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MTHS Class of 1965
This information was taken from the Senior Yearbook. á
Please contact us with corrections.á
Renee Alig
Ed Ashburn
Robert Bachman
Eric Bachman
Roland Bachman
Sharon Blankenship
Karen Boswell
Hugh Bradford
John Briggs
Linda Brod
Nyla Bundy
Thomas Byler
Dorothy Clark
Judith Culbertson
Brian Dahl
Robert Doerr
Douglas Doty
Terry Dudley
Melvin Durre
Joseph Ehringer
Glenn Evans
Allan Feltner
Donna Foote
Kenneth Foote
Ronald Force
Janice Freels
Diane Gangloff
Terry Giannoni
Diane Gilliat
Maurice Goodyear
Dianna Grebner
Gary Grebner
John Grebner
Lon Grebner
Raymond Grebner
Rosemary Grebner
Reginald Gress
Lawrence Gries
David Hahn
Mary Halley
Carol Ham
Bonnie Hellweg
Earl Hollingsworth
Janice Kay Irwin
Roger Ivins
Ronald Johnson
Mary Jane Kamm
Janice Kay Irwin
Carolyn Kern
Linda Kirchgessner
Michael Klepfer
Carol Kohl
Sharon Larson
Joanne Leman
Frederick Lotz
Terri Martinez
Rosemary Matheny
David McCarty
Dan McCullough
Judith McGrew
William Meister
Sharon Mischler
Charlene Mitchell
Edward Mitzelfelt
Cleo Morgan
Doris Mullins
Robert Murphy
Surray Netzke
Stephen Noe
Melody Noel
Larry Noll
Daniel Owens
George Pelphrey
Joan Petrosky
David Pohlman
John Polloard
Roger Reynolds
Diane Schaidle
Michael Scheier
Rose Ann Scheirer
Leslie Schertz
Richard Schertz
Charles Schierer
R. Stephen Schierer
Cathy Schrepfer
Sharon Schoonover
Thomas Schrepfer
Cathy Schrepfer
Lynn Schrock
Carolyn Schroeder
Linda Schupp
Lynn Schurtz
Edna Seckler
Gary Seiler
Nicholas Shea
Barbara Shoff
Anita Sloan
John Steffen
William Sterrett
Pamela Stevens
Mary Jeanne Streid
Terrie Thompson
John Todden
George Vandenberg
John Voelker
John Weidlan
Joy Weigel
Harold Weiss
Carol Wernsman
John Wieland
Nadine Williams
Richard Wurster
Alvin York
Name: Renee Grebner
Maiden Name: Alig
Class of: 1965
Address: 413 Town Hall Rd., Metamora, IL 61548

Comments: Decided it was time to add my info to this site. I have been married to Elmer for almost 39 years. We have 3 daughters, Deanna, Sheri and Janis, and 1 son, Danny. After almost 8 years with just one grandchild, we will add 3 in less than 9 months. I work part-time at Peoria Stockyards (No I dont slaughter the animals. I was actually asked this.) and Elmer farms. He is retirement age but farmers dont retire. I belong to the famous (infamous?) '65 Ladies Card Club and we meet once a month for fun more than cards, and some of them still call me Frenchie.
Class of: 1965
Address: 221 Orlando Ave., Normal, ILá 61761
Phone: (309) 454-2141

Name: Dorothy McElroy
Maiden Name: Clark
Class of: 1965
Address: 609 Coon Creek Rd., Metamora, IL 61548
Phone: 309-367-2825

Comments: I have been working at Caterpillar 33 years. I do decorate cakes and do some catering. I live on the farm that I was raised on. I tore the old farm house down and put up a new one. That is why I am still working. To young to retire.

Name: Doug Doty
E-Mail:á dougdoty4748@gmail.com
Class of: 1965
Address: 1627 Lourdes Road, Metamora, IL 61548
Phone: 309-256-7965
Comments:á After high school spent a little less than two years with Uncle Sam and vietnam. On Oct 3, 1970 Carla Belsly (class of 66) and I were married. We have 5 children Jarrod, Julie, Jackie, Jaymie and Jill. We have 10 grand children ranging in age from 6 mths to 11 years old.á áRetired from Caterpillar (jan 2009) as Sr. Supervisor in the Information Technology department with 40+ years. Retired from the MTHS school board after 19+ enjoyable years.á Carla and I have a small grass mowing business and I do a lot of small jobs for many of Carla's friends.á Besides this a lot of my time is spent with our grandchildren and other family activities. Like to golf but don't get to it very often.á In my 25th year of doing game filming for the MTHS varsity football team.á Would enjoy hearing from any classmates.
(Updated: 09/2015)

Class of: 1965
Address:á1900 Claremont Commons, Normal, IL á61761
Phone: 309-706-4407

