of you want to get together sometime let me know! Be good to catch up. Anyway hope you all continue to have success in life and perhaps we will all see each other soon. Take care. (Updated: 08/2012)

Name: Holly Guth
Class of: 2003

Comments: Wow! I probably haven't checked out this site since HS graduation... and according to this page, I did not graduate with the class of 2003. Shameful - I have some pretty awful yearbook poses to prove it. Haha.

Anyway, I graduated with a degree in Business/Marketing from SUIE and and lived abroad in Amsterdam for a while. I now live and work for a marketing comapny in St. Louis and love it...

Hope life is treating everyone well! ;0) (Updated 10/2009)

Name: Christopher H. Jenke
Class of: 2003
Address: 1009 Folsom St., Bloomington, IL  61701

Comments: I've been kind of all around Central Illinois since after HS. I'm settled for now. Not engaged or married. I have no kids. I'm going to school, and working full-time in an IT position.

Check out the sweet yearbook picture they should be posting. I still 100% look like that, Asian. Cause that's how I roll. (Updated: 03/2010)

Name: Rachel Smith
Maiden Name: Johnston
Class of: 2003
Address: 171 State Rt. 116, East Peoria, IL 61611
Phone: 309-339-5689  

Comments: Well I got married in 2004, had a son in 2005 and soon I will be opening an Automotive Merchandise store. Time flies when you're doing what you love. (Updated: 2/08)

Comments: I can't believe how much everything has changed since graduating. I've been married for 2 years, and already have a child and he's almost a year old. Time flies!

Comments: Hi old class mates I am in the marines and it is all right.  I am now stationed in Kings Bay GA.  I protected some of the worlds most powerful weapons nuclear weapons. I have done a lot of training and I probably will go to Iraq in about one year.  I hope all is going good and you all have a good one.

Name: Krystle Miller
Class of: 2003

Comments: Hey all!  I just thought I'd let everyone know that I'm in Germany and doing just fine!  I will not get deployed until next year so I'm enjoying the beautiful sights of Europe while I can!  A piece of advice if you get the chance to go to Europe GOOOOOOO!  It's awesome!

Name: Janelle Bender
Maiden Name: Phillips
Class of: 2003
Address: 401 Currant Drive, Metamora, IL 61548

Comments: Hey everyone. After high school I went to ICC and played 2 years of softball. Then I attended Eureka College for 3 years and finished up my education degree. Dan and I got married Jan 2007, and we had a little girl, Bailee Ann in April. We are doing great and loving life! (Updated: 11/2007)

Name: Korey Rutherford
Class of: 2003
Phone: 309-696-0584

Comments: I completed my Bachelor of Science in Business at Indiana University with a concentration in Accounting and Finance. I'm currently working on my Master of Business Administration with a concentration in Accounting and Financial Analysis.

Name: Myranda Smith
Class of: 2003
Address: 1252 Lake Rd., Eureka,  IL   61530

Comments: Hi, everybody! I, unlike most of my fellow classmates, did not  go to college right after high school. Brett and I broke up about a year and a half after graduation, and I met the most incredible guy ever. His name is Jeremy, and we're planning a wedding for July 2007. I know, it's a ways off in the future, but we just want to make sure we've got enough time for the planning. Anyway, I moved to Eureka in March of '05, and I absolutely love living here. I know it's the same kind of small town as Metamora, but there's something about Eureka that I like more. I plan on waiting until after Jeremy and I have children and our children are in school to go back to school myself. Feel free to email me-anyone! I'd love to hear from those of you that I haven't seen since graduation! Bye!


Name: Stephanie Thompson
Class of: 2003

Comments: Hey everyone!  I'm attending Northern Illinois University in Dekalb.  I'm a Nursing major and will start the program in the fall (2005) which I'm very excited about.  I'm also working on campus at the College of Business in the Management Department.  It has been a really big change going from a small high school to a good size university, but I love it!  Hope everyone is doing well!  Keep in touch.  

Name: Erin Young
Class of: 2003
City: Peoria, IL

Comments: Since graduating, I've been going to school and am graduating in 2009 from Bradley University. After switching my major 4 times, I've finally settled on English (for editing/publishing (preferably fictional books) and writing). As of August 2009, I've been with my fiance for 5 years, and we are planning to marry in 2010. Other than at school, I spend my time working, dancing (going on 8 years of Middle Eastern bellydancing and have more recently taken up salsa and Latin dancing), and doing quite a bit of reading and writing (I started working on a novel in early 2005 but put it off for a while, and have been consistently been working on it for the entire year of 2009 - I plan to finish it by the spring of 2010). (Updated: 11/2009)


Comments: After graduation from Metamora High School in 2003, I continued my general education at Illinois Central College. Then I transferred up to Columbia College Chicago and entered their film/video program. I completed my education in Los Angeles in a Semester in LA program through Columbia College in the summer of 2008. Upon completion of this program I began working freelance in the TV/Film industry in Los Angeles. (Updated: 02/2012)

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