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MTHS Class of 1974
This information was taken from the Senior Yearbook. á
Please contact us with corrections.á
Ralph Atherton
Paige Augustine
Sandra Bachman
Philip Baker
Patricia Bauer
Ronald Bauer
Jayne Bitner
Deborah Blankenship
Patricia Boehl
Geri Boone
David Breitbarth
Steven Brown
Melanie Burns
Sheryl Byerly
Virginia Carron
Myra Chastain
Sally Christy
Susan Claussen
William Clementz
Willis Cotton
Samuel Craig
Kathleen Crandell
Donald Franklin Creel
Steve Daily
Ernest Danz
Scott Dean
Brandt Dehn
Gregory DePauw
Cheryll Driskell
Irma Driskell
Dennis Drum
Jeanne DuBois
Mark DuBois
Debra Durst
Robin Dyar
Deborah Dykes
Christine Eaton
John Edwards
Jill Elbert
Larry Ellis
Dale Erickson
Jayne Esh
Jean Fauber
Dawn Fields
Debra Fisher
George Flanagan
Dan Force
Brent Garber
Gene Giles
John Gillhouse
Janet Glaub
Barbara Goetz
Randy Gorham
Vicki Gray
Gregory Greer
Robert Grist
Diane Guth
Michael Haedicke
Robert Hall
Phillip Hawkins
Paula Haywood
Sharon Hendryx
Douglas Herring
Stephen Hezlep
Mark Hodge
Linda Hogan
Gregory Holloway
Kevin Ioerger
Melissa Jenke
Lori Jones
Genie Jordon
Ronald Kalley
Donald Kapraun
Eugene Kaufman
Pat Kellerstrass
Martin Kenser
Marvin Kenser
Susan Kerker
Harold Keyser
Jerry Kiefner
Cheryl Kimberling
Mrs. Cheryl Kimberling
Barbara Kipling
Dennis Kirk
Calvin Klarich
Sharon Knobloch
Joan Krumholz
Robert Kurtz
Peggy Lenart
Sandra Linneman
Steven Linneman
Cynthia Marchand
Deborah Marshall
Carol Martin
Steve Martinez
Paul Martynowski
Douglas McCullough
Delbert Meismer
Dennis Miller
Janice Miller
Kathleen Miller
Jack Miner
Jolene Nauman
Laurie Neumann
Mark Nicklson
Lynne Nicol
Dale Noel
Ann Obery
Jeffrey Orth
Harry Packman
Randall Palmer
Kathryn Parr
Paula Phillips
Janice Powrs
Lorie Ringness
Kathy Ross
Ivan Ruder
Sharon Ryan
Mary Sanders
Michael Sandidge
James Schaidle
Victoria Schaidle
James Schertz
Stanley Schertz
Frederick Schramm
Frederick Schrepfer
Carol Schrock
Cynthia Schumacher
Janis Schupp
Susan Singley
David Skene
Angela Smith
Carol Smith
Clinton Sommer
Richard Staab
John Stickelmaier
Joseph Strieder
Kim Stromberger
Jean Sutter
Deborah Sweet
Rebecca Swords
James Tanton
Valerie Trantina
Carmelina Vega
Jerry Voelker
John Wagner
Janet Waldschmidt
Terasa Waldschmidt
Dennis Walker
Jack Wall
Brian Wernsman
Michael Wettstein
Merle Weyeneth
Linda White
Torrey Wiechmann
Stan Willard
Mona Willman
Pamela Wisher
Mary Wolfe
Debora Woosley
Karen Wreigt
Julia Zobrist
Richard Zook

Name: Deborah Ruder
Maiden Name: Blankenship
Class of: 1974
Address: 5700 E. Queenwood Road, Grovelandá,áILá 61535

Comments: I married Patrick Ruder in 1980 and we have two handsome sons, Seth is 11 and Daniel is 13. We have been married 24 years this month. We own and operate a commercial cabinet manufacturing facility in Bartonville, IL.á You can see some of the jobs we've done on our website at Redbud Ridge.com. Check us out sometime. Feel free to email me anytime.

