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MTHS Class of 1993

This information was taken from the 1993 yearbook. 
Please contact us with corrections.

Brett Aberle
Lori Adams
Jenell Adkinson
Kevin Alexander
Jena Alig
Patrick Anderson
Scott Anderson
Jeremy Bamber
Kerry Bartholomew
Timothy Bennett
Casey Boblit
Alyson Bockler
Ben Boyd
Lynette Boyd
Charity Brooks
Jennifer Bull
Troy Bumeter
Bethany Burdette
David Burns
Carrie Bussen
Jennifer Cammack
Leanne Carr
Douglas Casey
Chester Chase III
Todd Cheek
Rebecca Chovan
Lucas Clark
Thomas Clark
Deryse Clark
Robin Coffman
Douglas Cofoid
Darren Collings
Jennifer Cook
Stephanie Cook
Steve Cornell
Marci Cox
Robert Craig
Lisa Crone
Jason Crone
Jason Crum
Matt Custer
Timothy Damery
Tony DiGregorio
Shawn Dixon
Matt Dollinger
Jarrod Doty
Jennifer Doty
Tyler Doty
Matthew Dowling
Benjamin Dreessen
Heather Eden
Amy Edlen
Shannon Egli
Crystal Elsasser
Matthew Eppy
Robert Estes
Stephanie Farley
Melissa Filson
Jamie Finnell
Tiffany Ford
Bradley Fosdyck
Scott Fosdyck
Taryn Gamble
Tanya Gansch
Heidi Gardner
Brian Geurin
Michelle Gilles
Natalie Gott
Chris Gouveia
Terri Grainger
John Grampp
Andrea Grebner
Janis Grebner
Joy Grebner
Daniel Gunn
Stephanie Guth
Elaine Haedicke
Joel Hartman
Danny Haley
Eric Hodel
Heather Hoffman
Richard Hosbrough, Jr.
Jason Hutchinson
Erin Hynes
Kristen Jackson
Michael Janzen
Richard Kaisner
Philip Kellenberger
Jennifer Kerker
Sheila Keys
Brian Kidder
Andrew Kiesewetter
Timothy Kirchgessner
Rebecca Knutson
Ted Koch
David Krake
Devin Kreider
Jody Krumholz
Christopher Kurowski
Jennifer Lange
Stephanie Langeburg
Jami Leathers
Paul Linse
Robby Livingston
Josh Lyons
Dustin Mahrt
Jenifer Marcy
Leanne Martin
Shannon Mathison
Kinberly Matthews
Dawn Maxedon
Trisha Meyers
Jennifer McCarty
Jamie McCumber
Angie McDaniel
James McElhaney
Karl McKenzie
Joyce McMullen
Joshua Miller
Michelle Milloy
Greg Minger
Dawn Montgomery
Clinton Morgan
Jessica Murphy
Terrence Murphy
Molly Nelson
Shana Nelson
Michelle Noe
Ben Noll
Kari Oetzel
Nathan Opper
Jason Osko
Brandy Owen
William Owen
Curt Peithman
Eric Peterson
Nathan Pettyjohn
Derrick Philips
Tami Poehlman
Jodi Pope
Chris Potter
Nicole Rankin
Laura  Ray
Matthew Reeb
Christine Richardson
Ron Richardson
Edwin Ringland
Jonathon Ritschel
Brad Rocke
Paula Rockett
John Rosenbaum
Matt Ruder
Robert Rush
Christopher Ryan
Julia Ryan
Nathan Sales
Victoria Sandidge
Shawn Sarver
Jill Schaer
Shawn Schalk
Corrina Schini
Lana Schmutz
Mark Schneider
Angie Schroer
Amy Schumacher
Adam Schrepfer
Victoria Seal
Douglas Searles
Jennifer Seckler
Thomas Seils
Dan Shuda
Christopher Siverly
Heather Skinner
Shellie Sluga
Wayne Smith, II
Marcy Snyder
Jeanie Sparks
Steve Spradlin
Erica Stauske
Christopher Stockner
Chris Strehlow
Cameron Stuber
Sarah Summer
Kristen Tate
Bradley Thomas
Rob Thompson
Amanda Traver
David Trout
Rebecca Turner
Michael Turpen
Tom Turpen
Brett Tyas
Lisa Wage
Michelle Wagner
Penny Waldrip
Shannon Walters
Nicole Warren
Melanie Watt
Michelle Webb
Rick Webster
Scott Wells
Joy Wheeler
Alan Whetstone
Frederick Whitby
Jeremy White
Stacy White
Dan Wilbur
Eliza Wilcoxen
Adam Williams
Andrew Wood
Jennifer Zaeske
Brook Zessin
Aaron Zobrist

