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MTHS Class of 1989

This information was taken from the Senior Yearbook.  
Please contact us with corrections. 

Travis Adami
Scott Adams
Gina Addis
Darin Alig
Andre Allen
Dana Arnold
Corey Bainter
Bradley Beltramea
Tammy Beckett
John Bennett
Charles Berkley
Lisa Bermes
Joy Bernitt
Connie Betbenner
Amy Bishop
Lars Bjorge
Brian Blalock
Jane Bolton
James Boyd
Rita Breitbarth
Julie Brinkmann
Kimberly Brockhouse
Karen Brown
Daniel Bruninga
Troy Buckingham
Elizabeth Bumbales
Brett Burdette
Connie Burnett
Michelle Burns
Jenny Buysee
Todd Call
Monty Carlson
Krista Carmody
John Chance
Kristie Church
Amanda Clark
Brent Claudin
Allen Coker
Kevin Collins
Gretta Cook
Melissa Cohtren
Heather Cotton
Karen Cramer
Brad Crilly
Cord Crisler
Steven Crisler
Troy Crisp
Scott Curry
Terri Dahl
Robert Dailey
Angela Davidson
Scot Delap
Merle Eichhorn
Troy DeWalt
Lida Dexter
Amy Donaladson
Shawna Dowell
Mike Dowling
Jennifer Driscoll
Tony Durre
Troy Duvendack
Brad Dykes
Michael Ehringer
Janine Elbert
Joel Emlen
Roger Eudaley
Pete Fandel
Beth Faulkner
Derek Fehr
Melanie Ferguson
Robert Fisher
Todd Foster
Scott Friederich
Darin Gallup
Laurie Geier
Kamie Gestring
Michael Gillum
Cheryl Grampp
Todd Grebner
Susan Grogan
Cynthia Hanley
Merrilynn Hardin
Darla Harms
Krista Hartman
Becky Heinold
Dana Hicks
Curtis Hill
Mark Hodel
Tori Howard
Deana Huffman
Tammy Hutchinson
Bill Ioerger
Carla Johnson
Troy Jones
Kristen Kahler
Elizabeth Kapchinske
Bernt Keys
Cynthia King
Amy Kirchgessner
Suzanne Koch
Tina Kramer
Laura Kurowski
Alexander Kurth
Eric Kwasigroh
Shannon Lathrop
David Lamb
Stephanie Layman
Krista Leas
John Lemkemann
Scott Linse
Buddy Louck
Beth Malcome
Lisa Martin
Amy Matheny
Tiffany May
George McManus
Kim Meister
Scott Meixsell
Johnny Meyer
Tracy Michels
Mary Mikesell
Angela Molendi
Erin Morgan
Jason Morris
Andrew Mullberry
Bard Mullberry
Robert Myers
Reid Noe
Roger Noe
Aaron Noll
Christopher Opper
Aran Overholt
W. Shawn Owen
Jennifer Parr
Rebecca Patty
Niel Pettyjohn
Jennifer Pierce
Jennifer Potter
Shannon Powers
Laurie Prather
Julie Purple
Ty Riley
Brian Ritschel
Duane Rocke
Dennis Rohman
Tracy Roper
Thomas Rosenbush
Loren Rott
Charles Rubel
Alise Rush
April Sarver
Dan Schaffer
Amy Schaidle
Lynn Schaub
Scott Schierer
Chris Schmitt
Anthony Schofield
Christane Schuettler
Tonya Seckler
Richard Seeds
Ty Shay
Diana Shelton
Angela Shulda
Sie Sioux
Tuulia Sirvio
Denise Skinner
Daniel Smith
Terri Smith
Jay Sparks
Nicki Spellious
Robert Spellious
Shane Speten
Bruce Spradlin
Janeen Springer
John Stanley
Chris Steffen
Winston Stoller
Agustin Tavares
Rachel Taylor
Shelly Thomas
Dennis Tipsword
Kenneth Towles
Kimberly Varble
Joel Trier
Teresa Tuckwell
Randy Tullar
Joy Turner
Eric Vicary
Heather Vincent
Michelle Vollrath
Tracy Waechter
Holly Walker
Melissa Webb
Michelle Webster
Debbie Wells
Jennifer Wells
Michael Welsh
Victoria Wernsman
Michelle White
Margo Willman
Nan Wolley
Bill Wudtke
Robinh Wudtke
John Zears
Jason Zilm
Jennifer Ziolkowski
Class of: 1989
Address: 10711 Victory Blvd. #204, North Hollywood, CA  91606
Phone: 818-769-9657

