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MTHS Class of 1979
This information was taken from the Senior Yearbook.
Please contact us with corrections.

Thomas Abraham
Kenneth Adams
Kent Adams
Kurt Adams
Stanley Adams
Susan Adams
Stephanie Adams
Raymond Addis
Keith Agee
Laura Akerman
Kenneth Alley
Martin Anders
Jerry Angel
- deceased
Raymond Baker
Carolyn Ballard - deceased
Christopher Barber
Carlin Barnett
Pamette Bartel
Matthew Bednarz
Sheree Belshaw - deceased
Susan Bentz
Jeff Bernitt
John Bernius
Roberta Bisio
Donald Bitner
Connie Blankenship
James Boehl
Judith Boeker
Lisa Boken
Kevin Breitbarth
Mark Breitbarth
Steven Bryan
Bradley Buennekie
Karen Bundy
Ann Callahan
Dean Carlisle
Tanyam Carlisle
Helenmarie Chamberlain
Pamela Cole
Russell Cotton
Michael Courtway
Rebecca Courtway
Katherine Cox
Michelle Craig
Monica Crawford
Karen Crone
Scott Cross
Steven Cupples
Deborah Davis
Michael Davis
Scott Deatherage
Scott Delaney
Douglas DePauw
Allen Devine
Scott Doerr
Sammy Donaldson
Todd Doremus
Janet Dreste
John M. Dudan Jr
Susan Eiermann
Daniel Elbert
Douglas Ernst - deceased
Cathy Fandel
James Fandel
Lori Fandel
Ronald Fandel
Gary Ferguson
Daniel Fisher
Frank Force
Douglas Forester
Kevin Forney
Mark Frazier
- deceased
Paul Fredericks
Van Friederich
Anne Gallagher
Cindy Gauwitz
Patricia Geier
Andrew Gillhouse
Kevin Gordon
Kimberly Gorrell
Herbert Graves
Charles Gray
Cynthia Grist
Susan Grob
Dawn Guerrero
Janet Guth
James Guth
Kriste Hagan
Patti Hanchett
Douglas Hargis
Karen Harmon
Christi Harris
Michael Harrison
James Hastings
Douglas Hawk
Joseph Heck
Elaine Heinhold
Bryan Heinz
Kathleen Hester
Wendy Hill
Erich Hinz
Cynthia Hoagland
Craig Hodge - deceased
Julie Holman
Jacqueline Howard
Kimberly Hrabak
George Hunsinger
Gary Johnson - deceased
Tadd Johnson
Curtis Jones
Anthony Kapraun
Denise Kapraun
Bryant Kennel
Margie Kerker
Cathie Kiesewetter
Sandra Kiesewetter
Bryan Kirkham - deceased
Thomas Kittle-Kamp
Donna Klein
Bernard Koch
Wendi Kramer
Steven Kunkel
Karen Kunnath
Randy LeRoy
Lisa Lidwell
Mark Linzenmeyer
Evelyn Lloyd
Robert Luke
Ronald Machlan
Robert McCallister
Denise McCarty
Brian McClone
Brian McClung
Timothy McDaniel
Michael Meismer
Susan Meyer
Cheryl Miller
Gregory Miller
Renee Miller
Richard Miller
Lisa Mills
Karen Montgomery
Cynthia Neisler
Lisa Neumann
Ralph Noe
Susan Nullmeyer
David O'Dell
Joan O'Donal
Clyde Olmstead
Sheila Olomon
David Owens
Thomas Orth
Melanie Parr
Kimberly Parrott
John Peschong
Scott Peterson
Laurie Petrosky
Don Phillips
Lisa Powell
Herbert Raaf
Janet Rauhaus
Paula Rinehart
Grant Robison - deceased
Joanna Rogers
Christopher Rucker
Albert Schaer
Daniel Schaidle
Sandra Schalk
Daniel Scheirer
Kathy Scheiter
Barbara Schertz
Janet Schertz
Steven Schertz
Susan Schifeling
Randy Schneider
Richard Schneider
Ronald Schneider
Donna Schupp
David Sellman
Paola Serra
Sharon Sheets
Rebecca Sloan
Jana Shipley
Carol Simmons
Sharon Siverly
Michael Sluga
Caryl Smith
Edward Smith
Jeanette Smith
Kelly Smith
Mark Smith
Sammy Smith
Vicki Sniff
Kathie Sobieraiski
Wanda Sullivan
Carrie Sutherland
Deborah Swartz
Gary Sweet
Luis Tamez
Douglas Thomas
Shelly Trantina
Mark Urban
Diana Vogelsang
Jennifer Volz
Cathie Waddell
Jeffrey Ward
Mark Webb
Rhonda Weinstein
Tammy Welsh
Edward White
Timothy Weichmann
Eric Wiesehan
Perry Willman
Catherine Wilson
Douglas Winkler
James Winkler
Brian Wood
Mark Wood
Linda Wooters
Sally Wright
Robert Xanders
Daniel Yates

Name: Kent L. Adams
E-Mail: ksadams@owc.net
Class of: 1979
Address: 3169 Daniels Court, Arlington Heights†,†IL 60004
Phone: 847-253-5402

Comments:† I have been married 10 years to my wife Sue. We live in Palatine, IL with our 2 children, Maddie(6) and Joey(5).† I am currently a Principal in the Structural Engineering firm of Johnson Wilbur, Inc. in Wheaton, Illinois. Updated: 09/2009

Class of: 1979
Address: 806 Hessian Circle, West Chester , PA †19382
Phone: 610-793-3788

Maiden Name: Adams
Class of: 1979
Address: PO Box 22, Oak City, †NC †27857
Phone: 252-798-9491

Comments: Well, I thought I would update my info.† I have been married for three and half years and expecting our first child on Aug 25, 2003 .† It is good to hear what everyone is doing now.† I don't get back to Metamora much but my brother granduate in May 03.† So I can't wait to go see how much the school has change.† I hope to run into some of you guys.† Well take care and e-mail me sometime.

Name: Raymond Alan Axel Addis
E-Mail: Axelsanx@aol.com
Class of: 1979
Address: 1506 E Paris Ave., Peoria,† IL †61603

Comments: Okay,went to U of I, got kicked out twice, and ICC.† Have AA degree in Zoology.† I got my BS in Organismal Biology and Public Outreach on 5/15/2006† from††Illinois State University. That is all I wanted to change on† it. Uncle Sam's Motley Crew, USMC, stationed at MCAS El Toro, CA and MCAS Beaufort, SC. Which the Corps, have work for Acme Cash Register, DSM; now Mitsubishi † Motors North America, Raytheon Aerospace, Midwest Express Airlines and now back at Hell, a.k.a. Mitsubishi Motors North America. Single but † have a girl friend. Looking into going back to college, ISU, to get BA in Biology. One can only work in a factory so long. †

Maiden Name: Akerman
Class of: 1979
Address: 3728 Cayman Place, Boulder, CO 80301
Phone: 309-955-4282

Comments: Updated 11/08:† Married to Brian Coate, we have four children: Brian (88), Jenny(89), Amy (92) and Kevin (01).† We moved to Boulder Colorado in the summer of 2007.† We had two kids who wanted to go to college in Colorado, so we moved to get some in-state tuition and we have always loved Colorado.† We love it out here but miss our family and friends in Illinois.† I am currenntly a structural engineer for a consulting firm in Boulder doing mainly commercial buildings.

