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MTHS Class of 1977

This information was taken from the Senior Yearbook. á
Please contact us with corrections.á
Allen Abel
William Alig
Marla Bateson
Kathleen Bell
Lisa Bell
William Belshaw
Richard Benedetto
David Betebenner
Ruth Bishel
Ed Blasingim
Alan Breitbarth
Tammy Breitbarth
James Broe
Alison Brownfield
Cheryl Buenneke
Bernadette Burns
James Butler
Jerry Byran
Gregg Cheatham
Timothy Christy
Paula Cordes
Ella Cox
Teresa Crandell
John Cross
Stephen Cuffe
Danny Curless
Deborah Dagit
James Danz
Jacqueline Darnall
Kathy Davis
Lorinda Dean
Denise DeWitt
Eric DeWitt
Carl Dickson
Craig Doerr
Kimberly Downs
Bryan Drum
Cynthia DuBois
Keith Dyar
Nora Eichorn
Brian Epping
Ted Esh
Catherine Evans
Wanda Fandel
Tracy Fauber
Sandra Finch
Russell Ford
Everett Frazier
Robert Fredericks
Eric Fulk
Thomas Gallagher
Stephen Garber
Diane Gauwitz
Howard Gerdom
Mary Gillhouse
Sharon Glaub
Rickey Graves
Vickie Graves
Deborah Gray
Cynthia Grebner
Timothy Grebner
Cheryl Whitehurts
Christopher Guay
Roger Gunther
Michael Guth
Rhonda Hale
Randy Hall
Debora Hammer
Marie Hansen
Jill Harris
Pamela Harrison
Lynne Hauter
Steven Hawk
Linda Hawn
Tracy Hedden
Jean Heisler
Brenda Heineman
Hank Henderson
Michael High
Gary Hill
Joey Hill
Jill Holloway
Steven Holman
Beth Johnson
Roberta Johnson
Sylvia Kalley
Mark Kapraun
Debra Kelsey
Donald Kennedy
Randy Kiefner
Michael Kirkahm
Valerie Kirkham
Pamela Kissner
Rick Knisely
Sandra Knoblauch
Brian Knutson
Lisa Kunkel
Rebecca Laitas
Nancy LaKemper
Cynthia Lambie
Julie Lemkemann
Pamela Lemons
David Linzenmeyer
Donna Lyles
Patrick McCallister
Katherine Mallie
Janet Martin
Diane Mason
Cynthia Miller
Denise Miller
Kevin Miller
Thomas Miller
Douglas Mills
David Minner
Alesia Mitchell
Starr Morris
Erin Murphy
Jeffrey Nauman
Rebecca Nauman
Russell Nieschlag
Judith Nimmo
Robert Nullmeyer
David Obery
Sue Obery
Jeffrey O'Conner
Lester Parker
Steven Parks
Christine Payne
Deborah Peters
Susan Petrosky
Shirley Polston
Kevin Rauh
Dawn Ray
William Reich
Scott Reynolds
Vickie Ring
Annette Rider
Cathy Ridings
Steven Rhoads
Clyde Robinson
Mark Rohman
Christine Ross
Cynthia Ross
Ernest Rubel
Kimberly Rubel
Daryl Schabinger
Elaine Schaidle
Karen Schaidle
Dale Scheirer
Paul Scheirer
Rose Scheirer
Cynthia Schertz
Sandra Schertz
Timothy Schierer
Ann Schifeling
Susan Schleif
Kevin Schlink
Belinda Schriner
Bradley Schupp
Kenneth Schupp
Richard Senn
Timothy Shoopman
Molly Singley
Sandra Siverly
Gary Smallwood
James Smith
Michele Smith
Peggy Springer
Susan Stanley
Andrew Stein
Daniel Strickfaden
Joy Sutter
Philip Tegg
Shari Tellor
Brenda Theien
Darcy Thoran
Suzanne Tyler
Donna Ullrich
Terrisa Vance
Clinton Watters
Brad Weinstein
Mark Whittington
Todd Weichmann
Harvey Wilkins
Naomi Willman
Cynthia Winchell
Richard Winkler
Rebecca York
Terry Young
Susan Zimmerman
Keith Zobrist

Class of: 1977
Address: 5904 Walpole Place, Amarillo,áTXá 79109
Phone: 806-358-8486

Comments:ááGreetings Redbirds. I never married, but my very happy family consists of Fanny the cat, Max the cocker spaniel, Maggie the schnauzer, & Bonnie the roommate.áá After graduation, I went to ICC for 2 years then played softball at West Texas State (now West Texas A&M) in Canyon, Tx. After that I was hired by the Amarillo school district as a teacher/coach. I taught English & PE & coached for 4 years, 2 at junior high, 2 in high school. Found I loved teaching English most of all, so quit coaching & taught English another 6 years. Then had opportunity to be Curriculum & Instruction Specialist for my high school for 7 years.