Comments: I entered Southern Illinois University at Carbondale in the fall of 1989.  I graduated from the university with a BA in photography, 1993.  During this time (1990), I got married.  In 1991, I took the fall off of college and moved to Key West for 6 months.  I got divorced 2 years later and got out (thank God) of an abusive marriage.  After graduating from SIUC, I moved to Los Angeles, CA.  I am now a freelance photographer and writer.  But my "real" job is being a manager in a pro photo lab.  Hey, it pays my bills.  I am in a relationship right now.  We have 2 kitties (Jake & Kiddo).  No children and I'm not looking to get married at this time.  I'm not sure how much longer I'll be in Los Angeles, maybe a year or maybe forever.  But we do have an extra bedroom for any guests.  Please call, write, or email if you will be coming out this way.  We always welcome visitors!  

Name: Andre Allen
E-Mail: greendaze22@att.net
Class of: 1989
Address: 3624 W. Compton Court, Peoria, IL  61615
Phone: 309-691-3762

Comments: I am currently the Corporate Credit and Collections Administrator for Advanced Technology Services in Peoria. I am divorced with two wonderful kids, Whitney Brooke, 8 and Grant Cordell, 6 who live with me. It would be great to hear from you all..drop me a line!!

Class of: 1989
City: Franklin, TN

Comments: I hope this gets posted even though I left MTHS after my junior year.  I moved to Chicago in '88 and graduated from Batavia High.  In '91 I moved with my parents to Nashville, Tn.  I started college then but, unfortunately dropped out.  My parents moved back to Metamora in '96, but I elected to stay in Nashville.  I love living down here but, I have recently considered moving back to Illinois and finishing my college degree.  If any of my classmates would like to contact me via e-mail please feel free.  I would love to hear from you!  

Name: Tammy Beckett
E-Mail: tammybeckett1971@gmail.com
Class of: 1989
Address: 110 Wagner St., Washington, IL 61571
(Updated: 01/2014)

Class of: 1989
Address: 527 Justa Rd., Metamora,  IL  61548
Phone: 309-383-3022

Comments: I graduated from Iowa State University in '94 with a degree in Urban Planning/Economic Development. I married Julie Murphy ('91) in 1995. After a living in Massachusetts for 3 years, we moved back to Metamora in 1998. We have been blessed with 3 beautiful daughters Riley in 1999, Olivia in 2001 and Avery in 2005. Julie is the Retirement
Community Director at Snyder Village and I am in sales with Mead Johnson Nutritionals.  (Updated: 01/2008)

Class of: 1989
Address: Bastadryggen 21, 1370 Asker, Norway

Comments: The last ten years have been eventful. The first three years after returning from the U.S. were spent completing Norwegian high school and military service. From 1992 to 1996 I worked with fund raising for Norwegian NGOs, the last two years as the manager of a consultancy I co-founded.  From 1996 to 99 I've been living in Brisbane, Australia, where I've completed a bachelors degree in International business and an honors degree in Asian Studies.  I currently live in Jakarta, Indonesia, where I am free-lancing as a market researcher and perfecting my Indonesian.
Maiden Name: Bolton
Class of: 1989
808 East Lake Stree,  Peoria Heights, IL 61616
Phone: 309-231-4548

Comments: Well a lot has happened since I last wrote on here. My fiancé was killed in a motorcycle accident,in which I was involved in also. But I am fine. I since then met a wonderful man and got married. Together we have five boys. He has three and I have two. Getting ready to move back to Metamora.