Name: Ray Baker
Class of: 1979
Address: 1233 Olde Farm Rd., East Peoria, †IL †61611
Phone: 698-6792
Web site: www.drraymondcbaker.com

Comments:† Update since 20th year reunion: Left OSF Saint Francis Medical Center as the Director of Health By Design to Bradley University as the Director of the Center for Wellness & Counseling in August of 1999. Married my lovely wife Margaret (you met her at the 20th) in Hawaii in November of 2002. This past June (2004), I left Bradley and finally opened my own practice in Peoria Heights . I am enjoying the independence! No longer doing research or teaching, but am writing 2 books. Move over Dr. Phil! (What a dipstick). - Love traveling and spending time with Marg. She has a Master's degree in Social Work and works as a child therapist. †She is great at her work. No children of our own to "analyze" just 2 Border Collies, Abe & Molly. - Margaret and I moved to Germantown on April 1st 2004 (some coincidence), to Olde Farm Road . Can't believe they let a RiverRat come to the hilltop. Fortunately, we are deep in the woods, so they may be unaware of my whereabouts. - Can't wait to! †see everyone at the 25th. Bednarz tells me we are going to compare bald†spots! (I think I am a shoe-in)!

Name: Christopher D Barber
E-Mail: cdbarber61@yahoo.com
Class of: 1979
Address: 428 N. Sagewood Dr., Peoria, IL 61604-4200
Phone: 309-360-4707

Comments: My wife, Dee, and I enjoy spending time with my 3 sons. Chris Jr. is a member of the Illinois Air National Guard and student at SIU Carbondale . Kyle is finishing his duties and training with the Illinois Air National Guard and will be attending U of I in the fall. Joe is a sophomore at Limestone High School . I work at Caterpillar in the Caterpillar Production System Division. I am a 6 Sigma Black Belt, Caterpillar Global Change Management ChangeMaster and a Rapid Improvement Workshop Coach. When not working, we like to travel. Updated: 01/2007

Class of: 1979
Address: 13202 Glad Acres Dr., Farmers Branch, †TX †75234
Phone: 214-663-9625

Comments: †Alright, let me apologize for not attending the 25th.† I won't even bore you with the details†of my absence.† I have looked at the pictures, and I missed a great time! After carefully reviewing the photo's, Cathy Cox and Roberta Bisio look totally hot!† Go Girls!† Brian McClung is pretty hot, but he is too tall and bald for me.† Doug & Elaine get my vote for the best couple married before 1990!† They are the best.†

I sold my business in 2002 and have re-invented myself as a financial advisor.† My new business is "Legacy Retirement Solutions" and it had been a challenge to get established.† Yet, I have finally found what I want to do when I grow up! I have reached a critical level with several "high net worth clients".† It is a great business and I have helped many people in the DFW community retire wealthy!††

My boys are just about grown now.† Nick is 16 (Aug 1988) and Nathan is 14 (June 1990).† These two were unbelievable terrors when they were little, but now they are so great!† Nick is the star of his high school ( Irving High School ) water polo team.† He has a tremendous amount of "street cred" with the upper classman for his play.† †Nathan is an IHS "Acedemic Decathelite".† Which means he is much smarter than the old man.† Also, he is on the IHS bowling team which place in the top 20 in the Texas High School state tournament.† Bowling is serious in Texas , ya"ll!††

Finally, congrats to MTHS for all the success in football etc.† I truly miss all of you and hope to hear from each of you soon!† FYI, hey to my best friends.. Grauman (Dr. Ray Baker), Joe Heck, Doug Winkler, Rick Schneider, Randy LeRoy, Deputy Dogg, Mac Boomer, Cathy Cox, Wendy Kramer, Eddie White, Jimmie Guth, Doug Depauw, Sue Scheifling, Coach Kahn, Coach Wagglehoff, Butch Butcheltelli, Mona's, Darrell Braman, Mr. Miller (GRHS), Elaine Winkler(she's cool), Mark Webb, Lisa Mills, Tom Kittle-Kamp, Jane Gallagher, Sharon Sheets, Tadd Johnson, Nikki Guerrero, Dawn Ray, Coach Claxton Cantrell, All the people I was mean to, and last but not least, Cindy Stafford. I miss you all!

Class of: 1979
Address: 916 S. Main, Washington, †IL †61571
Phone: 309-444-7054

Comments: I have been married to my lovely wife Theresa for 16 years.† We have one son (Joshua-97')who is the highlight of our lives.† I graduated from Bradley University (91') with a BS in Accounting.† I have been employed by Illinois Valley Plastics as a Senior Accountant† for the past 6 years. In my spare time I enjoy golfing and spending time with my family.† Looking forward to seeing old Friends at the reunion.....

Name: Roberta Schultz
Maiden Name: Bisio
Class of: 1979
Address: 109 Audobon Blvd., Naples, † FL †34110

Comments: Can't believe it's been 25 years already!† wonderful to be referred to as the "old days" by my children.† I'm living in Naples , FL with my husband Dave of six years - I moved to FL 13 yrs ago.† We have 4 children - my two from a previous marriage Andrea 21 who will be in her third year at FGCU, Brad 16 who is quite the drummer and Dave's children, Jessica 17 will be in her senior year of high school this fall and Robert 14 who will be starting high school in the fall - needless to say there's never a dull moment but always a lot of fun.† The last six years I worked as office manager for a real estate developer but resigned from that position in December to take some time off.† Dave is a CPA and has his own business in Ft. Myers since 1983 and currently opened an office in Naples . †We mostly enjoy boating, fishing, cooking and love to travel. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion! ††

Class of: 1979
Address: 1312 N. Forrest Dr., Metamora, †IL †61548-9440
Phone: 822-8148

Comments:† Ya know....I really don't like reading "I'm a grandparent now..." when it's coming from ones I graduated with. That's just not right. OK...updates: Justin is 19 and trying to figure out what he wants to do (most of us probably still haven't figured that one out) and Stacey is 17, a junior, working at St. Francis, and will be cheer leading one last time this fall. Denise still is driving for GH school and I am still at the Guard. And yes, I did get called up and have made about 3 trips overseas since last March. I was never real close to the fighting though, so I was pretty fortunate in that regard.† I only played football the one year but may again next year if I can keep from being sent back overseas. We did have a number of injuries and then we lost our QB Joe Kenyon in a car accident the same night after one of our games and that pretty much ended the year. If you knew Joe, you knew he was just one of those people that everybody liked. Once again, I† look forward to seeing many of you at the 25th while we still have most of our teeth left.

