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MTHS Class of 1983

Click this link to see information about your upcoming class reunion.

This information was taken from the Senior Yearbook.  
Please contact us with corrections. 

Terry Ahrens
George Anglin
Randy Bachman
Randy Bachman
Raymond Baker
Maria Barcena
Gayla Barnett
Robin Bell
Robin Bellot
Karen Bernius
Clifton Bolam
Jean Breitbarth
Donald Bridges
Adriana Castro
Troy Buenneke
Douglas Burk
Deanna Bursott
Laurie Call
Mark Casey
Lisa Cheek
Steven Christopher
Michael Cieslewicz
Jon Clem
Tracie Clement
Bruce Cluskey
Jana Cook
Arthur Cox
Bonnie Crandell
Anthony Cripe
Douglas Cupples
Patty Cupples
Harold Dagit
Rodger Delap
Todd DeWalt
Samuel Diddle
Anthony Dimas
Brian Doty
Todd Doyle
Tonya Driscoll
Lisa DuBois
Joe Durre
Jami Ekvall
Janet Engst
Timothy Eytcheson
Kimberly Fandel
Joyce Fauber
Chris Fay
Constance Forney
David Funcannon
Laure Gangloff
Rhonda Garthaus
David Gertzen
John Gilbert
Brian Griffith
Jennifer Goldsmith
Dianna Guay
Ronald Haggard
Sherri Haggard
Christine Hammer
Randy Hayes
Sally Heisler
Diana Heitzman
Gregory Hendryx
Michael Hoagland
Roxanna Hobson
Matt Ioerger
David Johnson
Amy Kavelman
Long Kemple
Todd Kennel
Scott Kerker
Steve Kerker
David Kiesewetter
Debra Kiesewetter
Pattie Kiesewetter
Karen King
Michael King
David Kipling
Alice Klein
Edwin Knobloch
Teresa Koch
Deborah Koppenhoefer
Howard Kuritz
Brain Lambie
Kevin Linzenmeyer
Suzanne Lohnert
Tina Luke
Michelle Madsen
Bryan Marchand
Matthew Markel
Matthew Martynowski
Amy McCarty
Jeffrey McDaniel
Mark McDaniel
Michelle McDowell
Harold McElhaney
Stanley Meinert
Michelle Mendl
Pamela Mitchell
Christopher Mitzefelt
Rena Morse
Roger Mulhern
Terry Myers
Jane Nauman
Jeff Nauman
Randy Nauman
Delwyn Neilson
Ruth Nielsen
Deborah Noe
Chad Noll
Dale Nunley
Lori Olomon
Alex Overend
Michael Paluska
Curtis Parr
Todd Pilcher
Julie Potter
Teresa Potter
John Purple
Roger Ramoley
Cecelia Raschert
Bobbi Rassi
Ann Rauh
Jeffrey Rebholz
Susan Redington
Krista Reich
Daniel Remmert
Kay Ricca
Tom Ricca
David Richardson
Shane Riedell
Deborah Riggert
Kimberly Riley
Lisa Robertson
Larry Rodgers
Ann Roedder
Donald Rogers
Julie Rubel
Kenneth Schaer
Milton Scheirer
Christine Scherer
Priscilla Schertz
Paul Schmitz
James Schofield
Greg Schumacher
Duane Schupp
Dennis Seckler
Judith Sheets
Kathryn Sheets
Patricia Skopal
Matthew Smith
Michael Sniff
Tracey Strayer
Kelly Sullivan
Robert Taylor
Eric Turner
Kristine Tyler
Elizabeth Ullrich
Rhonda Umdenstock
James Vance
Beth Van De Hand
Carey Vicary
Mary Warner
Colette Weinstein
Alice Wernle
Kevin Wernsman
Eric Wettstein
Owen White
Christy Williams
Donate Willman
Darrell Winchell
Laura Winkler
David Wooters
Christine Wurster

Maiden Name: Bursott
Class of: 1983 

Comments: Married David Schick February 2003.  Have three children Mark (1983), Daniel (1986), and Cindy (1989). 

