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MTHS Class of 1987
This information was taken from the Senior Yearbook.  
Please contact us with corrections. 
Angie Ahlstrom
Brett Ahrens
Brad Alig
Theresa Angel
Steven Anglin
Eric Bachman
Lisa Bargmann
Deborah Belcher
Stan Beltramea
Beth Bernhardy
Lori Blair
Todd Blaudow
John Blevins
Daniel Bridgwater
Tina Brown
Paull Bull
Jodi Bullock
Mark Bunch
Paula Bundy
David Burke
Phillip Burris
Michael Carr
John Carrabine
Michelle Casey
Joy Chance
Lori Check
Monica Clift
Jon Collings
Erin Cordes
James Crisp
Dawn Curry
Kyle Curtis
Doug Damery
Cherilyn Davis
Karen DeFreitas
Tami DeLap
Jose DeSousa
Derrick DeWalt
Darren Dickey
Claudia Dimas
Kim Dipple
Jaume Domene
Joelle Doyle
Donald Durand
Donna Egli
Christopher Eller
Angela Ellis
Eugene Erbes
Steve Estes
Rosario Faillace
Brian Fandel
Dan Fandel
Douglas Fandel
Teresa Ferguson
Chanel Fletcher
Lisa Ford
John Freeburg
Jody Frye
Tammy Gilbert
Myra Gillum
Fred Glueck
Steven Gorrell
Anthony Grebner
Deanna Grebner
Troy Gries
Jose Guajardo
Philip Guay
Brett Guth
Yvonne Hansen
Holly Harper
Mike Harr
Sarah Harris
Kristan Hartman
James Hautala
Sue Heinhold
Connie Hillman
Gary Hilton
Wally Hines
Joel Hobbick
Jodi Horowitz
Sherri Houck
Lee Ann Hursh
Chris Jones
Lisa Jury
John Kamm
Cathy Kapchinske
Anissa Kavelman
Jayne Keller
Lan Kemple
Ken Kern
Gregory Kiesewetter
Matthew Kimbro
Brian Kleen
Jacqueline Klobnak
Michael Knapp
Stephanie Kuhlman
Shari Kurtz
Lynne Kwasigroh
Rich Lacey
Jim Lalley
Joan Leach
Mark Langston
Michelle Largent
Darrell Leininger
Darin Leman
Andy LeRoy
Jarrod Love
JoAnn Lowry
Christine Madison
Vince Majerus
Brenda Malcome
Brian Malcome
Kenneth Mangold
Bradley Marchand
Dan Margherio
Deborah Matheny
Pamela May
April McCarty
Pamela McKinney
John Meismer
Amy Meister
Linda Mendl
Cherie Miller
Lysa Miller
Thomas Miller
Leland Miller
David Morgan
Scott Morse
Tammy Morse
Rebecca Mulberry
Katherine Mulhern
Brad Murrel
Donna Murrel
Glen Nauman
Gigi Navarro
Susanne Neahring
Donna Neff
Gregory Nicholson
Loni Oehlwein
Richard Orr
Sue Osborn
Kenneth Parker
Timothy Perry
Susan Peterson
Fawn Petit
Donald Philips
Kimberly Pilkenton
Jason Potter
Candy Quinn
Jennifer Read
John Rebholz
Jenise Reel
Nikki Reynolds
Deborah Ricca
Lynn Rickard
Mandi Rinehart
Patrick Ritschel
Temple Roe
Roger Roemer
Jacquie Rogers
Tina Rogers
Thomas Rogers
Laura Rohman
Linda Rohman
Veronica Rosenbaum
Ann Rosenbush
Timothy Rubel
Joseph Ryan
Letisha Samp
David Schaffer
Sharon Scheirer
Kathleen Scherer
Jamey Schierer
Lisa Schmultz
Tina Schneider
Rane Schupp
LeAnn Seckler
Kristina Seckler
Nick Seckler
Darrell Sehpard
Lara Shamblin
Karen Sheets
Scott Shelton
Melissa Shipley
Oliver Sidler
Diana Simmons
Theresa Skopal
Angela Small
Kristy Smallowood
Darrel Smock
Derek Speten
Melissi Stanley
Donald Steelman
Edward Sullivan
Bob Summers
SuEllen Tatum
Meagan Taylor
Nick Taylor
Michelle Teuerle
Shawnda Thomas
Brian Thrush
Susan Tilley
Michael Trembley
Jon Trowbridge
Craig Turner
Judith Viggers
Nicole Volgel
Nichole Vogelsang
Shawn Ward
Michelle Warner
Scott Weddle
Roy Weigel
Deborah Wernsman
Mike Wernsman
Joye Westbrook
Alan White
Cheryl White
Eden Wilcoxen
Jim Windsor
Cynthia Wolf
Kandy Wolf
Heidi Wood
Colton Wright
Jeffrey Young
Eric Zeller
Name: Brad Alig
E-Mail: balig@b-creativeinc.com
Class of: 1987
City: Lakewood, IL
Web site:

Comments: Hello everyone. After graduating from Bradley University, I moved to the burbs of Chicago. I am married and have two awesome boys. I started my own Graphic Design Studio and it is going great. I don't make it back home too often, mostly around the holidays. I would be happy to hear from any of you.


