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MTHS Class of 1985
This information was taken from the Senior Yearbook.  
Please contact us with corrections. 
Janet Adams
Thomas Adams
Nicholas Alexander
E. Lyn Ballard
Scott Baldwin
Donald Barber
Yvonne Beechler
Troy Bell
Douglas Bernius
Wendy Berkley
Jennifer Bishop
Becky Blankenship
Kenneth Boyer
Kristina Branner
Curt Breitbarth
Theresa Brockhouse
Beth Brousset
Julie Brown
Heather Bullock
Thomas Bundy
Thomas Burch
Denise Burton
Joseph Buysee
Christopher Call
Monica Camper
Jeannie Carr
Cathy Chamberlain
Randall Charlier
W. Bradford Combs
Melissa Cook
Kenneth Cordes, Jr.
Daniel Cotrell
Mark Couch
Tracy Cox
Karen Craig
Carol Crandell
Cheryl Crandell
Mark Cremeens
William Crisler
Steven Danner
Tamara Davis
Kate DesEnfants
Laurie DeFord
Ellen Dietel
Martin Dimas
Robert Doerr
Christopher Downs
David Drake
Randall Duncan
Donald Durre
Michelle Duvendack
Laura Dyer
Leonard Ealey
Dawn Ekvall
Denise Ekvall
David Engst
Deborah Ernst
John Estes
Mark Estes
Jill Filson
Lori Filson
Garry Finch
John Foster
Fiona Frizzell
Rod Fromm
Gary Geier
Lynette Gentry
Hope Gilkerson
Aaron Gingrich
Annette Goers
Kevin Gray
Jeffery Grebner
Lynnette Grebner
Robert Greeff
Molly Gries
Paul Griffith
Melvin Gudeman
Candy Hammer
Erin Hardman
Kelly Helmick
Bruce Hitch
Jeffrey Hoagland
Timothy Hodel
Jeffrey Holloway
Eric Holman
Mark Hursh
Tammy Huser
Todd Hutchins
Jerrit Kamp
Barbara Jonas
Christine Kapchinske
Betsy Kapraun
Gerard Kapraun
Jill Kauffman
Jessica Kennel
Angela Kerker
Connie Kiefner
Ronald Kiesewetter
Kathryn Kirschbaum
David Klaus
Dawn Klein
Leon Klein
Deborah Kuni
Annette Goers
Angela Ladd
Darrin Leitner
Julie Lelm
Gina Leman
Candy Linzenmeyer
Stephanie Loftus
Alexandra Lohnert
James Lorance
Christine Lyons
Deborah Markel
Deborah McClone
Brian McDaniel
Kelly McDaniel
Suzanne McFall
Steven Molendi
Brent Merritt
Christine Miller
Keith Miller
Mark Mueller
Christy Munson
Kathy Murrell
John Myatt
Elizabeth Nauman
Michael Nordbusch
Michelle Oms
Trina Parker
Kent Parkins
Sergio Pedraza
Michael Peterson
David Phillips
Michelle Plencner
Shaun Quinn
Teresa Raaf
Tina Rauh
Barbara Redington
Kris Rembowski
David Remmert
Susan Ricca
Amy Robertson
Timothy Roberston
Carla Rogers
Lisa Rohman
Mark Rohman
Bill Rosa
Michelle Ross
Dennis Rude
Kimberly Schaidle
Valerie Schaidle
Gregory Scheirer
James Schertz
Jill Schertz
Kent Schlink
Cheryl Schneider
Tony Schoonover
Jeffrey Schumacher
Kelly Schupp
Theresa Schupp
Jon Sellman
Katherine Skopal
Eric Small
Katherine Smallwood
Gary Snyder
Jennifer Snyder
Kellyann Speten
John Staab
Anthony Stickelmaier
Rusty Stokes
Jill Stoller
Arthur Stromberg
Christine Strum
Katherine Sullivan
Bryan Swords
Michelle Tandarich
Jeffery Teuerle
Heidi Thomas
David Tilley
Eric Trier
Teresa Trowbridge
Nancy Turner
Jill Van De Hand
Scott Vogel
Christopher Walka
Craig Waters
Teresa Waterworth
Michelle Weigel
William Welsh
Steven Williams
Leslie Willman
Mary Wooley
Jeffrey Zobrist

Name: E. Lyn Stanley
Maiden Name: Ballard
Class of: 1985
Address: 1001 East Kansas Street, Peoria,  IL   61603


Name: Scott M. Baldwin
E-Mail: sbaldwin@mtco.com
Class of: 1985
Address: 320 W. Partridge Street, Metamora,  IL 61548

Comments: After teaching grade school music for a year in the Chicago public school system, I went on to law school.  I've been an attorney since 1993, licensed in Ohio , then Illinois and Kentucky .  I have been Woodford County Public Defender since 1999 and also have a busy private practice I started here in 1997. I married Heather in 2000 and we have an incredible daughter born in August 2003 (Maddie).  I play in several local bands, and I conduct the Metamora Community Concert Band, which I inherited from Mr. Domico after he moved on. 
Name: Don Barber
E-Mail: donaldgbarber@yahoo.com
Class of: 1985
Address: 2611 Crestfield Place, Round Rock, TX  78681

(Updated: 09/2010)
Name: Troy Daniel Bell
E-Mail: truck3@email.com
Class of: 1985
Address: 267 Old Germantown Road, East Peoria, IL 61611
Phone: 309-699-0864

Comments: I married Michelle Mendl in 1989, and we have 3 children (Tony, Danny and Heather). I am a truck driver. Call or email, it would be nice to hear from you.
Class of: 1985
Address: 447 Mountain Loop, Middleton, ID  83644