Last year I received my Masters of Education degree plus Mid-Management (Principalship) Certification. This year I am an Assistant-Prinicipal at Fannin Middle School (grades 6, 7, 8). With middle school kids there is never a dull moment! But I love it more than I ever imagined. Should have lots of good material when I pick up serious writing again.

My hobbies are going to the gym, reading, writing/journaling, building things for the house (platform bed, bookshelf, tile-top kitchen table), walking the dogs, & summer travel.

Two of my goals for the future: becoming a principal & attending the next class reunion so I can hug the necks of all you guys who filled my teenage years.
I wish you all God's Love & Light.

PS- I posted my photo so we could all have a good laugh!

Maiden Name: Crandell
Class of: 1977
Address: 46 Southgate Drive, Troy,á MOá 63379
Phone: 636-528-6109

Comments: Hi!!á I married Jack Wall (class of '74) in 1979 and we have four wonderful children (Dustin, Nolan, Janelle and Rachel).á I worked atá Caterpillar until 1985, then we moved to Missouri when Jack took aá job at GM.á Presently, I clean homes.á We enjoy biking, and I'm in three choirs.á Would love to hear from fellow classmates!!
Class of: 1977
Address: 3111 Brownsboro Road, Louisville,áKYá 40206

Comments: I am a Professor of Law at the University of Louisville School of Law in Louisville, Kentucky.á I reside in Louisville with my wife Marilyn and two spoiled terriers.
Maiden Name: Fauber
Class of: 1977
Address: 2410 N California Ave., Peoria, ILá 61603

Comments: Nick and I were married in 1979.á We have two kids or shall I say young adults.á Matthew (1982) and Amanda (1984).á I quit work a few years ago and Nick calls me a "domestic Technician".á I enjoy gardening and decorating cakes, and "yes" I still work with flowers.á Nick is very involved with the choir for the Catholic Diocese.á He was very honored when he was chosen to be Cantor/Song Leader for the Mother Theresa Mass in the early 90's. It was nice seeing everyone at the 25th reunion.á Maybe I will see you at the 30th.
Maiden Name: Gauwitz
Class of: 1977
Address: 22155 Spring Creek Rd., Washington, IL á61571
Phone: 309-699-6674

Comments: Hello classmates -- many of you didn't know me in high school, as I was not involved in any extracurricular activities, so I'm not sure how I got involved with the 25 & 30 year reunions -- probably my inability to say no, which I'm now learning to do! So if anyone wants a 35 year celebration, please contact me for the for the info.

I've been happily single since 1990 and raised two sons, Tim and Jason. I am business manager for The Antioch Group (Christian counseling and psychological practice) since 1997. I've always lived in the East Peoria area, but often think about heading south someday. The highlight of my life was when Jason & I went to Athens, Greece in 2004 to see Tim represent the USA in the summer Olympics' Track & Field 5000 Meter event!

Maiden Name: Harrison
Class of: 1977
Address: 15324 Cyndelyn Drive, Piedmont,áOKá 73078

Comments: Hi everyone!á After all these many years, it would be great to hear from you.á My husband, Steve, and I have been married for 16 years and have lived here in the Oklahoma City area for the past 14.á It is a great place to raise a family.á We have one son, Tyler - 15, and a daughter, Mimi - 14.á We keep busy very with all kinds of family and church activities.á The time really does go too quickly!!
Maiden Name: Holloway
Class of: 1977
Address: 2013 Montague Drive, Springfield, ILá 62707
Phone: 217-522-5900

Comments: Hi to all!á I miss our little town, but get back every so often to visit family (Dad, brothers Greg & Jeff).á But as they say once and always a Metamoran.á It's been a very exciting year...new husband (Alan) and 2 great step kids, Josh (17) and Rachel (19).á Rachel is a Jr at Rollens College in Orlando (the country club).áá After working for my MBA and 20 years in the mortgage business, I have started my own mortgage company, Advantage Home Mortgage.á Let me know if you ever need a mortage... rates are great!!á We enjoy traveling the world (lately our trips are centered around the Orlando area), reading and believe it or not, I have a pretty decent golf game.á In addition to my new extended family, we have 4 cats, Fusser, Cappy, Puss and Boots.á Life has been wonderful.á I count my blessings everyday and I am very thankful for the small town upbringing that I was privileged to find in Metamora.á Hope all is as well for all of you.á Would love to hear from my old friends.áá