Comments: Hey there everyone! What a long strange, trip it's been!! Divorced, two daughters (Ashley 22, Stephanie 18). Still working at State Farm as a licensed Architect (the building kind, not computers). I've been here over 25 years, but looking forward to an early retirement. I've been working hard as a professional actor as well (mostly film, TV, and voice, some stage). Also flipping houses in the Peoria area. I've been an avid motorcyclist for over 25 years, riding mostly street bikes (Harley, BMW). Hoping to restore my '57 Chevy in the next couple of years! (Updated: 04/2013) 

Name: Michael Cieslewicz
Class of: 1983
City: Cambridge, Massachusetts

Comments: “Better living through pharmacology.”

Name: Bruce Cluskey
Class of: 1983
Address: 46 N Broadview Ave., Lombard, IL  60148
Phone: 630-629-2312

Comments: Hey everyone!!  Looking forward to our reunion this year.  I am married now for 15 years to Mary (we met in college).  We have 4 children and a dog.  I have been in the IT industry for my entire career and currently am working at CNA Insurance.  Still playing softball and as much golf as I possible can!!

Maiden Name: Crandell
Class of: 1983
City: Washington,  IL
Phone: 309-367-4702

Comments: Hey Everyone! I think this is so cool. Since high school which actually feels like yesterday until I look in the mirror. I played around for a few years and then went back to school. I graduated from ICC as a Certified Surgical Technician and began working at Methodist Medical Center. I worked as a surg tech and put myself through nursing school at Methodist School of Nursing and graduated in May of 99. In my spare time I really enjoy scuba diving, boating and anything that includes being outdoors. E-mail me it would be great to hear from everyone. Hope to see you all at the 20 which is not to far off.

Name: Sam Diddle
Class of: 1983
Address: 1918 N. 14th Street, Boise, ID 83702
Phone: 208-342-4943

Comments: I graduated from the University of North Carolina School of Law and had a short stay in Nashville and then moved to Idaho to ski and fish.   I have been in Boise for ten years.  I am practicing law between fishing trips.

E-Mail: bdoty8@mtco.com
Class of: 1983
Address: 1205 Stonegate Dr., Metamora,  IL  61548-8459
Phone: 309-383-2860

Comments: HI everybody. Still living in the area and working at Versa Press in Spring Bay. I have been there since Feb. 1988. At this time I'm still divorced and will be looking forward to my 10 year anniversary of that in Jan. 2004. I will have to invite you all to my big 10 year party and yes my ex will be there also! My daughter Jessica is 13 now and will be in
8th grade at Morton Jr-High. She has been a pretty good girl so far and I hope that she continues that.

Name: Tonya Alig
Maiden Name: Driscoll
Class of: 1983
Address: 1515 Wiedman Road, Metamora, IL 61548
Phone: 309-367-4146

Comments: Married Kevin Alig in 1986 moved to Seattle for 2 years and then returned when Kevin was offered a job at Caterpillar. Have 3 wonderful daughters(nothing like their mother) Jessica (16) a junior, Danielle(14) a freshman and Katelyn (12) 8th grade at St. Mary's. I work at Carter Law Office doing office assistant work. Still very involved in sports if not with the girls, with Kevin and myself.

Maiden Name: Ekvall
Class of: 1983
City: Morton, IL

Comments: I attended ICC and ISU. I received my bachelor's degree in elementary education in 1987. I am a third grade teacher and have been teaching for 13 years.  I live in the Morton area with my three children:  Joey, Lexi, and Tori. I have had a lot of fun coaching their softball and soccer teams. They keep me very busy!  

Name: Constance Zimmerman
Maiden Name: Forney
Class of : 1983
Address: Metamora, IL 61548

Comments: Dave and I have three sons-- David III, (MTHS class of 2003), Brandon (MTHS Class of 2007), and Jordan (MTHS Class of 2013).  I have worked at the law firm of Heyl, Royster, Voelker & Allen since 1984 and truly enjoy my job.  My hobbies and interests include keeping up with the boys and their school, athletic and social schedules; getting together with friends; and escaping for summer vacations! (Updated: 09/2009)

Maiden Name: Garthaus
Class of: 1983
Address: 300 E. Frye Ave., Peoria, IL  61603
Phone: 309-686-8964

Comments: Hey - thought I should update a little.  I'm still working at the same school & I love it!  I'm still going back for my Bachelor's in Early Childhood. And every spare minute is still spent with my daughter Abbi (94) & her activities. Life is pretty normal & I'm very blessed with everything & everybody in it. 