Comments: Right after graduation I went to the University of North Dakota where I majored in Journalism and Sociology/Criminology.  And also developed a love for hockey! Moved to Idaho in 1989 and I'm still here.  Have been with the Idaho Transportation Department for 15 years now and an Investigator for 10.  Funniest part is I'm the Senior Investigator in year but the second youngest by age.  Time has flown WAAAY too quickly!  Would love to hear from everybody - especially news about a reunion - are we going to have one??? The investigative mind wants to know.
Name: Theresa McCrery
Maiden Name: Brockhouse
E-Mail: tmccrery@hotmail.com
Class of: 1985
City: Galesburg , IL  61401

Comments: OK....this is the LAST move we will make! Now living in Galesburg... (our 3rd time). I am working at a hospital here in ICCU on an on call basis which I love..(I can say NO if I want to). Kids have just started back at school. Zach (14) is a freshman. I AM NOT OLD ENOUGH TO HAVE A FRESHMAN! ;-). Jake (10) is in 5th grade and is all about football and Meghan (9) LOVES Tae Kwon Do, soccer and basketball. Planning on coming to some REDBIRD football games this fall and would love to see some of you guys! Drop me a line!

Name: Beth Bromley
Maiden Name: Brousset
Class of: 1985
Address: 1290 Blue Creek Trl., Metamora, IL   61548

Comments: I work for Advanced Technology Services (ATS) in Peoria where I am the Sales Account Manager for the Caterpillar and GE business we have within the Computer Services division of ATS. I've been married to Tim for 3-1/2 years and have a 2 year old daughter, Cameryn, who is the joy of our lives! We just built a house in Germantown ...it's great to be back home! 
Name: Chris Call
E-Mail: Christopher_777@yahoo.com
Class of: 1985
Address: 628 Shamrock Dr., O'Fallon, IL  62269
Phone: 618-624-1474

Comments: Soon after graduation I left for the USAF.  I spent 12.5 years in the Air Force where I also met my wife, Sandra.  We have been married a little over 15 years now.  We have three daughters ages 13, 9, and 2....and yes, she was planned.  :)  I left the Air Force in 1998. I completed my BSB in Information Systems and am now working on my MBA.  I am working for Anheuser-Busch Companies in St. Louis as a computer security analyst.  Sounds boring but it's not...if you like computers, hackers, and forensics.  I look forward to seeing everyone for our 20 year reunion next year. 
Name: Monica Camper
Class of: 1985
Address: 325 Whispering Oaks Dr., Metamora,  IL   61548

Comments: I am currently working the Office Manager for The Village of Metamora.  Just couldn't get enough of this town.  Never married but have been dating the same guy for 12 years we have one child Luke he is 5.

Name: Jeannie Meronk
Maiden Name: Carr
Class of: 1985
Address: 800 Eastmoor Dr., Metamora, IL 61548
Phone: 309-208-8510

Comments: Hello all! It's great to hear what everyone has been up to. I live in Metamora (who would have thought) after living in Indianapolis for about 10 years. I am married and have 3 wonderful sons. Brandon my oldest is in the Air Force, Patrick is a sophomore at Metamora and Alec is in 4th grade. It is very strange having parent teacher conferences with some of my same teachers but have gotten a lot of laughs about it over the years. I am a loan officer at Herget Bank so if anyone needs any money...kidding. I am sure you are all fine! Drop me a line anytime! (Updated: 08/2008)
Name: Cathy-Lynn Chamberlain
Class of: 1985
Address: P.O. Box 6433, Peoria, IL  61601-6433
Name: Brad Combs
E-Mail: ccc@gforcecble.com
Class of: 1985
Address: 120 Crane Court, Aiken, SC 29803
Phone: 803-439-5775

Comments: Congratulations Class of 85. It is wonderful to read about the success of my fellow classmates.I would like to see more of our class participate in this web site. I apologize for not being able to attend the 20th reunion, but I was in the middle of building my office. After high school I went to Augustana college and graduated with a degree in business. This was a change from my original plan to study medicine. Jeff Hoagland and I moved out to Washington , DC to seek our fame and fortune.

Jeff found his niche and fortune, but I still had the yearning to be a doctor. The chiropractic field fit my interest in health care without utilizing drugs (old habits die hard...once a redneck always a redneck). In 1997 I graduated from Cleveland Chiropractic College in Kanas City and have been practicing ever since. I was married for four years and did not have any children. I am now living in South Carolina and am enjoying the southern life. I wish y'all(a mandated saying down he! re) the best and hope every day brings you more joy than the last.

Name: Missy Stagers
Maiden Name: Cook
Class of: 1985
Address: 7971 Verde St N, San Antonio, TX  78240
Phone: 210-509-4743
Web site:

Comments: Traveled the world with the Navy, met the man of my dreams.  He was also in the Navy.  Got married and out of the Navy, he stayed in until retirement.  Landed in San Antonio on the last tour, loved it so much we stayed.  Can't say I miss winters, but I do fall.  I have three children.  Two boys and one girl.  23,22,19.  Can't believe how time flys!!  Rick retired three years ago and is doing Commercial Real Estate with Grubb-Ellis. I have been doing real estate for the last 10 years.  Just kind of fell into it and it stuck.  Life is good and we have been very blessed.  I come back at least once a year to see mom & dad.  I am really looking forward to the 20th and seeing everyone.

