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MTHS Class of 1970

This information was taken from the Senior Yearbook. á
Please contact us with corrections.á

Margie Adams
Betty Ann Call
David Atherton
Anita Bachman
Susan Baer
Mary Baker
Michael Baldwin
Patrick Baldwin
Barbara Belsley
Elone Berry
Jerry Bishel
Marlene Blackwell
Beverly Bockler
Glendwoon Bohlander
Margaret Bowlen
James Bradford
Douglas Bray
Richard Brown
Daniel Broz
Susan Bumeter
Debra Burge
Susan Byerly
Paul Byler
Heidi Combs
Joseph Curley
Valerie Daly
Joanne Daniel
Patricia Daniel
Jack Dean
Lynn Dehn
Steve Delicath
Gary Doerr
Paula DuBois
Bernadette Eaton
Carla Eaton
Thomas Esh
Mary Fisher
Debbie Flanagan
Catherine Francis
Randy Gibbs
Stephen Gilliam
Danny Gorham
Donna Grebner
Rebecca Grebner
Lynnette Guy
Cynthia Hahn
Billy Hansen
Victoria Hansen
Richard Harris
Dena Hawn
Rita Hills
Carol Hoffer
Connie Hoffer
Janice Jones
Connie Kamp
Roy Kamp
Glenna Kantz
Bonnie Kennell
Carol Kiefner
Mary Kipling
Linda Knobloch
Christine Knutson
Phyllis Krumholz
Peggy Laitas
Robert Leighty
Denise Leman
Janet Leman
Gerald Lenart
George LeRoy
Kent Lytle
Kathleen Madison
Joseph Marchand
Wendy Mather
Christine McCarrick
Earl McCarroll
Jerry McLaren
Dan McGrew
Alan Meismer
Alice Miller
Michael Miller
Phyllis Morgan
James Murphy
Mark Noe
Carol Noel
Ann Orth
Thomas Parker
Randall Parr
Mary Pedrick
Jimmie Pennington
Mary Powell
Gene Pulling
Cheryl Rassi
Dorothy Richey
Linda Ridings
Roger Ridings
David Russell
James Salzman
Ruth Schaer
William Schaer
Kathy Schaidle
Mary Schaidle
Larry Schertz
Richard Schertz
Lonnie Seckler
Terry Seils
Linda Shew
Linda Shipley
John Singley
Cathleen Smith
Kimberly Smith
Linette Smock
Sherry Sommer
Kenneth Springer
Nancy Staab
Sandra Stickelmaier
Franklin Storr
Peter Streid
Carolyn Tanton
Stephen Tanton
Jessica Theena
Linda Tipsword
Steven Wallace
Susan Waters
John Wernsman
Thomas Wernsman
Patricia White
Nancy Whittington
David Wilson
Karen Wood
Sharon Wood
Nancy Worner
Sharon Wurster
Debra Zoss
Name: Patrick Baldwin
E-Mail: oldredbird@hotmail.com
Class of: 1970

Comments: Still working at Caterpillar. Have two daughters (both graduates of MTHS). Three beautiful grand-daughters. (Updated: 02/2011)

Name: Beverly K. McNeeley
Maiden Name: Bockler
Class of: 1970
Address: 1521 West Moss Avenue, Peoria,á ILá 61606

Comments:áI have been employed at Limestone Community High School in Bartonville since 1974. I teach Family and Consumer Science and am the Director of the LCHS Preschool Program.áI have two wonderful daughters attending college this year. Jennifer is a senior at Monmouth College and Michele is a freshman at Lake Forest College.áI think that I am looking forward to our 30th reunion this year.