Name: Theresa Ewan
Maiden Name: Angel
Class of: 1987
Address: 635 S 5th Ave Apt C-103, Wauchula,  FL  33873
Phone: 941-961-5126

I thought it was time to update this.  So many of you are friends with me on Facebook but for those who are not, I have lived in FL since I moved from Metamora in 1986.  I was married and had 3 daughters.  Tiffany and Brittany (1990) are now 24 and Raven (1993) is 21.  Their dad was killed by a drunk driver.  I was remarried but divorced a few years back.  I now live with an amazing man named Paul.  Brittany gave me a gorgeous grandson Malachi (2011) who is now 3 years old.  I haven't been able to work for a few years now due to some health issues, so I take care of things at the house while Paul works.  Hopefully we will be able to visit soon and see some of my old friends!!

(Updated: 1/2015)
Class of: 1987
Address: 1509 Donegal Drive, Normal, IL  61761
Phone: 309-454-2958  

Name: Jodie Bullock
E-Mail: jbullock@midstate.edu
Class of: 1987
Address: 1600 Parkview Drive, Eureka, IL  61530
Phone: 309-692-4092

Comments: Hi Everyone, long time. After Metamora, I graduated from ICC and then attended Florida State on an athletic scholarship. That was quite an amazing experience. I have a Master's degree and currently am employed by Midstate College in Peoria as their Director of Business Administration. I've never managed to make it to the altar..haha. But, I do have a handsome four-year old son; Brock. I'd never change that for anything. I love being a mom and I always wanted a son. We currently live in Eureka and just love the small town. It was nice reading about each of you and your families. Feel free to e-mail if you would like jbullock@midstate.edu Take care everyone. (Updated 08/2009)

Name: Mark Bunch
E-Mail: mark_bunch@hotmail.com
Class of: 1987
Address: 4189 LakeKnoll Drive, Mason, OH  45040
Phone: 309-370-0900

Comments: I started my family life early... you may recall, I was married the weekend before my senior year and my son attended graduation. I graduated from Bradley in 1990. Since then, I've spent much of my career in IT consulting and am currently an enterprise architect for Great American Insurance in Cincinnati, OH. I have two boys--my oldest just turned 21 and my younger son will be 17 next week! I've divorced and remarried since high school (once or twice). My wife, Deborah, and I currently live in Mason, OH. I still have family in the Peoria area and travel back often. Drop me a line--it would be great to hear from you and get in touch. (Updated: 06/2008)


Name: Joy Quezada
Maiden Name: Chance
Class of: 1987
Address: 601 E. Tripp Avenue, Peoria, IL 61613

Comments: Hi everyone! I have done so many things since graduating! I lived in New York and worked as a nanny. I then moved to California and went to a nanny institute (yes, a nanny institute!). I returned to the Peoria area and am now married to a wonderful man named Omar. I have 3 kids, Josh 15, Jordynne 10 and Ana 4. I decided to go back to school and just graduated from Bradley in May with a Bachelor's degree in elementary education and a Spanish concentration. I am searching for a teaching job and my husband is the manager at Fiesta Ranchera Restaurante in Peoria. Looking forward to talking or seeing some of you soon!
Maiden Name: Cordes
Class of: 1987
Address: 1518 Kern Rd., Washington, IL  61571

Comments: Still married to my fairly-human male person (Phil) since 1990. Two daughters (Francesca born in 1992) and Rhiannon (1995-1999) and one son (Elijah born in 2001). I have worked as Periodicals Librarian/Book Club Queen/Display Case Coordinator at the Washington District Library since 2007. I still read romance novels and eat bon bons in my spare time. I have to whisper the word "Metamora" whenever people in town ask me where I'm from. I'm still a Redbird at heart, but I own an awful lot of orange and black clothing.
(Update: 11/2015)

Name: Dawn Curry
E-Mail: dmcurry11@hotmail.com
Class of: 1987
Address: 309 S. Wetmore, Metamora, IL 61548

Comments: Since last entry I have a)gotten married b)had a son and c)returned to the working world. I am the event coordinator at Quail Meadows Golf Course in Washington. My husband, Paul and I got married the weekend of the 20 year class reunion...sorry we didn't make it to the party....we were a little busy! Michaela is now a freshman at MTHS and McKinzie is an 8th grader at MGS. The caboose, Paul Michael is almost 2 years old and he spends his time with Sherri Houck Waters when I am at work. (Updated: 09/2009)
Name: Cherilyn Semelroth
Maiden Name: Davis
Class of: 1987
Address: 2608 High Meadow, Bartonville, IL 61607

Comments: Hi Everyone... Can you believe we are coming up on 20 years. I have been married to a Limestone graduate(Russ) for the last 12 years. We have a 7 year old son Tyler who keeps us busy between karate and baseball. I am an art teacher at Monroe Grade School and have been there for 12 years which is in Bartonville where my husband went to school. Russ is a team lead for AFFINA and likes to do plays and musicals during his free time. Due to budget cuts last year I am also working B. Moss Clothing CO. in Northwoods. It's here that I have run into several MTHS graduates.
Maiden Name: DeFreitas
Class of: 1987
Address: 500 S. Main Street, Washington, IL  61571
Phone: 309-444-4982