Name: Ken Cordes
E-Mail: kencordes@hotmail.com
Class of: 1985


Comments: After high school, I went to the University of Chicago and earned a BA and an MA in linguistics but decided not to do a PhD. Since then, I've done PR and technical writing, project management, government program administration, and a little teaching. Currently I work for a company that provides software to the automotive and telecommunications industries. Since 2012, I've lived in Shanghai, China. My wife, Jia, and I welcomed our daughter, Eleanor, in January 2015. We're planning to relocate to the U.S. by the end of the year.
(updated:  09/22/2015)

Name: Kate DesEnfants McMahon
Maiden Name: DesEnfants
Class of: 1985
E-Mail: Kate@aeg-tmg.com
Address: 12009 Kirkland Court, Austin, TX  78738

Comments: I'll absolutely wear this foxy ruffled blouse and neat sweater vest to the 30 year reunion - it's so attractive!
Updated: 11/2014


Maiden Name: DeFord
Class of: 1985
Address: 818 Katherine Lane, Hampshire,  IL   60140
Phone: 847-683-2797

Comments: I graduated from Western IL Univ in 1989 with a degree in Accounting. I worked for a CPA firm in Peoria until I was offered my current job as a controller for a construction company I helped audit. I have been the controller for Northwest Contractors since 1991. I am divorced, and have a very sweet daughter, Montana '97 (who was named after the greatest quarterback ever!) who seems to occupy most of my social calendar..but I love it. My company moved to Hampshire IL during my divorce, so I figured what better time to move as well, and this town is so much like Metamora that I felt like I moved home.  I'd love to hear from my friends and hear what is up! (Updated: 10/2010)

Name: Ellen Breitbarth
Maiden Name: Dietel
Class of: 1985
Address: 219 N Niles, Metamora,   IL   61548
Phone: 309-367-2944

Comments: WOW..20 years.. There just isn't enough room here. :) After graduation I went on to ICC and received my associates degree in early childhood education.  I married Curt in 1987 and we moved to Marquette , MI . In 1989 we came back to Metamora and purchased a 100 year old Victorian Home, just a block off the square and have been restoring it very slowly ever since.  We have 4 children, Elizabeth, Henry, Jacob, and Megan. They all go to St. Mary's grade school here in Metamora. Life is good, Curt and I are happy, and the kids are growing up in the best little town in the world. Can't wait to see you all at the reunion. Take care and Keep Smiling!!

Name: Marty Dimas
E-Mail: martydimas@gmail.com
Class of: 1985
Address: 10200 W Jewell Ave., #A, Lakewood, CO  80232
Phone: 303-437-0257

Comments: Currently living in Denver, Colorado.  I would love to hear from you ... call or send me an e-mail!!

Name: Chris Downs
E-Mail: downs5@mtco.net
Class of: 1985
Address: 316 Timberlan Rd., Metamora, IL 61548
Phone: 309-383-3387

Comments: Hi everyone. Since graduation all I've done is work, work, work. And more work. But seriously, I'm still married to Kerri (DeLap) and we have three great children, Anthony-20, Collin-13 and Erika-9. Hope life is going well, bye for now.
Name: David Engst
E-Mail: dengst@hotmail.com
Class of: 1985
Address: 2514 Kara Xing, Bloomington, Il  61704
Phone: 309-661-0661
Maiden Name: Duvendack
Class of: 1985
Address: 703 Somerset Drive, Metamora, IL  61548

Comments: WOW-20 years-It's hard to believe-it goes by in the blink of an eye. I'm living back in Germantown now, like a lot of the rest of our class! I've been married to Brian for nine years and have two kids, Isabel,4 years and Griffin ,20 months. Still working as a dental hygienist at the same office  for seventeen years. Looking forward to seeing everyone!!
City: Mapleton, IL  61547 

Comments: I still have my salon Attitudes in East Peoria and my oldest daughter is also working there and she has recently made me a grandma! My youngest daughter is a senior at MTHS and is ready for college and has no plans on joining us at Attitudes! I have recently left Metamora and am now living in Mapleton and love it! Life is really GOOD!
Name: Deborah Ziervogel
Maiden Name: Ernst
Class of: 1985
Address: 946 Brookvale Terrace, Manchester, MO   63021
Phone: 636-225-7259
Comments: After High School, I attended ICC and earned an Associates Degree in Arts and Science.  I then attended Southern Illinois University at Edwardsville and graduated with an BSN.  From there I moved to St.Louis and began Work on A NeuroSurgery floor at a local hospital. From there, I got a job with Barnes-Jewish Hospital in the NeuroSurgery Operating Room.  Met my husband, David, in 1991. We got married in 1993 and have 3 boys, Adam (9), Thomas (8) and Mark (3). Presently, I am working part-time for an Outpatient Surgery Center in St.Louis.  I keep busy with running the boys to and from sports events.  I also enjoy selling Pampered Chef Products; does anyone need anything? If anyone travels through St.Louis, feel free to look us up!
E-Mail: mestes@dave-world.net
Class of: 1985
Address: 703 Jersey Ave., Apt 12, Bloomington, IL 61701
Name: Jill Wilkes
Maiden Name: Loftus-Filson
Class of: 1985
City: Clare, MI

Comments: I have been employed for 7 years with MJ Murphy Beauty College, I work as an Instructor/Financial Aide Director. I have four wonderful children Andrew, Cheri, Tiffany and Ashley.  Andrew was suddenly taken away from me last year in a car accident.  He was a graduate from MTHS and played football for our Redbirds.  There is no greater heartbreak for a mother than the death of her child.  Andrew touched the hearts and lives of his family and friends and his is greatly missed.  Cheri attends Aurora State University and is studying business, Tiffany graduates from Eureka High School and is planning to further her education in the medical field, and Ashley is a Freshman at Clare High School and is captain on her JV basketball team. 

