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MTHS Class of 1997
This information was taken from the Senior Yearbook.  
Please contact us with corrections.
Stephanie Adams
Melissa Alexander
Nathaniel Allen
Roberto Andres
Renee Atherton
Julie Atkins
David Bailey
Doug Baker
Luke Baker
Bryan Beltz
Kristy Beltz
Shaun Bishop
Dana Blahnik
Richard Bloodworth
Jason Bohannan
Amy Bohlander
Timothy Bonsoe
Michelle Bowers
Kimberly Boyd
Jason Braden
Jessie Brown
Kara Burger
Darrin Caho
Shawn Calhoun
Matthew Campen
Sarah Clark
Holly Jo Clemens
Jody Clinch
Andrea Coots
Chad Craig
Jeffrey Cramblett
Matthew Crawford
Michelle Crawford
Monica Crawford
Scott Crumley
Nathan Custer
Rachel Daniel
Donielle Dean
Amy DeBolt
Andrea DeCroix
Michelle Defendi
Cheri DeLap
Darci Designe
Brian Ditch
Chad Dornon
Jermey Douglas
Garey Driscoll
Jeremy Droege
Jessica DuBois
Missy DuBois
Melissa Durbin
Cody Dykes
Sonja Herzog
Deandra Ehringer
Sam Elbert
Douglas Fandel
Nancy Fandel
Benjamin Fehr
Stephen Fisher
Cory Flanigan
Jason Fletcher
Deana Freeman
Kristina Friedrich
Angela Fritch
Megan Gamble
Erin Gangloff
Michelle Gardner
Stephanie Gerber
Daren Gravlin
Clarence Grebner
Jared Grebner
Jayme Gunderson
Sara Haeffele
Joel Hatcher
Daniel Haislip
Laura Hallman
Richard Hammer
John Hanson
Adam Harris
Amy Hawn
Jennifer Heller
Robert Herrick
Ryan Highland
Jennifer Hilst
Gillian Hiltbold
Sarah Hippen
Blain Houle
Jill Hovey
Matthew Hutchinson
Betsy Jackson
Bobbie Jones
Holly Jones
Amica Juerjens
John Kern
Sarah Keyser
Josh Kipling
Jill Kirchgessner
Amanda Koppenhoefer
Melissa Kurtz
Jamie Lambie
Angela Lane
Jason Leathers
Katie Lemkemann
Corey Lenart
Jariyawat Lerdwitayapradit
Ryan LeTourneau
Georgia Logan
Brittany Lotz
Joel Machen
Mark Maher
Tesa Manos
Bradley Marshall
Cori Martinez
Steven Mays
Brian McCarroll
T.J. McLaughlin
Kathryn McMillan
Scot Mendenhall
Margo Mensinger
Kasey Meyer
Christopher Miles
Laura Miley
Amanda Miller
Thomas Moore
Kimberly Mormann
Sean Morrison
Amy Mulvaney
Nicole Myers
Renee Myers
Scott Nauman
Kathleen Nelson
Lisa Newton
David Nuest
John Oakes
Angela Oberlander
Katrina Oetzel
Amanda Okerberg
Jamie Otten
Holly Owen
John Owens
Stephanie Penny
Christina Perez
Mark Perrson
Lucas Porritt
Adam Prepejchal
Fred Pugh
Jessica Putoni
Nick Purfield
Amanda Reeise
Justin Rink
AJ Robinson
Roxie Roe
Stephanie Rogers
R.J. Romani
Jeremy Rowden
Kevin Rowe
Clint Sabin
Sarah Sales
Andrew Sanderson
Elizabeth Saunders
Leland Schaidle
Michael Schaidle
Joshua Schertz
Brian Schieber
Brandy Schneider
Catherine Schneider
Laura Schupp
Michael Senn
Nicholas Shaub
Jason Skinner
Dean Sluga
Nicholas Smith
Holly Springer
Daniel Stabb
Jeremy Stewart
Molly Surratt
Bradley Summer
Jerry Sweat
Christopher Sweet
Katherine Tellor
Ami Thrush
Julie Tibbs
Allison Turley
Nathan Tyas
Matthew Urban
Jonathan Vanecko
Adam Vestal
Rebecca Voelker
Imka Vogel
Matt Vogelsang
Elizabeth Warn
Joshua Weber
Amanda Weibling
Jeff Weigel
Jamie Wernsman
Jessica Whitby
James White
Lyndsay Whitfield
Kerra Whittington
Kelly Winters
Cynthia Wisslead
Jessica Wixson
Jeffrey Wolffe
Beth Wyckoff
Angela Zimmerman
Jennifer Zoss
Maiden Name: Adams
Class of: 1997
Address: 1007 W. Main St., Williamston, NC 27892
(Updated: 04/2014)
Name: Melissa Alexander
E-Mail:  alexandermelissa79@yahoo.com
Class of: 1997
Comments: Hi everyone!! Last September I changed jobs from working at the Woodford County Circuit Clerk's office to being Attorney Linda Watson's secretary. I am a member of the Peoria Jaycees. I attend all Bradley Basketball home games and go to the MVC Tournament every March.
(updated 9/2015

Name: Nate Allen
E-Mail: nsallen_411@hotmail.com
Class of: 1997
Address: 117 N Douglas Apt BMetamora,  IL  61548
Comments: It is April 2007. I married Sara Obery, MTHS class of 2003, on June 17, 2006 . The first year of marriage is flying by. We have no children and don't have any plans to for a few more years. I am currently working for Cefcu and have been for the last three years.
Name: Roberto Andres
Class of: 1997
City: Chile

Comments: Hola, fui alumno de intercanbio, si se acuerdan de mi y tienen datos de mis conpaneros y colegio mandemelos por favor, asi como de mis profesores.

