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MTHS Class of 1975
This information was taken from the Senior Yearbook. á
Please contact us with corrections.á
Bryan Adams
Mark Adams - deceased
Lawrence Anders
Diana Armstrong
Laa Archwichai
Louis Atherton
Tania Bachman
Karen Ballard
Kathy Ballard
Patti Barlow
Jesse Bean
Timothy Belsly
Lisa Bendetto
Evonne Berry
Becky Bishel - deceased
John Bisio I
John Bockler
Mary Boehl
Glori Breitbarth
Karl Burmeister
Randy Call
Cindy Chapman
Cheryl Clement
William Cortus
David Cox
Maureen Crandell
Charlotte Crone
Steven Crone
Elizabeth Dawson
Wayne Dehn
Rodney Detweiler
Jack Devine
Richard Diener
Tamara Donahoe
Gregory Dubois
Jean Eiermann
Carolee Elbert
Karen Elbert
Donna Ellis
Donna Evans
Phyllis Evans
Susan Fandel
Terry Fandel
Mary Feicke
Brenda Fisher
Glenda Fisher
James Fisher
James Forester
Dennis Fredericks
Galen Gingrich
Marsha Gostowski
George Grebner
Blaine Gregory
Douglas Gregory
Ralph Gunderson
Merle Guy
Lucille Haedicke
Billy Halstead
Lynda Harmison
Herschel Harris
Willie Harris
Linda Heimann
Dwight Hill
Sue Hodel
Michael Honegger
Nancy Howard
Janice Hungerford
Michael Huser
Kim Jackson
Rhonda Jackson
Randy Kacir
Katherine Kapraun
Jerome Kauchak
Kristine Kennel
Don Kleespie
Shelia Klein
Keith Knight
Paul Knight
Tim Knight
Michael Kramer
Peggy Kurshener
Ernest Leason
Deborah Lindee
Steven Long - deceased
Linda Lorance
Annette Marchand
David Martin
Patricia Martin
Deborah Mason
Michael Mason
Roger McCoy
Timothy McDowell
Dori Meinert
Robert Metz
Michael Meyer
Nathan Miller
Richard Mishler
Dennis Mitchell
Janice Montgomery
Alan Morgan
Rebecca Mullins
Patrick Murphy
Douglas Nauman
Stephen Nauman
Mark Neumann
Ellen Nordbusch
Pamela Nuest
Donald Nunley - deceased
Diane O'Dell
Gerald Orth
Judith Parr
Mike Parr
Barbara Pedrick
Allen Peterson
Daniel Polston
Greg Popelar
Kathryn Jo Raithel
Gene Reising
Karen Rekart
Donna Rice
Lonnie Rich
Deborah Ring
Charles Robertson
Mathew Rohman - deceased
Vicki Rowden
Pamela Rubel
Mark Ruder
Michael Ryan
Mary Sandidge
cindy Sasso
Christopher Schaab
Cindy Schaidle
Deb Schertz
Laurie Schertz
Sally Schertz
Julie Schiefeling
Elaine Schierer
Evy Scheirer
Jeff Schierer
Judy Schneider
Kathy Schriner
Luann Schrock
Charlotte Schupp
Paul Schwenk
Frank Scudder
Thomas Seckler
Ronald Seib
Robin Seils
James Sellman
Stanley Sharick
William Sharp
Julie Shawback
David Smith
Zachary Smith
Sandra Snell
Marsha Sporeá- deceasedá
Jane Springer
Joyce Springer
Gayle Stanley
Mary Stotler
Larry Sweet
Rex Swords
Thomas Teufel
Steve Thompson
Tonia Trantina
Lynn Travis
Andy Ullrich
Dewey Veal
Timothy Waldschmidt - deceased
Kimberly Warner
Rick Weldon
James Wernsman
Henry Whitener
Martin Wiesehan
Patricia Willett
Bruce Willman
Barb Winkler
Chris Winters - deceased
Tim Worner
Susan Wyzlic
Janice Zimmerman
Robert Zimmerman



(Updated: 10/2010)
Name: Mr. Laa Archwichai
E-Mail: laa@kku.ac.th
Class of: 1975
Address:áDepartment of Geotechnology, Faculty of Technology
ááááááááááááááKhon Kaen University, Khon Kaen 40002, Thailand
Phone: 66-43-239329, EXT.112; 66-43-332301
Mobile : 66-1-5748012
Web site:
Class of: 1975
City: Spring Bay, IL