Name: Judy Winkler
Maiden Name: Boeker
Class of:†1979
Address: 1724 Lourdes Road, Metamora,†IL††61548
Phone: 309-383-4680

Comments: Well, my mom just informed me that she went to the alumni page and it lists my son as age 10. I wish that was so, as Matthew turns 21 in August (2009), and will soon be starting his P-1 year in the College of Pharmacy at Drake University. Jenny is getting ready to start her senior year at MTHS and is making decisions about college applications as well. Where have the years gone?

I am Director of Marketing at OSF Saint Francis Medical Center, married to Scott Winkler, class of 1977. We're enjoying life in the country, and getting ready to become empty-nesters!
Updated: 09/2009

Class of: 1979
Address: 924 Malquin Dr., Nashville, TN
Phone: 615-269-5703

Comments: Simply unbelievable...30 years.† Still in Nashville, but back in the music business.† Opening a music instrument store, Fanny's Hours of Music, Feb 1st.† It's been a true test of faith and patience..so far, so good!† Would love to hears what's happening with everyone else.

Maiden Name: Cox
E-Mail: kkd@mtco.com
Class of: 1979
Address: 330 E. Edgewood, Morton, IL† 61550
Phone: 309-263-1133

Comments: Hi everybody!!† Brett and I have been married almost three years now. My daughter Jamie will be 16 this year and my mom just LOVES all of the grief that she is causing me!! I'm working at Caterpillar in Morton as an Administrative Support Assistant. If Brett and I could retire now we would move to Florida and fish everyday...but I think we will have to wait maybe 30 more years.† Hope to see you all at the reunion!

Name: Monica Crawford
Maiden Name: Crawford
Class of: 1979
Phone: 309-232-4949

Comments: Hi everyone... Hope everyone is doing well. Will there is a lot that has went on in my life since graduation. I have two wonderful children Drake Fredrick (born October 00)and Gracie Mae (born Oct 04). I'm back at school getting my Business Administration degree and I have a wonderful job at Handley Smith & Associates doing accounting work for businesses. (Never thought that I would be doing anything with numbers). I've been with my children's father, Fredrick Whitby (graduated from MTHS in 94) for 9 years now but still haven't got married (I think I have cold feet). Other than this I have a great life with my children being my most precious gift in this world. My son is in Kindergarten and my daughter has her father wrapped around her little cute finger. Hope everyone is doing well.††

Name: Karen Doremus
Maiden Name: Crone
Class of: 1979
Address: 202 Apple Dr., Metamora, IL† 61548
Phone: 309-383-4553

Comments: Married to Todd since 1981.† Two boys Ryan (born 1985) and Jonathan (born 1989), which means that I am now officially old.† I currently work at Caterpillar as an Accountant in their Corporate Office. † I have been trying to become an adequate golfer over the past three years, but I still have a long way to go.† My only other hobby at this time is trying to keep up with my two teenage boys (one in college and one in high school).† Hope to see a great turn out at our 25th.†

Class of: 1979
Address: 312 Shenandoah, New Berlin, †IL †62670
Phone: 217-698-1983

Comments: Have I really been out of high school more than half my life?† After some indecisiveness about career, school and life in general, I finally stumbled into computer programming, and it has just sort of stuck.† I've been doing it for 15 years now (10 for the state of† Illinois ).† Married pretty late, (1990) to Laura, an actuary at Horace Mann Insurance here in Springfield , and started procreating pretty late too (Alex-4/94).† I feel pretty out-of-shape compared to some of you.

Name: Michael Ray Davis
E-Mail: deerhunt@bwsys.net
Class of: 1979
Address: 105 Mandi Ct., East Peoria, IL †61611

Comments: I have been married to Connie (Kiefner)since August 1987. We have Garrett Michael (b.'90) and Delaney Rayann (b.'00).† That's right, they are 10 years apart!! Started all over at the age of 40.† I wouldn't trade her though, she is wrapped right around my finger. Both are great kids. I finally left Mel's Market after 15 years and now I am a folder operator at Versa Press in Spring Bay . I enjoy my job. I enjoy fishing, hunting, golfing and traveling when we get the chance.† I don't do much running anymore other than running Garrett to baseball, basketball, football and this week, detasseling.† Look forward to seeing everyone in Sept.† Thanks Mark for all your hard work on the 25th reunion!!† I know it is alot of work.††††

E-mail: scdscrum@aol.com
Class of: 1979
Address: 2631 E. Brookwood Ct., Phoenix, †AZ †85048
Phone: 602-759-5834

Comments: Wow.† 20 years.† Some brain cells left.† Finished degrees at Illinois and Bentley College .† Have been with Motorola Semiconductor.† Married† in 87 to Maureen and have 4 children, Troy , Sara, Maggie and Patrick.† Enjoy golf, camping, mountain biking but mostly busy with work and tending the herd.† Afro hasn't seen the light of day for 19 years but scalp coverage still better than most approaching 40.† Should be there in Sept....

Class of: 1979
Address: 1401 Kelseys Way, Metamora, †IL †61548
Phone: 309-367-9509

Comments: I am doing well and have started a new business in Metamora called Leadfoot Rod Parts. I sell Street Rod and Hot Rod Parts. I enjoy my work and have the nicest customers in the world. My boys are 18 and 22 now Ryan is graduating from U of I this year and Jon is going to Bradley. They are both in Mechanical Engineering. Karen and I have a quiet house now only us and the dog Izzy. Karen is still working at Cat in Accounting and has been taking the CPA exam this year.
Updated: 12/2007

Name: Janet Dreste
Class of: 1979
Address: 21207 Avalon Blvd., #26, Carson, CA 80745

Maiden Name: Eiermann
Class of: 1979
Address: 2381 E. Remington, Chandler, †AZ †85249
Phone: 480-857-2132

Comments: 20 years!!!† Can't believe it - time goes way too fast.† Extremely upset that I will not be able to make it to the reunion - so am hoping people will get in touch with me anyway!† Well, I have focused most of my life on my family.† I married Daniel Berg and abruptly left Germantown to move to Houston , TX (YUCK) - lived there 8 very long years.† Then moved to beautiful Arizona .† Always wanted to live in the mountains.† Daniel works at Intel, I am an office manager for an engineering and construction firm.† We have two beautiful girls - Ashley (8) and Allison (6).† Extremely busy with the girls, rock climbing and horseback riding, etc.