Name:  Renee Roe
Maiden Name: Atherton
Class of: 1997
Phone: 309-363-9591

Comment: Well, I just thought I would update my info....I am still a Realtor, but now I am at Exit Heart of Illinois, Realtors. If you are looking to buy or sell Real Estate visit my website, ReneeAtherton.com. My kids are adorable and keep me super busy! Emily is 10 now, in the 5th grade. She is running in Cross Country and plays Soccer! Ashton is in the 1st grade and he plays Soccer too! We are always on the run! I love it! I am glad to see everyone is doing great!!(Updated: 09/2008)

Name: Julie Atkins
E-Mail: julieatkins79@hotmail.com
Class of: 1997

Comments: Hi everyone.  I graduated ISU in 2001 with majors in sociology and psychology.  I took a year off and worked at Catholic Social Service and this fall I will be moving to Chicago to begin 5 more years of school for my Doctorate in Psychology.  I am glad to see everyone is doing so well.
E-Mail: Spuddzzz69@aol.com
Class of: 1997
Address: 68 Nash St., Sparta,  MI  49345
Phone: 616-887-1559

Comments: Well since I have left good ole Metamora High I have been living in Michigan.  After my step father passed on I have had to help take care of my mother.  Just trying to get by and see what life brings me, and I am sure gonna make the best of it.  I hope none of you guys forget me, cause I will never forget you!  Hopefully soon I will have my own business, and that would a be a pool hall!  Don't be scared to e-mail me if you run across this page, especially if you knew me.  Peace all and I hope all of my classmates are doing great.

Name: Amy Buell
Maiden Name: Bohlander
E-Mail: amgo07@hotmail.com
Class of: 1997

(Updated: 06/2008)

Name: Jessie Born
Maiden Name: Brown
Class of: 1997
Address: 113 Florida St., Washington, IL   61571 

Comments:  My husband and I got married in 09/01 and moved to Washington. I have been working at Uftring's since I graduated from college.  In 05/05 our daughter Maggie was born.  Wow kids sure do change your life.  In 11/05 we purchased 4 acres in Metamora and plan to build a house in summer of 06. 
Name: Holly Jo Delinski
Maiden Name: Clemens
E-Mail: hdelinski@illinoiscancercare.com
Class of: 1997
Address: 1119 Belsly Way, Metamora,  IL   61548
Phone: 309-367-9688
Comments: Hi everyone! Nick & I were married in June of 2004. We welcomed our first daughter, Kenzie Jo, on June 4, 2006. We are very excited to be expecting our second baby in June of 2008! Nick is teaching at MTHS, and coaching football and baseball. I am still at Illinois Cancer Care, administering chemotherapy. I love my job and my patients. We are enjoying watching Kenzie Jo grow and explore, are anxiously awaiting our newest Delinski! Hope everyone is healthy and doing well. Take care! (02/2008)
Class of: 1997
City: Metamora

Comments: Hello everyone!  Just thought I would fill this out to say hi to everyone I don't get to see anymore. I hope everyone is having a great life. I'm still at home working full time in collections for a mail order Co. I have put a hold on school so I can seek out my life and really figure out what I want out of it.  I wish everyone the best of luck, and I miss ya. Take care, Love, Andrea
Class of: 1997
City: North Miami, FL

Comments: Happy 2004 to everyone!  I am still working on my Medical Doctorate in Miami , 2 years down, two to go.  So if you get injured in Southern Florida , watch out for the doctor! 
Name: Matthew Crawford
E-Mail: crawford2448@insightbb.com
Class of: 1997
Address: 608 Peoria St., Washington, IL 61571
Phone: 309-657-2062

Comments: Hey, everybody. After high school, I attended Illinois Welding School and I am a welder at JTEC Industries in East Peoria . I have been married for 6 years to Jennifer who is a 1st grade teacher at Germantown Hills. We live in Washington and don't have any children, yet. I am a huge Jeff Gordon (NASCAR) fan. On Friday nights, you can find me at the football games with my wife and nephew. I would love to hear from you! Call or email me!


Name: Scott Crumley
E-Mail: s.crumley@cox.net
Class of: 1997
Address: 1701 NW 57th St., Edmond, OK  73003

Comments: It's been a long time since I've updated...In 2002 I got married while attending K-State; graduated in 2003 and work in Oklahoma City now. Last November (2005), my son Gabriel was born.  Feel free to write me if you wish.
Class of: 1997

Comments: After high school I graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Architecture and Urban Planning with my Bachelor of Sciences Architectural Studies degree. My wife Cindy (Wisslead) and I lived in Milwaukee for two more years while I worked in Lake Forest, IL doing high-end residential design work. We have since moved back to the area and currently live in East Peoria. I work for River City Construction as a project designer for commercial projects and am preparing to sit for the Architectural Registration Exam to become a licensed Architect. We have been married for 6 years now and have three beautiful daughters, Madison(6), Reagan(3), and Kennedy(10 mos.). Life is crazy busy but we are having a lot of fun too. I would love to hear from everyone and I look forward to seeing you all at the 10 year reunion. (Updated: 07/2007) 


Name: Rachel Daniel
E-Mail: rach796@aol.com
Class of: 1997
City: East Peoria, IL  61611

Comments: Hello everyone, life has been very crazy since high school.  I left for the army a few months after graduation.  I spent 2 years active duty in North Carolina .  I am still in the reserves though.  I have 2 daughters, they are 3 and 4.  A little unexpected, me as a mom, but they are beautiful.  I am working as an independent contractor for Fed Ex.  I love it!  I never thought I would have my own business.  It is working out well so far. I never made it to college like I planned but I  guess school was never my thing anyway.  I'm glad to hear everyone is doing well and would enjoy hearing from you all.