Name: Lori L. Sturtz
Maiden Name: Filson
Class of: 1985
Address: P.O. Box 16142, Las Cruces,  NM   88004
Phone: 505-526-7132

Name: Rod Fromm
E-Mail: rtkcfromm@yahoo.com
Class of: 1985
Address: 213 Justice Drive, East Peoria, IL  61611
Phone: 309-698-0288

Comments: Shortly after graduation I went into the Air Force where I served for 8 years.  During that time I got to do some traveling.  I spent 3 months in Saudii Arabia, a year in Iceland and the rest of the time various stateside (FL & NC) assignments.  I also manage to receive a B.S. in Professional Aeronautics and an A.S. in Electronics Technology through Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  After departing the Air Force my wife Tina and I moved back to East Peoria.  We are both computer programmers and have worked at Caterpillar for almost 7 years.  Tina and I have been married 8 years and have two wonderful children, Kendall-4 and Cam-19 months.
Name: Annette Taylor
Maiden Name:  Goers
Class of: 1985
Address: 1118 Old Tar Landing, Rd. Lot #1, Jacksonville, NC 28540

Comments: just an update I had a 4th child on November 21st 2007 at 40 years old miracles can still happen!! My oldest daughter is 17 middle son 16 and other son 13 and my newest 5 months old!! Oldest Daughter Junior is H.S. Bianca Babbette and will be graduating early out and hopefully college bound!! Middle son has had few problems he's a Freshman Dave Ellis
III, Chaz Fitzpatrick is same with problems in school in 6th grade and of course newest Anastasia Alexandra is to young but I'm sure just like the 3 before her it will go by all to soon. Hope everyone is doing well and maybe someday will all see each other again!!  (Updated: 04/2008)
Name: Melvin Gudeman
Class of: 1985
Address: 1125 E Koch Dr., Peoria, IL 61615
Phone: 309-224-0193
Comments: After graduation messed around with college then went to the Marine Corps.  After Iraq and Desert Storm came back to Peoria and became a bricklayer.  Had a bad motorcycle crash in 99 that put me in a coma and made me truly appreciate and love life hope to see you all OUT.
Name: Candy Conn
Maiden Name: Hammer
E-Mail: cc82987@yahoo.com
Class of: 1985
Address: 7414 Coral Sea Road, Jacksonville,  FL  32244
Phone: 904-778-9027

Comments: I have been married for 12 years, I have 2 children Kristina 8, Justin 3.  I moved to Florida right after graduation, I was the General Manager for J-Bar of North Florida for 8 years, I work for Ring Power Corporation currently as the Technical Support Coordinator.  Would love to hear from classmates!
Name: Erinn Corirossi
Maiden Name: Hardman
Class of: 1985
Address: 2374 Alamance Drive, West Chicago, IL  60185
Phone: 630-443-2840

Comments: My husband Scott and I have been married for 11 years.  We have two children.  Bradley is nine and Anna is eight.  We live in West Chicago .  I have been a first grade teacher in Bartlett for the last fifteen years.  I received my undergraduate plus my masters' from Northern Illinois University .

Name: Kelly Fairfield
Maiden Name: Helmick
E-Mail: kjfairfield@hotmail.com
Class of: 1985
Address: 125 SW Jefferson, Peoria, IL 61602
Phone: 637-1979

Comments: We have just relocated to Peoria and are planning to build in Germantown . 2 children Regan 8, Brady 5.
Name: Jeff Holloway
email: Jholls@mtco.com
Class of: 1985
Address: 708 Holland Rd., Metamora, IL 61548
Phone: 309-383-4778
Web site: www.jimmarkumswingband.com

Comments: Well let's see....Tina and I have two wonderful girls. Leah is 11 going on 18 and Aria is definitely 7 years old. We live in White Oak Lake along with our Yellow Lab Boomer. I work for K's Merchandise Corporate Office and Tina Teaches Music at Bradley University . I also play saxophone in the Jim Markum Swing Band.(see web site) I look forward to seeing everyone at the 20th reunion.
Name: Eric Holman
E-Mail: ehs@mtco.com
Class of: 1985
Address: 1540 Division St., Metamora, IL   61548
Phone: 309 367-4960

Comments: I have been married to my wife Danni for 10 years.  We have 3 children Dawnelle, Dakota and Nick.  I work for Apria Healthcare and live in Metamora.   

Name: Chris Campbell
Maiden Name: Kapchinske
Class of: 1985
Address: 114 S. High, Washington,  IL  61571

Comments: Hello, Hope everyone is doing well!! Been married for 8 years and have two beautiful daughters Maddi (6) MaKenna (3).   I work for Jim Maloof Realtor in Washington . Let me know if you are planning to buy or sell (HA HA). Look forward to seeing everyone at our 20th!

Name: Jessica Hubert
Maiden Name: Kennel
Class of: 1985
Address: 736 Robinswood Lane, Metamora, IL  61548

Comments: I graduated Northern Illinois University in 1989, and began my teaching career.  I have taught first, second, third, and sixth grades.  I am currently teaching first grade.  Recently, I received my Masters Degree in mathematics from ISU.  I have been married 12 years to Eric(Rick)Hubert. We have two children Paige and Patrick.

Name: Connie Davis
Maiden Name: Kiefner
Class of: 1985
Address: 105 Mandi Ct., East Peoria,  IL  61611
Phone: 309-694-3224

Comments: I have been married to Mike Davis since 1987.  I have one son, Garrett(13) and one daughter, Delaney(3).  I graduated from St.Francis College of Nursing in 1989.  I have worked at OSF in Peoria since 1988.  I work on the Mother/Baby floor and I have seen many classmates become parents.  It has been fun.  Look forward to seeing everyone next year for our 20th.  We are having one, RIGHT?? I enjoy selling Longaberger Baskets, shopping and walking.  I would love to hear from classmates.  

Class of: 1985
Address: 121 West Rohman, Metamora,  IL  61548
Phone: 309-367-9320

Comments: After completing my Bachelors in Music education at Illinois Wesleyan I married Leigh. We lived in the Chicago suburbs for 1 year while I taught just North of Crystal Lake and she worked on her Masters at U of Chicago.  Now I teach vocal music at MTHS and am finishing my Masters while my wife and I raise our two blessings Lauren and Samuel(5 and 3) Hello and Best wishes to all!!