E-Mail: travelnutt@yahoo.com (Doug's Brother Greg)
Class of: 1979
Address: 734 Lockett Rd., Kirkwood , MO †63122
Phone: 314-398-7979†

Comments: This is Greg Ernst (Class of '82)† I am sorry to report that Doug passed away in December, 1997 of melanoma (skin cancer). Once graduating from ISU, Normal (Industrial Tech) he went to work for a company in Chicago (Bruck Plastics eventually sold to M.A. Hanna) as a salesman. He moved for the company to Detroit, back to Chicago then to Grapevine ( Dallas ), TX.† He ended up becoming a division sales manager. His illness was found around May 1997 and he was pretty brave and encouraging up to the end. The people that spoke abut him talked abut how inspiring he was. He had not changed; very positive and always saw the glass half full. The company started an annual Salesman of the Year award in his name† He was survived by his wife of 17 years (Donna) and 3 children, Dane, Derrick and Danielle; all in college now. I guess God needed a better marketing strategy so he called up the best he could find for this team.† I miss him. Call or write me if you need more info.† Greg

Class of: 1979
Address: R.R.8 Box 11, Metamora, †IL †61548
Phone: 309-367-2462

Comments: The past twenty years have been very busy for me.† I got married in 1984 to a gal, Julie, from Benson , IL .† We built a new home in 1996 on a farm that I purchased from my parents.† We have three children Kayla 13, Elizabeth 11, and Lance 10.† The kids keep us real busy during the summer with all their activities.† They include playing softball and baseball and are heavily involved in showing livestock around the tri-state area.† Julie's time is totally taken up by shuttling kids to practices and games.† She is employed by the Metamora Grade School as a special ED teacher's aid.† My employment is at G&D Transportation which is located at Morton , IL .† We handle exports for CAT, Komatsu, and etc. My hobbies include watching my kids show livestock, their ballgames, hunting and fishing.† Hope to see all of you at the class reunion.

Class of: 1979
Address: 310 Deer Lakes Ct., Goodfield, †IL †61742
Phone: 309-965-2264

Comments: I have been married to my wonderful wife Leslie since 1989. I am living in Goodfield and have two dogs that drive me crazy.† I am currently employed with Anderson Financial Network, Inc. (AFNI), located in Bloomington, as a phone systems programmer.† I enjoy watching movies and listening to music really loud, NASCAR racing, and relaxing on my days off work.† I have been known to do a little fishing and traveling.† I like to spend time with my family and friends.

Maiden Name: Geier
Class of: 1979
Address: 211 Lawndale Court, Metamora, †IL †61548
Phone: 309-383-4365

Comments: It's been fun reading through everyone's comments.† And like everyone else, I to am in denial.† I don't believe that it has been 20 years, I don't believe that I'm getting grey hair, and I don't believe that I'm going to be 40 all to soon.† Anyway, since graduation, I have been working for National City Bank I am currently working for NC Illinois Trust Company a division of National City Bank were I am a Charitable and Endowment Analyst.† In September of 1980, I married Stan Sharick, he is employed at Morton Buildings.† We have two children our oldest Matt was born 4/1982, he is 17 and a Senior at Metamora Township High School† were he is on the Varsity Football team and was to be starting on Offense and Defense, however, he is out at this time due to breaking his leg/knee during pre-season practice, but is hopeful to make a full recovery before senior night and the playoffs.† He plans to go onto college to pursue a law degree.† Our second child is Monica born 12/1985, she is 13 and an eighth grader at Germantown Hills Middle School , were she is active in band and chorus.† I enjoy spending my time with my family, and friends, and going to the Friday night football games.† I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.

Class of: 1979
Address: 7340 Westpointe Blvd #324, Orlando, †FL † 32835

Comments: A lot of changes since the 20th.† I am now a grandpa!!† My son Jacob had a baby girl, Jolie, in January 2002.† Probably the cutest baby ever. Out of the Navy and in school.† My daughter Karin is also in college.† How quickly they grow up.† Both good kids and I only hope the best for them.† I am still a sales manager for a publishing company.† I really love my job.† Divorced in April 2002 after 19 years.† As I said, a lot of changes....

Name: Herb Graves
E-Mail: hlgraves60@gmail.com
Class of: 1979
Address: 41991 Horseshoe Rd., Punta Gorda, FL††33982

Updated 04/2009

Name: Dawn Stanford
Maiden Name: Guerrero
Class of:†1979
Address: 126 Sibley Drive, Monooka, IL†60447
Phone: 815-353-7517

Comments: I have been with my husband Skip for the last 16 years. I have 2 children Don and Deanna and one wonderful grandaughter Aliva 4yrs. old. I am an office manager for CARSTAR. My husband and I travel alot our hobbies include deep sea fishing (bill fish) and diving.
Updated: 08/2009

Name: Jim Guth
E-Mail: jwguth@mtco.com
Class of: 1979
Address: 722 Coon Creek Rd., Metamora, † IL †61548

Comments: Hi everyone.† I married Wendee (Nov. 1993) and have two wonderful children, Kaelee age 5 and Andrew age 2.† I am presently employed by Cincinnati Insurance as a field claim manager and have been for 19 yrs.† Wendee is a professor of nursing at ICC in East Peoria .† We enjoy spending time with our children, t-ball, soccer games etc as well as spending time at our cabin, fishing, water skiing, woodworking and hunting.††

Maiden Name: Harris
Class of: 1979
Address: 184 E. N. Lake View Drive, East Peoria, †IL †61611
Phone: 309-698-8166

Comments: I remarried last year to a wonderful man (Kevin) who owns his own contracting business.† I have 2 daughters, Alyssa, 16 and Meaghan 15, who are carrying on the Redbird tradition and am the step-mother of Heather, 10 and Andrew, 6.† I work at Caterpillar and in my spare time run my own transcription business.† Outside of 2 jobs, 4 kids, 2 cats and lots of stair climbing, I love to dance and go to movies.† I look forward to seeing ya'll at the reunion!