Name: John Gilbert
Class of: 1983
Address: 18327 W. Northern Ave., Waddell,  AZ   85355
Phone: 623-878-6519

Comments: After 1 1/2 yr at ICC I bailed out to be a rock star. Moved to Phoenix (on the way to LA) and landed a job with the City of Phoenix (in order to pay the bills). The music biz never worked out, so I cut my hair (I no longer look like the deranged WWF wrestler I did at our 10yr reunion) and worked my way up to a managerial position with the City. I married Dawn Zimmerman, a Phoenix native (class of "83!) in 1995 and inherited a couple step monsters out of the deal- now 14 and 16 years old.  I still jam as a hobby, as well as sculpt, write, dabble in business and I collect classic horror movie stuff. Yeah I'm a geek. I come home at least once a year, and still best friends with Steve Christopher and Stan Meinert. I hope to move back after I pull the plug from the City in 10yrs.  Miss the area, miss the people. Cheers!

Name: Sally Barrow
Maiden Name: Heisler
Class of: 1983
City: Crestview, FL

Comments: Hello everybody. I'm hanging out in Florida enjoying the beaches and avoiding the hurricanes. I have a 9 year old daughter, Amy (from a previous marriage) Now I am happily married to a southerner and we are trying to move back to the area. I am a math teacher for a charter middle school. Check it out:

Name: Amy Kavelman
E-Mail: AmyK318@aol.com
Class of: 1983
City: Alexandria, VA 22301
Web site:

Comments: 2007 -- Federal Regulation: It's not just a job, it's an exciting career! 

Name: Long Kemple
Class of: 1983
City: Los Angeles Basin, CA

Comments: Helllooo Everyone!!! Graduated and went to Cali. Been in the music business since 1986 and still in it as of 11/2006. You can email me or visit me on myspace.com. Of course, you have to register to get on, enter my email address or last name, and send me an invite in order to view my sight. Hope to chat with all of you or some of you soon. Chao!!!

Name: Steve Kerker
Class of: 1983
Address: 304 N Crestview Dr., Metamora, IL  61548
Phone: (309) 210-5651
(Updated: 09/2013)

Name: Michael King
Class of: 1983
Address: 334 N. West St., Farmington,  IL  61531
Phone: 309-245-2450

Comments: I live in Farmington, and I'm very happily married with two wonderful boys.  After High School I enlisted in the Navy, where I served for ten years. I found time to attend college at SIUC, where I earned a B.S. Degree. My passion is to spend time with my family, and playing the guitar. (Updated: 07/2008)

Name: Suzy Zimmerman
Maiden Name: Lohnert
Class of: 1983 

E-Mail: wald2877@gmail.com
Class of: 1983
(Updated: 08/2013)

Maiden Name: Morse
Class of: 1983
Address: 189 N Carolina Ave., Clovis,  CA   93611

Name: Terry Myers
Class of: 1983
Address: 19827 Henderson Road, Cornelius (Lake Norman), NC  28031

Comments: Moved to North Carolina in 1996 and love it. Live here with my daughter, Kalli who was born in 1992. Business owner, Multi Print Services, LLC since 2001. (Updated: 11/2010)

Name: Jane Lawless
Maiden Name: Nauman
Class of: 1983
Address: 1372 Alexandra Blvd, Crystal Lake  60014

Comments: Kindergarten teacher. Married with 3 kids. (Updated: 11/2012)

Name: Delwyn Carnegie
Maiden Name: Neilson
Class of: 1983
Address: Wet Jindivick Rd, Jindivick, VIC 3818, Austraila

Comments: Moved back to Australia in 1982 just before my senior year. Married now for 15 years. We have three kids Andrew 13, Susan 10 and Kristie 7. We live on a beef farm. I'm involved in many activities with our local school and community.

