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MTHS Class of 1971

This information was taken from the Senior Yearbook.  
Please contact us with corrections. 
Edward Babbs
Mary Bachman
Mary Baer
Lawrence Baker
Diane Barlow
Barry Bessert
Terry Boblit
Rebecca Bray
Rica Burmeister
Sara Byerly
Ana Calafatich
Douglas Calton
Terry Carlton
Diana Clementz
Jerry Cole
Michael Copp
Gerald Crone
Debra Curless
Dennis Dalton
Stanley Deatherage
Kay DeBolt
Debbie Dixon
Dianna Doty
Kathryn DuBois
Richard DuBois
Dale Ehringer
Vicky Ellsworth
Merrie Fitzgerald
Sheila Flora
Randy Fosdyck
Charle Fredericks
Karen Freeburg
Elsa Friederich
Thomas Gangloff
Connie Garber
Phyllis Gauwitz
Thomas Gillhouse
Susan Grebner
Connie Greer
Donald Gries
Bonnie Grove
Debra Gunderson
Darrell Guth
Larry Hansen
Neils Hansen
Cynthia Hartman
Karen Heinz
Elaine Hellweg
Lloyd Hockenbury
Schott Hogan
Deborah Huser
Larry Johnson
Donald Kacir
Carl Kamp
Mary Kennel
Jane Kerker
Larry Kiefner
Kenneth Kiesewetter
Laurel King
Susan Kipling
Wanda Kirk
Mary Krumholz
Gary LaKemper
Mary Link
Jamie Lotz
Ronald Malcome
Billy Mansfield
Linda Martin
Linda Matheny
Michael McCann
Mindy McCartey
Denise McWhirter
Alan Meismer
Steven Meyer
Daniel Miller
Diane Miller
Norman Miller
Timothy Miller
Wendy Mishler
Monte Mohr
Berverly Montgomery
Cally Morgan
Wilma Morgan
Daniel Munch
Debra Myers
Deborah Nauman
Warren Nauman
Steven Nicol
Darlene Noll
Danny Nyman
Richard O'dell
Judy Opper
Rebecca Ottwell
Christine Packman
Richard Parks
Sandra Parr
Annette Petrosky
Anita Petrosky
Vicky Phillips
Judith Pohlman
Marva Polston
Debra Rahn
Rollin reeb
Christopher Reinmann
Blanch Reinmann
Nancy Reynolds
Ronald Richardson
Walter Rigg
Jeffery Ringness
Paula Rohman
Randall Rohman
Roger Rowden
Susan Salzman
Kathy Sanders
Carl Schaab
Eugene Schalk
Valerie Scheirer
Doulgas Schertz
Margaret Schierer
Jimmy Schlupp
Wendy Schoff
Gerald Scholl
Peggy Schramm
Kathleen Schumacher
Gary Schupp
Mary Seay
Jean Seckler
Vickie Shoopman
Vickie Silldorff
L. Lee Smith
Steve Snodgrass
David Springer
Joan Stickelmaier
George Strieder
Thomas Sullivan
Dale Taylor
Robert Thompson
Rolland Tilstra
Scott Turley
Robert Vandenberg
Peggy Wall
Albert Waters
Margaret Watters
Donna Weiss
Linda White
Susan Winkler
Dennis York
Larry Zoss
Name: Mary Doty
Maiden Name: Baer
Class of: 1971
Address: 1120 Multiflora Ln., Peoria, IL   61615

Name: Terry Carlton
E-Mail: cat1tac@hotmail.com
Class of: 1971
Address: 1550 Pulaski St., Lincoln, IL  62656
Phone: 217-732-2244

Comments: It's been a long time since we roamed the halls of MTHS. I married Pat Schertz nearly 34 years ago. We have 3 children and 7 grand children. Yes, Pat is as lovely as ever. I retired from Caterpillar 7 years ago as a member of management after being an electrician for several years. I manage the sales channel for a software company in Lincoln, a Microsoft Partner. I still play guitar and ride motorcycles and have traveled to many islands, throughout Europe including Russia, Africa and South America. I am also currenty the Logan County Chairman of the Board. Life sure is surprising. (Updated: 10/2009)


Name: Richard Dubois
E-Mail: musicmanrfd@yahoo.com
Class of: 1971
212 South Broad St.Lacon,  IL   61540 

Comments: Hello fellow classmates of 1971.  I have been married to my wife Carol, for 22 years.  We have three children, ages 21, 18 and 17.  I still enjoy coming back to MTHS for sporting events and the parade and field shows.  I will always be a true Metamora Redbird fan.  Go Redbirds!  

Name: Sheila Warren
Maiden Name: Flora
Class of: 1971
515 Apple DriveMetamora,  IL   61548
Phone: 383-2470

Comments: Married almost 30 years to Eric Warren a construction worker, whom I met my senior year at MTHS on my way to Home EC. class. I was a stay-at-home mom, home-birthing five children, homeschooling, organic gardening, vegetarian cooking. My husband divorced me 1 1/2 years ago. He got my home and kids (should have sought Lee Smith for council!!!) I live alone (I hate it) in an apartment in Germantown Hills next to my daughter who made me a Grandma. I work as a house cleaner, and attend
Bayview Baptist Church in Washington where I help in the children's department.  Would love to hear from anyone :-)

Name: Gary LaKemper
E-Mail: gary.lakemper@GM.com
Class of: 1971
Address: 619 Mary Ann Dr., Montgomery, AL  36109
Phone: 334.201.0528