Name: Sheryl Harperá(Sherry)
Maiden Name: Byerly
Class of: 1974
Address: 206 N Maplewood Blvd., Dunlap, IL á61525
Phone: 309-243-7640
Web site:

Comments: I have been married for 8 years. I work at Caterpillar downtown.áI have lived in the Dunlap area since 1983.á Andrew is 21 and will be a senior at Wabash College (he must have gotten someone else's brains).á Mark is 20 and a Lance Corporal in the Marines. I spend a lot of time at the computer, decorating the house, watching home improvements shows and worrying about my family. Dave has a midget car he races most Saturdays (I can't watch). We have property north of Edelstein to build our retirement home.
Maiden Name: Crandell
Class of: 1974

Comments: I have been married since 1978 to Bernie Watkins.á We have three beautiful children.á Jennifer, age 20, is employed by Methodist Medical Center, Tonia, age 18, goes to ICC full time and is employed by Olive Garden, and Chad, age 16, is a student at IVC in Chillicothe, where we have resided for 22 years.á Bernie works for the BNSF Railroad and I am employed by OSF Medical Center as a transcriptionist and front office assistant.á We are always busy since all of our children have been involved in sports in school and out since before they entered pre-school.á In our spare minutes, we enjoy taking long walks
and biking.
Name: Donald Franklin Creel
E-Mail: kingcreel1@yahoo.com
Address: 4591 St. RT. 1591, Arlington, Ky 42021
Phone: 270-445-0078

Comments: I didn't graduate, hope High school will still list this. I would like to hear from all my old friends, I think of you all often. (Updated 03/09)
Name: Brandt Dehn
E-Mail: bdehn@metricse.com
Class of: 1974
Address: 3500 Stephens Rd., Loganville,áGA á30052
Comments: Hello everyone! It was great to find this Web page and see some of the ole names and faces. Things have changed a lot over the years. But it really doesn't seem that long ago. I'm a Project Manager for a World wide General Contracting firm. I have a daughter Keri age 22 from my marriage to Geri (Boone) We divorced in 1981. I have a son Anthony age 17. My wife Brenda and I live iná Loganville , Georgia a suburb about 26 mile east of Atlanta . Brenda works for a Nation wide Construction Company in downtown Atlanta . We love living in Georgia , nothing beats country living. We have 2 dogs 2 cats a horse and a tarantula spider. (I don't know why, my wife had it when we got married).
Name: Mark DuBois
E-Mail: dubois5@mchsi.com
Class of: 1974
Address: 213 E. North Lakeview Drive, East Peoria,á IL á 61611
Phone: 309-694-6110

Comments: My wife Julie and our three children live in Germantown .á Our two oldest are now in college and our youngest is a Freshman at MTHS. I work at Caterpillar Inc. in Mossville and my wife is a Nurse Practitioner at Illinois State University. I still coach and stay active in many sports.

Name: Jayne Komadina
Maiden Name: Esh
Class of: 1974
Address: 7316 Clarendon Drive, Edina, áMN á55439

Comments: My youngest son graduates from Edina High this year....and it's been 30 since ours? I'm living with my husband of 23 years and 2 cats. I work part-time as a school nurse substitute and enjoy book clubs, women's retreats, and the like. Wish I could say I still play the clarinet, but that fell away years ago. So did the Spanish though I did run into Barb Hartley a few years back and we had a nice visit...in English! See you at the reunion in July.

Maiden Name: Glaub
Class of: 1974
Address: PO Box 161, Mooresburg ,TN á37811

Comments: Hi everyone!! Well ran across this site, and decided to update some information. Well I lived the great American dream for 28 years and then received "the letter", which ended that! As a result of my marriage, I have two children, Amy is 25, lives in New Orleans , La, and yes survived Katrina. She has a beautiful 6 month old son, Marc, and lives with a firefighter for the city. Amy is ironically into real estate!! Kyle is 21, lives in Illinois , and is just graduating from ICC, with a degree in criminal justice. I am very proud of both they are great people.

I recently moved from the great state of Illinois to Tennessee . I met someone, who was from Washington , Illinois , yeah I know believe it or not!! He is a absolute sweetheart, all those Catholic masses did pay off!! Long story, but we plan on marrying in the near future.

Life is good, looking forward to seeing y'all at the next class reunion!! A few of the people who were on the planning committee gave me a going away party when I moved to Tennessee , and I promised to still help with our 35th...man you guys were OLD!! Cant wait to see some of you again, and please if you get this email address Id love to hear from you.

Class of: 1974
Address: 523 E. Partridge, Metamora, IL 61548

Comments: Update: 35 year reunion .....success..... planning will begin way early for the 40 year reunion. Feel free to send any ideas or suggestions and keep 2014 planning open for a big turnout!