Name: Dawn Schmitgall
Maiden Name: Klein
Class of: 1985
Address: 7789 N. Wildlife Dr., Hopedale,  IL  61747
Phone: 309-449-6562

Comments: I have been married since 1999 and have two boys (Thorne born in 2000 and Gage in 2004).... yes, diapers!  I have lived in numerous states since high school, TX, VA, NH, and NJ, experiencing a multitude of adventures.  After graduating from ISU with a computer science degree, I worked at State Farm for 4 years and am now employed at Caterpillar (8 years).  My hobbies include my horses and enjoying the outdoors.  I am seriously considering attending our 20 year reunion to reunite with former classmates!  It is great reading everyone's profiles and wonderful experiences.

Name: Debby Hines
Maiden Name: Kuni
Class of: 1985
(Updated: 10/2011)
Name: Candy Linzenmeyer
E-Mail: canz67@insightbb.com
Class of: 1985
Address: 4241 Sheridan Road, Pekin, IL  61554
Phone: 308-387-2240

Comments: I got married in 88, had 2 beautiful boys, and was divorced in 2000.  My children, Jeremy who is 14, and Noah who is 7, both attend Pekin schools, where I have lived for the past 2 years.  Believe it or not Leonard Ealey is the principle of my youngest sons school, and does an AWESOME job of it.  I have been with my wonderful better half for over 2 years now, and couldn't be happier.  Since moving to Pekin , I have fallen out of contact with my buddies, but I hope to get back in the loop soon.  I work in Bloomington as a Technical Services Analyst for State Farm Insurance, and life right now is great.  It is great to read up on everyone and how they are doing.  Hope to see you all at the 20th class reunion.

Name: Alexandra " Sandy " Lohnert Davis
Maiden Name: Lohnert
Class of: 1985
Address: 1036-2nd Street, Hermosa Beach,  CA  90254

Comments: After high school, I received a degree in Hotel Restaurant Management from Iowa State University .  I then spent 6 years working for the Marriott Corporation in Chicago and Raleigh , NC .  I have also worked for Jumers Corporation in Galesburg and in the Quad Cities on their casino boat.  I met my husband, Scott, in San Diego at a TOPGUN party.  (Yes, there are TOPGUN pilots and instructors).  We married in 1997.  We have lived in Las Vegas , Edwards AFB, and now in Hermosa Beach , CA .  We are moving to San Antonio , TX and will miss the reunion. :(  We have 2 beautiful girls, Gabi, 5 and Steffi 2.
Name: Deborah Markel
Class of: 1985

Comments: Let's see-- I got a degree in German, but moved to Italy instead (better weather, food, and no sandals with tube sox to be seen). I married and divorced a wonderful man, Tommaso, who is still a huge part of my life. I've done a bunch of different jobs and learned a bunch of languages--most recently Croatian, inspired as I was by Ken Cordes' self-taught Czech. I'm currently in a self-designed master's program on sound and noise with a working title of "Human BioAcoustics". I had absolutely no idea this website existed, but I send my warmest greetings to you all.


Name: Brent E. Merritt
E-Mail: Themerritts@alltel.net
Class of: 1985
769 Willow Oak CircleLexington,  KY   40514
Phone: 859-223-6797

Comments: In 1989, I graduated from IllinoisWesleyanUniversitywith a degree in Music Education and began teaching at Olympia Middle and High  School in Stanford , IL.  In 1995, moved to a new position at FranklinCountyHigh Schoolin Frankfort , KY.where I met my future wife, Tonya, during the first faculty meeting.  We married in 1998.  In 1999, I received my Masters in Music Education from the University of Kentuckyand in 2002, I was honored to be selected to lead the highly respected Choral Music Department at ScottCountyHigh Schoolin Georgetown , KY.  In 2004, Tonya and I had a son, Eli, and we moved to Lexington , KY.  Have kept an MTHS connection alive by hosting Ron Kiesewetter and the MTHS Chamber Choir in Kentuckya few times over the years.
Name: Chris Juchems
Maiden Name: Miller
Class of: 1985
Address: 513 E South St., Tremont,  IL  61568
Phone: 925-7706

Comments: Married my husband Mark March 1988. We have three children Coryell (15), Joshua (13), and Mitchell (9). Mark works at Caterpillar (computer analyst). He was a youth pastor the first six years of marriage where we lived in Lansing, IL. I received an associates degree in nursing (89) but have mostly stayed home which I love. We attend Northfield Christian Fellowship in Tremont and work with the Junior High kids.
Name: Keith Miller
E-Mail: wired@mtco.com
Class of: 1985
Address: 765 Santa Fe Trail, P.O. Box 808, Metamora,  IL   61548
Phone: 309-303-2136

Comments: After high school I have had several years of college (but no degree- guess I just like going to school)and ended up being an electrician for the last 10 years. In 2002 I started my own construction company after being laid off in 2001. I have been single since 1997 but I have two wonderful kids from the marriage. Jordan is 13 and Shelby is 9.   Jordan plays on the Washington JFL team and it is difficult to cheer for them but fatherhood must prevail. I have been very active in the Peoria running clubs since cross country but the pace isn't what it used to be.  It will be fun to see everyone again at the 20th reunion.   
Name: Mark Mueller
E-Mail: betregor@aol.com
Class of: 1985
Address: 2607 Harriman Lane #3, Redondo Beach, CA  90278
Phone: 310-318-0020 

Comments: After HS I stuck it out at the U of I for 6 years (lots of slacking there, but I came out with a MS).  Then it was off to sunny California to be a rocket scientist.  I'm still at the same company although I became management 4 years back, so my skills are of course diminishing.  I'm probably a bit behind everyone else in that I've only had 3 cars since high school, never had a house, I finally got married last November to Claudia, and we've got no kids so far.  I'm probably caught up in that I too have way less hair then that yearbook photo.
Name: Christy Smith
Maiden Name: Munson
Class of: 1985
Address: 108 N. Hancock, Metamora,   IL  61548