Name: Ben Boyd
Class of: 1993
Address: 39509 N. Harbour Town Way, Anthem, AZ  85086

Comments: I have been living in a community just north of Phoenix, AZ, for about the last 5 years.  Ive been married almost 5 years.  My wife's name is Tonya and she was born and raised in Phoenix.  We have a son Jonah who is 2 1/2 and another son on the way expected around Christmas.  His name will be Noah.  I took a lot of wrong paths, but they eventually led me to the right one.  I feel very blessed.

Name: Charity Hasty
Maiden Name: Brooks
Class of: 1993

(Updated: 12/2009)

Name: Bethany Sturgell
Maiden Name: Burdette
E-Mail: basturgell@att.net
Class of: 1993
Address: 9612 NW 66th Ct., Tamarac, FL   33321
Phone: 954-721-8583

Comments: After graduating from ISU with a BA in Elementary Education, I moved to Ft. Lauderdale where I met my husband, Matt.  We married in Aug, 1999.  I taught for 3 years and am now at home with our daughter, Lindsay Ann.  She was born in Aug, 2002.  I love being at home with her while Matt works as a network administrator.  We also have a crazy dog named Simeon.  I've been very blessed to remain close with Erica Stauske, Vickie Seal, and Janis Grebner.  Wouldn't know what I'd do without them.

Name: Jennifer James
Maiden Name: Cammack
Class of: 1993
Address: 2447 California Rd, Pekin, IL 61554
(Updated: 07/2013) 

Name: Rebecca Chovan
Class of: 1993

Name: Luke Clark
E-Mail: luker450@yahoo.com
Class of: 1993
Address: 128 South Main St., Eolia, MO  63344

Comments: Hi everyone! Illinois was too much for me so I live in a little town in Missouri called Eolia. It's 1/3 the size of Metamora. I've been married for 5 years with 2 kids, one boy (4) and one girl (2). The factory life wasn't quite for me so I have been working for about 10 years in construction as a heavy equipment operator. I would love to hear from some of you so drop me a line or email. (Updated: 02/2008) 

Class of: 1993
Address: 1331 N. Cordova St. Apt. K, Burbank,   CA   91505
Phone: 818-309-6080

Comments: Hey everyone, Thought I'd drop in and update my profile.  So sorry I couldn't make the 10 year reunion.  Things came up in Hollywood that prevented me from making it back to Illinois. Hope everyone is doing well.  Still working for The Walt Disney Co. and keeping busy with acting and screenwriting.  Drop me a line or just drop on in if you happen to be in southern California sometime.  Love to hear and see everyone again. 

Name: Jennifer Wallace
Maiden Name: Cook
E-Mail: jmwallace714@aol.com
Class of: 1993

Comments: We are living in East Peoria. Dan and I have 2 children, Ben
(Dec '04) and Rachel (Apr '07). I stay home with them and keep busy chasing them around!  (Updated: 05/2008)

Name: Marci Cox
Class of: 1993
City: Belleville, IL 

(Updated: 01/2013)

Name: Lisa Church
Maiden Name: Crone
Class of: 1993
City: West Des Moines,  IA

Comments: Hi Everyone!  After high school I went to University Of Iowa and got my degree in Anthropology with an emphasis in Archeology.  So, am I Indiana Jones now...try an annuity analyst for an insurance company in Des Moines , IA.  I was married in 1997 to my husband Nathan, who is a computer programmer and we have a beautiful 2 year old son named Noah. 

Class of: 1993

Comments: I graduated from Bradley in 1997 with a degree in Biology.  I am currently working at Heart Care Midwest as a Registered Vascular Technologist.  I married my wife, Julie, in May of 2001.  We have a two sons, Isaac, who was born in August of 2002 and Ashton who was born in December of 2003.  I wish I had half their energy.  I have truly been blessed and hope everyone is doing well.