Maiden Name: Brockhouse
Class of: 1989
Address: 1307 White Horse Trail, Metamora, IL  61548
Phone: 309- 367-2669

Comments: I graduated from EIU in 1994 with a Teaching Degree.  That same year, I got married to Bill Troutt.  I taught and coached for a few years. Instead of teaching, in June 2000 I went to work at Caterpillar.  I now have 3 daughters. Katie was born April 30, 1997 and LOVES to watch Metamora Football! Kelsey was born April 23, 1999.  Kerri was born January 27, 2004.  I would love to keep in touch with all of you!!  

Name: Jenny Schisler
Maiden Name: Buysee
Class of: 1989
(Updated: 03/2012)
Class of: 1989
City: Plainfield, IL 

Comments: I'm currently single and living in North Plainfield, but would love to move back home. My son keeps me busy with his football, soccer and track games/meets. He plays for the PJC travel football team...training him early to hopefully one day be a Metamora Redbird. Only 2 more years left to talk him into moving to Redbird country....not going so well, but I have faith. We have a cat named Boots who actually plays "fetch". No joke! Anyways, glad to catch up with so many of you thru Facebook! It's been some great times and late nights. (Updated: 09/2009)

Name: John L. Chance
E-Mail: johnleeairborne@yahoo.com
Class of: 1989
Address: 714 Michigan Ave., Metamora, IL 61548

Comments: I ran my own residential construction business for 23 years. Am currently semi-retired and enjoying life. Working part time as the Club Manager of Peoria Skeet and Trap Club. Also doing property management of 25 rentals. (Updated: 11/2013)

Name: Kristie Keen
Maiden Name: Church
Class of: 1989
Address: 137 Raven Circle, Raven Subdivision, Raven, VA  24639
Phone: 276-964-4611

Comments: Hi everyone!!  Moved back to Virginia where I was born after finishing high school.  Married in 1994 and have 3 children, Bobby (12), twin daughters, Kendra and Kelsey (8).  I work as a certified pharmacy technician for a local company who I have been with for 16 years.  Good luck to all!!
Name: Amanda Clark-Mikolajczyk
Maiden Name: Clark
Class Year: 1989
Address: 759 East Prescott Drive, Chandler, AZ  85249
Phone: 480-272-3443

Comments: I had to look back at our 10 year reunion book to refresh my memory on where I was at that time. I was working full time as an RN in Rockford, IL and dating my now husband Bill who worked in Chicago at WTMX. A year after our 10 year reunion, I accepted a position as an RN in the OR at Cedars Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, CA. I got engaged in 2003, and Bill and I married at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas in 2004. His job has led us all over the country. In February of 2005, we lived in Denver, CO. My husband then accepted a position at a radio station in San Francisco in March of 05. Just 5 months later in August of 05, we moved to Orlando, FL and lived in several different locations around that area until August of 2008, when my husband took his current job at KNIX country in Phoenix, AZ.

After marrying, and due to so much relocating, I put my nursing career on hold (though I still hold and maintain a California nursing license). I had my first child, Liam, in October of 2008. He will be 11 months old at the time of our 20th reunion. So many changes have occurred for me, and I'm sure for all of you as well, since graduation (college, careers, kids, moving, loss, and so many other reasons) that I must admit, much of high school has become a blur. I'll probably have to open my yearbook just to refresh my memory on who 1/2 the class is ;) God bless everyone of you from the class of '89. I hope the last 20 years has treated you well, and if not, that the years to follow will be what you hope them to be. (Updated: 09/2009)


Class of: 1989
Address: 612 Bayview Drive, East Peoria, IL  61611

Maiden Name: Cook
Class of: 1989
Address: 22304 N. Goles Dr., Maricopa, AZ  85239

Comments: I am no longer a Metamoron!!!  My husband, Bill, my son, Rylan, and I moved to Phoenix, AZ in December 2003.  We now live about 15 miles SE of Phoenix in a new city called Maricopa.  Growth is unbelievable out here.  I have met soooo many people from the Midwest.  We decided to make a life change and take our chances.  We love it!!!  I wonder if anyone is interested in taking time for a class reunion.  I still have the funds from last reunion.  I stay at home, but am involved in a chapter of the International MOMS club.  Keeps us busy.  I also make scrapbooks for people and started a home decorating business.  Opportunity is all around me.  Hope to here from some of you.