Maiden Name: Heinold
Class of: 1979
Address: 180 Timberline Dr., East Peoria, †IL †61611
Phone: 309-699-5936†

Comments: After 25 years, this Winkler clan has exited MTHS.† Doug and I watched our youngest, Ben (18), graduate from MTHS this past spring and head off to U of I this fall. With Heidi (23) off teaching in NC and Tony (20) going to school in Tennessee , we are feeling the wind of wings that have spread to new and bigger experiences!!† I have a little quote taped to a file cabinet saying, "Give them roots and give them wings."† I think the roots were easier!!† Meanwhile, Doug and I keep busy working, he at Smithfield Foods as Controller and I at East Peoria Central Junior High teaching 7th Grade Language Arts.† We are looking forward to seeing many of you at the class reunion.†

Name: Bryan Heinz
E-Mail: bryanlisa22@verizon.net
Class of: 1979
Address: 608 Hawthorne Drive, Goshen, IN 46526

Comments: I graduated from U of I with a Mechanical Engineering degree in 1983.† Lisa Neumann and I married in Janurary 1983. †We have two children, Justin and Erica.††They both married in 2007.† Justin graduated from Goshen College in 2007 and now is moving to LA to pursue a doctorate in Theology. †Erica works as an ad. assistant, lives nearby and is expecting our first granchild in January 2010.† Sure feels wierd to almost be a grandpa.† Lisa and I are enjoying the empty nest and travel when we can.† We both enjoy running and ususally make it back to Metamora for Steamboat and Lincoln-Douglass races most years.† I have worked at the same company since graduation although the name has changed from Bendix to Bosch.
Updated:†† 09/2009

Maiden Name: Howard
Class of: 1979
Address: 1513 South†Lowell Ave., Springfield, †IL †62704

Comments: I have been married to Bob Ralph for 25 years, and I am the mother of five children Alexis 23, Ashley 21, Andy 20, Michael Anthony 17 and Abby 14. We have one in graduate school at Benedictine University at Springfield, one at U of I, one at Illinois Wesleyan and two at Sacred Heart Griffin High School. I am not a grandma and not looking to be for many years to come.

I launched my writing business, Press Release Etc., on the heels of the Beanie Baby craze in 1995. I have been writing for the gift and toy industry ever since. I absolutely love my work and will do it for the rest of my life. My other passion is coaching both grade school and high school athletes in the sport of track and field and cross country. I started the Catholic grade school track and field and cross country programs here in Springfield 10 years ago, and they continue to grow each year. I have also coached at Sacred Heart Griffin High School for the past eight years. It is the same school where fellow alum Steve Schertz coaches freshman football. I have taken athletes to compete at the state level every year in both track and field and cross country at the grade school and high school level. I hope to coach until I am unable to run; I attended the MTHS 30
year class reunion and had a great time! Thanks to everyone who puts those together. =o)
Updated 11/2009

E-Mail: shunsin590@mchsi.com
Class of: 1979

Class of: 1979
Address: 6004 N. Old Orchard Drive, Peoria, †IL †61614
Phone: 309-692-9098

Comments: After high school received Associates from ICC in Data Processing and played baseball.† Graduated from Bradley then moved to Chicago where I found my way into the entertainment business.† Met Peggy Sunta, moved back to Peoria in 1992.† Married Peggy in December of '97.† We have a 5 month old boy-Jacob Bradley.† I have been a Registered Investment Advisor since 95 with Morgan Stanley Dean Witter and own a web-based business TMJ Global.

Name: Curt Jones

E-Mail: C_M_A_Jones@hotmail.com
Class of: 1979
Address: 9341
N. Wilshire Lane,†Bloomington, IL 61704

Comments: Hey gang, like everyone else, I can't believe it's been 25 years !! I've been married to my wife(Marcy) for 17 years and now have a beautiful little girl named Alexandria(b.'01)† Other than chasing a 2 year old around, Marcy and I both play golf and volleyball in our 'spare' time. †I've given up basketball(finally) - too many injuries for this old body. †We still live in Bloomingtonand still both work at State Farm.† Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion and renewing old friendships.†

Name: Anthony L. Kapraun
E-Mail: anthonyl66@aol.com
Class of: 1979
Address: 850 SW 1 Ave., Pompano Beach,†FL† 33060
Phone: 954-941-0738

Maiden Name: Kapraun
Class of: 1979
Address: 2731 W. Pinehill Lane, Peoria, †IL †61614

Comments: 20 years where has the time gone?† I have been married for almost 10 years now to a Peoria native.† Rob and I have 2 wonderful children Elizabeth and Patrick.† I have been working at Jim McComb Chevrolet in Peoria for the last 5 years.† When I'm not working I enjoy spending time with the kids running them to there soccer games, dancing, etc.† Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion and how much we have changed or not changed.

Name: Margie Kerker
E-Mail: margieanddan@yahoo.com
Address: 205 South Davenport, Metamora, IL
Phone: 309-367-2285

Comments: After high school. I became a hairstylist and have owned my own salon ever since. I have two children, Jesse 22 and Keely 19. I remarried on June 30, 2007. I enjoy being with my children and husband. We enjoy drag races, dirt track races, Cruise In;s and going to my husbands rock shows in the Jim Davis Band. I have many fond memories of my high school years.

Class of: 1979
Address: 7454 N. Overhill, Chicago, †IL †60631
Phone: 773-763-0837

Comments: Since the 25th reunion, our oldest child, James (1-91), has entered high school at Loyola Academy in Wilmette, and our †youngest, Elena (2-2000), has started kindergarten at our parish school, St. Juliana's, in the Edison Park neighborhood of Chicago, joining her sisters Julia (7-93) and Veronica (8-95). Margie stays home and I †am a partner in the law firm Mayer, Brown, Rowe & Maw LLP. Make sure to look us up if you're in Chicago . ††††††††††††

Class of: 1979
Phone: 309-922-6166

Comments: Retired from the U.S.Coast Guard in 1999 up in Alaska and later returned to the lower 48.† Continue to sail as a Professional Mariner now working for "the Donald" as the Captain aboard Trump's boat on Lake Michigan .

Name: Karen Ulrich
Maiden Name: Kunnath
Class of: 1979
Address: 413 Wagner Street, Washington, IL †61571

Comments: Employed at Affina Corp in Peoria for 24 years until I was downsized in February.† Currently looking for work but what a chore!!! † Anyway, have plenty to keep me busy, my daughter Kate, 18, graduates from WCHS (yea you heard me), in May and my youngest daughter Jenn is 16, and very involved in softball, volleyball and track.† When I am not chasing her down, I enjoy scuba diving (thanks Sluga), fishing, volleyball, riding motorcycles and hanging with friends.†

E-Mail: randy@airshowmastering.com
Class of: 1979
Address: 116 Lee Ave.,†#405, Takoma Park,†MD,†20912
Phone: 615-804-2676

Comments: In June of 2010, Nelljean and I moved to the D.C. area after living in Nashville for 28 years. I'm still working in studio production for Airshow Mastering with most of my work still coming from Nashville. I've been very fortunate that my hobby of playing and listening to music became my career.