Name: Tony DiGregorio
Class of : 1993

Comments: All this time has passed, I just now found this site... What year is this?  :-)  Nice to see people doing well. (Updated: 09/2009)

Name: Jarrod Doty
Class of: 1993

Comments: I took a college tour including NIU, ICC, UofI, and finally Bradley where I graduated w/ a degree in Business Computer Systems. However, I started working in banking during that time, and found that is what I love. I now manage a mortgage office in Germantown in the old Proctor First Care building. I have been married to my wife Heidi for just over 3 years, and we have our first child on the way in August. I see a fair number of former classmates from time to time, but would love to hear from anyone! Feel free to visit my website or shoot me an email. (Updated: 02/2013) 

Maiden Name: Edlen
Class of: 1993
Address: 1011 E Madison, Metamora,  IL  61548
Phone: 309-367-2692

Comments: I went to ICC for two years after graduation, where Dan and I started dating. Funny world, huh? We never even spoke in high school. I transferred to Western Illinois University in 1995, and after a lot of work and a lot of fun, graduated with my Bachelor's in Elementary Education in December of 1997. Dan and I got married in June of 1997 before I did my student teaching. I substitute for a long time, and have been working as a kindergarten aide for two years, one year at Metamora, and now in Germantown Hills. Don't let anyone tell you there is a teacher shortage in this area :) We are enjoying life in Metamora, but I am hoping to see a little more of the country before babies come. Our evil cat and samoyed puppy are enough right now.

Maiden Name: Filson
Class of: 1993
Address: 239 N. Center Point Rd., Portland , TN  37148
Phone: 615-325-3852

Comments: Hello everyone! I can't believe it has been 7 years since the last time I entered my info. So here is me now. My husband Brian and I just celebrated our 11 yr anniversary, still happy and in love. No children yet, but we have two dogs. Maggie 10 and Coco 2 right now they are my babies. We grew tired of the cold and snowy winters so we moved to Portland , Tennessee. Portland is about the size of Washington and still growing. Portland is about 40 miles north of Nashville. We picked Portland so we could stay close to Brian's family.

We built another house a little bigger that the last one. The inside looks like a log cabin. We really love it. I work for the State of Tennessee Department of Safety. I work 4 days a week 10 hr shifts. I'm also a substitute teacher at our local middle and high school when I can. Who would have thought that I would be a teacher.Brian makes gas tanks for most GM cars. We are also busy building a 1955 Ford F-100 we have turned it into a 4x4 it has been a lot of work but we are close to being done. Can't wait till it is finished. Well that is me now. Would love to hear from ya'll or if you are ever in the Nashville area give me a ring. Take care.

Maiden Name: Finnell
Class of: 1993

Comments: I have a BS in Biology from Bradley and have lived in Chicago, Phoenix and now I find myself in Hartford, Wis.  Over the years I have worked as a research scientist in Chicago and Phoenix. I took off 6 years to play with Ryan (7) and Kaitlin (6). I have returned to work this year as a high school math teacher and I love it.  My husband Tom and I enjoy rock climbing all over the country.

Maiden Name: Gamble
Class of: 1993
Address: 4116 Helmick Ave., Norton, OH  44203
Web site: www.onwords.net

Comments: It's been a while since I've updated this and so much has happened! After moving away from Illinois , I've lived in Indiana, Virginia and finally settled down in Ohio just a few minutes away from Cleveland . I work as a manager for a technical support group that supports charter schools in six states and the CSMD while working on a book I'm writing and hope to have published "someday". I was just recently married in June 2007 to a great guy who works in the X-ray department for one of the best pediatric units in the nation and we're going to move into the house we're building in less than 3 weeks. No kids yet, just two kitties (Lokie and Butters), but we have plenty of time! Look forward to seeing everyone at the next reunion, email me if you want to say 'hey', I'd love to talk to you guys!

Name: Heidi Reay
Maiden Name: Gardner
E-Mail: hreay@hotmail.com
Class of: 1993
Address: 1221 County Rd 150E, Wyoming,  IL  61491
Phone: 309-493-5019

Comments: I'm glad to see everyone is doing well.  After graduation I attending ICC, taking a wide variety of classes.  I haven't actually decided on a field of study yet, O well.  I been married to my husband,Eric,since October 1996.  We had our first son, Todd, in September 1998.  Recently our second son, Jacob, was born in January 2001. They are both great gifts from God!!  Right now I work very part time at St.Francis in the Mother/Baby and Labor/Delivery departments. Most of my time I spend with my boys,so going to work is actually a much needed break. It's great to see what everyone is up to!