Comments:  Just recently moved but still in Washington.  I am going on my 14th year as a second grade teacher at Germantown Hills Elementary School. Several of my students are children of former MTHS graduates.  I am currently working on my Master's Degree in Education.  My husband, Michael, and I just celebrated our 15th year anniversary (7/06).  Our son, Kody, (5/94) will be a 7th grader at the new Washington Middle School and our daughter, Kassidy, (6/99) will be a second grader at Lincoln Grade School.  Michael now works as the computer technician for my school district.  Life is good in Washington, but the Redbirds still rule!
Maiden Name: Doyle
Class of: 1987
Address: 3400 Great Bear Lane, Raleigh, NC 27614

Comments: Currently working for BB&T (Branch Banking & Trust - a super regional bank) as a corporate banking attorney, VP and corporate secretary for its Bankcard Corporation in Raleigh, NC. Work is primarily devoted to credit card, merchant services and treasury services. Divorced and no kids so a long time friend and I started taking an annual trip to make good use of our passports. Hope this note finds everyone happy and healthy.

Name: Angela Ellis
E-Mail: mfallen1@aol.com
Class of: 1987
Web site:

Name: Chanel Withers
Maiden Name: Fletcher
Class of: 1987
Address: 1345 W Tobi Lane, Peoria, IL 61614

Comments: Married for 17 years to Jim from Dunlap. We have two great kids Wesley-8 and London-6. We have been back in Central IL for about 3 years. We love to travel and have moved often for various jobs and education. We have lived in WI,SC,NC,MS and even West Africa for a few years.

Name: Myra Schaefer
Maiden Name: Gillum
E-Mail: myrancmom@yahoo.com
Class of: 1987
City: Crystal Lake, IL

Comments: Well, I didn't actually know this place existed so this was a nice surprise! I have lived in Crystal Lake (NW suburb of Chicago) for ten years~ I have two very, ummm, energetic children (Nik is 11 & Claire is 5).  Was married for 11 years but apparently I am still a great big pain in thebutt (I deleted the swear for you there) so got divorced about 3 years ago. I am the Center Director for a Preschool here in town & have been doing that kind of gig for about 19 years (which is HALF of our lives if you do the math. ugh). I am looking forward to the 20 year & hope that I am able to find out when/where it is (did you catch that Roger?). That's about all I have to saythen! (Updated: 07/2007) 

Maiden Name: Grebner
Class of: 1987
Address: 1660 Greenbriar Road, Metamora, IL  61548

Comments: My husband, Cullen, and I moved back to the Metamora area in 1997. We have a daughter, Rachel (8/99) and a son, Thomas (5/07).

I continue to work part-time with the Social Security Administration in Peoria. I also keep busy with family, home, etc. like everyone else. Looking forward to seeing lots of old friends at the reunion! 

Name: Troy Gries
Class of: 1987
Address: 714 Whippoorwill Drive, Washington, IL 61571
Phone: 309-745-9300

Comments: I have been married for sixteen years, one daughter 8 years old, Morgan. I own my own business, Troy Home Improvements.

Name: Brett Guth
E-Mail: bmguth@mtco.com
Class of: 1987
Address: 1107 Kingsbury Rd., Washington, IL 61571


Name: Holly Harper-Kelly
Maiden Name: Harper
Class of: 1987 


(Updated: 02/2012)
Maiden Name: Harris
Class of: 1987
Address: 3126 N. Sherwood Ave., Peoria, IL  61604
Phone: 309-681-4615

Comments: I thought it was time to update this listing - I hope everyone is doing well.  I'm still living in Peoria, still married to Jim who works at Cat. We have 3 boys, 2 who play junior high basketball. They keep us very busy! Can you believe how close we are to 20 years??  Where did the time go?!  

Name: Sue Plattner
Maiden Name: Heinold
Class of: 1987
Address: 3111 Gold Medal Dr., Champaign, IL  61822
Phone: (217) 356-2887

Comments: Happily married for 20+ years. Blessed with 5 wonderful children ages 18-6 that I have taught up to 8th grade and then they attend Champaign Central H.S. where their dad works as a Physics teacher. I am so thankful for the grace of Jesus that has made my life complete after finding that my own efforts to be something special weren't enough to give me peace. (Updated: 08/2012) 

Name: Wally Hines
E-Mail: wghines@gmail.com
Class of: 1987
Address: 477 Country View Road, Hudson, WI   54016
Phone: 612-730-3538
Web site:

Comments: I was married in 1993 to MTHS graduate, Debby Kuni (1985). We have lived all over, but currently reside in Wisconsin near Minneapolis, MN. We have three lovely children: Wyatt (8), Wesley (6), and William (2). I enjoy working for Sun Country Airlines as a pilot on the B737. After 9/11, it looked like Sun Country might shut down (which it did three months later), so I started my own company, JETPUBS Inc. We provide training materials and manuals services to airlines around the world and currently have 68 airlines that we work for. Sun Country managed to get back on its feet shortly after the shutdown and I went back to work for them (in addition to running JETPUBS) in September of 2004. I completed my fourth marathon (Chicago) last October and succeeded in breaking the four hour barrier! This fall I will be running the Loch Ness Marathon as I begin my next marathon goal of running one marathon on each continent. Unfortunately that is the same weekend as our reunion, so it looks like I will miss it this time. Hope to see you all at the 25th. Take care.
Name: John Kamm
E-Mail: johnkamm@cityofeastpeoria.com
Class of: 1987
Address: 512 High Oak Dr., East Peoria, IL