I can still remember the days of playing dances & assemblies in the old gym with P.Cole & Dan Yates in our band "Theory". Now I'm working with artists like Jamey Johnson, Colin Hay, Jim Lauderdale, and other Grammy winning performers. Life is good !!
Updated: 08/2012

Name: Lisa Batters
Maiden Name: Lidwell
Class of: 1979
Address: 2908 N. Indiana Ave., Peoria, † IL † 61603
Phone: 309-685-3426

Comments: To start off, I went to ICC for a year then transferred to NIU. †After college I worked for and ended up managing a print shop that was a division of the Standard Register company. I moved to the Largo/St. Petersburg area of Florida in 1988 and worked for Val-Pak, DMS (the blue envelope coupon people), last as a Regional Manager. I met a great guy transplanted from upstate New York and we were married in April 2000. (I lived there for about 13 years and met a grand total of 3 people who were 'natives.' Everyone is from somewhere else.) We moved to the Peoria area in September of that year. (Yeah, I moved back here from the beach.) I have been at RLI in the forms design department for about a year and a half and my husband, Tom, is editor of the Washington Times Reporter. I hope everyone has a great time at the reunion. We won't be able to go but I'd love to hear from my classmates!

Maiden Name: McCarty
Class of: 1979
Address: 108 North Street, Washington, †IL† 61571
Phone: 309-444-9649

Comments: So much has changed. I have three great kids Aaron(81), Nick(89) and Heather(91). Aaron and his wife will be making me a grandma, in June of 2004. Nick plays football for Washington.(yeah I know). Heather is at Washington Middle. It is strange to watch Metamora play, and be on the other side of the bleachers. I work in home health care. I have been divorced, and after saying never again. I met Mike( Pekin ) and we married in 2003. As if keeping up with the kids weren't busy enough. Most of our free time is spent at the tracks around here racing cars. Well I watch Mike and Aaron race. Some day I may just show them.†

Class of: 1979
Address: 1391 So. Beacon Dr., Salt Lake City, †UT †84108
Phone: 801-883-0920

Comments: Hey Everybody.† 25 years!†† I remarried in 2000 to Frances from LA.† My son is 8 & pure Hound Dog.† Still working for the VA Medical Center here.† Skiing, Sailing, the motorcycle, & the gym (I sound like a centerfold, not that I know what they sound like) take up the past time.† Really looking forward to seeing all in September. †Including "Beds".† Matt didn't mention his second job... I think he dances pretty good for an old man on those Six Flags TV Commercials.

Class of: 1979
Address: 31 Cardinal Lane, Highland, IL †62249

Comments: Moved to the St.Louis area in 2000...

Maiden Name: Miller
Class of: 1979
Address: 700 Oakwood Lane, Washington, †IL †61571
Phone: 309-444-4994

Comments: I'm looking forward to our class reunion, although I'm completely depressed that it's been 20 years since graduation!! (Can I be in denial?) I'm married & have 2 little girls (ages 4 & 8.) Both my husband & I work at State Farm Corp. HQ in Bloomington . I also work for WCIC (Christian) radio part-time and I enjoy running.

Maiden Name: Mills
Class of: 1979
Address: 70 S. Riverview Dr., E. Peoria, †IL †61611

Comments: Hi everyone!† The kids are growing up fast, Ben is 15 and Tim is 11. Jon and I are doing fine, still working and playing as hard as possible.

Maiden Name: Neisler
Class of: 1979
Address: 3322 Connemara Trace, Lawerenceville, GA† 30044
Phone: 770-985-8984

Comments: Hi everyone! Mike and I had a wonderful time at the 20th reunion. It was great seeing everyone and catching up! Thank you to all the people who worked so hard to make the evening a success. So much has happened in the last four years. I finally graduated from college in May of 2002 with a B.A. in Middle Grades Education and I have just finished my first year as a Special Education Resource teacher in middle school. My oldest son, Joe, also graduated the same May from high school and has finished his first year of prepharmacy at college. My other son, Rob will be a senior in high school and my daughter, Kate, is joining him as a freshman. Rob still plays trumpet in the marching band and Kate is a percussionist! Mike and I have just bought our dream home and will be moving this month. That's our new address listed. I would love to hear from everyone! See you at the 25th reunion!

Maiden Name: O'Donal
Class of: 1979
Address: 10671 St. Mary's Circle West, Macclenny, FL †32063

Comments: Moved to Germantown in 1976 (my freshman year). The grove was still open and you could leave school grounds at lunch (they stopped both of those my sophomore or junior year).† Most of my friends from high school were in the class of '77 or '78.† I don't wear those goofy glasses anymore... I've been working for software companies for close to 15 years now, testing and writing documentation.† Married a Jacksonville local and have 2 children, Sarah (b91) and Leslie (b94).

Class of: 1979
Address: 7266 Warblers Way, Roscoe , IL† 61073
Phone: 815-623-8697
Web site:

Comments: I am blessed by my marriage to Elaine, have two children, Samantha 12 - a figure skater and Daniel 9 - an engineer. I sell commercial video and network systems as a manufacturer representative for OCOM Sales,Inc. covering Chicago and Wisconsin territory. If Phil Mickelson can win the Masters, there is hope for all of us who hack at the ball.

Name: Thomas (Tort) Orth
E-Mail: www.thomasorth1@comcast.net
Class of: 1979
Address: 451 Bloomfield Ave., Whiting, †NJ 08759

Comments: 25 Years out of Redbird Country-hard to believe!! Since the big departure I have retired from the Navy, worked on a golf course, a little real estate and now a mail carrier. †What is next, I have no idea. †I am married for 15 years to Tina(Real Estate Agent) with two beautiful daughters, Dahlia (13) and Jade (11).† Still located out here in New Jersey . †Really enjoyed the 20 year get together and hope to be back in September - wearing my hat of course so people recognize me!!! †See you in Redbird Country!!

Maiden Name: Petrosky
Class of: 1979
Address: 29 Windermere Dr., Glen Carbon,† IL† 62034
Phone: 618-288-4173

Comments: 20 years! It just seems like yesterday. After graduation, I attended Stephen's Institute of Hair Design and managed the Iron Works LTD in Peoria .† I got married in 1984 to Mike Moore, a 1970 graduate of Peoria Manual. We have 3 boys - Michael(14)starting his freshman year at Edwardsville High School, Nathan(12), the perfect fullback or coaches dream player, and finally Nicholas(8), a little hockey speed demon and goal scorer.† I went back to college in 1989 to get my degree in psychology and am currently interested in pursuing forensic science. We live in a bedroom community of St. Louis on the Illinois side of the river between Edwardsville and Collinsville ILL. † Does anyone remember playing football against East St. Louis in 1976. This is one of the schools my children will compete with in the high school conference. My husband is a field operations manager for Charter Communications, which has kept us moving for the last 10 years. See you in September.