Comments: Sue and I are getting ready to retire soon. I would sure like to hear from as many classmates as possibe. I am looking forward to the next reunion. There are many old friends I would love to see again.á(Updated: 05/2010)

Name: Reginald (Reg) V. Gress
E-Mail: reginald.gress@att.net
Class of: 1965
Address: 5007 N. Dawn Dr., Peoria, IL 61614-4631
Phone: 309-692-5248

Comments: My wife and I have been married for 40 years and have 2 married daughters with six grandchildren.á I retired from Caterpillar Nov. 1, 2009 and really enjoy my extra time with the grandchildren.á We have done some traveling but hope to do more in the near future.á Hope to see everyone in my graduating class at the next class reunion. (Updated: 08/2010)

Name: Carol Long
Maiden Name:áHam
Class of: 1965
Address: 76 Fellows Avenue, Wellsboro, PA 16901
Phone: 570-724-1278

Comments: I have lived in Wellsboro PA near the Pennsylvania Grand Canyon for 35 years and worked as an RN with the Laurel Health System in various roles. I was Nurse Manager for 25 years in the Emergency Department until my present position as Nurse Coordinator of Occupational Health. My husband Jim and I have been married for 10 years and enjoy the outdoors, checking out antique shops, traveling and grandchildren! I have a daughter Andrea who is an elementary school counselor and she and her husband have two children. My son, Patrick, was killed by a drunk driver in 1999 but left us with a wonderful daughter-in-law and a cherished granddaughter. PA is a beautiful state and I would love to see or hear from any of you. Unfortunately, I haven't been back to Ill. in many years and am sorry I once again will miss the 2005 reunion of our class.

Maiden Name: Kamm
Class of: 1965
Address: R. R. #8 Box 34, Metamora,á ILá 61548
Phone: 309-367-4751

Comments: My husband, Richard (Dick) and I have been married for 30 years.á We have five children ranging in ages 29 to 19.á Two of my children, Rich and Katherine, are married.á Michelle is single and living in Washington, Illinois.á Elizabeth and Matthew are also single and attend Bradley University.á I am currently the Office Coordinator in the Bradley University Police Department.á I'm looking forward to getting the last two children through college and then retiring to Florida for four months of the year and living in Metamora the other 8.
Maiden Name: Kern
Class of: 1965
Address: Rte. 1 Box 51, Metamora,á ILá 61548
Phone: 309-367-2054

Comments: Don and I have been married since 1968. We have three daughters, Nicole, Rebecca, and Sarah.á Nicole and her husband Bill will bless us with our first grandchild in March of 2000.á Rebecca and Sarah are in college and both will graduate in May of 2000.á I have worked at Associated Mechanical since 1982.á When not working, I enjoy clog dancing and spending time with my family.á Looking forward to seeing everyone at the next reunion.
Class of: 1965
Address: 1469 State Route 116, Roanoke, ILá 61561-9751
Phone: 309-923-3501

Comments: A lot has changed since the last update. My wife Michele and I added two more children to our brood of six and 2 more grandchildren leaving a total of 8 children and 7 grandchildren Still think we should have had these first).

We built a new house right behind the old one this year as the old one lost large chunks in a tornado July 13, 2004. There is also a new barn for the goats, a new shop, new clothes, new car, new...well I think you get the idea. It's one way to spend the children'sáinheritance.

The two additions to our family are two wonderful special needs children we are adopting. One is four and one is six. It's a sure way to keep young I've heard? Of course it helps that they can't run. We like to go camping. We don't rough anymore with a travel trailer and air. I roughed it enough in the Air National Guard. Out of the grown children one is in Seattle, one is in Fullerton, Ca. and the others live in Benson, Springfield, Sparland and Peoria. We still áhave a couple of pets. Jake a Lhaso Ahpso and a cat named Twinkle (I ádidn't pick that one out). I probably won't make the reunion this year as áthere's a lot to get done before the snow flies but stop by anytime. It's áthe new house just east of Parson's.

Class of: 1965
Address: Maffit House, Maffit Road, Ailsworth, Peterborough, NAáá PE7AG, England
Phone: +44 1733 380406

Comments: To follow as soon as I get a chance!áá
Maiden Name: Schaidle
E-Mail: sage@fgi.net
Class of: 1965
Address: P.O. Box 988, Metamora,á ILá 61548
Phone: 309-383-4005

Comments: My husband Dave and I have been married since 1967.á We have two deceased children and two living children. Joe is 31 and married. He and Debbie are expecting in July.á Julie is 27 and has two girls.á Dave and I own Cramer Products which manufactures items for cleaning safety glasses in industry. Our son Joe works for us. Julie has a home daycare. Dave and I enjoy our work ,traveling and family.á Hope to see many of you at the reunion.á
Name: Michael Scheirer
E-Mail: mps@mtco.com
Class of: 1965
City: Metamora,á IL

Comments: I retired from Caterpillar in 2000 and now am employed by Peoria Charter Coach part-time.á I also drive a bus route for Metamora Grade School AND I repair clocks and gages still, too!á My daughter is finishing up her degree at ISU and my son just started ICC.á My wife Mary is the office manager at Germantown Auto body.