Comments: Is our 20 year really coming up?!? Married to Beth Johnson (MTHS '86). Two daughters Meika 13 and Brianna 9. Spent two years in sunny San Diego before moving back to Central Illinois in '92. Worked 5 years with the Washington Police Dept where I tried to keep Erin Poehlman out of trouble!! (just kidding Erin, love ya) Like Erin I refused to become a panther so I moved west. The past 8+ years I've been with the East Peoria PD where I'm now a sergeant. I make it up to Malone for most of the home games and actually found out about this site from Roemer and Damery when I ran into them at SHG for the playoff game. Looking forward to seeing "old" friends at the reunion. 

Name: Matthew Kimbro
E-Mail: kimbro@mtco.com
Class of: 1987

(Updated: 02/2011)

Class of: 1987
Address: 1323 Cottonwood Drive, Aurora, IL  60506

Comments: I live in Aurora with my wife Deedee and sons Matt (11) and Kevin (9). During the day I work as an IT supervisor and also do some sports writing with the Aurora Beacon News, where I cover a lot of high school and some pro sports. I also do some freelance work, most notably with Chicago Athlete magazine. Other than that I shuttle my kids to all of their activities and still play a little golf. But mostly I run, I've done six marathons (including the carnage that was Chicago 2007 -- but I finished) and last month Wally Hines and I competed with a team in a 207-mile relay where we won our age group.

It was great seeing everyone at the reunion. Thanks to Roger and all else who were involved in putting it together. Looking forward to getting together again sometime soon.

Name: Rich Lacey
E-Mail: rl69kl@insightbb.com
Class of: 1987
Address: 104 Stahl Ave., Washington, IL 61571

Comments: I have been married for 16yrs to my wife Kym and we have two kids Beau-Lea 15yrs a freshman at WHS and a son Justin 13yrs a 7th grader. I lived in Australia for 3yrs and then moved back to Metamora and went to work for ADM where I have been there for 13yrs. We have lived in Washington for 6yrs now. Please feel free to email me.

Class of: 1987
Address: 109 Mandi Court, East Peoria, IL  61611
Phone: 309-694-1213
Comments: I am married, no kids.  We live in East Peoria.  I work for an engineering company in Peoria.  

Name: Michelle Largent-Morse
Maiden Name: Largent
Class of: 1987
Address: 900 Hickory Creek Ct., Metamora, IL 61548
Phone: (309) 383-3333
Web site:

Comments: Many of you know that I married Scott Morse from our graduating class. We married in 1999 and have have three beautiful children, Sarah (2000), Katie (2002) and Matt (2004). We sure are busy! Scott has been a domestic engineer (stay home dad) from day one. He is much better at it , than me! I am still in the real estate business (as I was back in high school co-op) and love it. I'd be happy to help anyone in the tri-county area! We live in Germantown, about a half mile from the house I grew up in. In our spare time, we enjoy our 10 acre retreat with pond and outbuilding. Scott loves to play on his John Deere tractor. Who would have guessed we'd ever be married, since we never spoke in high school. Thanks goes to Jarrod Love for hooking us up!

Class of: 1987
Address: 1312  West Progress, Metamora, IL  61548
Phone: 367- 9796

Comments: Hello everyone, ya I'm another one that moved back. After school I married Kirsten Harpman (Spalding grad) in June '88 and moved to St. Louis for about a year. We moved back to Peoria and lived there until spring 2001 when we bought the house that Tim Rodgers grew up in, it's nice to be back. We have 3 boys Brandon (dob 7-17-90), Bryan (dob 9-23-92) and Braden (dob 7-18-01), nothing like 9 years between the youngest two :).It's hard to believe that in 2004 our oldest will be a freshmen in the same school I graduated from. We would be happy to hear from you so give us a call or stop by if you are in town.
Name: Vincent Majerus
Email: vemajerus@tecoenergy.com
Class of: 1987
Address: 3835 Garnet Dr., Mulberry, FL 33860
Phone: 352-874-3825


Comments: Wow has it been along time! I cannot believe its been 20 yrs, I sure don't feel 20 yrs older but I look a lot different than I used to as I am sure we all do. Just a bit about myself, Marital Status: Single, however I have a long time girlfriend. Children: None, well I have a dog... does that count? I am currently living in Florida about 30 miles east of Tampa, I moved to Florida in '98 w/ my mother after my father passed away as it was her wish to continue to live out her and dads retirement dream, this move allowed me to go back to school and get my AS degree in Electronics Engineering which I received in 2002, after graduating I was hired by Tampa Electric Company in Tampa, Fl. I work in the Engineering Dept. as an engineer in a satellite office which is one of several operation centers for Tampa Electric where I design the electrical grid to provide electrical power to some 650,000 customers throughout West Central Florida. Basically I design the aerial power lines you see as you are driving down the road as well as the underground systems in many subdivisions. Within this line of work I also deal w/ the hurricanes after affects trying to get the power grid back on line once the storm is over which may entail traveling to different states or w/in the state of Florida working in conjunction w/ other utilities who request our help as I did in 2004 and 2005's hurricane seasons. I saw a lot of devastation during this time, fortunately my mother and I both came through w/out any damage to our homes, but as bad as the devastation can be, helping those that need it is very gratifying and the hours are long. Well I think I have rambled on long enough so I will refrain from any further remarks.