I am still employed @ Hallmark fixtures, here in Metamora. My baby is going to be 17 this year....the other 3 are now as old as I am! I have two granddaughters ages 13 & soon to be 7...(Hailey and Sadie) and one grandson, Thayer who is 2. Brad and I have been married for five years. Love hearing from classmates...send me an email! (Updated: 02/2010)

Name: Harold L. (Hal) Keysor

E-Mail: halkeysor@msn.com
Class of: 1974
210 Pointe Way#B, Havre De Grace, áMD á21078
Phone: 410-939-3332

Comments: Stacy and I are living in
Marylandthe last five years. Stacy is still with CAT (rep 26 years) and I am an airline captain on an Airbus 319 for Independence Air (15 years) If any of the gang is ever in the area, please call and visit. My daughter, Courtney and Stacy's daughter, Nikol are 24 and 23 respectively and doing great. both still living in Illinois.

Name: Barbara Drum
Maiden Name: Kipling
Class of: 1974

Comments: I spent 30 years out west. In February of '08 I married Bryan Drum, class of 77. We now live in La Porte, IN. Life is really good! (Updated: 09/2010)


Maiden Name: Knobloch
Class of: 1974
City:áMetamora, IL

Name: Cindy Mitchell Smith
Maiden Name: Marchand
Class of:á1974
City: Mazeppa,áMN

Comments: My life has been quite a ride. I have 2 sons, Joe and Clint. One granddaughter, Hannah, she's 13 going on grown. I have been in MN since 1982 with a few side states. Would love to hear from anybody. (Updated: 09/2010)


Name: Delbert Meismer
E-mail: delbert_lee@yahoo.com
Class of: 1974
Address: 5555 Grand Ave S., Minneapolis, MN 55419
Phone: 612-386-8629

Name: Jolene Krumwiede
Maiden Name: Nauman
E-Mail: jolenemarie56@yahoo.com
Class of: 1974
Address:á 1515 Willow Dr., Washington, Iláá 61571
Phone: 309-696-3233

Comments: Married to Jason.á Have two beautiful daughters, and two handsome grandsons and two beautiful granddaughters.á Live in Washington, but will always remain a Metamora Redbird fan.
updated 12/2014
Name: Lynne Dunn
Maiden Name: Nicol
Class of: 1974
Address: 5 Goldfinch Court, Savoy, áILá 61874

Comments: I just completed my 23rd year of teaching.á I teach 4th grade in
Mahomet , Illinois & love my job!á My husband Jim is an electrician at the University of Illinois .á We have 2 daughters, Jessica & Janis, and 2 very pampered cats.

Name: Sue Singley
E-Mail: sue.singley@gmail.com
Class of: 1974
Address: 1555 Hickory Point Road, Metamora, ILá61548

Comments: I just stumbled on this site. What a great idea. I have one child-a daughter-who made me a grandma for the first time the beginning of the year. Being a grandma is great!!! (Updated: 04/2012)
Name: Clint Sommer
Class of: 1974
Address: 1179 Douglas Rd., Metamora, á IL á61548
Phone: 309-367-9228

Comments: Clint and wife Gresha still live on the home place, where Gresha has her hair studio. Children Adam and Anna both got married in 2002.

Class of: 1974
Address: 46 Southgate Drive, Troy,áMO á63379
Phone: 636-528-6109

Comments: I married Teresa (Crandell) in 1979 and we have four children.á (Dustin, Nolan, Janelle and Rachel)á After working at Caterpillar for 10 years, we moved to Missouri and I've been working at GM as a pipe fitter since 1985.á We enjoy biking on a local rail-to-trail (Katy Trail ) that runs across approximately 200 miles of Missouri.áIf you want, write me!!

Maiden Name: Wisher
Class of: 1974
Address: 6241 Winslow Drive, Huntington Beach, áCA á92647
Phone: 714-892-4114

Comments: I have been married for 18 years to Rick, a great guy. We have 4 kids: twins, Lindsey & Ricky, 17, Nicholas, 10, Jono, 8. We have our own business, R & P Communications. I have recently returned to college after the years of babies and am having a great time. I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up!

Class of: 1974
Address: 7435 W. Cherry Hills Dr., Peoria, AZ 85345

Comments: Please feel free to e-mail me or write an actual letter via the Postal Service.á I'm following in my little brother's footsteps as far as marriage goes; been married and divorced twice and no kids, except for the 650 kids at the school I'm employed with. Hope to hear from IL acquaintances soon.á

Maiden Name: Woosley
Class of: 1974
Address: 1114áW Mt. Vernon, Metamora, IL 61548

Comments: Just a quick update, we are now the proud grandparents of 3 boys, Bradley 10,and Chase 10 months and ? on the way in February by my daughter Kate;áScott, age 4, from my late son John. Steve's daughter, Lexi, just graduated from ISU and is now living near Chicago.áI am a mail carrier in Metamora and Steve still works for CAT. (Updated: 09/2009)

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