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MTHS Class of 1999
This information was taken from the Senior Yearbook.  
Please contact us with corrections. 
Amy Adams
Jonas Aleshire
Mary Alig
Bradley Allen
Penny Anderson
Erin Armstrong
Andrea Atherton
William Bailey
Paul Baker
Tara Baker
Serhat Bakirdan
Brock Baldwin
Tyler Bandy
Travis Barke
Anna Bausche
Wendy Beltz
Nicholas Bohannon
Sarah Bohlander
KT Brady
Heather Brenneman
Kellie Call
Kevin Carlson
Robert Carroll
Jennifer Clark
Jennifer Cline
Nick Cook
Sara Cothren
Mark Craig
Matt Craig
Melissa Cribbs
Nicholas Daly
Amanda Daniel
Laura Dannenberg
Jason Dean
Patrick Dean
Brad DeMoss
Christina DeLap
Justin Dentino
Katie DeRossett
Sarah Ditch
Matthew Domico
Ryan Doty
Jason Douglas
Shawn Downey
Joseph Dries
Karen Droege
Jerhamie Dykes
Peter Eckstein
Kristina Eddy
Matthew Ehley
Jake Elbert
Laura Elbert
Robert Facker
Josh Fandel
Scott Fehr
Sarah Francis
Jillian Friederich
Jessica Gendron
Craig Geskey
Zachary Ginder
Brian Glass
Eric Glover
Brandon Graves
Meghan Grebner
Brian Gregory
Jennifer Greshham
Jason Hackward
Lindsey Hagan
Keith Hamilton
Jill Hartness
Grant Hasty
Jodi Helms
Kristin Herrick
Christopher Hicks
Kevin Hodel
Leah Howd
David Humke
Ron Humke
Julia Hunziker
Samuel Irving
Michael Jenkins
Amanda Johanningsmeier
Monica Jones
Christopher Kamp
Justin Kelch
Jason Kelch
Jeana Kenyon
Eric Keysor
Paul Kiefner
Robert Kierski
Jeri Kilduski
Christopher King
Jonathan Kirshbaum
Michael Klimstra
Courtney Knoblauch
Jason Knoblauch
Brian Koppenhoefer
Stefan Koppenhoefer
Andrew Kraut
Nick Krus
Thomas Lane
Kelly Larson
Kevin Larson
Melanie Leddy
Daniel Leman
Abbi Look
Brian Luschen
Melissa Lyles
Corey Mann
Chris Marchand
Laura Marchand
Amanda Marcille
Maggi Martinez
Natalie Matts
Jacob Maurer
Ben Maxwell
Aaron McCarty
Amanda McCarty
Samantha McClintock
Roxanne McLaughlin
Jamie Mellor
Megan Meredith
Amber Meyers
Tamara Meyers
David Miller
Robyn Miller
Shannon Miller
Benhildah Mlambo
Tony Morey
Katherine Mormann
Jennifer Morphew
Jason Mullins
Jason Mulvaney
Curt Nauman
Brooke Nelson
Matthew Nelson
Andrea Parr
Erin Perau
Stephen Peterson
Rena Perrine
Jared Phillips
Danny Pretty
Matt Prose
Destiny Purcell
Nick Purdue
Thomas Rayner
Sarah Redenbo
Heidi Reeb
Scott Reeise
Andy Remelius
Jessica Ringenberg
Bill Roberts
Levi Robertson
Billy Robison
Bradley Rogers
Nicholas Roxby
Megan Rubel
Katie Ruder
Philip Ryan
Melissa Sams
Anna Saving
Mandy Scheirer
Kirsten Schertz
Katie Schierer
Katie Schlemmer
Peter Schmillen
Gregg Schroeder
Bo Scott
Erin Shearer
Erin Shoff
Olivia Short
Lindsay Siegler
Drew Slevin
Sabrina Smith
Todd Smith
Donald Solomon
Adam Sommer
Anna Sommer
Amy Springer
Sam Stalter
Blake Stewart
Kari Stewart
Laura Stockner
Jeremy Sutter
Tyler Swartzentruber
Andrew Sweet
Becca Tanton
Casey Thomas
Courtney Thompson
Jim Thompson
Jessica Tibbs
Megan Triebel
Angela Turley
Amber Turner
Jamie Urban
Jason Vanceko
Chris Vogelsang
Jacob VonFeldt
Kim Watson
Laura Wear
Bethany Webster
Julie Webster
Melissa Wernsman
Maggie Wettstein
Ed Whalen
Jason Whitehouse
Christine Willi
Michael Wilson
Heidi Winkler
Tara Wood
Heidi Worrick
Paige Zeigler
Gillian Zoss
Lukas Zweifel
Name: Mary Alig
E-Mail: malig@bradley.edu
Class of: 1999
Address: 1190 Rentsch Drive, East Peoria, IL  61611
Phone: 309-383-3270
Web site: 


Comments: Well folks I am finally getting through my senior year at Bradley University and will be graduating in December. I have changed so much since high school, both physically and mentally. Besides keeping up with my faith and church, I am holding 2 steady jobs while going to school full time. Its a crazy life but thank god the single life fits me for now.  Yep, that means no one special yet, but God will show me that person soon. I am interviewing for jobs after graduation now, so hopefully something comes up soon. E-mail me sometime, I love to talk and would love to catch up with some people.