Name:á Michael Miller
Class of: 1970
City: Metamora, IL
Phone: 309-367-9265


Name: Margaret Shrader
Maiden Name: Bowlen
Class of: 1970
Address: 1609 Douglas Court, Virginia Beach, áVA á 23464
Phone: 757-502-0884

Comments: My family moved to Great Falls, Montana just after my sophomore áyear at Metamora. I graduated from Charles Marion Russell (CMR) High School in Great Falls and then attended the University of Montana. I graduated in 1974.á In 1975 I married a service man and moved to Guam. While there I taught in a junior high school. We returned to the States in 1977 and moved to Austin, Texas. My son was born there in 1978. I accepted a commission in the Air Force in 1980 and served until I retired from the Joint Forces Command in Norfolk, VA. I now work for Computer Sciences Corporation, as a Senior Functional Analyst on a contract supporting the Joint Forces Command.á My first marriage ended in 1992.á I remarried in 2003.

Name: Debbie Tribbett
Maiden Name: Burge
Class of: 1970
Address: 11500 Westwood Blvd #713, Orlando, áFL á 32821á
Phone: 407-238-9102

Comments: Hey gang! áI am currently single.á I have a daughter, Nicole 25 yrs old and 2 grandchildren: Zoe Renee age 2 yrs (our Xmas Eve baby) and Christian Joseph who was just born January 8, 2005!! Nicole and I moved here in 1997.á We both worked at Disney, as everyone else in this town does when they first move here.LOLá She now works for Harcourt Publishing Co. and I am now with ASIá Production Services, Inc. Sorry I've never heard of any of our class reunions, except one!á Sure hope we'll have another one sometime and you'll now know where to find me or you can always find me through Barb (Belsley). LOL Don't we have one coming up real soon guys???? Anyway, good to have found this place to get in contact with some of you. áWould love to hear from any of you!! Walk down memory lane.

Name: Paula Clough
Maiden Name: DuBois
Class of: 1970
Address: PO Box 1006, 304 S. Menard, Metamora,á ILá 61548
Phone: 367-2271á

Comments: Hello!á I married Steven Clough, also a Metamora Graduate, five years ago.á I have two daughters, Taryn & Megan, 24 and 20.á I am the proud grandmother of twins, Jacob and Ana by Megan.á I work at Foster & Gallagher presently, and I am looking forward to retiring so that I can spend my days sewing and gardening.á


Name: Bernadette E. Thatcher
Maiden Name: Eaton
Class of: 1970
Address: 610 Thatcher Lane, Metamora, ILá 61548

Comments: I have two kids. I work as a bus driver for Germantown Hills School.á My husband works at Cat.á

Name: Dan Gorham
Class of: 1970
Address: 4133 N Timber Circle, Peoria, ILá 61614
Phone: 309-682-5332


Name: Cindy Christy
Maiden Name: Hahn
Class of: 1970
Address: 810 Grandview Way,á Metamora,á ILá 61548
Phone: 309-383-2230áá

Comments: Hello!á I married my "high school sweetheart", Greg Christy. We have 3 daughters, ages 19, 16, and 12. I am a registered nurse and am the school nurse at Metamora High School. As a family, we enjoy snow skiing and water skiing.á I would love to hear from my classmates - please feel free to e-mail me.

Name: Jan Alig
Maiden Name: Jones
Class of: 1970
Address: 101 Cottonwood DR., Morton,á ILá 61550
Phone: 263-5620

Comments: I married Ron Alig also of Metamora.á We've just recently moved to Morton to be closer to Ron's work. I'll always be a Redbird at heart, never a Potter. I've just retired from 17 years of home daycare. We have three children and two granddaughters. Would love to hear from classmates.

Name: Carol Malcome
Maiden Name: Kiefner
Class of: 1970
Address: P.O. Box 230, Metamora, IL 61548-0230

Comments: After high school, I tried college life.á One semester and I dropped out to join the working world. In 1973, I married my first and only husband.áOn July 6,1974, we were blessed with a beautiful daughter, Shari Ann. áWe moved into Metamora in 1975. áWe divorced in 1979. I have moved around Metamora several times, finally buying a house in 1985. I'll be there til I die, since my brothers WILL NOT MOVE ME AGAIN!!á Since Shari went to live with her father & wife #3, in 1990, I have been on my own. I am SLOWLY remodeling my 100 year old house. I collect cookbooks, do counted cross stitch, crochet, and sell silk wedding flowers. I also do custom framing and have framed many unusual items. I have cleaned the Commerce Bank in Metamora for 25 years. I will be starting my search for fellow classmates for REUNION 2005. To those of you who have never attended a reunion, please feel free to send suggestions, so you will also join us!