Class of: 1979
Address: 321 East Caterpillar Trail, East Peoria,† IL † 61611†

Comments: I have been married since Jan 83 to Judi Clem, class of 78. We have three girls, Janelle b.84, Justine b.92, and Erica b.95.† We have stayed around the area, and own a home in Germantown . I'm the Vice President of Sales for R.K. Dixon Co.† We enjoy traveling, but most summers are spent on the softball circuit.† Janelle plays for the Metamora Fire birds, and I am the head coach of the 14 and under team. Doesn't seem possible that 20 years has passed, but looking forward to the reunion.

Maiden Name: Rinehart
Class of: 1979
Address: RR #1, Banta Road, Lowpoint,† IL† 61545

Comments: I've managed to stay very close to Metamora after graduating.† And at this very moment I (we, Sid and I) are fighting an important battle to get our boundary line changed so that our property will be considered Metamora's, not Lowpoint.† Why the battle?† We want our children to have the best schooling available, that is Metamora!!† GO METAMORA!!!!!!!!!† GO METAMORA!!!!!!!†††GO METAMORA!!!!!!

Name: Albert (Al) Schaer
E-Mail: live2day@juno.com
Class of: 1979
Address: 1121 Spring Bay Road, East Peoria,† IL † 61611-1134
Phone: 309-472-8460

Comments:† I've finally got a better hairstyle and ditched the bowtie. As for lifestyle - much better too. I've spent the last few years as a Special Ed. Assistant in the East Peoria area until budget cuts nailed me. I volunteer in teaching "special needs" children horseback riding at Central Illinois Riding Therapy. I currently work as a Support Services Technician at Proctor Hospital . I've successfully continued to escape marriage and have realized I can get far more dates now than when I was wearing a big bowtie and bad hair! Music is still my love and I play drums, keyboards and bass guitar. I've been to over 100 professional concerts, jammed with Buddy Miles (drummer for Carlos Santana and Jimi Hendrix) and got to play Jimi's guitar. I would love to hear from my OLD M.T.H.S. friends.

Class of: 1979
Address: 1643 Greenbriar Dr., Metamora,†IL††61548

Comments: Time does fly. Catharine and I have been back in the Metamora area now for 10 yrs. Our oldest, Aaron, is now a freshman at Notre Dame (High School). Our youngest, Veronica, is in fifth grade at Peoria Academy. As I tell everyone, we live in Peoria and sleep in Germantown. Catharine works for the Peoria Journal Star and I am now with Caterpillar. Not much time for hobbies with running the kids everywhere but I do enjoy golf, motorcycling, and woodworking.
Updated: 09/2009

Comments: Went to PHHS after house fire 1976, missing names of friends from grade and high would like find. Could not stay back with my brother to finish school when parents moved to Peoria Heights. I was chaperoned by mother to St. Louis when football team went to state, my life turned upside down after house fire.
Updated: 05/2012

Maiden Name: Scheiter
Class of: 1979
Address: 1419 N. Sheridan Rd., Peoria, IL † 61606
Phone: 681-9243

Comments:† Wow!! 20 years...has it really been?? Well I am glad I found this site, you know how you wonder how someone from school has been doing.† I wish I would have gotten the info on the 20TH..maybe my old address is still on file. Well been married for 7 years to Scott Lundy (Maunal HS 1978).† He owns his own business Hair by Scott in Peoria .† We have a 5 year old Zachary that keeps us busy..he is the one & only. I am working at Bradley University in the Math & Political Science depts.† The only secretary for 39 Professors/ teachers...they keep me busy during the day! I love it & it is a great job.† Great people. Don't hear much from anyone from Metamora but would like to if anyone wants to write. Hope to make the next reunion.

Class of: 1979
Address: RR #2, Box TV-24, Athens, IL † 62613
Phone: 217-636-8929

Comments: Here's my attempt to condense 2 decades into a few sentences. I graduated from MTHS after 3 1/2 yrs and hiked w/my Dad on the Appalachian Trail . I went to college in Wisconsin for 2 1/2 yrs. and then moved back home and went to Bradley. After 2 semesters there I transferred to Sangamon State (now U of I Springfield) and graduated in '84.† I worked for the Lt. Gov. for 3 years and then in '88 I started working at the Dept. of Conservation (now Natural Resources).† I married Mary in August, '83.† We have 3 kids: Jennifer (12, Jeanine (11) & Jeffrey (6).

Maiden Name: Sloan
Class of: 1979
Address: 692 Wyndham Crossing Circle, Des Peres,† MO† 63131
Phone: 314-965-6327

Comments: Hi to all you aging redbirds, Since graduation in 1979, I went to college to become a pediatric nurse - did that for 13 years for kids with cancer and other life threatening diseases. Divine intervention sent my family on a transfer to New Jersey for two years so I could obtain graduate work in Thanatology, the field of death and dying.† My husband's company thought the transfer was for his career.† Little did they know they had nothing to do with it.† We returned to St. Louis and I was able to fulfill my dream of starting a non-profit organization to serve children, teens and their families who are grieving the death of someone significant.† It's The St. Louis Brereavement Center For Young People and as you can imagine, it keeps me busy.† I married in 1990 to Bob Byrne.† He is the Senior Director of Applications Development at Anheuser-Busch Cos, Inc. here in St. Louis .† We have three boys: Austin , almost 8, Spencer, almost 6, and Grant, 3 1/2.† They are full of energy as you could suspect.† They bring much sunshine and laughter to our lives.† My parents remain in Metamora while my sister Jody is happily married and living with her two boys here in another St. Louis suburb.† Mindy lives in Sacramento with her four children.† Hope your lives have brought you much love, laughter, and loads of contentment.† Wishing you peace, Becky

Maiden Name: Siverly
Class of: 1979
Address: 12060 Harmony Circle, Gulfport, MS 39503

Comments: Hello fellow Alumni, can't believe 30 years have passed us by so quickly. I'm looking forward to the reunion. I dread coming alone, but the hubby will be on his last 7 month deployment. He is John Sasso (MTHS82). Sept 14th is our 25th anniversary. John is UTCS-E8 in the Navy. He will finally retire next year with 26 years service. We enjoyed living all over from CA., MS., FL, and Texas. The most beautiful island is Bermuda. Our oldest , Michael, will be graduating from Mississippi State this spring. Our other son Justin is in Alabama majoring in Astrophysics. John and I still go dancing every weekend. Most our time is spent going and visiting family and traveling. We are enjoying our new home we built and hope to be in one place for awhile. Nothing more relaxing than the beach!! Sorry all you snow birds! See ya all at the reunion.