Name: Amy Moehle
Maiden Name: DeBolt
Class of: 1997

Comments: It's been awhile since I last updated.  I enjoy seeing what everyone else is up to.  Matt and I are still living in Washington and we have been blessed with the birth of our first daughter, Alexa Grace, in December '04.  She is such a joy!  We  can't remember what it was like without her!  Take care.
Name: Michelle Defendi
E-Mail: msmchl33@aol.com
Class of: 1997
Address: 7082 Sue Ct.#2, Loves Park,  IL  61111
Phone: 815-703-5935


Name: Jessica DuBois
E-Mail: jmdubois1@yahoo.com
Class of: 1997
Address: 511 Wedgewood Terrace, Metamora, IL  61548

Comments: I have just been given a job at the Peoria Academy teaching 3rd grade.  Kasey Meyer also teaches here!  I am working at a summer camp this summer and getting things ready for the school year.  I hope everyone is doing great.  I would love to hear from you. Take care!



Name: Melissa Kidder
Maiden Name: Durbin
E-Mail: kmetamora@aol.com
Class of: 1997
Address: 394 Kapraun Road, Metamora, IL  61548
Phone: 309-822-8481


Maiden Name: Ehringer
Class of: 1997

Comments: I am currently living in Washington, IL. I am the office manager for ADA Total Access, Inc. in East Peoria. I have two children Madelyn, 8 and Maverick, 5 with a little boy due in July! (Updated: 04/2011)

Class of: 1997
Address: 204 Wilshire Dr., Washington, IL 61571

Comments: I am now teaching  Geography and Civics at MTHS.  Its a great feeling to be home.  When I am not coaching wrestling, football and bass fishing, I am spending time with my daughter Ella (06). I am looking forward to catching up with everyone.  Drop me an email sometime.


Name: Doug Fandel
E-Mail: fandeld@schools.mtco.com
Class of: 1997

Comments: I am currently attending ICC full time and working part-time as a Computer Tech for Metamora High School .
Maiden Name: Fandel
Class of: 1997
Address: 618 N. 2nd St., Chillicothe, IL  61523

Comments: Now that I'm out of school and spent a short span of time in Texas, I've returned to the Peoria area and live in Chillicothe with my 3 year old son. I'm working as an Occupational Therapist in the Peoria schools and enjoy the summers off!! I would love to hear from and catch up with anyone! (Updated: 06/2008)

Class of: 1997
Comments: Hi everyone. I got married in 2004 and am living in Bloomington, IL. I'm currently employed at State Farm Insurance. Please send me an email if you'd like to say hello. (Updated: 01/2008)

Name: Cory Flanigan
E-Mail: cory@solarwimp.com
Class of: 1997

Name: Kristina Bohannan
Maiden Name: Friedrich
E-Mail: bohannan_kristina@yahoo.com
Class of: 1997
Address: 814 Wiedman Rd., Metamora, IL  61548
Phone: 309-241-0044

(Updated: 06/2008)


Name: Megan Pfister
Maiden Name: Gamble
E-Mail: pfisterjm2@gmail.com
Class of: 1997

Comments: My family and I are living in Metamora again after moving after following my husband, who was in the US Navy, to San Diego, California and Norfolk, Virginia. We have 3 children, the twins (Ana and Jake) were born in 1999 and our youngest (Joey) was born in 2000. I am currently a paralegal at the law firm Heyl Royster Voelker & Allen and my husband is serving in the Navy Reserves out of Peoria and working with Caterpillar as a manufacturing engineer. (Updated: 01/2013)
Class of: 1997
Address: 17B Brooksie Dr., Jackson, TN  38305

Comments:  I am still in Tennessee playing softball.  This is my senior year and I will be graduating in May with a degree in Sports Medicine: Exercise Science and Wellness.  This summer I am planning on taking the tests to become a firefighter--I am attempting to train myself for this.  The test is June 16th so I still have some time to get in better shape.  Hmm--that is about all I guess. I am enjoying my time down here in Tennessee, it is a lot different from Metamora, Illinois .