Name: Penny Anderson
E-Mail: penny_anderson@hotmail.com
Class of: 1999
Address: 1/51 South Terrace, Como,  WA  6152

Comments: I left Metamora three years ago after being an Aussie exchange student for one year. It didn't take long for Metamora's finest young man to follow me back to Perth , where he (none other than Tyler Swartzentruber) resided and studied and then before long asked me to marry him! Tyler is my very best friend and we are looking forward to getting married in July. Metamora will always be dear to me since I not only had a fabulous year there, but I was able to meet my future husband. We are unsure of where we will live in future years, but we don't rule out the possibility of coming back to the mid-west for a while. Right now Tyler and I live fairly close to each other in Perth , Western Australia which is among the most beautiful cities in the world. We go to different universities and are both studying teaching. (Me-high school, Tyler - elementary) We recently spent 7 weeks in Metamora and enjoyed catching up with some great friends from high school. You would all be most welcome me if you ever came to Australia.

Class of: 1999
Address: 1104 E. Wilson Ave., Peoria, IL  61603
Phone: 309-472-7787

Class of: 1999
Address: 1112 Garnett Place, Evanston, IL  60201
Phone: 847-902-5843

Comments: I graduated from Northwestern University with a major in Philosophy and a minor in Psychology.  Right now I'm taking some time off before going back for some Grad school action in Philosophy.  It looks like most of you haven't updated in a while so I might just be talking to myself (it'd be nice if they listed a "last updated" section along with peoples entries). But if you do happen to read this and you want to hang out in the Chicago area or you just want to catch up, just give my phone a ring I've got all sorts of time on my hands and my cell is always on.  I hope to start writing down some of my ideas soon and maybe if you are lucky something you say might make it into one of my books.  (Seriously I would enjoy talking to anyone no matter how little we knew each other in high school since most of my philosophical interests involve epistemological wholesome, Gadamerian merging of horizons, understand the other, and narrative psychology.  Which more basically means I'm interested in people's life stories.)  So hopefully I'll catch you all later.
Class of: 1999
Address: 356 East Eller Drive, East Peoria,  IL  61611

Comments: Things are going great! Hope to see everyone soon!

Name: Sarah Born
Maiden Name: Bohlander
Class of: 1999 
City: Washington, IL

Comments: I met my husband (Tim - Edwardsville, IL) while attending ISU and we married in January 2007 and bought a house in Washington in 2008. I work as a banker at Heartland Bank and he manages the electronics department at American TV. We just welcomed Abigail Mae to our lives in March 2009 and couldn't be happier. :) (Updated: 08/2009)

Name: Kathryn (Katie)
Maiden Name: Brady
Class of: 1999
City: Peoria, IL

Comments: 14 years? Time really does fly, especially after one starts a family. After high school, I obtained a bachelors in psychology and a BSN in nursing. I have half of a master's in holistic nursing and temporarily paused with schooling after the natural birth of my son, Silas, who is almost 2! I recently changed employment from OSF to the health department, in which I can ride my bike to/from work. :) My husband and I have the dream to build a house with our own hands and live off of the grid. Hope to see you around! (Updated: 10/2013)
Maiden Name: Brady
Class of: 1999
City: Peoria, IL  

Comments: Hi everybody! I graduated ISU concentrating in Psychology in December of 2003 and received my bachelor's in nursing from SFMCON in May 2006. I'm currently a floor RN on 3700 at SFMC in Peoria , IL and am working toward my master's in Adult/Geriatric NP. I'm a newly wed and am looking forward to seeing you at the 10 year! (Updated: 07/2007)

Class of: 1999
Address: 60 Rich Lane, East Peoria,  IL   61611
Phone: 309-822-0461

Comments: Wow!  It is great to see so many of us pursuing great careers, getting married, and starting families... As for me, I am still living at home with my parents!  After graduation from the University of Illinois with a BS in Materials Science and Engineering, I started with Caterpillar in the Manufacturing Professionals Development Program.  Presently, I am a Facilities Engineer at the Mapleton Foundry, but will be moving to Operations Supervision in the Track Type Tractors Division in June.  I currently reside in the basement of my parents' house (have to pay off those school bills somehow), but spend most weekends in Chicago with my boyfriend of 4 years.  So those of you still around Peoria , or relocated to Chicago , give me a call so we can catch up!


Name: Kellie Birkett
Maiden Name: Call
Class of: 1999
Address: 317 Washington St., LaRose, IL

Comments: Good to see everyone doing well. Still working at Alcast Company. Been here 5 years now. Was finally married to Mr. Fabulous July 25 of this year. Together we have 5 kids and are trying for number 6.... Hope everyone is well. (Updated: 09/2009 )
Name: Jennifer Downs
Maiden Name: Clark
Class of: 1999

(Updated: 09/2009)

Maiden Name: Cline
Class of: 1999
Address: 10-A Schilletter Village, Ames,  IA  50010
Phone: 515-572-4272
Comments: First, I want to say it has been interesting to read what everyone has been up to - its really cool to find out what people are doing after not staying in touch with many people for the past four years.  I started college at Bradley University after graduating from MTHS, but then I transferred to Iowa State University in January of 2002 after I married Dan Leman.  Dan started at Iowa State after graduating and really loves it here.  We've got a lot of great friends here, and we're REALLY enjoying marriage.  I'm majoring in family and consumer science (home economics) and secondary education, and both Dan and I will graduate in December of 2003.  After that, who knows?  Feel free to e-mail me - though I'm really poor at keeping up correspondence (as some of you already know...).