Class of: 1977
City:áChicago, IL

Comments: Hi everyone. It's been a long time.á Sorry I haven't made the reunions but I do plan to be there for the 25th. I'm still single and happy. I have a healthcare consulting business that I started up last year and am fortunate to be able to work in my sweats here at home.á I also teach religious education to 3rd graders.á This last job is the one I love the most.á I hope you are all doing well and that life is being very good to you.
Class of: 1977
Address: 1953 Knox Rd., Victoria,á IL 61485

Comments: I'm the one who was out in the grove smoking while my brother (Bob)was setting track records. Well after doing an apprenticeship for a life of crime I found I wasn't very good at that so I got a job with the state (oxymoron?) down at the Woodford Co. Cons. Area.á I've been with the state now since '78 and am currently Site Superintendent at Snakeden Hollow Fish & Wildlife Area near Victoria, about 40 miles NW of Peoria. I married my grade school sweetie from Peoria, LeAnn, and have three wonderful (read: infuriating) kids: Heather (b: '85), Michael (b: '87) and Corey (b: '91).á We all live in an old farmhouse (read: money-pit) on 15 timber-acres north of town.á I am on the board of our little library in town, am a volunteer fireman and on the board of the Methodist church in Victoria.
Maiden Name: Martin
Class of: 1977
Address: 5014 N Ronald Rd., Peoria,á ILá 61614
Phone: 309-693-2664

Comments: Hi all!á After reading all the bio's in the 25-year booklet I just want to say I'm so happy that so many of my classmates have had happy, successful lives!!á I don't have much to say about myself - I'm not involved in any clubs or activities (never was much of a "joiner"!) But life has been good to me and God has blessed me with two wonderful kids!á Josh, 22 and Joice, 21.á Josh is spending the summer in Nantucket kind of a working vacation after graduating from MacMurray College in Jacksonville, IL in May.á He graduated with a BA in Philosophy and one in Criminal Justice.á He was one class away from a BA in Religion.á (He has a lot of different interests!)á Now I'm just waiting to see which one he uses in the real world!á There has been talk of law school - but we'll see!á Joice spent two years at ICC and decided she still didn't know what she wants to do so is taking a break until she decides.á She is the Assistant Manager at Claire's Boutique at Willow Knolls.

Maiden Name: Mitchell
E-Mail: alesia61554@yahoo.com
Class of: 1977
Address: 1513 N. 8th St., Pekin,áILáá61554

Comments: My status was a bit dated so I figured I better do an update! I was very quiet in high school so you might not remember me. I'm not as quiet any more - but still quieter than my husband, Rob. He's a nationally known psychic and paranormal investigator who's appeared on several TV and radio shows, as well as having a part in his brother's movie, The Showdown. He also wrote a book, Haunted No More. As you can tell, I'm very proud of him!

I'm the Senior Project Coordinator at PJ Hoerr where I've worked since 1990. As of now (March '11), I'm on leave while I get treatment for carcinoid cancer. Even though it's already metastized to my liver, it's a slow-growing cancer and Dr. Veeder says we can stay ahead of it. Shortly after my diagnosis, my husband was diagnosed with thyroid cancer and faces surgery. Needless to say, 2011 will be a year of challenges. But with the Lord's help, we'll make it through this.

We have two sons, Jason (b: '78) and Brad (b: '79). They're both married and have given us three beautiful grandchildren: Brad & Kelly gave us LeAnne (b: '00) and Katie (b: '04), Jason & Jamie had Brennan in 2007. Jason is a journeyman carpenter and Brad is a 911 dispatcher for Bloomington/Normal. We're thrilled they're all living back in the area!

I haven't made it to any of the reunions yet, but maybe the next one?? It would be good to see all of you! (Updated: 03/2011)

Class of: 1977
Address: 1 Picture View Ct., Metamora,áILá 61548

Comments: Hi everyone! Didn't realize that this site was available until recently and think that it is great. My wife, Debbie, and I have been married for 12 years and still live in the Metamora area.á We have 4 sons, Jared (born in 1991), Justin (born in 1992), Jordan (born in 1994) and Joshua (born in 1995).á They do keep us very busy with baseball, soccer, and basketball at this time. I am Executive Vice President at the Metamora Telephone Company (MTCO as most people know us now) and am involved in several industry and local boards.á I haven't been able to be at many of the previous reunions but hope that we can make the 25th.á Hope to see many of you there.
Class of: 1977
Address: 108 W. Bertram, Metamora, ILá 61548
Phone: 309-367-4278