Class of: 1997
Address: 4444 N. Artesian Ave., Chicago, IL  60625
Phone:  626-755-8992
Comments: I'm back in the Midwest after 5 years on the West Coast. After a great experience in California and Oregon, I can honestly say I'm living the dream 2 miles north of Wrigley Field. Thought I'd do a quick update in case there are more alumni up here that I don't know of. I am still working for the same company as an Independent Sales Rep of wholesale nursery stock. Does not sound particularly glamorous, I know, but it is for a plant geek such as myself! If you should ever need some gardening info, check out our website... www.monrovia.com. Glad to hear that everyone is doing well- I was disappointed I couldn't make it to the reunion. (Updated: 08/2008)


Name: Laura Hallmann
Email: laurah1978@yahoo.com
Class of: 1997
Address: 1201 N. Rainbow Blvd. #50, Las Vegas , NV 89108

Comments: I just found out about this so I thought I would post what I have been doing since high school. I have been busy but nothing to exciting. I met a great guy and we have been together for almost 9 years now and we have two girls Ashlynn age 5 and Meghan age 4. We lived in Florida for about two years and then back to Peoria area for a few years and about 3 weeks ago we moved to Las Vegas (October 2007) which is why I could not come to the reunion. I attended ICC for a couple years and have been teaching in daycares both in Illinois and Florida . Right now I am looking for a new Job in Las Vegas . There is not much else to say. Feel free to contact me and if you are ever in Las Vegas look me up. (Updated: 11/2007)



Name: Amy Fosdick
Maiden Name:Hawn
Class of: 1997
Class of: 1997

Comments: I'm now a senior at Millikin University in Decatur , Il .  Majoring in Marketing and Business Management with a concentration on International business.  I spent the spring of 2000 in Paris , France . If anyone gets the chance to go abroad, take it!  I will graduate in the spring of 2001 and then go on to get my M.B.A. It was great reading what everyone was up to! Take care. Love, Jen
Class of: 1997
Address: 314 N. Menard PO Box 516, Metamora, IL  61548

Comments: Just recently moved back into the actual town of Metamora .   Still working at PSA as a Structural Engineering Technician/Designer.   Still Married to Kristina (Teufel) and still have 2 wonderful daughters Elizabeth (5) and Natalile (3).  Work and family eats up most of my time, but I find my way out to the garage every now and then to play cars!  Feel free to E-mail anytime!
Class of: 1997
City: Chicago,  IL
Phone: 773-528-9079

Comments: I am living in Chicago trading stock futures.
Maiden Name: Hilst
Class of: 1997

Comments: Hello everyone. I now live in Metamora as of a year ago and my daughter Jadyn is getting ready to start school at Metamora Grade School. I am currently a stay at home mommy and I'm loving it. I too lost my job due to the recession. It sucks but I am enjoying more time with my family. I just wanted to say Hi and update my information. Hope everyone is well and enjoying life. (Updated: 05/2010)
Name: Sarah Allen
Maiden Name: Hippen
Class of: 1997

Comments: Tim and I are busy with two little girls now. We welcomed Maggie into our world the end of March and Katie turned 2 in June. When we have time, we are still cruising on the old road king and occasionally having an adult date night. I get to stay at home with the girls while Tim makes himself happy working as a journeyman operator. Life is blessed at our house! Hope everyone is well! (Updated: 09/2010)

Name: Blaine Houle
E-Mail: khymerions@yahoo.com
Class of: 1997
Address: 118 E Hines Place Apt 1A1, Peoria, IL   61614
Phone:  309-648-2294

Comments: Well... it has been a number of years since my last update here and I guess I should add something.  Well, working as a manager/clerk for FedEx Home Delivery full time and working on trying to get an art studio started up on the side.  Kinda of a hard task trying to organize three artists and a writer to get them all working together.  Working on the side as well as a freelance commission artist and learning Japanese due to a desire to want to transfer to Japan as part of FedEx's international division... mainly just to get out of the country and still have a good job.  Was engaged, now am not...  well...  never was really good at that relationship thing.  So, in the end, I guess my old year book quote is still valid... no matter how cheesy it is... and yes it was cheesy.  What was I thinking?

Maiden Name: Jones
Class of: 1997
Address: 900 Coal Bank Rd., Metamora,  IL  61548

Comments: I graduated from ISU in 2002 with a degree in clinical laboratory science which got me a job at St. Francis Medical Center that same year. I am still working there in the hematology department. I also married Pat in Sept '02 and we welcomed our baby girl, Anna Jean, in Dec '08. She is definitely a blessing in our lives! (Updated: 10/2009)
Name: Sarah Diesel
Maiden Name: Keyser
Address: 325 Whispering Oaks Dr., Metamora, IL 61548
Phone: 309-383-2159

Name: Joshua Kipling
E-Mail: kipling@gmail.com
Class of: 1997
Address: 9 Apple Tree Lane, East Peoria, IL 61611
Phone: 309-282-4845

Comments: I've been back State-side for two years now, living in East Peoria . Will have my Associates through ICC at the end of this semester and will begin work on my Bachelors in Secondary Education at ISU this summer. Family and myself are in good health. Feel free to email me if you feel so inclined. I will give send you a response.

Name: Georgia Logan
E-Mail: gjlogan99@hotmail.com
Class of: 1997
City: Brunswick, ME

Comments: Hello all!  I am still in the Navy.  I am a Hospital Corpsman Aviation Med Tech second class petty officer (E-5).  I am currently stationed in Brunswick , ME with Fleet Logistics Support Squadron 62.  Maine is absolutely beautiful!  Lots of snow but great.  I love my job!  I hope everyone is doing well and would love to hear from anyone!
Name: Joel Machen
E-Mail: jamachen@yahoo.com
Class of: 1997
Address: 927 North Van Dorn, Alexandria, VA  22304
Phone: 202-215-5931

Comments: Hey everyone.  I am still in the Army.  I am stationed in Washington DC with the White House Communications Agency.  I get to travel as one of the President's communications aides for his trips.  It's been a lot of fun getting to see the world.  Besides traveling I have been doing a lot of running.  I plan to do my first marathon next year.  I hope all is well with everyone!