Name: Sara Cothren
Class of: 1999
Address: 1671 Mahani Loop, Honolulu, HI  96819
Phone: 808.265.1680

Comments: Hi Everyone!! It took me about 8 years to figure out that MTHS had an alumni page, but its great to see how well everyone is doing! I am currently living in Honolulu . I earned my master's degree in special education in May 2006, and now am starting back to school in the fall for my PhD. I teach 9th grade and am also getting married next March to Cory Cook (1995 alumni). If anyone comes to Hawaii get a hold of me!!


Name: Mark Craig
E-Mail: markcraig81@yahoo.com
Class of: 1999
Address: 202 Illinois Street, Springbay, IL  61611

Comments: Man!  It is so great to read how everyone is doing...wow!  After high school I went to I.C.C. for a year- then I attended a ministry program called Rockford Master's Commission for 3 years.  It was life-changing.  I was able to travel and speak to thousands of people.  Quite an experience.  As I write this now I am in Aalborg Denmark as a guest student through Bradley University studying Psychology in my Junior year.  I come back Nov. 30th of this year.  I have absolutely loved it.  I'm single...but I'm cool with that.  I am really happy with life and where I am at right now.  Again, so great to hear that so many of you are doing such great things.  All the best!


Name: Matt Craig
E-Mail: mattcraig2@hotmail.com
Class of: 1999
Address: 1725 1/2 West 16th Street, Davenport,   IA  52804
Phone: 309-360-2137

Comments: Hello!! everyone. I would also like to say congrats to all who have graduated, started families and careers, or who are continuing to pursue higher educations. I graduated from Bradley University with a degree in Health Sciences in 2004. That same month I married Kendra Klein (from Limestone). We have a cute 6 lbs. tea-cup yorkie that is spoiled rotten.  In March of 2005, I started Palmer College of Chiropractic and am preparing to enter my 3rd of 10 semesters. Ideally, we would love to return to the Peoria area. I would love to hear from all of you. Best of luck to everyone in their new lives.
Class of: 1999
78 North Riverview Dr.,  East Peoria, IL  61611
Phone: 822-8542

Comments: Well, 4 years in the Navy was enough for me. I got out in 2003, got married in 2004 to someone I met in VA. She grew up in VT. We have 2 girls, Emily and Jessica. They turned 8 and 6 this past spring. I went to ICC for a couple of years but nothing has come out of that yet. Right now I am working in Washington and living near Spring Bay . We bought a house this year and are liking it so far. I am trying to get hired on at a full time fire department, but until then I am still doing the volunteer
thing in Spring Bay. (Updated: 08/2007)
Class of: 1999
Address:  Pontiac, IL 
Comments: Since high school I attended Black Hawk Community College in East Moline and ICC. After graduating I was hired by the Pontiac, IL police department in 2002, where I still work as the departments K-9 handler. In May of 2004 I got married to my wife Megan and in October of 2006 we had our first child, Aubrey. Its amazing how much your life changes after having a kid, hopefully we will have a couple more. Hope all is well with everyone.  (Updated: 02/2008)
Maiden Name:  DeRossett
Class of: 1999 

Comments: I graduated from SIUC in 2005 with a degree in psychology. In Sept of 07 I got married to Joe Marchand. Hope all is well with everyone! (Updated: 02/2008)

Name: Jason Douglas
E-Mail: grancochino1@hotmail.com
Class of: 1999
Address: 717 S. Randolph, Apt. 10, Champaign, IL 61820
Phone: 309-472-8346

Comments: If you've seen this site before, then the first thing you will notice is that I had them take that ugly photo of myself down. I'm sorry you all had to look at it. I thought I would update this, since a lot of exciting stuff is happening. I've finally been accepted to medical school at the University of Illinois. I will be in Champaign until the fall of 2009, and then I will transfer to Peoria for the next three years, so please drop me a line if you want to do something (I really don't know anyone in Peoria anymore). I hope you're all doing well. Maybe I'll see some of you at our 10 year reunion next year. (Updated: 08/2008)

Name: Joe Dries
E-Mail: joe_dries@hotmail.com
Class of: 1999

(Updated: 05/2014)


Name: Karen Shaw
Maiden Name: Droege
Class of: 1999
Address: 1407 Saddle Brook Ln., Metamora, IL  61548

Comments: So much has changed in almost nine years! It is so great to read how everyone is doing! As for me, my husband Mark and I have been married for six, Callie is four and is going to Metamora Community Preschool and will be starting MGS next year and Natalie is one and just started walking. As for me I am still blessed to be able to stay home with my children, but am attending nursing school so when they both go to school I can go to work! We recently bought a new home in Metamora and spend most days still unpacking and organizing. Mark is working HVAC/security and has decided in his spare to sell real estate with Kellar Williams. We all have no problem keeping busy but we love it!! (Updated: 01/2008)


Name: Pete Eckstein
E-Mail: eckstein@mtco.com
Class of: 1999
Phone: 309-370-5642

Comments: After high school I attended ICC and then transfered to the University of Illinois. I graduated in 2004 with a bachelors degree in Agricultural Engineering. Since then I have been working for Caterpillar at the Peoria Proving Grounds on computer controlled electro-hydraulic and power train systems. I bought a house in Germantown two years ago and have been dating Laura Wear for the last several years.