Name: Ruth Johnson
Maiden Name: Nielsen
Class of: 1983
City: Washington, IL

Comments: Just stumbled onto this site and have really been enjoying looking everyone's pictures! So much hairspray and so few wrinkles. I have lived in Washington since 1987 - and still get some grief when I am seen wearing orange and black. Married since 1987 and the mother to three sons - Andy (1987), Sean (1989) and Grant (1995). Does anyone know if there will be a 30th reunion next year? (Updated: 05/2012)

Name: John E. Purple
Class of: 1983
Address: 1673 State Rt. 26, East Peoria, 61611
Phone: 309-681-4010

Comments: Married with one daughter and two stepsons....and four awesome grandchildren!! President and Broker/Owner of Purple Realty in Peoria. (Updated: 04/2012)

Name: Susan M. Redington
Class of: 1983
Address: 315 North B, Monmouth,  IL  61462
Phone: 309-255-0712

Comments: Graduated WIU 1987 with a Bachelors Degree in Industrial Education and Technology.  Worked for the Review Atlas in Monmouth for 12 years as a Production Manager and I am currently working at the Register Mail in Galesburg as a Printer.  I am also in the beginning stages of having my own embroidering business.  I am in my 14th year as a volunteer Firefighter (13 of those years as an officer)in Monmouth.  I was one of the founders of our local weather spotting chapter.

I enjoy collecting camaro cars and have a 94 Camaro Z-28 and in my spare time, I like to ride my Honda VTX 1800 motorcycle.  I also collect coca cola items and old cameras.    I am not currently online but would love to hear from my fellow  classmates!  This email address that is listed belongs to my sister, Barb.  You can reach me through an email to her or please give me a call sometime!

Name: Kay Svendgard
Maiden Name: Ricca
Class of: 1983

Comments: I have lived in sunny Florida for over 25 years, but still love the trips back to Metamora to visit my family and friends. I am married and have two wonderful, although rather rambunctious, boys, Connor (2005) & Jack (2007) and a beautiful step daughter Brittany. I love to hear about the Metamora football team from my Dad, who attends every game. Go Redbirds! (Updated: 07/2013) 

Maiden Name: Roedder
Class of: 1983
Address: 215 Jo Avenue, Metamora, IL  61548
Phone: 383-4577

Comments: I have three children Amanda (87), Kayla (90) and Kyle (92).  I work at the Village of Germantown Hills as an Administrative Assistant.

Class of: 1983

Comments: After studying International Relations at BYU, I joined the State Department.  I've served one tour at the U.S. Embassy in Beijing (96-98) and two tours in Taipei, Taiwan (92-94 and 99-2001).  When I'm not overseas, home is Germantown, MD, just outside Washington, DC.  I married Wendy Bennett from Clearwater, FL in 1986.  We have two sons, Scott and Stephen.

Name: Chris Scherer
Class of: 1983
Address: 67287 Valley Road, Jones, MI  49061
Phone: 269-641-5922

Comments: I graduated from Goshen College in '87 and married Randy Yoder in '88. After working in the Netherlands for a year, we returned to Goshen, IN in '89. In 2004 we moved to rural southern Michigan. Randy & I have two children, Sam (10/98) and Lydia (4/00). Looking forward to the next reunion!  (Updated: 09/2010)

Name: Paul A. Schmitz
Class of: 1983
Web site:

Comments: Please check out my myspace page for the latest. I'm remarried and living in Kansas!

Class of: 1983
City: Fruitland Park,  FL  34731

Comments: Hey everybody , Cheryl Durre and I got married in 1986, after I did a stint in the Army. We have 2 beautiful girls Nicole; 13 and Allie; 6. We are doing well in the sunshine state and visit back home when we can.

Name: Rhonda Umdenstock
Class of: 1983
Address: 1513 East Paris, Peoria, IL  61603
Phone: (309) 682-8334

Maiden Name:  Vicary
E-Mail: kmcm@mtco.com 
Class of: 1983
Address: 1408 White Horse Trail, Metamora, IL  61548

Comments: I married Keith in 1985. We have 2 great girls Sam(90) and Jenna(94). I currently own Identity Salon and Day Spa in Peoria.

Name: Eric Wettstein
Class of: 1983
City: River Forest, IL

(Updated: 04/2013)

Name: Christy Gullet
Maiden Name: Williams
Class of: 1983
Address: 343 Glen Byrn Ct., Schaumburg, IL  60194
Phone: 847-798-8460

Name: David Wooters
Class of: 1983
Address: 2739 Desoto Way South, St. Petersburg, FL 33712
Phone: 727-866-7692

Comments: Hi Everyone! I graduated from Milligan College (Tennessee) in 1987, then moved to the Windy City, where I met my wife, Mary. We married in 1990 and have a wonderful son, Christian (1998). We have lived in the Sunshine State since 1996. (Updated: 01/2008)

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