Name: Brad Marshall
E-Mail: brad.marshall@chrobinson.com
Class of: 1997
Address: 708 N Main St., Roanoke,   IL   61561

Comments: Hello to all!  Just wanted to say thanks to Sarah for getting the info about Kyler's benefit posted, and wanted to give everyone a little more background. Kyler is Alecia and my second child.  He was born on April 27, 2005 after a normal pregnancy and delivery and began having seizures 30 minutes after birth. 

The first five days of his life were spent in the NICU at St. Francis in Peoria.  Since was released, he has been diagnosed with Microcephaly (small head and brain), an under developed brain (stopped growing around 4 weeks gestation) blindness, seizures, and most recently FTT (Failure to Thrive). Because of all his neurological issues, he has stopped eating enough to sustain his life on his own. A month ago, Kyler had a temporary feeding tube placed through his nose. Tomorrow (Monday, April 10th) he is scheduled for surgery to get a permanent feeding tube placed through his stomach.

At last count, Kyler is being followed by about 10 specialists and physicians.  He turns a year old in just a couple weeks, but he still can not sit up on his own, roll over, or crawl.  We actually heard him laugh for  the first time ever about two weeks ago. Every little improvement is a  blessing from God!

As for the rest of my family.  My wife and I still help with the Metamora Football team. She is a certified Athletic trainer for the team, and I help tape ankles, and patch wounds on the sidelines. My daughter ( Brooklyn ) is now a little over 2 years old, and is keeping us on our toes. She is running and jumping on everything and mimicking us all the time. We have to be careful what we say because she is picking up a ton of new words every day.  Hope all is well with everyone.  If anyone wants to drop me a line or catch up with me, give me a shout. 

Name: Cori Martinez
E-Mail: ckmhkm2@hotmail.com
Class of: 1997
City: Metamora,  IL

Comments: Hello to all...I am still living in Metamora and more than likely always will. My daughter Hailey is 11 years old and in the 5th grade at Metamora Grade School. I am working at Snyder Village and have been for 11 years now. I love taking care of the elderly, it's a very satisfying job. I have recently enrolled in classes at ICC and intend on working towards a nursing degree. My boyfriend of 10 years and I are planning on getting married, we just need to set a date. As you can see, we are in no hurry! We bought a house in 2004 and have a lot of projects to complete! Well, that's about it! Later (Updated: 04/2008)
Name: Kasey Vande Schraaf
Maiden Name: Meyer
E-mail: troykasey@yahoo.com
Class of: 1997

Comments: Troy and I had our first baby girl on November 13, 2005 . Isabelle is now 9 months old and very active. I am starting my 5th year of teaching Social Studies at Peoria Academy . Troy works at CEFCU and helps the with the Metamora basketball program in his spare time.
Name: Chris Miles
E-Mail: cmiles3@uic.edu
Class of: 1997
Address: 710 W Timber Ridge Apt 11, Peoria,  IL   61615
Phone: 309-282-0258

Name: Laura Jorgensen
Maiden Name: Miley
Class of: 1997
City: Bourbonnais, IL

Comments: I attended Olivet Nazarene University and Graduated with a Social Work Degree in 2001. I then worked two years with Adult Developmentally Disabled Individuals as a QMRP (Qualified Mental Retardation Professional). After realizing that I wanted to teach, I went back to Olivet and received my MAT (Masters in Teaching) in 2004. My first year of teaching, I taught 4th grade. This will be my third year teaching second grade for a local Christian School . I married Nick Jorgensen on August 16, 2003 . We have a year old Chocolate Lab named Mocha and a 4 year old cat named Meeko. Nick is a journeyman plumber working in Chicago/Joliet area.

Name: Amanda Clementz
Maiden Name: Miller
E-Mail: m.clementz@insightbb.com
Class of: 1997
Address: 1023 N Elmwood, Peoria, IL  61606

Comments: Wow, hard to believe it has been 10 years! Let's see, I finished my Master's of Physical Therapy at Bradley in July 2003. I Married Matt Clementz (class of 1995) in 8/2003. We purchased a 1910 arts and craft home across from Bradley and have enjoyed restoring it for the past 4 years. Everyone at work jokes that we should start our own home improvement show. I am the rehabilitation unit therapy manager for Methodist Medical Center. I absolutely love treating patients.  We have 2 spoiled bassett hounds, Droxy (7) and Daisy(2). We were blessed with the birth of our first child, Gavin Michael on 1/24/07. (Updated: 07/2007)
Class of: 1997
City: San Antonio,  TX

Comments: Graduated from ISU in 01' with a Bachelors in Computer Science. Commissioned as an Officer in the United States Air Force in the fall of 01'. Received my wings in 03' and was assigned to fly the F-15E Strike Eagle out of SJAFB , NC . Flew the F-15E for three years and deployed overseas twice. Met a great girl from Raleigh in 05' and got married in Jan 07'. Finished my Masters in Aeronautics in 09'. Currently stationed at Randolph AFB in San Antonio, TX teaching new guys how to fly. No kids yet, just a couple of dogs! Feel free to write or call anytime. Would love to hear from any of you. Best of luck with all that you do! (Updated: 10/2009)

Name: Sean Morrison
E-Mail: sean.d.morrison@hotmail.com
Class of: 1997
Address: 2706 Oakridge Avenue, Madison, WI  53704
Phone: 608-215-4158