Class of: 1999
City: Peoria,  IL  61604

Comments: Well since high school a lot has changed. I have a happy, healthy baby boy now ~~Blake Michael~~ he was born on June 21, 2002 and he has brought so much joy to my life. Hope everything is going great with all of you.  Feel free to e-mail me.   
Class of: 1999
Address: 1119 Mississippi Ave #319, St. Louis, MO   63104

Comments:  I graduated from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign with high honors in December of 2002 and am now living and working in St. Louis with my fiancé, John Rosenbaum. We are planning a June 2004 wedding in the Peoria area. I don't know about everyone else, but I'm beginning to feel like a real grown-up! I keep in touch with many of you, and always enjoy running into familiar faces. Drop me an email if you'll ever me in The Lou.
Class of: 1999
Address: 807 Mae Smith, SIUC, Carbondale,  IL  62901
Phone: 618-536-1838 

Comments: Hey, how is it going? Right now I am studying aviation at what is probably the best in-state flight school.  If anyone is looking for information on SIUC in general or specifically the Aviation Dept., feel free to email me or give me a call.  I'd be happy to give you a tour of our campus and show you some of the more interesting aspects of campus life. Good luck, and for those who fly, may all your takeoffs and landings be equal.
Name: Scott Fehr
Class of: 1999
City: Washington, IL

Comments: I have now been married to Kristin Knight for two years and we have a beautiful baby boy Sam.  We both graduated from ISU and recently bought a house in Washington .  I am working for P.J. Hoerr Construction.  It is great to see everyone is doing well!!  
Class of: 1999
Address: Harding University, Box 11394, Searcy,  AR  72149
Class of: 1999
City: Indianapolis, IN  
Website:  www.phiredup.com 
Comments: Well since high school graduation I have gotten a Bachelors from Eastern Illinois and a Masters degree from Indiana University - Bloomington. I most recently worked for Washington University in Saint Louis as their Greek Adviser. During my time there I wrote a book as a resource to sorority women on how to recruit a higher quantity of higher quality women. It was published in late April and is called I Heart Recruitment: The Eight Steps to Limitless Possibility for Sororities. I am now the Director of Women's Education for Phired Up Productions, LLC a company that specializes in recruitment training and education for membership organization including but not limited to sororities. I live in Indianapolis and am loving it all! Hope everyone is doing well!  (Updated: 07/2007)


Comments: I truly hope that all of you are doing well!

Class of: 1999
City: Metamora, IL 

Comments: I am now an employee at PPG and am going to school at ICC.

Name: Meghan Grebner
Email: meghangrebner@1470wmbd.com
Class of: 1999
Address: 206 S. Main, Washburn, IL 61570

Comments: A lot has changed in the past few years... I was in Virginia for awhile working for Smithfield, LLC when I fell ill and decided it was in my best interest to come home for the best possible health care (two weeks in ICU tends to change your views on health care in this country). After my return to the area -- I started working back at the radio station... where I still am (on and off for seven years). I'm currently the Agri-Business Director for WMBD and WIRL. They affectionately refer to me as "The Ag Chick". When needed I cover news conferences and anchor mid-day newscast on WMBD. Congrats to all of you that have gotten married and started families. I'm so very happy for you! 



Name: Jodi Helms
E-Mail: helmsjodi@hotmail.com
Class of: 1999
Address: 976 Lindenwood, St. Charles, MO  63303
Phone: 309-369-2344

Comments: It is so nice to hear how great everyone is doing! About 3 years ago, I moved to the St. Louis area and started working at a beautiful hotel by the airport, where I have just been promoted as the Catering Sales Manager. I recently moved to St. Charles , where a friend and I rent an old cottage in the historic district. I love St. Louis but miss everyone in Metamora. If anyone is ever in the area let me know. I'll show you all of the great party spots!

Class of: 1999
City: St. Paul, MN 

Comments:  I finally graduated with a degree in accounting in May 2005.  I just started a job as an administrative assistant here in St. Paul .  I still work retail on the weekends, too, so work keeps me busy!  Other than that, I just try to take it easy most of the time.  It's great to read about what everyone else has been up to.  Feel free to email me anytime!  

Class of: 1999
Address: Waveland Ave., Chicago,  IL   60613
Phone: 773-529-2184

Comments:  I just graduated from the University of Illinois , and have relocated to Chicago .  I live like a block from Wrigley with Brad Rogers and Steve Hoffmann.  Currently, I'm working for a software company downtown, but next year I am going to medical school.  If you are my friend keep in touch, later.

Name: Kevin Hodel
E-Mail: kjhodel@mailshack.com
Class of: 1999
Phone: 309-264-8077

Comments: Nice to get updates on everyone.  In 2003 I received my B.S. in chemistry from the University of Illinois and am currently finishing my M.S. in chemistry at Illinois State (Spring '06) as well as a HS teaching certificate.  I have been very thankful for the opportunities that I have had a both places and am looking forward to student teaching at Richwoods HS this spring.  I have had opportunities through out my college years to be involved with international missions in England as well as several trips to Mexico .  I spend much of my time in Bloomington-Normal area but I also get back to help quite a bit on the farm with the crops and sheep.