Class of: 1979
Address: R.R.#8 Box 18, Metamora, IL 61548
Phone: 309-367-4693

Comments: I have been married to Carla (Turner) since 1983.† We have two children, Tyler, born in 1993 and Molly, born in 1996.† I have been working for the Metamora Telephone Company since 1978.† I am actively involved as a volunteer fireman for Metamora, an EMT and right now I am serving a second term on the Metamora Township Board as a Trustee.† In 1990 we built a house on a lake about 1 1/2 miles North of Metamora.† When we are not busy running to school activities, sports practices and lessons for the kids, we enjoy traveling and spending time with friends.

Class of: 1979
Address: 5699 Sailstone Ln., Woodbridge,†VA † 22193
Phone:† 703-585-1819

Comments: 2-2-03 †† Update...Hello all.† I've been married (again) for two years(00) to Melinda.† I retired from the Navy in 00 (Not really...I just don't work there after 20).† I have two daughters Felisha(88) and Adrienne(92).† I currently work at DynCorp and Melinda hangs out at Northrop Grumman IT.† Looking forward to the big 25...Lets get that chat room open again....later†† eds

Name: Mark Smith (now Mark Nicolson)
Class of: 1979

Updated: 05/2011

Maiden Name: Sniff
Class of: 1979
Address: P.O. Box 706, 765 North Fork Road, Metamora, †IL † 61548
Phone: 309-367-2526
Comments: Update since 25th Reunion (4/30/08)- Life is moving right along for myself and my family. The years are going so fast! Mike and I will celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary this year. This year also marks my 25th year of working as a legal assistant for the same attorney! Mike is still working for Morton Buildings. Our daughter, Allison (Ali), will be a senior at MTHS this fall (2008-2009). She had the opportunity to be a varsity football cheerleader last year, and had a fun time cheering our state championship team to its victory! She made varsity football cheerleader for this coming senior year also. Our son, Adam, will be a freshman this fall at MTHS (2008-2009). He is involved in various sports which keeps us very busy. We continue to enjoy our time with our kids, family and friends.

Maiden Name: Trantina
Class of: 1979
Address: 159 Childs Rd., Birchwood,†TN† 37308

Comments: Hi from Tennessee , I moved in 1977 with my family. My 2 sisters still live around Metamora. Have been married to Wallace Myers for 20 years. Two children, son- James,19 and daughter- Kimberly,18. One granddaughter and one on the way. Work with the handicap for the last 10 years.††

Alumni Name: Mark Webb
E-Mail: tazdevil@mchsi.com
Class of: 1979
Address: 300 W 2nd Ave.,† Deer Creek, IL† 61733
Phone: 309-447-6751

Comments: We had another "first" in our lives as we became grandparents in June 2003. He (Jayden R. Webb) is the cutest baby in the entire world. He is the son of Derek (b. 83). Drew (b. 84) is our special needs child has graduated H.S. and is beginning to use that word "career". My wife Judy (Judy Allen class of 81 and my lovely bride since 1983) have found a NEW passion in motorcycling. We both have full dress 2006 Harley Davidsons. We are gone every weekend during riding season and have been to Sturgis, SD, New Orleans, Gulf Coast Smokey Mountains of Tenn., the Florida Keys, and a bunch of short overnight weekend trips. We ride with a local HAWG group and are having the time of our lives on our cycles (we put over 15,000 miles on bikes each year).

Mark still works at State Farm and I.C.C. (part-time instructor). Judy put her career on hold, so that we can raise our grandson (we have permanently adopted). We thought we were going to be "empty-nesters", but instead we've been given a second chance at being parents. Thank goodness for great-grandma, so we can still ride on the weekends. Between riding, teaching (3 nights a week), maintaining 6 web sites, running an annual golf outing, organizing a H.S. reunion, and raising our new grandson there's not much time to do anything else!!!
Updated: 06/2008

Name: Tammy Rayner
Maiden Name: Welsh
Class of: 1979
Address: 602 Holland, Metamora,† IL † 61548
Phone: 309-712-5105

Comments: I still live in the area. That probably will never change. I have two children. Tom who is 25, and Holly who is 24. I am a registered nurse working as Director of Nursing in an intermediate care facility for the mentally ill. I have been employed there for 22 years. I also am very involved at Great Oaks Community Church , where I do a lot of volunteer work and teach 2nd and 3rd graders. I love boating, camping and gardening. My dream is to see grandchildren someday soon.

Class of: 1979
Address: 180 Timberline Drive, East Peoria, IL 61611 †
Phone: 699-5936†

Comments:†2003 update: Married Elaine Heinold in 1981.† We are getting close to empty nest situation.† Not sure what we'll do when there is no more kid's games/concerts/etc to look forward to.† I'm certain that with Tuition rates we'll have empty bank accounts before we get to the empty nest!† Heidi (born 1981) graduated from ISU in May 2003 as a Middle School English teacher, and is currently substitute teaching in the area.† Tony (born 1984)is attending Union University in Jackson Tenn, studying Math Education but really wants to coach. Ben (born 1985)will graduate in May 04 from MTHS,and study Engineering somewhere.† Elaine is teaching at EP middle school, and I changed jobs after 11 years and am the Controller at Smithfield RMH Foods in Morton.† Like always look forward to now the 25th reunion.† I must confess I can't play snag creek without chuckling about the golf outing at the 20th!

Class of: 1979
Address: 30628 Robet Road, Thousand Palms, CA †92276
Phone: 760-343-1706

Comments: 25 YEARS??!! Still married to Jenifer('94). The twins, Travis & Mitchell are almost 9 and our daughter, Jordan, is 7 1/2. We moved out here to the Palm Springs , California area in the fall of 2003. Unfortunately we won't be able to come back for the reunion this year....too many things going on! Jenifer is the Morning Show Meteorologist for the local CBS TV station. I work for Marriott Vacation Club selling vacation ownership packages. Anyone who wants to own their vacations(forever) and stay in world class resorts instead of small hotel rooms, give me a call, I'll show you how! (I had to get a plug in here since I won't get to see anyone this year!!) The golf is great out here. †Over 115 courses and sunshine 365 days per year! The kids are keeping us busy with all the activities they are participating in. We'll miss everyone, but we hope everyone has a great time at the reunion and we hope to see you in 2009.
Name: Wanda Kruse
Maiden Name: Sullivan
Class of: 1979

Address: 1232 Lore Lane, Green Bay, WI† 54303
Phone:† 920-491-9215

Comments: It is so good to read what everyone has been doing.† I stayed in the area until 1990, I then moved to Portland, OR for about 10 years and moved back to IL for a few years.† Ended up in Green Bay for the past 8 years...married to Cliff from Bartonville, IL and working for Schneider Trucking Company.† When I'm not working or spending time with Cliff, I enjoy quilting and gardening...
(updated:† 10/2015)

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