Maiden Name: Mulvaney
Class of: 1997
City: Gibson City, IL 
(Updated 02/2011)

Name: Nicole Myers
E-Mail: niknee2@hotmail.com
Class of: 1997
Address: 16703 Worgan Ct., Spring, TX  77379

Comments: Hello to everyone...I am a little late giving an update - but hey better late than never. I have been living in Houston, Texas for the last six years and enjoying every moment of it. My time has been consumed with school, however, it is finally over as I received my MBA (2003).  I am moving to the Chicago area where I hope to find my dream job!  I hope that you all are doing great. Take care and best of luck!!!
Maiden Name: Newton
Class of: 1997
Address: 1164 Woodside Trail, Troy, MI  48085

Comments: Nic and I were married in Dec of 2001.  We moved to Michigan in June 2003 when Nic became a youth pastor.  Our son Nicolas David was born March 2004 and our daughter Kate Elise was born December 2005.  Life is definitely crazier but better with kids:)  Hope everyone is doing well!

Name: David Nuest
Class of: 1997
City: Metamora, IL  16548

Comments: Married for 4.5 years with one child (Landon 10.5 months). Still living in Metamora and working as a quality engineer at Parsons Company near Roanoke. Send me an email if you'd like...I'd love to hear from you! (Updated: 02/2008)


Name: Katrina Sheets
Maiden Name: Oetzel
Class of: 1997
Address: 347 Whispering Oaks Dr., Metamora, IL 61548
Phone: 309-369-2152

Comments: Hi everyone!!! It has been awhile since I have checked the alumni site and it is so great to see how everyone is doing. Just a few wonderful updates in my life include my two daughters, Madelyn Grace (born Nov. 2004) and Sadie Ann (born June 2006). Matt (alumni from 1992) is a great father and they are definitely daddy's girls :). They are such a blessing and so much fun (busy too!!!). I am an RN working for an Oral Surgeon in Peoria and the nice thing is that I only work their busy times (spring breaks, Christmas breaks, summer etc.) I am able to stay at home and spend a lot of time with my girls. I hope all is well with everyone and would love an e-mail. Katrina


Name: Amanda Gillson
Maiden Name: Okerberg
Class of: 1997
Address: 121 South Tazewell, Metamora, IL  61548

Comments: HI all. Well it's been a long time. I am married with one son born FEB 2004. His name is Cole Joseph. He is the light of my life. Bob and I were married in Estes Park, CO, in 2002. I graduated from ICC and worked at OSF St Francis ED as a care tech then started working with Eureka Goodfield Fire Protection district as a medic. Those of you who knew me knew I would end up in this line of work. Anyone who wants to keep in touch e-mail me.

Name: Adam Prepejchal
Class of: 1997
City: Metamora,  IL

Comments: Well, I spent two years at ICC as an environmental geology major, then transfered to SIU Carbondale. I spent the past 2 years down there, but only attended school for 1. I designed and managed the remodeling of a new night club down there, but decided I was enjoying myself too much and going nowhere new.  Just joined the Air Force and I am going into Space Systems Operations. Hello to all and good luck to all.

Name: Nicholas Purfield
E-Mail: purf_man@yahoo.com
Class of: 1997
City: Richland, WA
Phone: 618-697-2017

Comments: So I haven't updated this in nearly 8 years... Since my last update (2008) I have worked on construction projects in the following states:  New Mexico, Illinois (twice), Tennessee, Kansas and now Washington State.

Still not married (and no kids)  Plenty of toys and officially a home owner.  I still keep up with some of our classmates online.  I am not hard to find.
(updated 1/2016)

Name: AJ Robinson
E-Mail: mr_installer@hotmail.com
Class of: 1997
Address: PO Box 9378, Avon,  CO  81620
Phone: 309-453-3580

Comments: Yea, so I didn't quite make it to graduation. ALOT has happened since my last day at Metamora. I graduated high school from Peoria Heights , then I went to a small school in Davenport called Marycrest Int. University . I graduated from there in Dec of 01 with a Bachelor of Arts with an emphasis in 3D Animation. I knew I would never be able to get a real job from my education at Marycrest, so I went to a 3 month training center in Tennessee for character animation classes. So hopefully you will see my name in the credits of some big movie in the near future. But for now, I am living outside of Vail, Colorado just being a snowboard bum, working at the Park Hyatt Resort and Spa in Beaver Creek. What a life...If you ever come out to Vail, give me a call or email me.
Class of: 1997 
Address: 840 Ursulines #5,  New Orleans, LA  70116
Phone: 480-620-7604 

Comments: Hi all! Well I'm currently living in New Orleans and working as a Study Coordinator for a Kidney Disease Study at Tulane University. I graduated from Goshen College, moved to Phoenix and became a Physician Assistant, lived and worked in Philadelphia for 3 years, and then returned to school in New Orleans at Tulane and got a Masters of Public Health and Tropical Medicine (despite hurricane problems). Hope everyone is well and I'd love to hear from you.
Name: Clint W. Sabin
E-Mail: csabin@sun.iwu.edu
Class of: 1997

Comments: Graduating from Illinois Wesleyan University with a major in Public Relations.  Accepting a job working for the House of Representatives as a Legislative Policy Analyst.
Class of: 1997
Address: 4735 S. Kilpatrick, Chicago,  IL  60632
Phone: 773-585-4579