Class of: 1999
Phone: 309-867-5309
Comments: So I don't know where to begin.  I recently went to Canada and became infected with the SARS virus.  I am alive though, obviously, and I can say my outlook on life has changed drastically.  No longer do I sit and watch tv thinking about how it would be great to look like Antonio Banderas or French Stewart.  That's right, I have decided to buy Pilate's tapes by the truck load and do Pilate's until I look like a mixture of these two individuals.  That is pretty much all I do with my time these days.  Ladies if you like the sound of that give me a ring...my digits should be posted.  Alright well Javan Hall and I need to get back to spotting each other with our Pilate's poses and movements.  Take care everyone.
Name: Monica Harlow
Maiden Name: Jones
Class of: 1999 

E-Mail: huscowvineyard@yahoo.com
Class of: 1999
City: East Peoria

Comments: Hi all.  I was married to Shallen Geiler in July of '05.  I have two children a boy and a girl 1 and 3.  Still working at the Journal Star as is Justin.  Thinking about going back to school in the spring but undecided.  The old gang still gets together about once a week to play disc golf or hit the bar.  Drop me a line sometime.  
Class of: 1999
Address: 159E North Lakeview Drive, East Peoria,  IL  61611
Phone: 309-694-2778
Class of: 1999
Address: 600 E Campus Dr Apt 1B, Carbondale,  IL  62901
Phone: 618-457-6151

Comments: It was good to see everyone at the reunion. Well, almost everyone. I had a good time even with the crutches. So now i'm back at Ft. Bragg pushing papers around a desk. My favorite... Oho well, I suppose it could be worse. If any one cares to, i'm on facebook now, so you can add me if you'd like. Take er easy. (Updated: 09/2009)
Class of: 1999
Address: 201 Crosswinds Dr. Apt. 302, Chesapeake, VA   23320

Comments: Hey everyone!  After high school, I attended NIU for 2 years and then finished up at St. Francis College of Nursing in Peoria .  I am now officially a RN and very excited to be finished with school.  In July 2003, I went to Officer Indoctrination School in Newport , Rhode Island for Naval officer training.  I am now stationed in Portsmouth , VA (near Norfolk , VA ) at one of the navy's largest hospitals.  I really enjoy the military way of life and I look forward to the great nursing experience I will get from the Navy.  


Class of: 1999
Address: 615 West Monroe, Metamora, IL  61548
Phone: 367-4856
Class of: 1999
Address: 113 Rentsch Drive, East Peoria,  IL  61611-1231
Phone: 309-383-4624

Comments: I am attending Illinois Central Community College majoring in Computer Science.  I am also working at Metamora Telephone Company as a Network adviser.  I also do computer repair and set up for individuals.
Class of: 1999

Comments:  Well kids, its been a while and an interesting journey.  I will be graduating from Bradley University in the Summer of 2003 with a degree in Business Marketing.  I will then be moving to Chicago to start a career with CDW as a sales account manager.  So feel free to drop me a line and say Hi.  Good luck to everyone in their futures and hope to hear from you!!

Class of: 1999
Address: 587 Eric Way, Bolingbrook,  IL   60440
Phone: 630-739-1339

Comments: Jen (Cline) and I got married in Sept. 2001 and had a daughter in Nov. 2004.  Her name is Katherine Glory, but we call her Kit.  Check out the website if you want to see pictures.


Class of: 1999
Address: 426 Smith St., Creve Coeur, IL  61601
Phone: 202-276-2112

Comments: Hello Everyone!  After graduating university in 03, I moved back to Metamora continued to work at Barnes & Noble until I was asked to join the staff at WTVP, Peoria 's local PBS station late in 2003.  It is a fabulous job that allows all of my creativity to flow into my editing, designing and crazy management skills.  My goal for this job is to make PBS something more for our generation.  I have a lot of work to do, don't I:)  Maybe I will move back to Washington , D.C. for a while and then maybe a new career somewhere overseas within the next few years.  Who knows, one never can know what will happen.:)


Name: Amanda Vanecko
Maiden Name: Marcille
E-Mail: amanda.vanecko@gmail.com
Class of: 1999
Address: 2990 Belle LaneSchaumburg, IL  60193

Comments: Hi everyone.....Jason & I were married in October 2003. Jason is a manager of web developers for a large education company, and I'm an insurance broker in the Chicago area. I sell property and casualty insurance for Colleges and Universities. On April 13, 2007, Jason & I welcomed our baby boy, Owen Thomas, into the world! He is such a blessing and we are enjoying being parents. We also have a wild 2-year-old brittany spaniel, Remington. Hope everyone is happy, healthy and doing well!

(Updated: 01/2008) 


Class of :1999
Address: 30542 Sandhurst Dr Bldg 3-108, Roseville,  MI  48066
Phone: 810-779-3282 


Comments:  I finally finished my first year at Baker College in the human services major. I am staying in Michigan over the summer to work and save up some money.  I still come home to good old Metamora from time to visit family and friends, so maybe I'll run in to some of ya sometime.  Take care everyone!!