Name: Sherry Cohen
Maiden Name: Schoonover
Class of: 1965
Address: 5015 SW Dosch Park Lane, Portland, OR 97239
Phone: 503-452-9367

Class of: 1965
Address: 131 Strome Lane, Inverness,á ILá 60067
Phone: 847-969-8233

Comments: Married (Wife - Kate), 2 children, 1 Grandchild.á Working for an insurance brokerage firm (Roanoke Trade Services) which specializes in companies importing or exporting.
Class of: 1965
Address: 5100 Carriageway Drive, Rolling Meadows,á ILá 60004
Phone: 847-398-1187

Comments: I graduated from ISU and thought that I would be a teacher for the rest of my life..... well never say forever.á After 5 years, I left teaching and for the last 22 years have been working in Telecommunications.á The latest name for my company is Williams Communications Solutions.á We sell Nortel Networks hardware and software.á I am now counting the number of quotas left before I can retire and play golf on the sunny days and tudor reading to small children on the cloudy days!á Basically golf and travel take up much of my spare time when I'm not at work. I get to Metamora for the holidays and am planning to attend the reunion in September.áá
Class of: 1965
Address: 4363 Butternut Way, Roswell, GAá 30075
Phone: 770-998-3305

Comments: Graduated from U of I in Feb 1970.á Went directly into US Navy pilot training.á Flew Navy fighters for 8 years including 2 years on board USS Midway.á Hired by Delta Airlines in 1978.á Currently a Captain flying Boeing 767 out of our Atlanta hub.ááRetired from Delta in Sept. 2003.á Married 33 years. Mary and I currently live full time on our sailboat cruising FL and E. coast. 2 daughters.á Brittany age 27 finishing her MS in Nurse Anesthesia and Mandy age 24 a Labor/OB Nurse, trying to get into med-school. Would love to hear from others from 65.áá
Maiden Name: Weigel
Class of: 1965
Address: 317 S. Prairie St., Metamora,á ILá 61548

Comments: After graduating from MTHS I moved to Denver where I met my husband, Don. We were married in 1969 and have managed to stay that way. In the course of those 31 years, we have lived in California, Oregon and New York. We both retired in 1997 and have returned to Metamora so that we may be near family. My mother, Don's grandchildren, various siblings, aunts/uncles and cousins all live nearby, so we are enjoying spending time with family. Love to hear from you.
Name: Harold "Gene" Weiss
E-Mail: gweiss@maxiis.com
Class of: 1965
Address: 510 Terrace Ln., Box 581, Washburn, IL 61570
Phone: 309-248-7262

Comments: My wife Connie of 38 years and I live in Washburn, two children, four grand children. I retired from Caterpillar management in 2001 after 36 yrs of service. Connie retired from Peoria Country Club after 37 years as office manager. I am still working at Countyline Tool, a tool grinding company I am one third owner of with two of my brothers. We are very active in Washburn Community Foods, one of two community owned grocery stores in the USA. We enjoy our time with the grand children and still enjoy boating. I play a lot of tennis and attempt to play golf on occasion.
Maiden Name: Williams
Class of: 1965
Address: 1493 Springbay Rd., East Peoria,á ILá 61611
Phone: 309-822-0118

Comments: I am now retired and enjoying the country life.áá Lost my daughter to cancer this year on New Years Day.á Lost enjoying my many Grandchildren aged from 5 months to 30 years old and now getting great grandchildren also. I have just celebrated my 30th anniversary to Donald Force.
updated:á 5/2015
Name: Dick Wurster
E-Mail: dandjwu@aol.com
Class of: 1965

Comments: My wife, Jan, and myself still consider ourselves "Illinoisans" but are currently living in Texas. I am still a Project Manager for Midwest Foundation Corp of Tremont, IL, and Jan is my "secretary."á With that said, we have been married 33 years and have two great children. Jill is 31 and lives in Bloomington with her husband and the two most perfect little girls in the world, Hannah and Sydney. Our son, Jansson (28), is a civil engineer and lives in the New Orleans area; still single and looking for that perfect someone. We still come to Illinois every month or so and definitely have the BIG REUNION on our schedule.
Name: Charlene Breen
Maiden Name: Mitchell
E-Mail: cbreen4620@sbcglobal.net
Class of: 1965

Address: Haddam Neck, CTáá 06424
Phone: 860-803-3428
updated 3/2015

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