Maiden Name:  Gott
Class of: 1993
City: Austin, TX

Comments: I am a reporter for the Associated Press in Austin , Texas , and write about Texas politics and state policy.  My husband, Will, is close to getting his PH.D. in Chemical Engineering at the University of Texas .  We have one son, Guillermo, who was born in January 2004.  I never knew or suspected I would love being a mother as much as I do.  G, as we call him, is wonderful!!

Class of: 1993
Address: 17521 N. 1090 E Road, Pontiac,  IL   61764

Comments: Nov 2007: I thought it was time to update my profile again. Since my last update, Leslie and I have added 1 to the family. Madelynn Renee was born 10.15.07. Lydia is almost 4 and is a great big sister And helper. Beyond that, all is about the same. We keep busy with house, kids, work, and church activities. You can check out my blog for more pictures... I decided it was time to put the old high school photo to rest! :-)

Name: Janis Overholt
Maiden Name: Grebner
Class of: 1993

Comments: Its great to see everyone doing so well.  My husband Steve and I still live in Washington.  Even though I always cheer for the Redbirds, it is a great town to raise a family.  We were married May '04 and have two beautiful girls, Jillian 9-06, and Meredith 8-09.  I continue to work as a MRI tech for Methodist Medical enter 1-2 days a weeks.  Steve is a foreman for J.A. Fritch and Sons, a sheet metal company.  I keep in touch with Bethany Sturgell(burdette) and Nikki Medaris (Morris ) class of '92. Life is full and I am blessed.

Name: Richard I Hosbrough, Jr.
E-Mail: pats_rule4ever@yahoo.
Class of: 1993
(Updated 07/2014)

Class of: 1993
Address: 3710 N Pine Grove, Chicago,  IL  60613

Comments: After HS I attended U of I in Champaign-Urbana.  I graduated with a degree in Sociology in Spring '97.  At present, I work for McLeod USA, a telecommunications company in downtown Chicago.  I've lived here in the Windy City for almost three years now, and love it.  Presently single, living up the bachelor life.  I still enjoy sports, such as golf, basketball, and almost anything else.  I'm planning on returning to school for my masters soon.  I get back to P-Town every so often, and you may find me at one of the local downtown clubs.

Name: Erin Hynes
Class of: 1993
City: Raleigh , NC

Comments: I graduated from the University of Iowa in 1997 with a B.A. in English.  I taught English and coached cross country at Putnam County High School before relocating to Bloomington-Normal.  I then taught English at Normal West High School for six years and had the opportunity to work closely with ISU's English/ed department to revamp their student teacher program.  I did some consulting work on the side as well as some traveling (my parents relocated to Europe for several years).  I relocated to Raleigh , NC in July 2004 and am currently teaching AP classes at Wakefield High School .  My fiancé, Jason, (an executive producer at a 24-hours news station in the area)and I are planning a wedding in June 2004.

Name: Kristen Demma
Maiden Name: Jackson
Class of: 1993

Comments: After MTHS, I went to Western Illinois University and received a degree in Elementary Education with a minor in Music. I have had a few different careers over the years, Bridal Consultant; Early Childhood Teacher and Administrator; and Store Manager, which moved me all over the state. That job finally led me to the western suburbs, where I met my husband, Steve We were married in June 2011, and I am now stepmom to two great kids. Krista, who is 19, is studying to be a nurse along with my husband, and Steven, who is 11, is very into sports. One more move and career change later, we have settled into Hoffman Estates, where I am working as a Marketing and Sales Consultant for Berkshires at Hoffman Estatess. (Updated 03/2013)

Name: Richard Kaisner
Class of: 1993
Address: 17028 S Blackfoot Dr., Lockport, IL  60441-4361
Phone: 847-942-1174

Comments: Time to update my profile. I am married and living in Lockport, IL. My wife Michelle and I have one daughter with a second child due in late Oct. 2013. I occupy my weekdays as the Product Development Manager for a small company that works in various nuclear fields (power plants, medicine, etc.). My spare time is spent with family, friends, and church. God has been good to us. (Updated: 08/2013)

Maiden Name: Kerker
Class of: 1993
Address: 118 Parkside Dr., Goodfield, IL  61742
Comments: Well, let’s see; I went to Eastern Illinois and got a degree in graphic design which means I ended up working as a business analyst for State Farm Insurance in Bloomington . Does anyone use their degree? I married Scott, our class, in October 1998. He’s been at State Farm for 10 years now working as a systems analyst. We have three little girls, Natalie (12/01), Elisabeth (12/04) and Samantha (11/06). Of course they’re all tall like their daddy; Natalie has almost passed me up (which doesn’t take much). We’ve lived in Goodfield since we were married and built our current house in 2003. After Sammie was born I decided to stay home and between potty training and soccer games I don’t know how I ever worked full time with kids. All in all, life’s been good and I hope it’s been good to all of you too. Stay in touch.