Name: Natalie Guenther
Maiden Name: Matts
Class of: 1999

Comments: I have been living in the Denver -Metro area for over 2 years. We just bought our first home last year. So that is fun, and a lot of work. I teach 1st grade and love it. I am glad to see that so many of you are well and happy! (Updated 09/2008)

Name : Jake Maurer
EE-Mail: jakemaurer@hotmail.com
Class of: 1999
City: Nolensville, TN

Comments: Comments: 3 1/2 years in Music City USA...no record deal yet, but growing a family. My wife Katie and I are expecting a sibling for Rocky (17 months) on Christmas Eve this year! Bought a house with some land and hope to have some horses soon. Lots of remodeling to do. Learning as I go...with a lot of mistakes! Still playing at Tootsies and writing songs and hoping to make it big, or small, or make anything :-) (Updated: 11/2010)

Class of: 1999
Address: 315 East Monroe, Metamora, IL  61548
Phone: 367-4577

Comments: Hey everyone.  Since graduating last year, I've made a few changes in my life, and have been doing some theater work as well.  The first thing I did was chop off my long blond hair.  The second thing I did was enroll at ICC, where I'm majoring in Theater Education to get a teaching degree in the Dramatic Arts.  I've always enjoyed teaching people about things that I am knowledgeable of, and I would love to be a drama teacher.  I would also like to pursue a career as a stage actor, in addition to teaching drama.  Last December, I played Ebeneezer Scrooge in a local production of 'A Christmas Carol.'  [I had finally turned 18, and the play was produced by the Peoria Park District's Community Children's Theater.]

Currently, I'm working on a production at ICC called 'Return To Narnia,' which is a sequel to 'The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe.'  I'm playing one of the major roles -- Edmund, the younger brother.  I am particularly enjoying the stage combat classes.  They also put me on an aerobic and weight training program that has me in the best physical shape that I've ever been.
Name: Aaron McCarty
Class of: 1999
Address: 330 S. Main, Harrisburg, IL 62946
Phone: 618-499-5670

Comments: I have been living in southern Illinois. I married a wonderful woman and have recently started a store. (Updated: 02/2014)
Name: Amanda McCarty
E-Mail: amanda.mccarty@sbcglobal.net
Class of: 1999
Address: 4719 N. Edgebrook Dr., Peoria,  IL  61614
Phone: 681-1814

Comments: Hey everyone! It is nice to see what everyone has been up to. I worked for attorney's as a paralegal for 3 years and got tired of that, and started doing what I have always wanted to do, caring for children. I started a daycare in my house, right now I have 7 children that I watch. I have been doing daycare for 2 years now. I bought my house in November 2003, and it has been a great experience owning my own home. I also work at the Civic Center , I have been there for about 5 years now. I still hang out with some friends from high school. It would be great to hear from some of you again, give me a call or e-mail me.  
Class of: 1999
Address: Illinois State University, Wilkins 412, Normal,  IL  61761
Phone: 436-6476

Comments: I was at Carthage in Wisconsin for a year... Then I transferred to ISU...I have changed in some ways and have stayed the same in others, just like most of the people I know...  I am studying to be Business Admin and Accounting (for now) major...Yes, I love hearing from people I used to know... Though if it has been long enough, a reminder of how we know each other would be helpful :) Anyway, I need to keep this short but I will keep going and hopefully one day you will all be reading about me in a more nationally known site...
Name: Amber Meyers
E-Mail: webigail1@hotmail.com
Class of: 1999
City: Bradenton, FL
Comments: I’m still down here in Florida , it’s been 6 years.   Just have 2 more years of pharmacy school then will be a licensed pharmacist.   Currently working for CVS still as the area technician trainer. Would love to hear from anyone!
Name: Tami Meyer
E-Mail: lickrish_99@hotmail.com
Class of: 1999
City: Aurora, IL 60503
Web site:

Comments: I graduated from Northern Illinois University in 2003 with my bachelors degree in nursing. I'm living now in Aurora and working at Edward Hospital in Naperville on the Cardiac Telemetry Unit and trying to figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life.


Class of: 1999
Phone: 383-3238

Comments: Hey everyone, good old David Miller here.  Not much has changed since high school.  I really miss all the people and faces up there.  I think the thing that I miss most about the school is the lunches (I hate cooking!!!).  I moved out of my parent's house and now I live in the apartments behind Video World.  I love living alone.  If anyone needs a place to stay the door is always open.  Right now I work down at the Mark Twain Hotel, I do bookkeeping on the third shift.  This job is alot easier than working at Country Junction this past summer.  Let me tell you Country Junction isn't easy...that was the toughest job I have ever had.  Since high school, I have started collecting Arnold Schwarzenegger posters and memorabilia.  I spent a hefty dollar on a tank top that Arnold wore in Commando.  I love that movie.  I also am fixing up my Nissan Sentra.  I plan to enter it into a low rider contest down in California (Rollin' Hard!!) in 2001.  Oh yeah I have a new girlfriend, Sheri, she is the best thing that ever happened to me.  I just gave her a promise ring, we plan to marry in four years or so...well I got to go Terminator 2 is coming on in five minutes. If anyone wants to hangout give me a call. I miss everyone.

Name: Kate Lang
Maiden Name: Mormann
Class of: 1999
Address: 205 Vine St., Washington,  IL   61571

Comments: Since I updated last, my husband, Dominic, and I bought a house in Washington . Immediately following that, we bought a Weimeraner puppy named Smokey. Two years later, we are still enjoying remodeling the house and attempting to train the dog. I am still working as a 4th grade teacher in Tremont. I just graduated this winter with my masters in teaching from SXU. Dominic still runs his construction business. His newest adventure is getting his pilot's license.