Comments: Greetings!  I graduated from Goshen College May 2001 with a major in Bible, Religion and Philosophy and minors in Spanish, Theater and TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages).  I am now living in Chicago (in the actual city, not the suburbs) working at Chicago Mennonite Learning Center (a small K-8 private school) as assistant to the principal.  Since high school I have been many places: Costa Rica , Guatemala , London , Oregon , Boston , and others.  God has blessed me with a wonderful place to work and friends & family to enrich my life.  May you find peace and joy in all you do.
Name: Beth Saunders
E-Mail: chickadee215@hotmail.com
Class of: 1997
Address: 1927 Brentwood Dr., Washington, IL  61571

Comments: Hey everyone! I got married in 2004 to Tony Schofield (class of '87) and had a baby in July (2006). His name is Ethan William. I left PALS and worked in Dist. 150 for a year until we had Ethan and now I am subbing. Ethan is wonderful! I am also still training at Heartland Dog Training. We still have Chewy (6yrs.) and we also have Maisy who is 1.5 yrs. along with our 2.5 year old beast of a cat named Jinx. She is 19 pounds and she is on a diet...I can hardly believe that we have been out for 10 years. Time flies!!! Hope everyone is doing well...
Class of: 1997
City: Orlando,  FL  

Comments: I graduated from ISU in 2001 - History Secondary Education. Upon graduation, I moved to Orlando, FL. I just wrapped up my 12th year of teaching. I'm currently teaching World History. I continue to announce sporting events mostly located around central Florida (Tampa/Orlando). I have been the voice of the Florida High School Basketball State Championships for 7 yrs and also state Football championships at the Citrus Bowl for 3 yr. I play golf all year round. =) I've been married to my beautiful wife Vanessa for 4 yrs...no kids as of yet. I would love to hear from you. (Updated: 08/2013)
E-Mail: dsluga@d50schools.com
Class of: 1997
Address: 209 Connecticut St., Washington, IL  61571
Comments: Well, I am a fourth grade teacher at Beverly Manor School in Washington. I am married with three children: Caleb (9), Brennen (5), and Abbey (2). Abbey and I share the same birthday. I hope everyone is doing well. (Updated:  12/2009)

Name: Molly L. Sorrell
Maiden Name: Surratt
E-Mail: mlsorrell@yahoo.com
Class of: 1997
Address: 410 Elm St., Rushville,  IL  62681
Phone: 217-322-6094
Comments: 2007 was a busy year from my husband Brian and I. In February we found out we were expecting again, in March we bought a new house, in May we moved and in September we welcomed our second daughter into the world.Aubrey will be 3 in March, and Gabby was born on September 26th. We are hoping 2008 is much calmer and we can adjusted to our new life and being parents of 2 children. My sister Kassie also had a baby in July of 2007, so I am also enjoying being an Aunt, or as she will be calling me Auntie M!! I am still working at Cass Communications, and Brian is still a probation Officer for Cass County. Brian is also a Basketball Official, who would have ever imagined I would be married to any type of sports official!! I hope 2008 is a great year for everyone! (Updated: 01/2008)
Class of: 1997
Address: 1007 Seminary Ave., Bloomington, IL  61701

Name: Katie Snider
Maiden Name: Tellor
Class of: 1997
Address: 105 Shady Knolls, East Peoria, IL   61611

Comments: Hello all, I just found out about this website and I thought I should join in!  Like everyone else, a lot has happened since high school.  I graduated from ISU in 2001 with an elementary education degree.  After graduation I traveled with my now husband to Chicago and Tucson , AZ (he was a traveling nurse).  For the last three years I lived in southern IL while he finished his masters to become a family nurse practitioner.  During this time I taught 6th grade and Title 1 Reading.  Now I am back in the Peoria area. We bought a house in June 2005 and were just married Dec 29, 2005 in Jamaica on the beach!  Right now I am working as the psycho-social worker at a nursing home, but I'm looking for a teaching position.  So anyone out there will any pull, let me know!  No kids yet, just two cats who I call my kids.  If anyone would like keep in touch send me an email, I would love to hear from ya. 
Name: Julie Hicks
Maiden Name: Tibbs
Class of : 1997

Comments: So, I've had my name posted for a long time, but never any info. Here it is, I went to ISU and received a Bachelor's in Psychology. I started working for Catholic Charities as a youth intervention caseworker in July of 2001, where I have been ever since. I was married in November of 2002 and had a son Jaxon in December of 2004. We currently live in Germantown. I still talk to a few people from High School, but look forward to seeing everyone at the reunion!!! (Updated: 07/2007)

Name: Allison Myers
Maiden Name:  Turley
Class of: 1997
City: East Peoria, IL  61611
Comments: I have 4 Kids I'm married now to a great guy. I have one daughter, and 3 boys. I have two dogs and my daughter has cat. And I want to tell all moms, Happy mothers day. (Updated: 05/2008)

Name: Nathan Tyas
E-Mail: n8train21@yahoo.com
City: Albuquerque , NM

Comments: What's up folks. I seem to be the lazy one. Posting after the reunion, but hey better late than never. Just Kicking it out here in the "Burque" livin life and enjoying the outdoors. It was awesome to see everybody that showed up and I'm even willing to bet some of you were hurting the next day. Until next time, take care and don't do anything I wouldn't do. Hahaha!  

