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MTHS Class of 1969
This information was taken from the Senior Yearbook.
Please contact us with corrections.á
Jake Adams
Louis Anders
Cheryl Bachman
Doris Bachman
Constance Baker
Donna Baker
Frederic Baxter
Bradford Belsly
Kenneth Belsly
Roger Blachek
Carol Blankenship
Sandra Bohlander
Janie Broeren
Darrel Bucher
Ricky Bumeter
Steven Bumeter
Brenda Burch
Timme Carlton
Marilyn Clore - deceased
Linda Clough
Teresa Cole
Thomas Cotton
Frank Curless
Diane Cusac
Edward Dean
Joyce Dean
Steven Deatherage
John Dobbins
Harold Doty
Pamela Dunnington
Janeen Durst
Harold Dye
Robert Ebner
Anita Ehringer
Richard Fisher
Larry Fosdyck
Dennis Freres
Michael Fryrear
Dennis Fulk
Allen Gangloff
Charles Gangloff
Oliver Garber
Jack Geick
Marcilene Goodin
Debra Grebner
Eugene Grebner
Victoria Grebner
Yvonne Gries
Ardella Guth
Vickie Guthrie
Cynthia Haeflie
Robert Hagan
Gordan Hahn
John Hartwig
James Herring
Danny Hilger
Nancy Hockenbury
Kent Hodel
Richard Hodel
Patrick Hogan
Steve Holloway
Danny Jenkins
Linda Kamp
Nancy Kennel
Robert Kennel
Robert Kipling
Richard Krumholz
Patricia Lelm
Mary Lindenfelser
Garry Loeffler
Gerald Maloney
Carol Marchand
Linda Marchand
Susan Masters
Ellen Matheny
Richard May
Robert Mayfield
Michael McCarroll
Janet Meismer
Alba Miller
Alan Milloy
Kristine Montgomery
Martha Mullins
Nancy Munch
Joseph Myers
Linda Olander
John Oltman
Kenneth Parr
Valerie Petrosky
Dennis Petty
Ronald Pohlman
Donna Rassi
Deborah Raymond
Lenora Rekart
William Robitske
Rodney Rodich
Mevla Rohman
Curtis Rowden
William Rudolph
Zoila Salomon
Steven Sanders
Karla Schaer
William Schaidle
Jane Scheirer
Susan Schlupp
Michael Schmitt
James Schoonover
Nancy Schramm
Randall Schupp
Terrence Schupp
Patricia Seib
Mary Shew
James Shuda
Dennis Siepel
Sheila Sloan
Shirley Sloan
Karen Smith
Mary Smith
Charles Sommer
Maxine Sommer
Deth Soulatha
Dale Spooner
Kathleen Strieder
Kathleen Sweeny
Charles Tanton
Sue Thomas
Ernest Thomas
Gloria Tilstra
Jane Tyrrell
Stephen Ulrich
Dennis Voelker
Terry Warner
Bonnetta Wernsman
Jeannine West
Paul Whittington
Linda Wilson
Dale Winn
Janet Zobrist

Name: Marilyn K. Clore - deceased
Class of: 1969
Address:á400 Washington Street,áBrimfield, ILá 61517
Phone: 309-676-9676 (Steve)

Comments: This is Steve Clore, Marilyn's nephew.á Marilyn passed away in August of 1998 from cervical cancer. Marilyn graduated from Eureka College in 1973 with a double major in Secondary Education and Speech and Theatre Arts. She then went on to work for Kress Corporation in Brimfield, IL, where she served as the Parts Manager. Marilyn enjoyed playing bridge, singing in her church choir, traveling and keeping her cats company.

Name: Monte Doty
E-Mail: mdoty491@aol.com
Class of: 1969
Address:á404 Garden Lane,áEast Peoria,á ILá 61611

Comments: Married with Children. I am married to Donna and have 8 kids total. 3 daughters, Beth (27), Jennifer (25) and Heather (23). 5 boys (with Donna) Michael (10), Nelson (8), Jeremy (5), Johnathan (5) and Jordan (5) .(Last 3 were our try for a girl!!!) I also have 3 grandchildren. Beth and her husband Dave have Braden and Rylee. Jennifer and her husband Matt have Madison. Needless to say I am keeping very busy with starting over with a new batch of Doty's. I promise to make it to the 35 year reunion!!!

Name: Lynn Dye
E-Mail: dyehl@mchsi.com
Class of: 1969
Address:á102 Mallard Lane,áEast Peoria,á IL 61611
Phone: 309-822-8837

Comments: Hello classmates! I am the chairman of our 35 year class reunion (2004).á Everyone will be expected to attend, but I do need your input on what will work for you. I strongly believe that our reunion should appeal to all our classmates, so let us make it the best and most inclusive reunion ever! Personal note: divorced (May1999) after a eleven year marriage. I have one gorgeous daughter,Heather Lynn, that is God's gift to me. I quit the casino business in June 1998, but still trying to make a retirement at the big CAT.á Doing a complete rehab of my life. Physical,mental,spiritual,and social restoration.á Needless to say, I am fired up about my future! Life can be such an adventure.á Chase your dreams! They are reachable.
(Updated: 09/00)
Name: Patrick Michael Hogan
E-Mail: phogan8888@pacific.net.sg
Class of: 1969
Address:á1 Siglap Road, #06-02, Mandarin Gardens
ááááááááááá á Singapore, Singaporeá 448906
Phone: +65-9634-5143

Comments: Howdy to all from sunny Singapore. It's hot here most of the time and is a great place to live. Anyone who would like to visit Asia and get a little Asia Lite (like Pepsi/Coke Lite) should visit Singapore. Let me know and you can stay with my family. áMarried (2nd Time) to Lilian and have 5 kids. Sarah, Michael, and Erin all in North Carolina, and Natasha(5) and Tobias(3) in Singapore. á Have been in Singapore for 13 Years and will eventually return to the states for the two young ones to go to High School. I understand from Lynn Dye's posting but do not have any details. Would sure like to attend so any one with the info please e-mail it to me. áI would like to see you all there if possible. And don't forget my invite to visit you are sure welcomed.