Name: Brad Crilly
E-Mail: bradcrilly@hotmail.com
Class of: 1989
Address: 21140 E. Lehigh Ave., Aurora, CO  80013

Comments: I have lived in Colorado for the past 14 years. I have a 10 year old daughter from my first marriage Courtney Jane (CJ). I have been with my current significant other for the last eight years. We live with her daughter and two labs (Cubbie and Wrigley). I have been a contractor for Comcast Cable for the duration of living here in CO. I have a posting on classmates.com with some pics if anyone is interested as well as a myspace with more recent pics. I don't get back home near as much as I would like. But I was there for the Redbird victory over Morris. My dad still lives in Peoria with his wife. As some of you may know I lost my mother in 2004 to a sailing accident. I still keep in touch with Darin Alig on a regular basis, but have lost touch with most others. Don't hesitate to send an email my way, I will be sure to return it. I hope all is well with my fellow classmates and look forward to seeing you at our 20th reunion. Take care Brad Crilly (Updated: 02/2008)

Name: Robert Dailey
E-Mail: rkdailey@mtco.com
Class of: 1989
Address: 1408 Kelsey's Way, Metamora IL  61548

Comments: I attended ICC after MTHS, but didn't finish - didn't really have a career vision at the time. I worked on the river as a deckhand for a couple of years where I traveled over 3000 miles of the Mississippi river system. In 1995, I married Kathy Moore. I began working for Multax Corporation in Morton as a machinist in 1996 where I am still employed today. We have 3 great daughters: Morgan, 13; Jenna, 10; Kaitlyn, 4; a dog, Skippy; cat, Sara; and 2 guinnea pigs the kids love (and I hate), Sunday and Snoppy. I built my own home near Metamora in 2004. I went back to ICC in 2012 to work toward a manufacturing technology degree. How time flies...seems like MTHS graduation was just a few years ago! (Updated: 11/2012)
Name: Angela Thomas
Maiden Name: Davidson
Class of: 1989
Address: 827 Stonebridge Dr., Metamora, IL 61548
Phone: 309-251-2202

Comments: I have been married for 4 years to an amazing man and I've never been happier. My husband's name is Bill and he's an Engineering Manager at Caterpillar. I'm still a stay at home mom and loving it...my family certainly keeps me on my toes and besides the usual mom duties, I'm also very involved in the kids' activities! Brianna is 15 now and is just a few months away from getting her driving license.  She's turning out to be such a wonderful, beautiful, talented young lady and I couldn't be more proud of her. She's into band and wants to be a band director. Lucas is now 11 and he's our little Metamora
football player. He LOVES it, so I imagine that he'll be on the field playing for the high school in another three years. Feel free to email me if you would like to catch up. (Updated: 08/2010)

Maiden Name: Dexter
Class of: 1989
Address: 2215 W. Barker, West Peoria, IL  61604

Comments: I attended ISU where I got my bachelor's degree in Theater. (not real useful!) Then got married to my wonderful husband Mark and moved to the east coast.  We spent most of our time living in and around Philadelphia, PA where I worked as assistant to the president of a television, video and audio studio and as producer for a local television talk show.  It was a very stressful job, so in 2000, when my husband and I had the opportunity to come back home and take over my father's business we jumped at it.  We now own and operate the two Tuffy Auto Service Centers in the area (one in Peoria and one in Bloomington) and are having a ball!  In addition I teach part time at my mom's dance studio, Merrilee Studios, in Metamora.
Name: Shawna Dowell
E-Mail: shawna.dowell@gmail.com
Class of: 1989
Address: P.O. Box 812, Castroville, TX   78009
Phone: 830 931-5331