Comments: I now have a beautiful 2 1/2 year old grand daughter!!!!á

Maiden Name: Ballard
Class of: 1975
Address:á336 E. Eller Drive,áEast Peoria, áIL á61611
Phone: 309-383-4659

Comments: After MTHSá went to ICCá 2 years and received aá Certificate in Medical Office Assistance. Married Bill Clementz in 1977. We have 3 childrená Nathaná a Jr. at U of I Springfield, Nicholas a freshman at ICC and Amanda a Sophomore a MTHS.áI am working at OSF Health Plans helping to pay for those collegeá bills!áJust keeping busy with everyones schedules.á

Class of: 1975
Address:á314 W. Mt. Vernon St.,áMetamora, IL á61548á

Comments: I married Peggy Redenius in September 1982.á I have two sons, Jason born in 1986 and Adam born in 1989.á I am currently employed at Bradley University in Facilities Management.á Peggy is a PreK teacher at Metamora Community Preschool.á I have been active on the Metamora Village Board since 1986.

Maiden Name: Breitbarth
Class of: 1975
Address:áP.O. Box 87,á414 S. Spring, Metamora, IL á61548
Phone: 367-9628

Comments: I and Rick Weldon were married January 28, 2000 which is one of the happiest days I can remember after the birth of my son.á My son Andy is 24 years old and Ricks three kids are 19, 14, 12. Rick of course is still crazy about sports and mainly work in my yard and spend a lot of time with my family. I have been very fortunate while married to Andy Daniel to travel and live in many states as well as living two years in Italy.

Name: Dave Cox
E-Mail: dcox@mmci.org
Class of: 1975

Comments: Hi everyone! After MTHS I joined the Navy and spent 10 years defending our nation in 14 different countries. When I left the Navy I had an assortment of jobs then plunged into computers. Currently I am a computer analyst employed the past 8 years by Methodist Medical Center in Peoria . Not married but I do have 2 children and five (#6 on the way) grandchildren. Would love to hear from everyone!!á


Name: Maureen Wiechman
Maiden Name: Crandell
Class of: 1975

Comments: Hi everyone, I married Dean Wiechman in 1986. He is a 1980 graduate of Metamora. Our twins Samantha and Nick were born in 1987. I am currently working at Teegarden Veterinary Clinic. I enjoy long walks with my lab, Rocky and taking vacations. Just spent several days ináFlorida with 8 of my 9 sisters. Had a blast!! Hope to see everyone at the 30th reunion. Take care!

Class of: 1975
Address:á3479 Broken Bow Trail,áDelafield, áWI á53018
Phone: 262-968-4930

Comments: Married to Lori for 24 years. We have one child, Tyler, 10. We own and operate 3D Sales LLC, a corporate training company. (Updated: 11/07)

Name: Jack Daniel Devine
E-Mail: gunssavelivesnow@hotmail.com
Class of: 1975
Address:á2736 County Road 215 ON,áMinonk, áIL á61760
Phone: 309-432-2733

Comments: I worked for Dicks Standard until 1977 where Dick Matson taught me many skills. I remember learning how to operate the wrecker and work on cars. I worked at Caterpillar from 1977-1982. I worked for my Father at Metamora Pharmacy 1982-1984 whená Mike Parr helped me get my CDL and I drove a truck until hiring at Mitsubishi in 1989 where I still work. I am the custodial parent of three teens from 2 failed marriages and live just east of Minonk.
Maiden Name: Eiermann
Class of: 1975
Address:á709 Somerset Dr., Germantown Hills, IL 61548-9111

Comments: Hope everyone is happily entering their middle ages! You're only as old as you feel, you know! Looking forward to another reunion in 2010!á (Updated: 05/2008)

Maiden Name: Evans
Class of: 1975
Address:á985 Oakwood Farms Lane, Ballwin, áMO á63021
Phone: 636-256-6643

Comments: I married Robin Seils in October, 1976. I worked at Foster & Gallagher til 1979 then I worked 10 years at Lanier Business Products(they transfered us to St. Louis in 1986) then I went to work for Apple Computer for 10 years. I currently work for National System, Inc. - an advertising information company.