Name: Brad Marchand
E-Mail: brad.marchand@verizon.net
Class of: 1987
City: Haymarket, VA
(Updated: 01/2014)

Class of: 1987
Address: Box 437, C/O St John's Lutheran Church, Washburn, IL
Phone: 309-248-7468

Comments: Ten years ago I married Lisa Vollrath.  We now have three children and much to our surprise we are ending up in Washburn (of all places) after five years in Macomb, four in St. Louis, one in Michigan, and one year overseas in a country called Kazakstan.  After completing my Masters of Divinity at Concordia St. Louis, Lisa and I volunteered to go overseas as missionaries.  When my health took a serious turn, we returned to the United States.  I was recently called to be and accepted the position of pastor for St. John's Lutheran Church in Washburn and Trinity Lutheran Church in LaRose.  

Name: Pam Rogers
Maiden Name: Mckinney
Class of: 1987
Address: 103 Mimosa Ln., Washington,  IL  61571

Comments: Hello all!!  Well I also live in Washington and we love it.  I have 2 kids from a previous marriage (Brittney 13, Aaron 9)  I also have 2 step-sons (Andrew 7, Nicholas 4) and also a 5 month old (Chloe).  Having a newborn after 9 years is quite interesting to say the least.  My life is good, I'm married to a wonderful guy named Kay, I got it right the 2nd time around.  Not much goes on with us, I'm a typical stay at home mom now and I sorta help coach my boys basketball team, different for me since I grew up with football not much b-ball.  I'm getting a little old now since I have a teenage girl.  She's gonna make me gray!!!!!  I would love to hear from anyone so please write.
Name: Linda Mendl-Kalb
Maiden Name: Mendl
Class of: 1987
Address: 2203 Glendale Ave., Pekin, IL 61554

Comments: Hello everybody! It's incredible how quickly ten years can go by and how much can occur in that time frame. Since I saw most of you last, I have become mother to two fantastic children: Marissa, age 9, and Christopher, age 7and 3/4. My husband, Pete, is a great guy and is currently working on two restoration projects- a 1947 Ford pick-up truck and a 1962 Mercury Comet. Both are being revamped as hot rods so perhaps we will see some of you around at the different car shows. I am still a practicing Respiratory Therapist and when I am not busy working, being a mother/wife, etc, I am a Girl Scout Leader. This is my fourth year with the girls and I have to say, one of the best things I have ever gotten involved with. I am looking forward to our 20th reunion. Hope to see you there!

Name: Donna Doty
Maiden Name: Murrell
Class of: 1987
Address: 404 Garden Lane, East Peoria, IL 61611

Comments: I married Monte Doty in 1991 we have 5 boys, Michael 15 currently a freshman at Metamora, Nelson 13, Jeremy 10, Johnathan 10, and Jordan 10, (yes I have triplets)who attend Riverview Grade School. They keep us very busy with all of their sports. I also have 3 stepdaughters and 5 grandchildren and one on the way. I did finally get my little girl, with my grandchildren.

Class of: 1987
Address: 402B E. Lincoln, Flanagan, IL  61740

Name: Scott Nicolson
Email: 5txnichs@tx.rr.com
Class of :1987
Address: 1608 Whispering Glen Dr., Allen, TX 75002

Comments: I enlisted in the Air National Guard in Feb. of '87 - along with Dan Fandel. After finishing basic training, tech school & all that goes with that, I attended ICC and then SIU graduating a little later than planned due to training & activation for Desert Storm. Dan was my roommate during our time at SIU. Graduated in '93 as an Electrical Engineer. I worked briefly in Peoria until I found a job in northern IL at Motorola. Moved to WI in Jan. '94 to work for MOT (Wireless IC design). Married Suellen Tatum 10/94. Kids - Alexander 11/97, Samantha 11/01 & Jake 2/04. With my 10 year mark in the Guard came the decision to stay for the long haul & get commissioned, or get out. I stayed and am a Major in charge of Health Services Administration in my Ft. Worth unit. Just received my "20 year letter". We moved to TX in Dec. '04 mostly as my job location at MOT moved deeper into IL which put my commute up to 1.5 hrs. one-way on a regular basis. It was time for a change. I was able to relocate both.

Still following Redbird football although we don't get to but about one game a year now. I check the PJS & IHSA websites for info every Saturday morning - & our dads usually send us pretty good emails about the games.


Name: Loni Oehlwein
E-Mail: loni28@yahoo.com
Class of: 1987
City: Springfield, IL


Comments: OMG….it cannot be 20 years already!! I hope people are dong well and are happy! I am still having a blast working for the University of Illinois at Springfield in the House Department. As a Resident Director I supervise the area in which we have students living in 96 (we have grown) Townhouses. I have a collection of beer bongs in my office and a keg under my desk from situations my RA’s have had to deal with….my job is NEVER boring. My daughter Riley is now 8 going on 13 and is enjoying 3rd grad. WHO KNEW 3rd grade math was so complicated?? Riley and I added a new member to our family this year in the form of a cockapoo puppy named Harley Davidson Oehlwein. He keeps us laughing! I am looking forward to seeing “old” friends at our Reunion this weekend. I am connected to email 24/7 for my job, so drop me one if you have time. I wish everyone great successes for the future! I have such great memories of (most) people from MTHS!