Comments: After graduating from MTHS, I left for Abilene Christian University in Abilene, TX.  I received my BA at ACU and then went on to Baylor University to receive my Masters in Public Administration and Public Policy.  I currently serve as the City Manager of Castroville, Texas and just left Bowling Green, Kentucky where I served at Asst CM.  Love my job, love Texas and still single. I would love to talk to yall.  Give me an email.
Maiden Name: Driscoll
Class of: 1989
Address: #4 Chrisendale Ln., Washington, IL  61571 

Comments: January 2008: I've been married to my husband, Joe, for nearly 13 years now. We met at the University of Iowa. He teaches chemistry at ICC and I work as a hospital pharmacist at St. Francis in Peoria. Our daughter, Elizabeth, is 7 years old and our son, Joseph, is 4. Hope everyone is doing alright!  (Updated: 01/2008)

Name: Brad Dykes
E:Mail: Brad_Dykes@yahoo.com
Class of: 1989
Address: 3rd Street, Lacon, IL 61540
Phone: 309-554-0233

Comments: Hello buds! Its been a long time...just thinking of you. I am doing good. Deer hunting and fishing alot ..just enjoying life. Labor local 165 by trade, deer hunter by heart. Moved to Lacon, alot of good people here. I got new friends and stopped drinking in 2004. It was hard but I did it. LIFE is good. I hope to see ya soon. Take care. P/S UFS RULES

Name: Todd A. Foster
E-Mail: ehj696969@yahoo.com
Class of: 1989

Maiden Name: Geier
Class of: 1989
Address: 2405 West  Iles Avenue, Springfield, IL  62704
Comments: I graduated from Illinois Wesleyan University May of 1993, where I received my Bachelors of Science in Nursing.  While at IWU, I met my husband, Rich, who also graduated with his BSN.  We were married in July of 1996 and have been living in Springfield, IL ever since.  I currently work as a RN for three hematologists/oncologists.  My husband works in the ICU at Memorial Medical Center, and is pursuing his masters degree in nursing as a family nurse practitioner at SIU-E.  We had our first child, a beautiful son named Christopher, in August of 1999.  I would love to hear from anyone!!!  

Name: Mike Gillum
E-Mail: mgillum@bop.gov
Class of: 1989
Address: 1327 N. Forrest Drive, Metamora, IL  61548
Phone: 309-822-0654

Comments: After school I joined the Marines and went overseas for Desert Storm.  I graduated from ISU in 1993 with a B.S. in criminal justice and in 2001 I completed my M.S. also in criminal justice form ISU (Always a Redbird).  In 1996 I married Mary (Mikesell).  We were blessed with Jacob Michael on March 9, 1999 and Alyson Elizebeth on May 3, 2001.  In 2002 we moved back home, Germantown Hills, and we are pleased to be here.  After working in juvenile detention and probation for several years, I went to work for the Federal Bureau of Prisons and I work in Federal Correctional Institution in Pekin.  I have been here since 1998 and I am currently a drug treatment specialist.  In short - Life is Good - and I'm looking forward to seeing Jacob and Alyson go to MTHS.
Maiden Name: Hanley
Class of: 1989
City: Orlando, FL  32822

Comments: Hello, its been a while since I'Ve updated. Jim and I still live in Orlando with our 3 children: Sam (2003), Abby (2005), and Greg (2007). Jim is working as a software developer and I stay at home with the kids. Not much else happening with us. Hope everyone is doing ok.
Maiden name: Hartman
Class of: 1989
Address: PO Box 827, Metamora, IL 61548
Phone: 309-367-9759

Comments:  Married my wonderful husband, Chris, in 1995.  We have three boys:  Nathaniel, age 6; Matthew, age 3, and Joseph, age 1.  We're happy to be living in Metamora because it's a good place to raise a family. (Updated: 2004)
Name: Bill Ioerger
Class of: 1989
Address: 422 N Hanover, Metamora, IL   61548