Name: Mary Garrels
Maiden Name: Kipling
Class of: 1970
Address: 211 S Spring, Metamora, ILá 61548
Phone: 367-4626

Comments: Married and then divorced in 2005 after 30 years. Living back in Metamora and dating Mike, (who I met way back in June of 1970.) I have two children, Crystal (31) & Tom (30), two grandchildren, Alexis (8)(Crystal) and Drew(2), (Tom). I work for the State of Illinois as a Home Health care Worker. My job is pretty good because my client is my granddaughter Alexis. ( Lexi has Cerebral Palsey ) All in all, life's not too bad now.á (Updated: 06/2008)á


Name: Dan McGrew
E-Mail: dangeroz@mtco.com
Class of: 1970
Address: 602 State Route 116, Metamora, ILá 61548

Comments: I'm presently working for Boeing-McDonald Douglas as a Systems Analyst/Consultant.á I had been living in Sarasota, Florida for the last 20 years, working as a Paramedic in the Emergency Room. I retired from that and went back to school for computers. I worked for the govt. for a year. I then took my current job in Bloomington and moved back to Metamora.á You may be asking why on earth did I leave Florida?á For a woman of course. It didn't work out, at least that's what she told me. Thats the cliff notes version. Write me and I'll fill in the details.á



Name: Thomas Parker
E-Mail: hits182000@yahoo.com
Class of: 1970
Address: 508 Sportfisher Dr. #8, Oceanside, áCA
Phone: 760-7916-9034


Name: James Salzman
E-Mail: salzman@ti.com
Class of: 1970
Address: 9781 CR 581, Anna, áTX á 75409
Phone: 972-752-5573

Name: Stephen Tanton
Class of: 1970
Address: 19342 Greenwood Drive, Cupertino,áCA á 95014
Phone: 408-973-1746

Comments: Hi all from Northern California!á After ten years in the Grain Business in the Midwest, I've been living in the Bay Area of California for 15 years now.á I married Maria Lea Carpio Javier (Philippines) who was an AFS student at Woodruff - we have five children, all active in soccer.á Our 19-year-old has played at a local community college and in the San Francisco Premier League - he and our senior are currently being recruited by several universities in Northern California and our Sophomore made the u15 US National Team pool last year. áOur twin daughters also play and just turned 13 - imagine!á We keep very busy with our small business, church and soccer activities most of the year.á I passed through Metamora quickly while in the area very briefly last summer visiting my folks - was at a soccer tournament in Chicago - our club won the Super Y national title!á The corn looked good - had a $1.50 burger on the square and passed by the old high school.á Things looked pretty good.á Well, hope to hear from someone - anytime you're in San Francisco, Oakland or San Jose.


Name: Susan Parr
Maiden Name: Waters
Class of: 1970
Address: 417 North Fork Road, Metamora,á ILá 61548
Phone: 309-367-4079

Comments: I married Don Parr in August of 1970 and have 4 children.á Jennifer 29, is a homemaker and has 2 children; Nichole, 26, is a grade school teacher and has 2 children; Zachary, 18, is working at Hallmark in Metamora and is going to college; and Rachel, 15, is a sophomore at MTHS, and is soon getting her drivers license!á I retired early from the IL State Police a couple of years ago and now work part time for a corporate travel consultant.á My hobbies are my grandchildren, gardening and traveling (as often as I can sneak away!).Comments: Married - Renee/ 1 Son - Nicholas, Student (Junior) at Woodruff, Quarterback & Shortstop.á With any luck, he'll get to play real get to play real football in 2000,á against the Redbirds.á Business Owner.á Ready for Class of "70" 30th Reunion.
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