Name: Fawn Zobel
Maiden Name: Petit
Class of: 1987
Address: 537 Gentle Breeze Dr., St. Peters, MO 63376

Comments: Hey there everybody! It's amazing to me so much time has passed already. After high school I went to ICC and then attended University of Illinois at Chicago College of Pharmacy (UIC-COP) and graduated with my doctorate in 1995. I moved down to St. Louis and did a post-graduate residency at St. Louis University Hospital (emphasis: pediatrics/oncology) and met my husband, Harold. We tied the knot in 1998 and have two awesome boys - Quinn (5/01) and Evan (10/03).

Harold works at the corporate office for Verizon Business in Weldon Springs but still remains pretty busy with the family business of Zobel Construction. We just sold our house in St. Peters and are now in the process of building our new house in Warrenton, MO. I can't wait! We're going to be building on a wooded plot of land that includes a lake. Warrenton reminds me so much of Metamora & Germantown Hills - I continually joke with Harold that I have been and always will be a country girl at heart. We love to travel ("Roadtrip!") and I wish I could come to the 20th reunion but I will be covering that weekend for my partner's vacation. I found out about the reunion a little to late this time but hopefully I can make it to the next one --> 25th?

Name: Lynn Marie Viscioni
Maiden Name: Rickard
Class of: 1987
Phone: 847-846-8134

(Updated: 01/2010)

Name: Mandi Rinehart
E-Mail: purrfection68@gmail.com
Class of: 1987
Address:  88 Todd Lane, Anniston, AL  36201
Comments: Living in Alabama for almost 21 years now!!  The only difference is the accent and the football!!! ROLL TIDE! I do remain a loyal Bears fan for life no matter how bad it gets. I have 4 amazing sons, Tony (89), Jake (91), Zack (93), and Beau (97). The three oldest serve their country in the Army and yes, I'm a proud military Mom. The "baby" is in his first year of College at JSU studying Criminal Justice. I think of "home"  a lot and miss so many people! I DO NOT however, miss the snow and cold!! Hoping everyone is blessed!!!
(updated:  2/2016)

Name: Roger Roemer, Jr
E-Mail: rroemer69@gmail.com
Class of: 1987
Address:301 S. Lafayette, Metamora, IL 61548
Phone: 309-208-8237

Comments: Hello!!  After high school, I went to Western Ill University.  I met the mother of my amazing daughter Abby Roemer there.  I am not married any longer but am super proud of my Abby.  She will be graduating from MTHS this year in 2015.  Just a little bit more bragging about Abby.  She was the selected by her fellow students to be the Home Coming Queen, The Student Council President and The Daughters of the American Revolution Good Citizen Award this year. :) :)  Ok, about me now.  I have been working in the Real Estate field for several years with Jim Maloof Realtor.  I continue to sing and act in our local theater groups.  I have had some great experience and met some wonderful people.  In a nut shell, Life is Good!!
Name: Jacqueline Sible
Maiden Name: Rogers
Class of: 1987
Address: 5827 155th Avenue NE, Redmond, WA 98052
Phone: 425-702-1982 

Comments: I moved from Miami, FL to Seattle, WA in 2001 and have been working as a staff attorney/conflicts manager in ethics/professional responsibility for a multi-national law firm. I gave up traditional practice to have more balance in my life. Happily married to someone I met out here (3 years as of yesterday). Two step children from my ex husband in Miami that I am close with and no other kids -way too many animals though! I love Seattle but miss home quite often.

Maiden Name: Rogers
E-Mail: pta@mtco.com
Class of: 1987
Address: 401 N Niles St., Metamora,  IL  61548

Name: Linda M Rohman
Class of: 1987
Address: 6411 NE 35th Place, Portland, OR 97211

Comments: Marital Status: Single, never married, but happily involved;
Children: none; Hobbies/Interests:  hiking, reading, painting/art (watercolors, acrylics, mixed media, etc), cooking; Occupation:  Registered Nurse, General Practice, Kaiser Permanente

Name: Tisha Moon
Maiden Name: Samp
Class of: 1987
Address: 800 N. 2nd St., Rochelle, IL 61068 

Comments: Married, happily finally! I recently met the love of my life and we married February 11, 2006. Kevin and I have 6 children together. Yes we have been called the Brady Bunch! Our children range in age from seven to 18. My oldest daughter Lyndsey is a senior at Rochelle High School. My daughter Lauren is a freshman. Both girls are RTHS Cheerleaders! My son Adam is in 8th grade at the Middle school. I work full time for Scholastic, Inc in St. Charles, IL . Life is good! I do get back to Metamora once in a while when I visit my brother Errol Samp.