Comments: I'm married to Donna Rohman class of 1980 and have 2 children, Lindsay born in 84 and Mason born in 88. I'm currently a foreman for Otto Baum & Company. I enjoy spending my time attending my children's different sports & school events as well as riding my Harley when ever I get the chance.á

Name: Cathy Xamis
Maiden Name: Ridings
Classáof: 77
City: Lincoln,áIL

Comments: I was born and raised in Metamora but unfortunately did not graduate at Metamora. My family moved in 1975 when I would have been a Junior. I still consider myself a true Redbird and would like to be included in the Class of 1977 alumni section if possible. I went to grade school and 2 years of high school in Metamora and miss contact with many of my classmates and childhood friends. (Updated: 10/2009)
Maiden Name: Schaidle
Class of: 1977
Address: 1318 N Lourdes Road, Metamora, ILá 61548á

Comments: Class of "77:á How time flies!á Larry and I celebrated our 25th anniversary and still live in Metamora.á I continue to work for East Peoria High School as a counselor.á Both sons, Chris (24) and Andy (21) are college graduates. Andy works in GA and Chris is a graduate student at U of I. I spend my "free" time enjoying the little pleasures life offers. áAlways ready to have a former classmate meet up to rock climb, hike, run, or bike (bicycle, that is!)
Maiden Name: Schertz
Class of: 1977
Address: P.O.á Box 917, Metamora,á ILá 61548
Phone: 309-367-4330

Comments: I went to ICC for two years and then worked in the Admissions/ Records Office at ICC for 5 and 1/2 years.á I married Bill Christ from Washburn in 1982 and we have two children.á Thomas is 15 and a freshman at MTHS and Laurel is 9 and in the third grade at MGS.á We also have two dogs and four cats.á I keep busy volunteering at school and at church.á I help my husband in his insurance office and with his farming operation.
Name: Michele Hammond
Maiden Name: Smith
Class of: 1977
Address: 93 Beech Tree Ridge, P.O. Box 878, Killingworth, CT 06419

Comments: Hello everyone, I didn't know this website existed until today.á Well - after high school I went to Bradley and received my degree in Music Education.á I have been married to my husband, Russ (also a high school choir director) for over 21 years and have been living in Connecticut for almost that long. á Although I miss my family, I love living by the ocean with easy access to New York and Boston. I currently am in my 21st year as the Director of Choirs at Westbrook High School in Connecticut where I conduct 5 choirs and teach a theatre class. In my spare time I am an avid runner and have completed 16 marathons to date.á I also love to draw and have started a small specialty greeting card company, named "Roobarb" with my best friend. We put out commissioned invitations, cards etc. Finally, I still love to be on stage and frequently perform with a local theater company. á Russ and I visit Metamora at least twice a year since my parents still live in the house where I grew up.á I have 6 wonderful nieces and nephews who I love dearly and we try to get together as often as possible. áWhenever I am home I always like to take a daily run around Metamora. á It's funny how small it seems now compared to high school!
Maiden Name: Theien
Class of: 1977
Address: 325 Arbor Vitae Drive, Metamora, ILá 61548áá

Maiden Name: Vance
Class of: 1977
Address: 337 W 3rd St., Sandwich,á ILá 60548
Phone: 815-786-7076

Comments: Wow 25 yrs...Whats there to say, but time has been good to me. I moved to a small town, about 60m SW of Chicago in 86, where I'm happily single and mother of 4 great kids...2 girls,2 boys...Nikee (12-78), TJ (5-80), Brandon (9-84), and Kendyle (3-87), and grandmother, yes grandma, to 2 amazing little boys, Donovan (8-97), and Dalton (2-20), and expecting my 3rd grandbaby in early June.á Hope everyone is happy and healthy, and time has been just as good to you.
Name: Daryl Schabinger
E-Mail: nrfb59@aol.com
Class of: 1977
Address: 6033 N. Sheridan Road, Unit 16H,á Chicago, ILá 60660

Comments: Have been a resident of Chicago since 1986.á I have worked full time as an immigration paralegal for the last 28 years, the past ten years at Baker & McKenzie LLC in Chicago.á Have served as director, vice-president, and business manager since 1989 for both the Miss Chicago and Miss Illinois state pageants.á Got married this year to my partner of 31 years.á Enjoy volunteering with Habitat for Humanity, the National Immigrant Justice Center, and have also appeared as a extra in several movies filmed in Chicago.á Life is good.
Updated:á 11/2014
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