Name: Jennifer Lange
Class of: 1993
Address: 197 Lancaster, Albany,  NY  12210

Comments: I graduated from Bradley University, was in the Peace Corps in
Guatemala, and now live in Albany, NY, where I work in the state legislature, as the legislative director for a nys assemblymember. I married Seth Lamont, Counsel for a NYS Senator, in 2004 and had Hannah Kathryn in May 2005. If you are out east, or are interested in NYS politics, please look me up.

Name: Stephanie Reay
Maiden Name: Langeberg
Class of: 1993
Address: 111 Holly Dr., Washington, IL 61571

Comments: Glad to see everyone is doing well.  I have been keeping myself quite busy as well.  I married Dale in 1996 (if anyone happened to notice Heidi Gardner and I have the same last name, yes we are sister-in-laws, small world.)  We have 5 children; Cody's 10, Molly's 7, Wyatt's 5, Hunter's 3, and Logan 's 8 months.  My husband and I own our own Construction Company, building mostly residential homes.  One of our employees went to MTHS, Clayton Spacht, he's a year younger than us.  I did not remember him, but he is a nice guy and a good employee.  I must say I am never bored, between the business, basketball and baseball practices, dance and cheerleading, orthodontist appt., and I also babysit once a week for Julia and Dan's (Miller) little boy Andrew.  I have a lot on my plate but I love every minute of it and wouldn't change anything.  Hope to see everyone at the reunion.

Name: Jami Engle
Maiden Name: Leathers
Class of: 1993

Comments: Hello everyone! I am happily married to my husband Jake. We have 2 kids. Haley is 13 and in 8th grade at Germantown Hills and Noah is 2. I always said that I wanted to get out of Illinois, but now I can't imagine raising our kids anywhere else but here! Crazy how things turn out! I work for Methodist Cardiology Group in Peoria and my husband is a chef at Boyd's Steakhouse at the Paradice. I would love to hear from old friends! (Updated: 09/2009)

Name: Paul Linse
Class of: 1993
Address: 287 N. Commonwealth Avenue, Elgin,  IL  60123

Name: Dustin Mahrt
Class of: 1993
Address: PO BOX 5883, Peoria, IL  61601           

Comments: Hey there. Sorry I missed the ten year. Ron Richardson and I were drinking imported cold ones and jamming to Suicidal Tendencies out in his garage. Time flies. That was six years ago. I hope that everyone is cool. From what I read that seems to be the case which is awesome.

As for myself I finally completed the college thing at Eureka and met my fiance there. I have travelled the world, hiked about 1,900 miles of the Appalachian Trail, went on a national tour reading poetry from a book that I self-published. Now I'm just into nature; foraging for wild edibles, fishing, etc., writing poetry and movie scripts (I thank Tom Clark who at one time was a most positive influence for screenwriting), research, and I am a pretty intense music collector- psychedelic and progressive.

I live in the armpit of America; Peoria. So with all of that said it is 5:33 AM and pretty soon I am going on a 20 mile bike ride to load my backpack full of free pears- Peace. (Updated: 09/2009)

Name: Jennifer Hessing
Maiden Name: McCarty
E-Mail: jahessing@yahoo.com
Class of: 1993
Address: 1511 Flossmoor, Washington, IL  61571

Comments: Since graduating from ISU with a BA in Elementary Education.  I have worked in the East Peoria School District for five years.  I am currently the district ESL Teacher. I am currently working on my Master's Degree in Education. I married Josh, a graduate also from MTHS, in July 2002.  We knew each other in H.S. but we started dating after college.  We attended his reunion two years ago, it was a great time! I am sure ours will be the same!