Name: Lara Duke
Maiden Name: Shamblin
Class of: 1987
Address: 815 W. 194th St., Chicago Heights,  IL   60411
Phone: 708-756-1006

Comments: Hi, I've finally decided to join the 21st century!!!!:)  I've been sort of computer phobic ever since my wonderful experience at MTHS almost 18 years ago.  In case you're wondering what I've been up to since then, I have happily married for 13 years come this January.  I am also a mother of two boys, Zachary(9) and Joshua(4) as of Dec. 2004.  Currently, I am a stay at home mom with no life, except for watching endless Sponge Bob episodes and Wiggles DVDs!  I am currently working on producing my third child, so that I can be stuck in my house for yet another five years or so.:)  I currently live in unincorporated Chicago Heights, IL, but am in the process of purchasing  my first home with my hubby.  We hope to move by this spring at the latest.  For those of you who remember me as shy and timid in high school, you are in for a big surprise!!!  I have finally arrived, as they say.  Anyway, I would love to here from some of my fellow classmates from waaaaaayyyy back i! n 1987!  

Maiden Name: Small
Class of: 1987
Address: 278 W. Forrest Dr
City: Germantown Hills, IL 61548
Phone: 309.256.4667

Comments: I currently live in Germantown Hills, just a different house than last time I updated. My kids Bryce 17 is a Junior at MTHS, and my daughter Taylor is in 8th grade in Germantown Hills Middle School. I am still working for ATS as a Field Service Rep II, I am now located at Caterpillar Tech Center in Mossville. I currently take care of Lab Computer Support/Server Support/Networking/ OS/Software. (Updated: 09/2010)

Class of: 1987
Address: 619 East Locust St., Metamora, IL  61548
Phone: 309-367-4562

Comments: Hello again everyone, I have been told to update my information since it isn't quite accurate.  Metamora is again my home, along with my wife, Daphne, and 3 young one's, AnMarie(1992), Samantha(1998), and DJ (2001).  After graduating from Mississippi State University and living in Panama City Beach Florida for 6 years, it was time to move my family back to the great Midwest.  I am currently employed at Pekin Country Club and yes, drive from Metamora to Pekin daily. If anyone needs a golf lesson, give me a call. 
Name: Derek Speten
E-Mail: derekspeten@charter.net
Class of: 1987
Address: 2163 A Clover Wood Ln., Scott Air Force Base, IL  62225
Phone: 618-558-0798

Comments: During high school in our senior year, I joined the Army Infantry National Guard (Co A 1/123 INF) with fellow patriots Eric Bachman, Troy Greise, and Scott Morris.  I then got educated, BS --Illinois State University, BS --Drake University, MS --Central Michigan University, Ph.D --University of Arkansas, Residency--University of the Pacific, Fellowship--University of the Pacific. After I received some of my education in 1994, I transferred to the Air Force as an active duty medical officer. Now, I am a pharmacologist at Scott Air Force Base when not deployed. Take care and hopefully I will see you all at the next reunion.  

Class of: 1987
City: Anniston,  AL  

Name: SuEllen Nicholson
Maiden Name: Tatum
Class of: 1987
Address: 1608 Whispering Glen Dr., Allen, TX

Comments: 20 YEARS??!! Ya gotta be JOKING me!! Most of y'all know I married Scott Nicholson from our class (10/94). We have 3 kids - Alexander (11/97), Samantha (11/01) & Jake (02/04). Never thought I'd see the day when I had 3 kids!! After graduating from the "international school of shopping and eating lunch out with friends" (that would be ICC - and I didn't graduate), I landed a job with Kohl's in Jan. of '91 as a Visual Merchandiser. I was promoted to a district level and spent my time in central IL & central/northern IN. Scott moved to WI before we got married to take a job with Motorola in northern IL. I stepped out of my position and into the Milwaukee Market where Kohl's is based. I spent several years traveling all over the country opening new stores & training new store visuals. We lived up there for 10 years - Scott at MOT & me at Kohl's. Over the years, I have whittled my hours back to PT so I can be home with our kids (I am STILL with Kohl's!). We moved to TX in December '04 for Scott.
Name: Meagan Elias
Maiden Name: Taylor
Class of: 1987
Address: 7602 E. Lurlene Dr., Tucson, AZ 85730
Phone: 520-861-8624

Comments: After high school, I graduated from ICC in 1990 with a degree in Dental Hygiene. I moved to Port Townsend, WA in 1992 and enjoyed flying small aircraft and hiking the Olympic Mountains. I married my college sweetheart, Manny Elias in 1994 from Tucson, AZ. We have two children Raven (born 5-29-97) and Alex (born 2-13-02). After thirteen years of rain in the Pacific Northwest, we decided it was time for some sunshine. We moved to Tucson in 2005(talk about polar opposite climates). Now, I work part time as a Dental Hygienist, run kids to all of their practices and social events, attend classes on-line to complete my BS, and attend real estate school. I am going to join my husband in a career that is less painful to my neck and hands. I regularly visit my family in Germantown Hills and would like to catch up with all of you at the next reunion. 
Class of: 1987
City: Nebraska City, NE  

Comments: Hello all!  My wife Amy & I recently moved to Nebraska City, Nebraska where I am a government inspector at the local nuclear plant.  We have four great children, 3 dogs and a fish.  After 12 years on active duty in the Navy we are enjoying a more stable lifestyle.  Looking forward to seeing everyone again sometime.  Cheers!  

