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MTHS Class of 1976
This information was taken from the Senior Yearbook. á
Please contact us with corrections.á
Laure Adams
Roxane Addis
Linda Allen
Vickie Allen
Marcia Baer
Eddie Ballard
David Barber
Rebecca Bentz
Dale Bitner
Todd Blickenstaff
Teresa Bolton
Terry Bolton
Judith Booth
Kathryn Braman
Cassie Breitbarth
Warren Breitbarth
James Broe
Peggy Clark
Joseph Cole
Richard Coltrin
Neil Cortus
Judith Cox
Terry Cox
Deborah Cuffe
Kelvin Dagit
Beverly Danz
Deborah Davis
Timothy Delicath
Dennis Deline
Mary DePauw
John Dixon
John Donahoe
April Doty
Kelly Downs
Elizabeth Driscoll
Eileen Droege
Nicholas Drum
Philip Drum
William DuBois
Brian Dykes
Janice Easley
David Elbert
Gregory Elbert
Deborah Erickson
Christina Estes
Marguerite Fandel
Stephen Fandel
Philip Force
Therese Forney
Donald Foster
Vincent Friederich
Edward Fuchs
Karen Gangloff
James Garber
John Garber
áJanet Gerdom
Douglas Goetz
Michael Goldsmith
Daniel Gove
Thomas Gray
Gary Guth
Pat Haedicke
Richard Hammer
Michelle Hansen
Don Harmison
Gary Hendryx
Janet Herring
Gregory Hill
Dean Hoffer
Nancie Hoffman
Nancy Howard
Ella Hrabak
Steven Huser
Karen Ioerger
Vicky Jenkins
Sue Jordan
Janet Kamp
Joseph Kapraun
Susan Kiesewetter
Anthony Kipling
Deidra Klarich
Colleen Klein
Gail Knigh
Robert Knisely
Gregory Kramer
Janet Krumholz
Bruce Kuni
Denise Larson
Gregory Legg
Kelly Lightbody
David Lloyd
Sussan Long
Jeffrey Lowery
Delia Maldonado
Erica Mancuso
Daniel Mansfield
Rob-Roy Martin
Robert Martynowski
Nanci Mason
Dean McCullough
Kenneth Miller
Rodney Morey
Thomas Mullins
Christine Nauman
Tamara Neff
Gregory Nauman
David Nicholson
Linda Nordbusch
Kristina Obery
Patricia O'Donal
James Packman
Pamela Parks
Sheri Parr
Harry Peterson
Angela Pfanz
Thomas Platz
Dennis Polston
Beverly Prunty
Debra Raaf
Richard Rauh
David Redenius
Debra Reed
Deborah Rice
Deborah Richey
Patrick Ruder
Scott Ruder
Stanley Salzman
Mark Schalk
Phillip Schertz
Rhonda Schneider
Joan Schramm
Joyce Schupp
Lisa Schupp
David Seckler
Kathleen Sharick
Irena Small
Kimberly Smith
Lynne Smith
Teresa Smith
Janet Sniff
Larry Sommer
John Spencer
Lacinda Spencer
Linda Sprinkle
Edwin Steffen
Matthew Stein
Dorcas Stephens
Kimberly Sterrett
Martin Stromberger
Eric Swords
Henry Tanton
Robert Teufel
Gail Theien
Dara Thomas
Larry Trotter
Ronald Urban
Harold Walker
Robert Webb
Paul Wernsman
David Winchell
Diane Winkler
Karen Wisher
Edward Wood
Gregory Woosley
Michael Wozniak
Joy Wriedt
Sally Wyzlic
Carol Yates
James Zook
Kelly Zuleger

Name: Linda Carey
Maiden Name: Allen
Class of: 1976
Address:á1001 S. Mayflower #223, South Bend, IN á46619

Comments: áHi Everyone, I moved back to my hometown of South Bend Indiana in 2000 after my divorce. I have two wonderful daughters age 24 and 18. I am going to be a first time grandma in January 07. I can't wait! I am also newly married to a great guy and my best friend....it truly is better the second time around.

I have been a special education teacher for about 15 years, I have worked with many different kinds of kids but mostly teens in prison. I have been working with autistic children for the past 2 years and I love it....I'm getting too old for the violent teens! I never really had that many problems with them...but once and a while one would really go off the deep end. I think I will stick with the little ones until I retire.

I have traveled all over the United States and even lived in the Arizona mountains for a while. I would love to hear from anyone who would like to write to me. I'm sorry I can't make the 30 year class reunion....guess it will have to be the 40th. Take Care everyone, á Linda (Allen) Carey

Name: Vickie Beoletto
Maiden Name: Allen
Class of: 1976
Address:PO Box 355,áHudson,á ILá 61748

Comments: Hi everyone! I married Greg Beoletto in 1977. We have 2 great kids, a daughter, Amanda and a son, Rick. We are also grandparents, which is quite wonderful! We moved to the Bloomington area in 1985 with Greg's job. I have always been a medical secretary. For the past several years I have been a scheduler for a large anesthesia group. My favorite class was home ec. I love to sew. Would love to hear from anyone! I joined the reunion committee foráour upcoming 30th. Hope to see a lot of classmates then!
Name: Marcia Hilger
Maiden Name: Baer
Class of: 1976
Address: 711 Crestview Dr.,áMetamora, áIL á61548
Phone: 309-367-2934

Comments: Hi everyone!á I'm still in lovely Metamora with my 3 beautiful children, my adorable grandson and my husband Danny Hilger.á I just celebrated 15 years at Peoria Tube Forming in Springbay.á Go Redbirds!!!