Maiden Name: McCumber
Class of: 1993
Address: 460 Townhall Rd., Metamora,  IL  61548

Comments: Nov 07 Update - In the last 3 years my husband Rusty and I have moved (down the street!) and added one more to our family. Ryan was born 01-05 and joined big sister Haley (01-02). With Haley starting kindergarten this year I run into more people from high school which is always fun. It's great to reconnect and watch the kids play together. I still stay at home, at least until Ryan's in school. He and I stay busy playing in the sandbox, rocks, dirt, and soon the snow. I wouldn't have it any other way. I'd love to hear from anyone. Take care!

Maiden Name: McMullen
Class of: 1993
City: Rockford, IL  61101

Comments: April 2008: I haven't updated this thing in forever. Not a lot to say. I am still me. I currently live in Rockford, IL. I work in the child care field. I have 2 sons, Dakota (11) and Montana (5). They keep me busy. I am divorced and live with my boyfriend who has 2 girls. We are our own Brady Bunch. Drop me a line sometime and we will catch up.

Class of: 1993
Address: 4821 Wild Deer Trail, Roscoe, IL  61073
Comments: My wife, Tara, and I are the proud parents of 5 boys (Branden, Alexander, Ryne, Matthew, and Caleb). With three of them still with us, the household is rockin' virtually non-stop! My wife is a fitness enthusiast/instructor and stay-at-home mom when she is not lawyering. I am in the Civil Division of the Winnebago County State's Attorney's Office in Rockford, and we live about 12 miles north near Wisconsin. Life is a joy, even in our various trials. May God continue to bless each of us all of our days. (Updated: 02/2010)

Maiden Name: Montgomery
Class of: 1993
Address: 429 Brentwood #403, Morton, IL 61550

Comments: Since high school, I graduated from Trinity International University with a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and a minor in English.  I met my husband, Kevin, at Trinity.  I am still working as a social worker with adults with disabilities (4 and half years).  Life has been busy since I have been working and going to school at University of Illinois in Champaign (commuting!).  It will be worth it when I graduate in December 2002 with a Masters in Vocational Rehabilitation Counseling.  Kevin is still working for Guardsmark as a Security Supervisor.  No children yet although we are starting to look for a house.  We started a new hobby recently- geocaching.  There are a lot of sites in this area.

Name: Terrence D. Murphy
Class of: 1993
Address: 5634 Water Spring Way, Mason, OH  45040
Phone: 513-207-7880
Web Site: www.drmurphydc.com

Comments: Namestae!  Can someone tell me where the last ten years have gone?  In 93’ I moved to Cincinnati, spent four years in undergrad and then an additional four years at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport , Iowa .  In my final year I traveled to Kathmando , Nepal (about thirty of us went) providing chiropractic care to small villages.  A killer experience and to top it off I flew around Mt. Everest in a small prop plane...unbelievable.  After graduation (Oct. of 2001) I practiced for a short time in Jamaica and now I'm in private practice back in the Natti.  

I'm still single however I share most of my bed with Dusty, my 105 lb beautiful, yellow lab.  My newest therapies include rebuilding my 69’ GMC truck, playing hockey, and riding my motorcycle.  Well I guess that pretty much sums it up.  If you’re ever in or near Cincinnati give me a shout.  We’ll go out and have a beer and Dinner!.  Take care everyone and God bless! (Updated: 03/2008)

Class of: 1993
Address: Pekin, IL
Phone: 309-648-9822

Comments: Working at Morton Buildings, enjoying watching my son grow up and loving life. Hope everyone is doing well. Would love to catch up!  (Updated: 04/2012)

Maiden Name: Nelson
Class of: 1993
City: Tampa,  FL  33559

Comments: Well... we are still here in sunny Florida . Married Todd in 2002. Built house in 2003. Graduated from nursing school in 2005. Expecting a little girl in July 2006 :-) Tried nursing for awhile at the the Tampa VA on the Spinal cord injury vent unit... didn't like it much! Back doing social work, nursing and admissions for Sunrise Senior Living. Life consumed right now with preparing for the baby! Drop a line sometime!!