Comments: I have been married to my wife Mary for 34 years. We have 2 children Patrick(29 ) and Elizabeth (20). Patrick is married and works for Walt Disney and Elizabeth is a Junior at the University of Alabama. We are only 3 hours from the Gulf coast so we go the the beach often. Still working for GM and traveling a lot for the job. (Updated: 03/2011)

Name: Jamie Lotz
Class of: 1971
Address: 185 Alconbury, Metamora,  IL  61548


Maiden Name: McCarty
Class of: 1971
Address: 1638 N. Tremont Street, SpringBay,  IL  61611
Phone: 822-8314

Class of: 1971
Address: 8443 S. Woody Way, Highlands Ranch, CO  80126

Comments: After 20 great years in Denver (I call it a “visit”) I moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico in 2002. “It ain’t Mexico & it ain’t new” … it’s one of the most beautiful states I’ve seen. I married a Denver girl 3 years ago and moved her here. I work for Presbyterian Medical, travel and enjoy life. Happy trails, Rick(Updated: 08/2011)
Maiden Name: Packman
Class of: 1971
Address: 111 Knollaire Ct., Metamora,  IL  61548
Phone: 309-367-2177

Comments: My husband Mark and I have been married over 26 years.  We have four children, all graduates of MTHS and four grandchildren, with another one due in December. I am enjoying retirement and spending lots of time with our family.  Mark hopes to retire soon so we can travel more.

Name: Richard (Rick) Parks
E-Mail: coyote1953@comcast.net
Class of: 1971
Address: 528 Scenic Park Drive, Creve Coeur, IL 61610
Phone: 309-712-4162

Comments: Hi everybody! Sorta lost contact over the years but I'm still in the area. Got married in 1979 and 33 years later I am still married to the same wonderful girl. Two kids, ages 25 and 29 who have given us 8 grandkids with number 9 due before Christmas. I've been retired from Illinois Dept. of Corrections for 10 years. But I still seem as busy as when I was working. In addition, I enjoy computers and also, my guitar and organ. I always DID enjoy music! I would enjoy hearing from fellow classmates. (Updated: 10/2012)


Name: Vicky Ehringer
Maiden Name: Phillips
Class of: 1971
Address: 2704 N California Ave, Peoria, IL  61603
Phone: 309-453-9091
(Updated: 10/2012)


Name: Don Rigg
E-Mail: uawdon@comcast.net
Class of: 1971
Address: 12156 North Tall Trees Drive, Dunlap, IL  61525

(Updated: 09/2009)


E-mail:  sloopy@usmo.com
Class of: 1971
Address: 408 N. St Louis Street, Iberia , Mo  65486
Phone:  573-793-6063

Comments:  I am living in Missouri where I have been for the past twenty years. I am married and I have three children and two step children. I also have three granddaughters. I would like to hear from anyone from my class.

Class of: 1971
Address: 321 Pekin Ave., East Peoria,  IL  61611
Phone: 309-699-4153

Comments: Whether you remember me as Mike or Gerald, there is still only one of me. I got married right after high school, had two daughters, and got divorced after seven years of migraines. I still didn't learn and got married again and had two boys and divorced after 13 years of Drugs, Beer, sex, and Rock n Roll. Never was much of a partier.  I just sent my oldest son off to Fort Benning, Georgia to be an Airborn Ranger. I am now the Maintenance Supervisor at a machine shop in Morton. I also am into the Civil War Re-enacting. If I knew THEN what I know NOW, Mr. Brown's History class would've been more interesting.
Name: Kathleen (Kathy) Boneske
Maiden Name: Schumacher
Class of: 1971
Address: 1265 Meadowlark, Sun Prairie, WI  53590

Comments: I live in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin with my husband Ron. We both teach at one of the middle schools here. I have three children, 25, 23, and 22, two of them are also teachers (guess it does run in families). We love Wisconsin Badger football and hockey games (husband is an alumni). We enjoy travel during summers, and plan on doing more upon retirement. (Updated: 08/2009)
Name: Vicki Carney
Maiden Name: Shoopman
Class of: 1971 

Comments: I am married with two children. (Updated: 11/2010)


Class of: 1971
Address: 6206 Knoll Aire Dr., Peoria,  IL  61614
Phone: 309-693-3413

Comments: I am practicing law in Peoria , and I may or may not be willing to give you free advice, should you be so desperate as to actually need it.  Keep in mind, however, that there is no such thing as a free lunch and you do get usually what you pay for.  There is no charge for these pearls of wisdom.
Class of: 1971
Address: 421 North Hanover, Metamora,  IL  61548

Comments: HELP!!!! I can't get away from Metamora!

Name: Peggy (Margaret) Ewing
Maiden Name: Watters
Class of: 1971
Address: 3912 N. Vincent Avenue, Peoria Heights , IL 61616
Phone: 309-645-9584


Name: Donna Zook
Maiden Name: Weiss
Class of: 1971
Address: 610 N. 2nd Street, Fairbury,   IL  61739

Comments: I married Steve Zook in 1976 and we're still happily married.  We have 2 kids - Tony (28) and Tara (26) and 5 beautiful grandchildren! Steve worked as a chiropractor until 2000, and I worked as the office manager.  He sold the business, is now into real estate, buying and fixing up rental properties and is a Charter Pilot for Pioneer Railways in Peoria .  I work at State Farm in Bloomington. We enjoy spending time with our family and taking our little red sports cars to car shows. 

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