We have two lovely daughters - Nicole, 18, a senior at Marquette High and Tonia, 16, a sophomore at Marquette.á Scout, our 5 year old yellow lab is the baby - Robin takes here on annual hunting trips to Iowa.

Our family is quite involved with the Youth Ministry at St. John's Lutheran Church in Ellisville, MO. When we're not there, Robin and I are on the golf course - which is where we want to retire. We'd love to hear from everyone. If you're ever in St. Louis, give us a call.
Maiden Name: Evans
Class of: 1975
Address:áRt. 1,áCazenovia, áIL á61545

Comments: I married Bob Fisher in 1975. We have one daughter, Katrina (Katie), currently in 8th grade at MGS.

Name: Susan A. Campbell
Maiden Name: Fandel
E-Mail: nalpro@hotmail.com
Class of: 1975
Address:á1206 N Maple Lane,áEast Peoria, áIL á61611
Phone: 309-383-4287

Comments: Married to Allan Campbell.á Two boys, ages 12 and 10. Have worked in the insurance field since high school.
Name: Linda Heimann-Kuhn
Maiden Name: Heimann
Class of: 1975
City: Mundelein,á IL

Comments: I graduated from Eastern Ill in 1978 and married Tom Kuhn, whom I met at Eastern.á I returned to school and received my masters in family therapy. I have been working in social services for the past 26 years, currently I am working for Northwestern University . We have two sons, Nathan and Matthew. They are both graduates from the University of IL . Nate was married in June 05 and Matt is planning a wedding this year. Tom and I love to travel and as a family we enjoy spending time in Steamboat skiing.
Name: JeromeáF. Kauchak
Class of: 1975
Address: 1103Heron Dr.,áMachesney Park, ILá 61115
Phone: 1-815-282-1085

(Updated: 03/2013)


Maiden Name: Klein
Class of: 1975
Address:á1305 Robin Ct.,áRoanoke, áTX á76262á
Name: Peggy Kucera
Maiden Name: Kurschner
Class of: 1975
Address:áPO Box 32,áCameron,á WIá 54822

Comments: Hi! It has been a long time. I know I am old now. But I still remember the school and all the classmates. I am up here in Wis. I am working at a place call the Turkey Store. I do everything there. I have been here 8 years. I also have a son, his name is Cory. He is 12 years old and in 6th grade now. Write more soon. Peggy
Maiden Name: Mason
Class of: 1975
Address:á447 Edgewood Dr.,áEast Peoria, áIL á61611
Phone: 309 699-4671á

Comments:ááI've been working for Ameritech (formerly Illinois Bell) for 22 years.á I married Robert Bloom in 1987.á We have two very active boys named Noah, who is 7, & Jonah, who is 4.á Needless to say I am very busy & have little time for hobbies.áá I do, however enjoy reading, gardening & bicycling.á My husband recently bought a Big Dog motorcycle & I look forward to riding that as well.

I haven't received anything from the reunion committee (maybe I'm off the list since I've never attended a reunion--I know--shame on me!).á I'd like to attend if we are in town that evening.á We are planning on going to Florida during Caterpillar vacation which is the last two full weeks of July.á Hope to hear from someone regarding all the details.

Maiden Name:á Meinert (which I still use professionally)
Class of: 1975
Address:á6102 Juneberry Ct.,áAlexandria, áVA á22310
Phone:á202-737-7686 (work); 702-329-3949á (home)

Comments: I am editor of Common Ground magazine, published by Community Associations Institute.á From 1985-2007, I was a Washington, D.C., correspondent for Copley News Service, writing for Copley's Illinois and California papers.á I am married with three children. (Updated 08/2010)
Maiden Name: Montgomery
List This E-Mail: paul@forcecorp.com
Class of: 1975
Address:áRR#1,áLowpoint,áILá 61545
Phone: 309-443-5051

Comments: I married Dave Force in 1976.á We have two sons; Paul is currently a junior at MTHS and Matt is in the eighth grade.á I am employed by Cope Plastics in Peoria as their office manager.á Yada, yada.