Name: Carla Havelock
Maiden Name: Johnson
Class of: 1989
Address: 1909 HollyHock St., Pekin, IL  61554

Comments: I got married in 1991 and got divorced in 2009. Had two wonderful children out of my marriage Zachary and Chelsea. I got remarried in July 2013 and inherited two more children Jessica and Justin. I have had animals throughout the years and currently have one Jack Russell Terrior named Penny. She is the princess of the house. My son and his daughter are close in age and my daughter and his son are close in age. Currently my daughter is the only one at home. Our youngest two Chelsea and Justin will be graduating this year...Jobs: I have worked at Pekin Insurance, Seico Security, was a stay at home mom when my two kids were younger, and also managed Speedlube in our hometown area. I now work for Marquette Group going on 7yrs. I have met some wonderful people along this journey and hope to meet more. (Updated: 02/2014)


Class of: 1989

Comments: I now work at State Farm, in Bloomington. Things are going well. My daughter is 10 and my son is 7. My wife Tara is doing great. (Updated: 12/2008)

Name: Kristen Roe
Maiden Name: Kahler
Class of: 1989
Address: 3131 Laurel Lane, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701

Name: Alexander Munoz Gonzalez
Maide Name: Kurth
Class of: 1989
City: Berlin, Germany

Comments: Happy Anniversary, 89ers. 20 years ago I was a foreign exchange student at MTHS from Berlin, Germany. It's been a long time but I still remember having a great time with all of you. Even though I have joined you only for the last year of high school you made me feel like being at home. Thanks for that.

Since I have returned I finished high school in Germany followed by a couple years at college, studying architecture. For more than ten years I was working in the film business as a location manager but I had to stop because my son Luis was born in 2004. Since that day I am running my own business as a graphic designer. This July (2009) I'm expecting my second child, a girl.

By the way my last name has changed, it's Alexander Munoz Gonzalez now. Hope everyone is doing fine and enjoying life. Cheers, Alex (Updated 03/2009)


Maiden Name: Leas
Class of: 1989
Address: 1010 Coal Bank Rd., Metamora, IL  61548

Comments: I graduated from Eastern Illinois University in 1994 with a degree in Elementary Education.  Shortly after graduation, I moved to the Washington, D.C. area.  After an assortment of interesting job choices and a bad marriage, I moved back to Metamora with my son who was born on October 30, 1997.  A huge career change in 1998 led me to be a computer programmer at Caterpillar in Morton. I bought a house in 2003, so I hope to stay in Metamora for a long time.  Please email me if you'd like to chat!  

Class of: 1989
Address: 112 Village Dr., Washington, IL
Phone: 309-713-3555

Comments:  Married in Jan. 2001. Daughter Allison born in Jan 2003.  My son Nathan was born in 2005.  I work at Caterpillar in downtown Peoria as an IT Analyst.
Class of: 1989
Address: 615 Del Circle, Lowell, AR  72745
Phone: 285-750-0231

Comments:  I don't really know where to begin.  I am married now and my wife's name is Melissa.  I met her in law school at the University of Arkansas.  Go Hogs!  I am currently a member of the Arkansas Bar Association and I am employed at the Corporate headquarters of the world's largest retailer - Walmart.  I am currently trying to organize the 10 year reunion for the class of 89.  So if you are reading this and you were in the class of 89 please contact me by phone, email, letter or by any means.