Comments: First of all, there is no way it has been almost 20 years since high School Ended! I moved back to Metamora in 2000 while I was going thru a divorce. (seems to be the in thing to do in that situation)  My kids love it here and so do I. I have been remarried since 2001 to my husband Wes. He works at Advanced Medical Transport and is a Paramedic. I have 3 great kids. Tyler (he's 13), Abby (she's 9) and Alex (he's 7). They are so much fun! They also keep me very busy. I have yet to finish the college degree that I started on. I have worked in several different areas of banking and I also worked at  Advanced Medical Transport. (guess where I met my husband) I currently work for RSM McGladrey Physician Services. I would love to hear from my former schoolmates - drop me a line!!!
Maiden Name: Nauman
Class of: 1985
City: Washington, IL  61571
Phone: 309-444-1518

Comments: After ISU started teaching math at Washington Community High School and have been there 18 years. I also graduated with my Masters in Education in 2001. Now I am enjoying teaching my classmates children who live in Washington . I married in 1992 to a science teacher, football, and softball coach. He also teaches at WCHS. We have three daughters, Katie (12), Emily (9), and Kylie (6) who attend St. Patricks. I can be found watching the girls many sporting events as well as my husbands high school teams throughout the year.
Name: Mike Nordbusch
E-Mail: nordbusch@sbcglobal.net
Class of: 1985
Address: 20797 Burgandy Dr., Strongsville, OH  44149
Comments: Wow, time has really flown. After high school, got a degree in business from Illinois State University, then started work in Peoria for First of America Bank. Married Theresa Schupp in 1990, and moved to Strongsville, OH (near Cleveland) in 1998 after First of America merged with National City. Still there, although it’s now PNC Bank.

We have two children: Kirk (a sophomore) and Rachel (7th grade). Over the years I’ve kept busy by coaching rec soccer, baseball and basketball, although it’s getting harder to scrimmage with high school kids.

Glad to see how well everyone is doing; I still get back to the Germantown Hills/Metamora area once a year. (Updated: 04/2010)
Name: Trina Dotson
Maiden Name: Parker
Class of: 1985
Address: 465 E. Townhall Rd., Metamora,  IL   61548
Phone: 309-383-4139

Comments: I am teaching and working part-time for Bloomington Parks and Recreation with Special Olympics and various activities with developmentally challenged individuals. In 1997 I married Rich Dotson. I am almost finished working on my Master's Degrees (yes plural) in Reading and Curriculum & Instruction at ISU. If I had free time it would be spent reading, listening to music, gardening, and doing various crafts.

Name: Sergio Pedraza
E-Mail: mexinau@hotmail.com
Class of: 1985
Phone: (61)402496323

Comments: I was an exchange student 1984-1985, my host family were The Bachmans. Dave (1986) & Debbie. Who I haven't see in many year and would love to contact.

I started my own travel business back in Mexico, got married in 1993 and divorced in 1996. I moved to Australia where I've been living since then. I live in the Gold Coast.


Class of: 1985
Address: 1245 Roberts Rd., Sanford, NC  27330
Phone: 919-499-4929
Maiden Name: Raaf
Class of: 1985
Address: 6769-6 Burnside Loop, Ft. Riley, KS  66442
Phone: 785-784-7031

Comments: I've been married and an Army wife for almost 18 years.  My husband Rick and I have 3 children Kirstyn-17, Brittany & Brett-will be 15 in July.  We have lived in Georgia twice, Germany , Louisiana , Texas , Kansas throughout the years.  My husband is retiring soon from the Army and we just bought a house in Galesburg , Il .  We will be moving there this December.  I am currently working on finishing my Associated Degree that I started after high school.  Through the years, I have worked for Wal-Mart and the last 5 years I have worked at Ft. Riley Middle School as a library clerk, but this coming school year I will be a paraprofessional.  I hope to see all my old friends at the reunion.
Name: Tina M. Shehorn
Maiden Name: Tina M. Rauh
Class of: 1985
Address: 7 Winged Foot Dr., Pekin,  IL  61554
Phone: 309-347-8008

Comments: After High School, I graduated Western Illinois University in 1988 where I met my husband, Joe.  We have been married for 15 years and have 3 wonderful children, ages 8, 5, and 2.  We have lived in Pekin since college.  I have completed my Master of Business Administration from Bradley University .  I have been working in the pharmaceutical field for the last 10 years and am currently an Area Business Manager for a biotech company.  My life is consumed by my family and work.  We spend most of our
free time at ball games and practices of some kind!  


Maiden Name: Redington
Class of: 1985
Address: 1700 S. Buerkle St., Stuttgart, AR  72160
Phone: 501-259-5109

Comments: Just looked at my previous comments and just had to post an update! I am still married to Richard (15 years in May 08) and we have 3 children: Abigail, almost 11, Richard III (Bud) age 7, and our newest arrival: Olivia who will be 2 in September. I have happily returned to the workforce as an Assistant Director at Easter Seals here in Stuttgart and I absolutely love that I have returned to work. Olivia attends daycare there so she is just a couple doors away from my office. Even the older 2 are in a summer program there this year so they all go to work with me in the summer. I am still peddling my goods on ebay - if you surf ebay - my seller name is beanie2402. I have also opened a myspace page which I think that I included the URL for. Stop by and see the pictures of my kiddos and say hi too! Guess that is it - we are attending Richard's 25th class reunion this weekend and it got me to thinking about Metamora and our 25th in 2010. I am definitely going to try and make it to that one! (Updated: 07/2008)

Maiden Name: Rogers
Class of: 1985
Address: 6655 Valley Rd., Newburgh, IN  47630

Comments: I am still in the airline industry.  I have a 2 1/2 year old, Troy , and two stepsons- Chris, 22 and Brent, 20.  I stay very busy with work, church, family, and cross country (I help/support the local high school cross country team). 
Name: Mark Rohman
E-Mail: mark3555@hotmail.com
Class of: 1985
Address: 5320 W. Overholt Dr., Virginia Beach,  VA  23462