Class of: 1999
City: Lakewood, CO  80226
Comments:  I am currently living in the beautiful state of Colorado , and I love it!  I graduated from ICC with my Associates Degree before transferring out here to Colorado Christian University .  I graduated with my Bachelor's in Liberal Arts (with an emphasis in Literature) in May 2004.  Now, I am working as an Accounting Clerk full time for Earth Tech and working as an Administrative Assistant at Kohl's part time.  I'm loving the mountains and all the recreation that comes with them - hiking, biking, skiing, snowboarding, etc., but I still love to come home and visit as much as possible!
Class of: 1999
Phone: 822-8266

Comments: High School was good.  I am happy to be out hunting all day now.  I hunt from dawn to dusk.  I don't know what to do for a job but I like pigs.  So I like pigs, but I just can't decide between cattle, chickens, and pigs.  I am taking a survey on which farm animal is more popular. Yall can visit my house and tell me.  I have been a volunteering  at the Spring Bay Fire Dept.  It makes me mad because it takes me away from WWF Smackdown.  That is the best sports thing I ever done seen!  As far as college goes, it's like forgetting when NASCAR is on TV, I don't do it.  Well, I am goin' to watch Roller Jam on TNN now.  See Yall later!  Me and the lady are gettin' married in August.  We doggy!  See yall later!
Name: Brad Rogers
E-Mail: bradrogers81@yahoo.com
Class of: 1999
City: Los Angeles,  CA

Comments:  I am currently living and working in Los Angeles .  Feel free to contact me if you need anything or if you are ever in the Southern California area.  I wish everyone all the best!  Take care...


E-Mail: katie_ruder@hotmail.com
Class of: 1999
Address: Mesa, Arizona

Comments: I began working for State Farm in 2009 and was married to Kyle Manning in 2012. We moved to the Phoenix area in August, 2014.
updated 10/2014
Name: Anna Saving
E-Mail: bellemom99@yahoo.com
Class of: 1999
Address: 1428 Lake Santa Fe Dr., Metamora,  IL   61548
Phone: 309-383-2232

Comments: Well, a lot has happened since high school.  I moved out and got engaged.  We ended up breaking up, but it wasn't all bad!  I got a beautiful baby girl out of it.  She's 2 now, and is a little mama's girl.  I'm attending ICC to get my Business degree, and I live with my mom.  It's great because I get to stay home with Belle for now.  I'm hoping to move out soon, and get out of this state.  The dating scene is pretty rough around here!  If I haven't seen you since high school, drop me a line.  We can do lunch! Reminiscing is always good once in awhile!
Class of: 1999


Name: Kirsten Schertz
E-Mail: kirsten131@hotmail.com
Class of: 1999
Address: 103 N Orr #5, Normal,  IL   61761

Comments: After high school I attended the University of Iowa and pursued my secondary education degree.  I transferred to Illinois State my junior year and graduated in December of 2003 with a Social Science education degree (I am waiting for Mr. Leonard to retire so I can get a job!)  While living in Bloomington Normal I made many changes in my life and in August of 2003 I became a Christian. Shortly there after I met a wonderful man named Matt Hany.  He is quite the accomplished athlete finishing four marathons, three triathlons and the Ironman triathlon in September of 2003.  Matt and I will be married on November 27, 2004 !  I currently am working at Easter Seals in an administrative position.   Please feel free to email or contact me at any time.  I hope that you are all doing well and I will include you in my prayers.


Name: Katie Vogelsang
Maiden Name: Schlemmer
Class of :1999
Phone: 262-573-4114

Comments: Hi everyone! I have been married to Matt Vogelsang for 6 years now and I am currently a stay at home mom to my two boys. Jackson (3 years) and Weston (2 months). I love every minute of it! I have started working on our 10 year reuinion...check out the mths reunion link. Let me know if you have any questions about it and hope to see you all there! (Updated: 02/2009)

Class of: 1999
Address: 1443 Wiley Hall, SE 210, West Lafayette, IN  47906
Phone: 765-495-5903

Comments: Hey everyone.  I am currently at Purdue University majoring in Athletic Training, and hoping to go to Physical Therapy grad school after my four years year.  Purdue is a little too conservative at times, but all in all a great school.  If anyone is interested in coming to Purdue, give me a call, it would be great to get some more Metamora representation around here.  I would be happy to give you a place to stay or a tour of the campus.

Name: Erin Miller
Maiden Name: Shoff
Class of: 1999
Address: 633 13th St. #44, San Diego, CA   92154
Phone: 619-757-5442

Comments: I am now living in San Diego , Ca and currently working as a Public Health Nurse--everyday on the job is interesting for sure. I recently got married (May 2006) to a fellow Midwesterner who grew up in Eureka. Funny how small of a world it is when we met 2,000 miles away from home.  I am blessed with a husband who is a wonderful, hard working man and has been enlisted in the Navy for 8 years now. He is getting ready for his third deployment to Iraq. We are looking forward to the day we get to settle down back in Woodford County. But for now, look us up if you are ever out in southern California!

Class of: 1999

Comments: Like many of you, I graduated in May 2003 with a Bachelor of Science in Law Enforcement degree.  Since then, I have started working for Catholic Social Services with the Youth Intervention Programs. I hope all is doing well, and that your dreams are coming true!  