Maiden Name: Mikesell
Class of: 1989
Address: 617 West Gift Ave., Peoria, IL  61604
Phone: 309-686-0281

Comments: Well, I graduated from ISU in 1995 and married Mike Gillum in 1996.  I have worked as a Life Skills teacher in Roanoke for the past 4 years.  In August I will have my Masters from Aurora University.  Jacob Michael Gillum was born on March 9, 1999.  He is growing so fast.  Can't wait to see you all!
Class of: 1989

Comments: If you want to know what's going on with me, please email me. My wife Tina (Kramer) and I would love to hear from you...unless you're a stalker.  thanks
Name: Rebecca Gaetz
Maiden Name: Patty
Class of: 1989
Address: 207 Windsor, Germantown Hills, IL 61548
Phone: 309-339-2801

Comments: Hi everyone! Doesn't feel like it has been 20 years since our senior year! After high school, I got married and had 2 daughters, Sabrina (17) and Olivia (12). I divorced in 1996 and went to Bradley for my undergrad and then to St. Louis University in Social Work (what was I thinking???) and worked in child welfare. In 2000 I married my husband Mike, and we had our son Clayton. Mike and I (and the kids) live in Germantown. I finally got out of child welfare and into Real Estate. I am with Keller Williams and absolutely love it!!

Name: Julie Saathoff
Maiden Name: Purple
Class of: 1989
E:Mail -
Address: 1514 Upper Spring Bay Road, East Peoria, IL 61611

Comments: I figured 20 years was long enough to wait to post this - cannot believe it has been that long! I, like many of you, still live in the area.  I have been married to Bill for 14 years and we have 4 great kids - Jessica, Brandon, Jennifer and Jillian.  Let's see, I graduated with my Bachelor's in Secondary Education and Spanish from Bradley University in 1995 and acquired my Master's in Spanish in 2007 from ISU.  If you can believe it, I replaced Sra. Hartley at MTHS about 12 years ago.  I am Senora Saatoff and I absolutely love it!  I get to take students to  Mexico every other summer and we have so much fun - we climb the pyrmids in Mexico City (Teotihuacan) and parasail in Puerto Vallarta.  I still keep in touch with mamy alumni and I still watch the "Breakfast Club" every time it comes on.   I guess, once an 80's girl, always an 80's girl.  I really look forward to seeing you all again at the 20 year reunion (and having your kids in my classroom)!
Name: Duane Rocke
E-Mail: drocke@bwsystems-inc.com
Class of: 1989
Address: 645 Marie Ave W., Mendota Heights, MN  55118
Phone: 651.455.4834

Comments: I graduated from U of I in 1993 in Electrical Engineering. In 1994, I married Bonnie Young from Fairbury, IL. We have 5 children ages 2-12 and reside in St. Paul, MN. I worked for 3M for 8 years designing control systems for a number of their factories. In 2003, another engineer and I left 3M, purchased part of a small electrical panel shop and started an engineering group. I now enjoy a mix of engineering and business activities. Bonnie and I spend our time keeping up with our active children and their musical interests. We enjoy spending time with our local church family and serving in a voluntary ministry that includes efforts to start new or support existing churches in other locations. We'll be unable to travel down for the reunion but look forward to reading updates from others in the class. (Updated 8/2009)

Class of: 1989
Address: 303 South Spring, Metamora,  IL  61548

Comments: After 1 year at ICC, 1 year at SBU, 1 year rest and relaxation, and 3 years at Bradley University, I graduated in the Spring of 1995 with a Degree in Mechanical Engineering.  I have been working in Engine Development for Caterpillar since graduation.  I enjoy water skiing, snowmobiling, ATV riding, automobile restoration, and almost anything that involves an engine.  I am still single with no kids, and I live here in Metamora.  Feel free to stop by or send me an E-mail.


Name: Alise Howlett
Maiden Name : Rush
E-Mail: autox17@comcast.net
Class of :1989
Address: 4630 Arlington Street, Loves Park, IL 61111

Comments: After high school, I graduated from U of I with degree in Architecture. I am currently living in the Rockford, Illinois area on the Rock River and work as a project manager for Swedish American Health System. I am also on the Loves Park zoning board, comprehensive plan steering committe and provide commercial building code consulting. My husband, Steve, is a principal with PG Architecture. We were married in 2001. We have 2 shelties, Sport and Nugen (short for Farfignugen!) Hobbies include boating, snow skiing and racing cars with our local sports car club. I'd love to hear what everyone's been up to.