Comments: After graduation I moved to Peoria and worked at Banker Life and Casualty for nearly 5 years.  Corporate cutbacks slashed my position and after bouncing around several dead end jobs I joined the United States Navy in 1992.  I received a BA in Professional Aeronautics from Embry Riddle University in 1999.  In August 2005 I will begin Officer Candidate training and with a little luck complete my Masters Degree in Aviation Business Administration and receive my commission as an Officer in the United States Navy.  My wife Lanore and I with our three boys Jacob(5), Nathan(2) and Seth(2) currently reside in Virgina Beach , Virginia .  I can honestly say I've seen the world.  Africa , Asia , Australia , Europe , Middle East , and South America .  After seeing the world we live in I now have a greater appreciation for what we have here in the United States .
Name: Dennis Rude
E-Mail: dmrude@ocslink.com
Class of: 1985
Address: 2006 N Bigelow, Peoria, IL   61604
Phone: 309-682-7683

Comments: In order of occurrence: Married musician Debra Miller '88(Richwoods HS '84), Iowa State Univ. B.S Computer Engineering '89, Worked as electrical engineer, software developer, IT manager for a marketing firm and FINALLY a hobby that I get paid for - Audio and Video Systems Designer. 
Kids & critters: Riker (the cat)'91  Craig the soccer midfielder/drummer '92 Carrie the princess/drama queen '97 (on my 30th birthday) Troi (the cat) '00  <- with un-cat-like tread HRRRMPH, the momma cat left this one behind

Other musings: Active in community theater (from the dark side - its all about the tech), Industrial theater technician and stage manager (Dr. Phil is a real pain to deal with...),  Assistant soccer coach Sporting Futbol Club, Debra music directs and accompanies for special performances and has even played cabaret shows with 2 of Broadway's Jean Valjeans from Les Mis. 


Maiden Name: Schertz
Class of: 1985
Address: 1764 State St., Lowpoint , IL  61545

Comments: Wow, I didn't realize how long its been since I've updated my info! Rick and I have been married for 13 years, our kids; Dana now (23) just got married to Mark Graham on May 9th! Im hoping I have a little time before I'm a grandma, but looking forward to it! Ashley (22) lives in Iowa and Chelsea (16) is going to be a junior at MTHS in the Fall! I now work for a dental office in Peoria as a business assistant. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next reunion! (Updated: 09/2009)
Name: Kent Schlink
E-Mail: kent.schlink@astrazeneca.com
Class of: 1985
Address: 1519 Lake Santa Fe, Metamora, IL  61548
Phone: 309-383-2512

Comments: I graduated from the University of Illinois with a BA. in management and started a kitchen cabinet business and custom picture frame shop.  I operated that until 1996 when a congenital birth defect with my heart had gotten so bad I was dying and need of a heart transplant, which I received in 1996.  I now work for AstraZeneca pharmaceuticals as a sales rep/ sales Trainer.  In my spear time I travel around the country giving inspirational talks to large groups and corporations. I have been with my wife Lorna for 17 years and have been married to her for 13 of those years.  We have two boys Weston 9 and Jonathan 6.  We are currently living in Germantown hills across the lake from where I grew up. Life couldn't be better. 

Name: Gary Snyder
E-Mail: white_n_nerdy@comcast.net
Class of: 1985
City: Lincoln, IL  62656
Phone: 217-671-0072

Comments: March 8 2009 - After high school joined The Air Force, while in I worked on my associates in fire science. After I got out I came back to Metamora but ended up moving around Lincoln, Springfield, That’s where I met Cindy Smith of all places work. We were married in June of 1989. Been married now all most 20 years. We Have 2 wonderful kids – My son Damon is now 18 and a senior in high school. My Daughter Bailee is 10 and in the 5th grade. We live in Lincoln IL now. I went back to school a few years ago working on a BA in Computer Science. As far as work goes I work for myself doing 2 different jobs, an independent contractor & and a computer technician sounds weird I know but it works out. If you’re interested in talking drop me a line. (Updated: 03/2009)
Name: Kellyann M. Anderson
Maiden Name: Speten
Class of: 1985
Address: 9407 North Northview Road, Peoria, IL  61615
Phone: 309-689-3399

Comments: Hello everyone from the class of 1985. I have been a Registered Dental Hygienist for 20 years . I am licensed to practice Dental Hygiene in Illinois and Iowa. I have been married for 14 years. My husband,Dennnis, is a Software Development Engineer. We have been blessed with 4 children. Breann 12,Aidan 7,Keegan 5 and Collin 3. Hope to see everyone at the 25th reunion. God Bless. (Updated: 03/2010)
Name: John A. Staab
E-Mail: jstaab2@comcast.net
Class of: 1985
Address: 129 Tuttle Ave., Clarendon Hills, IL   60514

Comments:1985 seems almost a lifetime ago.  Following graduation, I received a BA in Economics from the University of Illinois .  I moved to Chicago in 1989 and have lived here ever since.  Have spent my entire career in the financial industry in one facet or another; broker, trader and private banker.  Currently working with the Merrill Lynch Private Banking and Investment Group as a private banker.  I have been married for 8 years and my wife Melissa and I had our first child (John Jr. "Jack") in May of 05.  Was unable to attend the reunion this past August, but glad to see so many people are doing well.  Hope to make it to the next one.
Maiden Name: Stoller
Class of: 1985
Address: 1142 North Blackberry Lane, East Peoria,  IL  61611
Phone: 309-699-4663