Name: Barbara Bray
Maiden Name: Pedrick
E-Mail: beblmlne@aol.com
Class of: 1975
Address:á2569 Fox Hunt Dr.,áSandy, UTá 84092

Comments: I left the farms of Illinois for the mountains of Utah in 1978 and married Brent Bray in February of 1980. We have two daughters. Melissa is 19 and currently attending the University of Utah. Natalie is 15 and is in the 9th grade. I've put to use all those hours of training from Mr. Burke and Mrs. Kunkle and have worked as an Administrative Assistant for more years than I would care to count. It's amazing that we learned to type on manual typewriters!á In my free time (in between work, kids, house ...) I enjoy researching my family tree -- Pedrick, Heidrich, Holstman, Loucks, Weis, Lindsay, Schlimmer, Schoon, Renken; to name a few!á Any other members of the Peoria County Genealogical Society out there?á Every now and then I miss Sheridan Village and Northwoods Mall, but then I remember the 3 malls within 10 miles of my house; so I get over it! However, Fannie May candy, Steak N Shake and Big John's Barbecue are irreplaceable!

Name: Matt Rohman - deceased
Class of: 1975
Address:áP.O. Box 482,áMetamora, IL 61548
Phone: 309-264-6121

Comments: I graduated from Bradley University and then served as an Officer in the United States Marine Corps. After the Marine Corps I worked as a manager for the Marriott Corporation in their Hotel and Resort Division. Most recently I moved back to the Peoria area and worked for several companies as a sales rep and a sales manager. I was briefly married, but had no children. I'd love to hear from my classmates. Please write, email or call me. I look forward to hearing from you.

Maiden Name: Rubel
E-Mail: plotz1976@yahoo.com
Class of: 1975
Address: 185 Alconbury,áMetamora, ILá61548
Comments: I have been married now for 37 years to Jamie Lotz also from Metamora and he graduated in 1971. We have 2 children Addison (Addi) class of 1996 & Jeremiah Lotz class of 2001. We also have 3 beautiful granddaughters. Skylar 7 yrs, Hannah 4 yrs.& Aivah 2 months old. We have been living @ the same address for 37 yrs also. I am still working @ Parsec Enterprises. Been there for 27 yrs. Jamie has been retired for 5 yrs now. (Updated: 08/2012)

Maiden Name: Schaidle
Class of: 1975

Comments: I married a great guy from East Peoria named Gary. We have 2 girls, Myranda (b.1985), and Danielle (b.1988). We live in the country just North of Metamora near where I grew up. I work in the MGS cafeteria and enjoy seeing the kids of people I went to school with, as well as their parents.
Maiden Name: Schneider
Class of: 1975
City: Pekin

Comments: Hi everyone! I have been married happily for 23 years to a great man. We have one daughter Beth age 21 also three sons Dan Steve and Scott ages 19, 16, 14. My daughter just married last year and with a new husband came instant children so now I'm a granny as well. I have worked in Peoria for 12 years running my own Hardee's store on NE Adams. I dont think I'll make it to the big event but just wanted to say HI. I think often about Metamora but haven't been there in a while. See you soon :)
Maiden Name: Schrock
Class of: 1975
Address:á120 Cherbourg Ct.,áEast Peoria, áIL á61611
Phone: 309-698-2658

Comments: Earned a bachelors degree in music ed at WIU and a masters degree in music ed at ISU. I've taught instrumental music in District 150 in Peoria since 1982. One daughter, Melody, who is a kindergarten teacher in Mt. Sterling, IL. Her husband Doug is the band director in Mt. Sterling . One grandson, Will, born in July 2006. Teaching middle school band, playing flute in the Prairie Wind Ensemble and piccolo in the Peoria Municipal Band, and fulfilling the role of grandma are just a few of the things that keep me busy.


Name: Paul Schwenk
E-Mail: chuggerbee@msn.com
Class of: 1975
Address:á525 State Route 116,áMetamora,á IL á61548
Phone: 309-383-4918

Comments: Started working at Germantown Hills grade school in august of 1975. I have been there the last 28 years. Married Marcella in November 1989. We have 1 son named Joey. He is now 6 years old. Would like to hear from anyone else who attended Metamora High School when I did. Still like to go to all Metamora football games.á


Class of: 1975
Address:á985 Oakwood Farms Ln.,áBallwin, áMO á63021
Phone: 636-256-6643