Class of: 1993

Maiden Name: Oetzel
Class of: 1993
City: Bloomington, IL

Comments: After graduating from IWU in '97, I met and married my husband Drew in 2002. We lived for 5 yrs. in Ohio and recently relocated to Bloomington to be closer to our families now that we have a daughter named Kaylin born 12/06. I love being at home with Kayli! (Updated: 11/2007)

Comments: My wife and I are living in Peoria with our two beautiful daughters. (Updated: 03/2013)

Class of: 1993
City: Eureka, IL

Comments: 1 Nov 02 - Dropped by and figured I'd leave a short listing in case anyone was interested.  Not much to tell, really.  For several years after graduation I had a rocky flirtation with higher education where I collected a lot of learning but few credits (oh well).  Settled down in Bloomington/Normal for a few years and developed a deep fondness for computers (audio/video production applications, mostly).  I've been happily married (without children) to Penny Waldrip since Dec. 97.  Unfortunately, the mysterious ill-health that was with me since 99 was diagnosed in 2000 to be colon cancer.  After accepting the fact that I had one of the 'funny cancers', surgery/treatment went well and I was given a tentative 'all-clear' earlier this year.  Concerning employment, Penny and I both sit around saying naughty words to computers all day (She does digital pre-press for a printing company in Bloomington and I work at the USPS encoding center at the Peoria airport).

Class of: 1993
Address: 3439 W. Richwoods Blvd., Peoria,  IL  61604

Comments: Hey everybody.  After High School I graduated from Bradley with a B.S. in Mass Communications and Business Administration.  I currently work for WMBD-TV in Peoria as a newscast director/editor.  Still single and still having fun.  I love to play golf and basketball in my spare time, go to shows and movies, and I spend a lot of time with my girlfriend Beth.  One of my biggest accomplishments is that I have every episode of The Simpson's on tape.  Woo hoo!  Too bad they are all coming out on DVD sometime soon.  I would love to do the TV thing in a larger market, but I just haven't found that perfect job yet.  I still see a few of the MTHS crew:  Rob Estes and Dave Trout.  Stay in touch everyone.

E-Mail: derrickphilips521@yahoo.com
Class of: 1993
Address: 207 S Massachusetts St., Lake Elsinore, CA  92530
Phone: 309-620-0044
(Updated: 01/2013)

Class of: 1993

Comments I went to Truman State University in Kirksville, MO, and received my bachelors and masters in accounting. After college, I moved to St. Louis and worked in public accounting for nearly 5 years doing tax work. I now am at a trust company doing financial, estate and tax planning. In my time away from work, I'm active at my church and help with the youth group there. I enjoy living in the city and all the fun things there are to do.

Name: Christopher Potter
Class of: 1993

Comments:   I finished my master's degree in Film in 2004, and I currently have a film called "Spectator 3D" showing in festivals internationally (hopefully I'll get into one in the US !) Right now, I'm living in Dublin , Ireland over the summer, and in Bloomington , Indiana for the next two years while my wife, Robin, finishes up law school at IU.  Then, it's back to California , sunshine, and the ocean.

Name: Laura Salsman
Maiden Name: Ray
Class of: 1993
City: Washington, IL

Comments: I am a mother of 3 beautiful children who keep my life very busy! My oldest is 16yrs (yes do the math:-) I also have a 9 and 5 yr old too. Haven't done much. Married a wonderful man 11 yrs ago. Work full time aside from chasing kids. (Updated: 03/2009)

Maiden Name: Ryan
Class of: 1993
Address: 2315 Springfield Rd., East Peoria,  IL  61611

Comments: Right after high school, I went to ICC for Physical Therapy and worked at Proctor Hospital for 4 years as a PTA. After my arthritis got too bad to lift patients, I went back to school at ISU for Social Work. Dan and I were married in March 2001, and I graduated in May. I worked as an adoption case worker at Lutheran Social Services until I had our son, Andrew in March 2002. He is a wonderful, healthy, amazing little boy and I am fortunate to get to stay home with him now.  It's great to see everyone is doing well!

Class of: 1993
Phone: 383-4439

Comments: I finally graduated Eureka College with a B.S. in history/secondary education.  I had the opportunity to do my student teaching with Mr. Danner.  That was both fun and educational.  Since then I have been substituting around the local schools while I try to find a real job for next year.  I am also playing guitar in a metal band here in the Peoria area.  The web site is for the band. You might notice one other 1993 classmate in the group photo there.

Maiden Name: Schroers
Class of: 1993
City: Eureka,  IL  61530 

Comments:Eric and I were married in August 1995.  We have been blessed with two beautiful children, Ashley born March 2001 and Bryce born December 2002.  I have my CPA and am currently working at a public accounting firm part time, allowing me to flex my schedule around Eric's.  I am also working on completing a master's degree in accounting.  Things can be hectic, but we are enjoying life as a family!