Name: JEEP (Steve Holloway)
E-Mail: sholloway@tribune.com
Class of: 1969
Address:á1500 W. Plum Street,á#13K, Fort Collins,áCO á80521
Phone: 970-491-8731

Comments: Eagle Kommandos Forever! áAfter two Vietnam combat tours in the USN working in Electronic Warfare, I returned to college and began the career in Journalism that, to this day, fills my life with adventure and reward. As a Television News Photojournalist, I get to hang outside helicopters shooting footage while flying over Pikes Peak, survive the giant forest fires that have ravaged the West, be on the field, on the front lines, backstage, in foreign countries, and learn about all the wonderful people, creatures, ecological wonders, and sheer human achievement that make this tiny planet home to us all. Though I am single, I have two sons whom I can truly call my best friends. Emmett, 14, indulges in hockey, roller blading, skiing, electric guitar, writing, bicycling, and other Colorado outdoor activities. Ben, 11, plays saxophone, drums, Native American flute, and keyboards. He is an avid reader and an outdoor enthusiast as well. Work calls so I'll cut this mini-novel off.

Peace to you all.


Name: (Robert) Pat Kipling
E-Mail: rudhawk@sbcglobal.net
Class of: 1969

Comments: Retired - keeping busy making wine and enjoying the California sunshine. (Updated: 02/2012)


Name:áMichael L. McCarroll
E-mail: tbear@gmail.com
Class of: 1969
Address: P.O. Bos 3112,áApple Valley, CA 92307á

Comments: I am retired from Arizona State Government where I worked for 26 years as a Business and Financial Manager where I was employee of the Quarter and year. I was Planner of the Year for planning events and was on our employee council for 3 years and got the governor of excellence award.

I enjoy music, computers and cars. I live in Apple Valley, CA with 5 acres of land. I have a Chihuahua that is 12 weeks old. (Updated 08/2010)

Name: Alba Crum
Maiden Name: Miller
Class of: 1969
Address: 68 N Riverview,áE. Peoria,áILáá 61611-9643

Comments: Married 29 years.á Two children, both graduates of MTHS - Apollo (1990) and Miranda (1994)

Name: Bill Robitske,Sr.
E-Mail: wdrsr@earthlink.net
Class of: 1969
Address:á65 N. Riverview Dr., Spring Bay Twp., East Peoria, ILá 61611
Phone: 822-8868áá

Comments:á Widower since June '03 after 29 yrs. with my wife Sheryl. áThree children. Bill Jr. 24,Matt 22,and Veronica 18. Retired Sept.'05 after 30yrs. as a construction laborer out of Local 165. Major employers were McDougal-Hartmann, Peoria Blacktop, and Cullinan/UCM. Enjoyed my time at MTHS. Good school. Good teachers. Hello to all of my former classmates. Roby
Name: Garry Loeffler
E-Mail:á Garryloeffler@hotmail.com
Class of: 1969
Address: 5200 O'Malley Road, Anchorage, AKá 99507

Comments: After graduating from MTHS, I attended Tennessee Temple College in Chattanooga, TN.á After graduating from there, I became the Athletic Director and English teacher at Cochran Field Academy outside of Macon, GA.

In 1975, I joined the Marine Corps and served 4 years as an enlisted man, serving the last 2 years as a Drill Instructor at Parris Island, SC.á In 1978, I married my wonderful wife Sheila, whom I met while I was teaching in Macon, Ga.

In 1980, I was commissioned as a Marine Officer and served on active duty until 1991 when I transferred to the Marine Reserves to attend seminary.á I graduated with my Master's degree from Southwest Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, TX and pastored the First Baptist Church of Mulberry Grove for 10 years.

I officially retired from the Marine Corps Reserve in 1998 as a Major after serving a total of 23 and a half years of combined active duty as an enlisted man and officer, and finally as a reserve officer.á In 2005, Sheila and I moved to beautiful Anchorage, Alaska when I became the Senior Pastor of Hillside Baptist Church.á Sheila and I have two boys, Daniel and Stephen and 6 grandchildren and are loving life.

(updated:á 10/2015)
Name: Richard May (Dick)
E-Mail:á rvmay782@yahoo.com
Class of: 1969
Address: 6415 Albemarle Street, Warrenton, VAá 20187
Phone:á 540-270-1688
Comments: After graduation from MTHS, I served 2 years in the Army, stationed in Ft Riley, Kansas. I have a daughter, Amy (43). I married Marilyn & her 4 children in 1982. After leaving Cat, I moved to Fl. where I worked as an aerospace machinery & then to Virginia, also working in aerospace industry. After the company moved to Mexico, I worked as a supervisor for a earth foundation company & as heavy equipment operator. I retired last year & look forward to traveling to see our 5 children, 12 grandchildren & 3 great grandchildren. I enjoy fishing/boating & woodworking. We are active in our local community, government & our church. I look forward to coming to the next reunion!
(updated:á 3/2016)

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