Name: Matthew Urban
E-Mail: dissident5@yahoo.com
Address: 511 W. Melrose St., Apt. 201, Chicago,  IL  60657

Comments: I graduated from U of I with honors and a degree in Business Administration in December of 2001.  That same month I moved in with my fiancé in Chicago , and then got deployed with the Illinois Army National Guard as a sergeant to Wiesbaden Germany . Coming home soon though, and getting married in September of 2003.  Feel free to email...
Name: Jon Vanecko
E-Mail: JVan19@hotmail.com
Class of: 1997
Address: 1717 CR 220, Apt.# 604, Orange Park, FL  32003

Comments: Well, Holly and I have moved back to Florida while I am flying out of NAS Jacksonville.  Got my wings in December and found out that we will be stationed in Maine after I finish up here in September. Nothing else new really besides playing a lot of golf and flying as much as possible.
Class of: 1997
Address: 812 Grandview Way, Metamora,  IL  61548
Phone: 309-383-2686

Comments: Hi all. Currently attending ICC after a relatively unsuccessful stint at Bradley.  Currently majoring in Computer Information Systems. Don't know exactly where to go once I get done here. Hope everyone is doing well.
Class of: 1997
Address: St. Ambrose University, 518 W. Locust St., Davenport,  IA  52803
Phone: 319-333-5307

Comments: Hello to everyone! I would love to hear from anyone and find out what you all have been up to.  I will be playing my last year of football this year at tight end.  It has been quite an experience here at St Ambrose.  I hope everyone is doing well.  Oh, and yeah I am still dating Schlemmer's daughter!  not a big surprise to most of you all.  Good Luck to all.
Name: Beth Warn
E-Mail: bwquarterhorses@yahoo.com
Class of: 1997
City: Walterboro, SC

Comments: Hello everyone!  High school seems so long ago.  I graduated  from Findlay University and have traveled all over since then.  I am still involved with the horses and currently work as the inside sales rep for a large horse trailer manufacturer in South Carolina. I am engaged and trying to plan for the wedding..I definitely waited to find the right one. It was fun seeing how everyone is married and has children. I would love to hear from anyone.  Have a great 2006!
Name: Joshua Weber
E-Mail: weberj62@juno.com
Class of: 1997
Address: 2359 Nortonville Rd., Murrayville,  IL   62668
Phone: 217-245-6103

Comments: You guys will never believe this but I am a cop how funny is that. Not much going on still single and looking. Anyway drop me a line would love to here from everyone. Later.
Class of: 1997
Address: 2439 W. Armitage Ave., Chicago,  IL   60657
Phone: 773-875-9511

Comments: Hey all! I'm in Chicago - living and working - working and living! I work downtown in the loop during the week and then a few days a week I'm up on the Northwest side coaching swimming. Chicago is great! Would love to hear from anybody thats in Chicago or will ever be visiting. No husband, no kids, just me!

Name: Kerra Whittington
E-Mail: kerramichelle@hotmail.com
Class of: 1997
Address: 1880
Candlelight CircleMontgomery,  IL   60538

Comments: To quickly update, a lot can change in a year!  I have moved from Chicago, where I was teaching 2nd grade in Chicago Public Schools, to Montgomery, Illinois, which is very close to the Oswego/Naperville area. I married Tim McCoskey in July,2005. Tim is a teacher also, but at the high school level. I now teach 4th grade in Oswego. Tim and I are in the process of training a smart, spoiled cock-a-poo puppy named Bailey.  Congratulations on the many exciting events in your lives!   

Name: Kelly Winters
E-Mail: psyaiko2@aol.com
Class of: 1997
Address: 510 Stanton Ave., Ames,   IA  50014

Comments: I am currently a student athletic trainer for the football team here at Iowa State University.  Yes, that's me you saw on ESPN 2 the night of our bowl game in Phoenix Arizona. (Which we won!!) I am a senior, but I still have two years left. I know it's sad, but I don't really have much else to say; training is my life.  I haven't really kept in touch with anyone back home except for Jessie Brown.  I hope to hear from a certain few of you.
Maiden Name: Wisslead
Class of: 1997
Address: 112 E Oakwood Rd., East Peoria,  IL   61611

Comments: It's now July '06,  Thing haven't changed too much since my last update.  Nate and I will be married 5 years this month.  We have 2 daughters Madison and Reagan, now expecting our third in Sept '06.  I am currently working part-time for a local doctors office, and loving being with my kids.  I still can't believe how much they change you.  I hope that everyone is doing well. 

Class of: 1997
Address: 821 N. Glenwood, Peoria,  IL  61606

Comments: Hello all.  I am currently finishing up my BS in Mechanical Engineering at Bradley with a minor in Business Management. I will graduate in December 2001 and am looking at moving to Seattle and working for Boeing. Currently I am working at Caterpillar and getting ready for a trip to Peru in September. Take care to all and keep in touch.
Name: Bethany DePew
Maiden Name: Wyckoff
Class of: 1997
City: Maryland Heights, MO
Phone: 618-610-1086 

Comments: Still live in St. Louis! Have three children: Kenzie(step-daughter), Tristan and Thomas. Husband and I went to college together and settled down to have a family which was my dream come true. (Updated: 08/2010)
Class of: 1997
Address: 909 N. Orange St., Peoria,  IL  61606 

Comments: Wow!! It has been awhile since I have updated this. I am still living in Peoria and working at Caterpillar. I took a new position in May of 2004 that keeps me on the road about 75% of the time. I am really enjoying the job and getting to see the country. I hope everyone is doing well. Take Care!! 
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