Maiden Name: Sommer
Class of: 1999
City: Peoria, IL  
Comments: I married Jim Sickinger (who went to Peoria Christian) in 2002.  We just had our first daughter Aiden in October of 2007. I went to ICC & Bradley and have part of a degree in Photography & Art History, that I plan on finishing up at some point. In the meantime, I'm staying at home with my super cute kid. :) (Updated: 03/2008)

Name: Tyler Swartzentruber
E-Mail: pennyandtyler@yahoo.com
Class of: 1999
Web site: http://swartzentruberfamily.blogspot.com

Comments: Penny and I celebrated the birth of our son Elijah Paul on October 30, 2006 . We are now living in the small town of Dongara , on the central coast of Western Australia . I'm teaching a lovely bunch of grade 3/4's at Geraldton Grammar School . Take care - cheers!


Class of: 1999
Phone: 309-556-2262

Comments: I know that I am a fairly new alum, but hey I just found this site and decided to sign my name in.  Anyway, I am a student at Illinois Wesleyan University now and majoring in Pre-Veterinary medicine.  Any of you current MTHS students that are thinking about IWU, just drop me an email or call and I'll give you some good info!
Class of: 1999
Address: 1925 East Princeton, Peoria,  IL  61614

Comments: Whats going on? I'm staying busy these days doing concrete work. Nick Roxby and Mike Hartnet (you don't know him), and me started our own business April 2004.  We have two contractors, one being Joseph, and the other Doerr Siding and Windows.  I also work for Lemmkemann Concrete out of Spring Bay.   Doing both is very time consuming.  I have been doing concrete since I got out of high school.  I own 5 acres of land just outside of Lacon.  I plan to build a house there sometime next year. Anybody who knows a little about building houses is more than welcome to come help.  You know when your sitting by your self and nobody is around, you get to thinking, I wonder what it would be like to go back and do it all over again.  Well I would change some things, but what I would do most, would just hang out with all my friends.   Because the older you get, the harder it is to remember all the good times. When we were young, we were free, we didn't have to bust our butts, just to put food on the table, gas in your car, pay the rent.   I miss the old days.   But since then I have made new friends, but never forgot where it was I came from, and the friends I had along the way...never forget, see you later.


E-Mail: Lvydvy19@yahoo.com
Class of: 1999
Address: 904 West Garfield Ave., Bartonville, IL  61607
URL: www.facebook.com/ber1979

Comments: Hey! Hope everyone is doing great! Just thought I would go ahead and update this information. If you would like to get in contact with my, message me on my Facebook page. (Updated: 03/2014)
Class of: 1999

Comments: Hello everybody.  I am almost done at ICC.  I am majoring in Computer Science with a minor in Business and will be attending ISU next year.

Name: Jake Von Feldt
E-Mail: jvonfeldt@kpmg.com
Class of: 1999
Address: 1417 W. Addison  2F, Chicago,  IL   60613
Phone: 773-327-4882

Comments: Hey Everyone,  I graduated with my masters in accounting from Iowa last spring and I  took the CPA over the summer. I just moved to Chicago last month. I'm  living in a restored brownstone only two blocks from the Friendly Confines of Wrigley. I started at KPMG a while ago. It's amazing getting  to work on some of the big clients you hear about in the news everyday.  Even though I have to travel alot and work long hours, I still love what  I do. If any of you are ever in my neighborhood and want to meet up drop  me line. Hope everyone's doing great!

Class of: 1999


Name: Bethany Schultz
Maiden Name: Webster
Class of: 1999 
City: DeKalb, IL 

Comments: My husband and I had a beautiful baby girl on 2/24/07 , Norah Beth. Life is wonderful. Hope all is well with everyone!


Name: Melissa Clark
Maiden Name: Wernsman
Class of: 1999
Address: 104 Gauwitz Lane, Metamora,  IL   61548
Phone: 309-453-1966

Comments: Wow, I can't believe it has been 6 years already. A lot has gone on in those 6 years. I moved to Georgia and was married for almost three years, but unfortunately it didn't work out.  The best thing to come out of it was my little girl Paige Elizabeth. She was born May 23, 2004.  Its amazing how you can love someone so much that has only been a part of your life for a short period of time. I work in Washington now for Dr. Funk. He is an Optometrist and has a private practice there.  I'm his chair side and my title is a Certified Paraoptometric.  I really love my job and am so blessed I found the career of my dreams.  Not many people can wake up everyday and actually look forward to going to work.  Well, that's about it. I am so glad everyone is doing so well and you are all happy. Good luck to everyone!


Class of: 1999  
City: Carbondale,  IL
Phone: 309-360-7964

Comments:  Well, I am finishing up my first semester of law school at SIU.  I am still doing a lot of photography and I'm keeping extra busy teaching spinning classes.  I have added a wonderful new addition to my life, she's beautiful and sweet and I don't think that I could live without her...NO, it's not a baby, I got a dog! HA   

Name: Ed Whalen
E-Mail: whalened@hotmail.com
Class of: 1999
Address: 1160 Upper Spring Bay Rd., East Peoria,  IL   61611

Comments: Here's a long overdue update. I returned from Europe in fall 2000 to attend Bradley University. Graduated in December 2003 with a degree in civil engineering. I took a few months off, now looking for a job. Drop me a line if you want.
Class of: 1999
Address: 180 Timberline Dr., East Peoria, IL  61611

Comments: After living and teaching in North Carolina for a couple of years, I moved back to Illinois. I teach in Peoria District 150 and am going to graduate school at Bradley for school counseling. (Updated: 03/2008)

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