Name: April Patek
Maiden Name: Sarver
Class of: 1989
Address: 2258 Enlund Drive #7, Palatine, IL  60074
Phone: 847-202-1589

Comments: I am married to David Patek and live in Palatine, IL (northwest suburb of Chicago) and do not have any children unless you count my 2 cats. I graduated from Northern Illinois University with a Bachelors of Music and with certification to teach K-12. I taught for 13 years but have decided to switch careers. I have been attending Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary in Evanston, IL (campus of Northwestern) part time since 2004. I am pursuing ordination with the end goal of either a pastor or a Christian Educator. It is a long process (I am finally at a midpoint of a 3 year masters program) and I am working on my patience. I still love to play my flute and perform occassionally and teach private lessons. (Updated: 09/2009)
Class of: 1989
Address: 1927 Brentwood Drive, Washington,  IL  61571
Phone: 309-444-7376

Comments: I married Beth Saunders, class of 97 in Oct. of 04. In July of 06, we had a baby boy, Ethan William, I can't believe how much kids change your life???? Still working for Aramark thru Pekin Hospital as a second Shift Supervisor. We have 3 pets, 2 goldens, Chewy is 6 and Maisy is 1.5, and our 2.5 year old 19 pound fat cat named Jinx. Still enjoy movies, trivia, baseball, and working on our house. If you are in the area, whether in Washington or at the hospital, please have them look me up if you guys need anything!!! Take care and I hope to catch up with people at the next reunion, can't believe 20 years can go so fast!!!

Name: Terri Dippel
Maiden Name: Smith
Class of: 1989
City: Pekin, IL

Comments: I married in 1991 and I have two daughters, Brandi Amber-Mylin, 10 and Krystin Erin-Delenn, 6. I am currently in college with a major in zoology and minor in meterology. We are in the process of moving to Pensacola, FL. I am also a supporter of autism awareness.

Name: Christi Crumly
Maiden Name: Steffen
Class of: 1989

Comments: Hi! I am recently divorced and have two amazing boys - Hunter and Logan - 5 and 3.  They keep me busy.  I work at University of IL in Springfield and have been here almost 2 years.  I also attend school here.  I am busy, but always have time for email!!! 

Class of: 1989
City: Germantown Hills, IL

Comments: After high school, I went to the University of Illinois where I got an accounting degree and an MBA.  Also met my wife, Amy, at college, and we married in 1992.  Absolutely loved college - still get back to 4-5 basketball games every year.  Go Illini!  Worked at Price Waterhouse in Peoria for two years and then moved to Widmer Interiors.  Widmer Interiors is a small family owned office furniture dealership in Peoria.  I became part owner in 2002 and am involved with sales and management functions.  We have two children - Pete was born in 1997 and Emma Kate was born in 2000.  In June of 2001 we moved back to the Germantown area.  Would love to hear from all of you!

Comments: I am living in Oklahoma City, OK and am an attorney. I moved all around the Midwest during my college years (OK,MO,IN and finally back to OK) I graduated from Oklahoma City University School of Law in 1999 and decided to stay in Oklahoma City. I would love to hear from anyone.

Maiden Name: Webb
Class of: 1989
Phone: 309-383-3256

Comments:  I'm still teaching business and computer classes at Flanagan High School and loving it!  I now have 2 wonderful little boys - Eric (2003) and Alex (2005).  They keep me really busy and I love every minute of it!  I still live in Germantown Hills and would love to hear from any of you.

Name: Robert Spellious
E-Mail:  doraith@gmail.com
Class of: 89

(updated 9/2015)
Maiden Name: Wooley
Class of: 1989
Address: 516 E. Brookwood Court, Phoenix, AZ 85048
Phone: 602-283-0706

Comments: I graduated from Bradley University in 1993 and went to work for Motorola as an engineer.  I married Chris in 1996 and we were blessed with a son, Trevor, on March 16, 1998.  We recently moved to Arizona and I'm currently a full-time mom but am considering reentering the working world.  I would love to hear from any classmates!
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