Class of: 1993

Comments: Graduated from ISU in Dec 99 (History and Sociology). After that I did social work for two years in Peoria and now I´m teaching English. I hope all you guys are doing well.

Name: Thomas Seils
Class of: 1993
Address: 508 Apple Dr.,  Metamora, IL  61548
Phone: 309-648-4059

Comments: WOW!!  I can't believe it's been over 13 yrs already!! Man how time fly's. Well I work at various jobs right after graduation until 1996 where I moved to the Eau Claire, WI area. I then met my wife Christine and married on 7/7/97 . I now have 2 children Thomas Jr. (7) and Tabitha (5). I graduated from Chippewa Valley Tech College in May 2005 w/ honors and have recently moved back to the area. I am currently working as an Engineer in Peoria, and loving it.  As far as hobbies, well I golf, work on my show cars (see web site) and play with my kids, which by the way are going to school in Germantown. I can't wait for them to carry on our Redbird Pride!!

Name: Dan Shuda
Class of: 1993
Address: 1432 N. 8th Street, Apt. 18, Pekin, IL   61554
Phone: 309-353-5405

Maiden Name: Stauske
Class of: 1993
Address: 238 Seawind Drive Apt. E, Ballwin, MO  63021
Phone: 636-527-1012

Comments: Immediately following high school I attended ISU, receiving a B.S. of Education in Middle School.  I am currently teaching 7th grade Unified Studies (a combo of history, literature, and writing) at Parkway Northeast Middle School in St. Louis , MO.   I was married in August of 1998 to my college sweetheart.  He attends Logan College of Chiropractic and will graduate this December.  Hope everyone is well and happy...

Class of: 1993
Address: 701 E. Monroe, Metamora, IL 61548
Phone: 309-367-4507

Class of: 1993
Address: 716 S. Stewart St., Creve Coeur, IL  61610

(Updated: 01/2011)

Name: Penny Waldrip
Class of: 1993
City: Eureka, IL

Comments: Still married to Curt (Peithman). Graphic Designer, working in Bloomington. Various other odds and ends… quilting, bellydancing, jogging (!), currently selling lia sophia. Curt is 10-years free and clear of cancer. We still have no children. Had 3 cats, now have 1. Looking to get it back to 3 again. (Updated: 08/2010)

Name: Nicole Weber
Maiden Name: Warren
Class of: 1993
(Updated: 05/2011)

Name: Stacy Pickell
Maiden Name: White
Class of: 1993
Address: 1300 Oak Leaf Ln., Washington, IL  61571

Comments: Posted 9/10. I can't believe I just found this. It has been fun seeing where people are and what their status is. So good to see everyone doing well and blessed. I, too, am very blessed. My husband, Mike and I live in Washington and love it here. Mike and I were married in June, 2004. We have three wonderful girls, Courtney (3/96), Allison (3/05) and Kaitlyn (11/06). I am very blessed to stay at home with our girls while Mike works for Caterpillar, in Pontiac. We are enjoying new adventures in our lives, as we now have a
freshman, one in kindergarten, and one in the 3 yr old preschool program at our church. I hope to hear/see some of you and make it to the next reunion. Take care and may God continue to bless each one you and your families! (Updated: 09/2010)

Maiden Name: Zaeske
Class of: 1993
Address: 2310 Topaz Isle Lane, Apopka, FL   32712

Comments: Since MTHS I have gone to college, received a degree in Marketing/Advertising, worked at Walt Disney World, worked at a small telephone company called FDN Communciations, gotten married to a wonderful man named Aaron, had five children; Garrett born in April 2001, Kaleb born in Sept 2002, Preston born Oct 2003 and and twin girls Audrey and Sydney born in May 2005. So our house is very busy with children. I have a great job working as a Director with BeautiControl, the fastest growing Skincare and Beauty business in the world, all while staying at home with our children!

Name: Brooke Hallman
Maiden Name: Zessin
Class of: 1993
Web site:

Comments: So, in a nutshell, I've been living in Atlanta for about 14 years and I have two girls, Darby who is 10 and Haley who is 8. We are moving back to Germantown at the end of July 2007. We're not crazy, we have our reasons, and we are very excited! I would love to catch up with anyone who is still in town.

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