Comments: Hi Everyone!á This website is a great idea!!á First thing I did after high school is marry Donna Evans in 1976. I bought a 1956 Harley, grew my hair long and enjoyed life.á After a couple of minor jobs I worked at Caterpillar until the layoff of 1980.á I sold cars at Neil Norton Cadillac until 1986 when we moved to St. Louis.á I started working for a Plastics factory calledá Western Plastics, as a "Helper" on the production floor. I am presently the Marketing/ Sales Manager for one of Westerns Subsidiary Companies.á

Donna and I are blessed with two daughters. Nicole, born in "81", and Tonia, born in "83".á Donna and I are involved with Youth Ministry at our church, which is a huge blast!á We come back to the area about 4-5 times a year to visit.á I have seen a few of the "gang" from time to time at Snag Creek during the annual Seils golf tournament that I organize, or up at Wernsmans (Kouris).á I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the next reunion!á Oh, and by the way, I still ride the same 1956 Harley to work.á (unlike my hairline some things never change)
Class of: 1975
City: Spokane, áWAá

Comments: After MTHS, went to ICC and ISU while working part-time at UPS in E. Peoria .á In '79, enlisted in the Navy, and in '80, the Navy sent me back to school to finish college at Florida State Univ. where I graduated in '82 with a degree in Electronics Engineering.á Completed Navy flight training in '84 and flew EP-3 Orion electronic intelligence aircraft in Asia followed by missile and weapons development support at the Naval Missile Test Center in Point Mugu , CA. Resigned from the Navy in '90 just before Saddam started acting up and was again hired by UPS as an airline pilot, currently flying UPS Boeing 757 and 767's worldwide.á Married Carolyn, a girl from Honolulu in '92, and we have a 2 kids, son Michael (7) and daughter Deena (2). Sorry I missed reunion #25!á Would love to hear from all...á Get a haircut Robin!
Name: Gayle Wiens
Maiden Name: Stanley
Class of: 1975

Comments: I am a pediatric physical therapists with special skills in Assistive Technology and seating and positioning. I mostly work with children ages birth-5 years old.

I am married to Mark Wiens (31 years) and we have two sons, John and David. John graduated from Bethel College (our church college) in English and now lives and works in Seattle Washington. Our son David lives in Topeka Kansas and attends Washburn University. We lived in central Kansas for 14 years and then moved to Phoenix in Aug. 2008. My husband worked for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, then attended seminary at Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminaries, then pastored for many years. He currently works as a hospice chaplain.

My hobbies include making fused glass, doing volunteer work in southern Mexico with a center for poor, disabled children, cooking, reading and gardening. (Updated: 04/2011)
Class of: 1975
Address:áR5á Box 213,áMetamora, áIL á61548á

Comments: It's me.á Yes, Elaine and I are still in Metamora. Our two sons, Chris and Andy are in college. No Kids at home!!!! Would be great hearing from you folks out there...

Name: Lynn Travis
E-Mail: ltravisatlaw@msn.com
Class of: 1975
Address: 1155 Carrington Dr.,áSaint Peters,áMOáá63376

Comments: Hello, I just found this site which tells you the level of my ability toánavigate the internet. Since high school I graduated from U of I, went to law school at Washington University in St. Louis and have been practicing law ever since, working for my own firm in the St. Louis area since 1990 with a recent 3 year stint at Legal Services where I headed their Bankruptcy Department. I got married, had 2 beautiful girls, Michele (95) and Adrienne (97) who are currently in high school and got divorced. In my free time, ... no, ... wait, I don't have any free time outside of work, being a chauffer, an ATM, and a cheerleader for two teens and their various sports. Oh, well, maybe in my next life... (Updated: 01/2012)
Name: Timothy Waldschmidt - deceased
Class of: 1975

Comments: I was Tim's wife. My name is Beth and the email & phone are mine. I was in the graduating class of 1978. Tim died on 11-2-1976. (Updated: 09/2012)
Name: Bruce Willman
E-Mail:á willmans@mtco.com
Class of: 1975
Address:á Peoria, ILá 61604

(updated: 9/2015)
Name: Katherine Trueblood
Maiden Name: Kapraun

E-Mail:á True94@aol.com
Class of: 1975
Address: 216 Denmark, Burlington, IAá 52601
Comments: Married my soul mate June 1994 have 3 kids combined, 6 grandchildren and one on the way. Work as Charter Department for Trailways for 30+ years.á My life is blessed. Love to Cruise every year in Jan-Feb to get out of this winter weather.
(updated:á 9/2015)

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