Name: Susan Schrupp
Maiden Name: Tilley
Class of: 1987
Address: 5539 Rathkeale Lane, Franklin, TN 37067
Phone: 615-435-3060

Comments: Hi Everyone! In November 2007 we moved from the Chicago area, where we spent 16 years, to the Nashville, TN area for my work. I took a new position as the AVP of Contracting for Catholic Health Initiatives at the Health Trust Group Purchasing. My husband of 17 years, Mike, and I have two wonderful children, Steven (11) and Hannah (8). After high school I attended Western Illinois University where I earned a degree in health administration, along with an MBA. We still get back to Illinois to our lake home in Litchfield, IL south of Springfield, where we spend our time boating and tubing. Please look us up if you are in the area. (Updated: 12/2008)
Name: Shawn Ward
E-Mail: seanchi769@aol.com
Class of: 1987
Address: 1536 W. Fargo Ave., Chicago, IL 60626

Comments: Hi everyone! I've been living in Chicago since graduating with my BA from University of IL in 1993. I currently work in marketing for liquor distributors, currently working with the Bacardi USA portfolio. Not married, no children, still a sports fanatic, playing softball in Chicago since the day I moved here. Hope to make it for the reunion. 

Comments: Relocated to central Wisconsin from central Illinois. Been living up here in Stevens Point for nearly 5 years now. Oldest is a sophomore in high school and Maddie, second daughter is in 8th grade. John is now in 6th grade and Faithy is in 3rd grade. Still coaching everything and still spending all my free time at practices and ball games. Love it!!!! Fire and arson still paying the bills as an investigator with an insurance company. Love Wisconsin and even getting used to the winters...go Bucky! (Updated: 02/2012)
Maiden Name: Westbrook
Class of: 1987
Address: 1008 Eisenhower, Pekin, IL  61554

Comments: I thought I should update my profile, since it's considerably out of date. I am still a stay-at-home mom, living in Pekin with my husband and three children. Jack (4/95), Max (11/00), Betsy (01/02), and one more coming in June 07, which we found out recently will be a girl. Fun, fun! Since this will be the last baby, I'm sure she will be spoiled rotten. Other than that, I stay busy with school activities and finding new and interesting things to cook. Hope all is well with everyone!

Name: Cheri Nordstrom
Maiden Name: White
Class of: 1987
City: Bellevue, IL
Web site:

Comments: Sorry I missed the reunion--hope everyone had a great time. I thought it was time I updated my profile here. Still in the Peoria area, still running and now training for the January 2009 Rock-n-Roll Marathon in Arizona through Team In Training. Still writing too. I have 4 novels under my belt and 2 of them have attracted agent interest. Of course, this is just equivalent to getting your little toe in the door of the writing world! I run a local writers' group called Wordsmiths by Night and co-host Aesthetic Underground open mic at The Contemporary Art Center. After 5 years of homeschooling, my daughter Jacie (9/12/90) went back to public school, and is currently a senior at Limestone where she's in Chamber Singers & the art guild. She'll most likely be going to The Art Institute of Chicago. I'm a Project Coordinator/Exec Assistant at LR Nelson. My husband maintains his general law practice in Peoria and we still have our litigation consulting business too. Never a dull moment around here...

Name: Heidi M.Eddy
Maiden Name: Wood
Class of: 1987
Address: 3117 Prospect Drive, Des Moines, IA 50310
Phone: 515-279-0815 

Comments: Hi to everyone! It's been a long time since I've seen most of you, so here's an update. I married Mike Eddy, a 1986 Washington High School graduate, and we now have 4 wonderful kids, Heather, 18, Andrew,14, Sean, 3 1/2, and Ethan, 9 months. I worked retail for 10 years then went back to school. I have been a respiratory therapist for 8 years at Iowa Methodist/Blank Children's Hospital in Des Moines and really enjoy the day to day changes. I am also part of D.M.A.T., a disaster medical assistance team, not much action here in Iowa (what a surprise), but they have assisted nationally. I stay very busy, working full time nights and running my Ebay store! Hope to see some of you at the reunion!  

Name: Colton Wright
E-Mail: wrightc_2000@yahoo.com
Class of: 1987
City: New York, New York.

Comments: Just thought I'd post a few things that I've been up to since high school. I received my MBA from the University of Illinois and went to work in NY as an investment banker. I married an awesome woman (Jennifer Polischuk) from Crystal Lake (near Chicago)and we have a son, Connor, who was born in Manhattan a few weeks before 9/11. Bob Summers and Ed Sullivan were in the wedding party and lots of high school friends came to the wedding. I'm taking some time off from the rat race and going to school again at Columbia University, studying financial mathematics. I make it back every couple of years to see old friends and golf. I've found that most of my best friends are from Metamora. Also, I've noticed that many people I've met seem to know where Metamora is, or know someone who is from there...strange. My wife's Mom taught at MGS a year before I started there (2nd grade). Anyway, send me an e-mail sometime. Or if you're in NY, stop by. I know of some great steak places.


Name:  Daniel Bridgwater
EMail: bridgwaterdan@yahoo.com

Class of: 1987
Address: 150 Johnson Street, East Peoria, Illinois  61611

Comments:  I work for the city of East Peoria as a water operator. I've worked there for 17 years.
(updated 3/2016)

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