Comments: After graduating from MTHS, I graduated from Purdue University with a degree in dietetics.  I also met my husband, Frank, at Purdue.  We have been married 19 years.  We have 4 children, Calen (13 years), Maggie (10), Avery (7) and Grant (5).  I am currently a stay-at-home mom which I thoroughly enjoy, just practicing my nutrition knowledge on my kids!  I look forward to seeing everyone at the 20th.  God bless you all.
Name: Bryan Swords
E-Mail: swords@mtco.com
Class of: 1985
City: Metamora,  IL 

Comments: Married, 5 children, contractor, living back in Metamora.
Name: Michelle (Shelly) Prew
Maiden Name: Tandarich
Class of: 1985
Address: 1556 Eason Road, Waterford,   MI  48328
Phone: 847-971-7238

Comments: Well let's see......Moved to Michigan right after high school where I ended up studying Electrical Engineering and worked for, of all people, my dad until Spring of '03 as a Project Manager.  During this time as well, I met a wonderful man, got married, got divorced and am now working in Chicago for a Lighting Manufacturer as a Regional Sales Manager for 12 states across the Midwest .  Although my permanent address is in Michigan , I reside part time in the wonderful "Wrigleyville" neighborhood in Chicago land on average 7 days a month.  Lots of travel!!!!  For fun I enjoy cars, golf, motorcycles, raising a small herd of Yorkshire Terriers and dating my ex-husband, who I probably never should of divorced.  Hind sight is 20/20.  Although life has dealt me a very difficult hand at times, I have learned to enjoy life one day at a time and with no regrets. 
Name: Heidi Thomas
E-Mail: heidit@mtco.com
Class of: 1985
City: Metamora, IL   61548

Comments: Hi All! It has been a long time since we walked the halls of MTHS, as students anyway! I have sent my older son through there already. Now he joins me as an MTHS graduate. Since leaving MTHS I have graduated from NIU, and, more recently, gotten my Master's Degree in Education Administration. I have been teaching at Germantown Hills since 1989. My younger son is at Metamora Grade School. We have enjoyed living in Metamora since 2003. It's a great place to raise great kids! (Updated: 05/2008)

Name: Dave Tilley
E-Mail: dtilley@mchsi.com
Class of: 1985
City: Metamora, IL 

Comments: I spent 8 years in the army after graduation and spent half of my time overseas in South Korea . After that I got a job at news 25 here in Peoria for a few years then moved on to Caterpillar. There I started in the shop and 10 years later have now risen to the job of marketing consultant and travel the world. (My guidance counselor is so proud). I do stand up comedy in my spare time and have worked all over the country. I was married for 18 years and have three great sons, Sean, Beau and Connor. They live with me full time and I just never stop moving now.

Name: Scott Vogel
E-Mail: Lumpster9@aol.com.
Class of: 1985
Address: 708 Grandview Way, Metamora , IL  61548
Name: Michelle Weigel
E-Mail: mickarooni67@yahoo.com
Class of: 1985
Address: 107 Hornady Dr., Syracuse,  NY  13209

Comments: Have been living in Syracuse NY since 1988.  I have two daughters Morgan(10) and Madison(8).  We live with my fiancé, and are planning a wedding for next year.  I am a Registered Nurse and work in the emergency department at St. Josephs Hospital in Syracuse. My fiancé and I keep busy riding our motorcycles, and I also coach my daughters softball team. My mom moved out here about 4 years ago and lives about a mile away.  
Name: William Welsh
E-Mail: billwelsh1536@live.com
Class of: 1985
Address: 3015 Golden Valley Rd., Golden Valley, MN  55422

Comments: Hi everyone! After high school, I attended ICC, and got an associates degree from ICC in Electronics tech, then went to SIU Carbondale pursuing a degree in electrical engineering. I, at the same time, had met a girl from Washington High School, which went to the U of I. Our relationship maintained the first year of living apart (though my grades didn't!), so she decided to move to Carbondale with me. She finished up her Bachelor's, and continued into medical school, which took us to Springfield for a few years. Eventually, her residency took us to Minneapolis, MN, where she is now a Family Doctor. I never loved engineering, and when we moved to Minneapolis, I went back to school and got a Master's in Architecture, and have been designing (on large teams!) clinics and hospitals for the past few years.

Jennifer and I have been together for 25 years now. We have a 15 year old boy, and a 12 year old girl, who are both awesome kids. I am still very much into running, and cycling, as I was when I was in high school. Feel free to email me. I still am in town a few times a year, and wouldn't mind catching up with you guys. (Updated: 09/2012)


E-Mail: hopppalong@hotmail.com
Class of: 1985
Address: R. R. # 1 Box 41C, Stoutland, MO 65567
Phone: 417-286-3073

Comments:  Although I didn't graduate with the class I thought I would enter this info.  My mother moved us to Texas in April of 85.  I didn't stay in Texas but moved back to Peoria .  I married Nina Lucas and we have two Children Kayla Marie 12 and Steven Andrew 10.  I bought my grandmother's house and lived there until we decided to move to Missouri .  I am working construction in Mo. before that I was manager of Mt. Hawley Quik Lube.  I am an avid Hunter and outdoorsman. I had hip replacement surgery in 99 and it worked out really great. 
Name: Leslie Willman
E-Mail: lawillman9@yahoo.com
Class of: 1985
Address: 311 S Hanover, Metamora, IL   61548

Comments: After high school, I attended ICC and received an associate in Business Management. Currently, I am starting my 10th yr at OSF St Francis in the patient accounts dept. On a personal note I have been dating a wonderful guy named Dean Agatucci who treats me well. We have been dating for the past 3 1/2 yrs. 
Name: Mary Davis
Maiden Name: Wooley
Class of: 1985
Address: 5 Swan Lake Road, Bloomington, IL  61704

Comments: I attended ISU, and then stayed in Bloomington .  I have been working as a System Analyst for State Farm Insurance for over 15 years!  Have a great husband and 2 children - girl and a boy.   Looking forward to seeing friends.   

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