Name: Dave Barber
Class of: 1976
Address:á7820 E. Knollwood Terrace, Tucson,áAZá85750

Comments: Anne and I have been married now for almost 10 years, and have been in Arizona for eight years (hard to believe we have been here that long). We have both had family members move here too, which is nice.á We have three children, Andrew - 18, Alexis - 13, and Nathan is 7. Their activities keep us pretty busy. After 18 years in public accounting, I took a break and worked in industry. I spent three years as a controller and operations officer until last fall when I joined a local CPA firm. Anne has her own catering business.á I try to play golf on a semi-regular basis and help coach little league.á I was planning on coming back for our 25th reunion, but I never heard anything about it. Did we have one?áá

Name: Teresa Mooberry
Maiden Name: Bolton
Address:á5535 Logan Creek Ct.,áLas Vegas,á NV
Phone: 702-217-7194

Comments: Well since we didn't have a 25th reunion.á Needed to update my info.á Still in Las Vegas.á Will be here for 10 years if you come to town.áGive me a call.á
Name: Judy Whitaker
Maiden Name: Booth
Class of: 1976
Address:áP.O. Box 301, Goodfield,áILá 61742
Phone: 309-965-2161áá

Comments: This site is a blast from the past!!á I have been married to Larry for 13 years. We have 4 children, Quinten Grebner 24, Tisha Grebner 20, Jason Whitaker 21, and Lucas 12. I have been building a Mary Kay business for the past ten years.á It has been great fun and very rewarding.á Larry and I remodeled a 150 year old house in Goodfield and enjoy attending Antique auctions and traveling. Our love for travel has rubbed off on our son Lucas who is spending 3 1/2 weeks in Europe this summer. We'll get a taste the empty nest syndrome.á I'd love to hear from old friends and even some new.
Name: Cassie Rodgers
Maiden Name: Breitbarth
Class of: 1976
Address:á304 W. Armstrong, Peoria, ILá 61604
Phone: 309-688-0330á

Comments: Can't believe it's nearly 30 years since graduation.á Hope to see you all at the reunion. It's in the beginning stages so watch for info!

My kids will both be in college the fall of 2005.á Charley (1985) will be a junior at Iowa Wesleyan.á He is still playing football which I really enjoy.á He was also elected as student body President for 2005-06, as well as being a dorm adviser.á He has declared his major as pre-veterinary. áHe's going to be a very busy kid!áCarlye (1987) will be in her first year at Loras College in Dubuque.á She will be majoring in bio-chemistry looking toward a possible nursing career.á She will be playing softball in the spring and is really looking forward to that - as am I and my mom!á Softball is a way of life for the Breitbarth women!á The coach has told her that she expects her to start at catcher right away. Wow!! The kids have been my life so watching them leave will be a big adjustment.áAt least I will have football in the fall and softball in the spring!áá

I am still at Methodist, just celebrated 17 years August 2005.á I'm still in Purchasing but work mainly with Information Technology.á I am also going to school.á With luck, I'll graduate from college when Carlye does. á The rest is the same old - same old.á I get to Metamora a lot to see the family.á I'd like to hear from old friends sometime so we can get together over a beverage or two.

Name: Deb Rummel
Name: Davis
Class áof: 1976
Address: 1139 N. Nancy St., East Peoria, áIL á 61611
Comments: Hi Fellow Classmates: It is interesting to see what you have been up to after all these years. It still doesn't seem that long ago.á I have been married to Kurt for 15 years.á I have 2 daughters, Erin 25, Stacy 22 and one son Kyle 14!á I also have 2 beautiful Grandsons who we love dearly. I love being Grammy! My daughter Erin married Matt White in April/04.á Yes, they have been busy. áI work for Terry Clark, Owner/Operator of 11 McDonalds Restaurants in Peoria and Bartonville.á My husband is a Welder at Standard Sheet Metal. áWe enjoy boating,camping and swimming.á I lost my father to lung cancer in Jan./04.á Boy, wasn't ready for that!á Spend a lot of time with my Mother and her with us.á My son is going to MTHS this fall as a Freshman.á Boy, the school has changed so much.á The new addition is so cool....and so huge!!á I hardly recognized it.á Anyway, hope to have a 30th reunion. áGood to hear from you all.á Take Care!!á :0)

Name: Timothy A. Delicath
E Mail: delicath@slu.edu
Class of: 1976
Address:á1140 Lancaster Drive, St. Charles, MOá 63301
Phone: 636-949-2264

Comments: Married (Lisa) with three children (Victoria, Tad, and Cassie).á Enjoy Golf and Model Railroading.á Received my Doctorate from Saint Louis University (1998) where I work as the Director of Institutional Research and adjunct faculty member.
Name: April Nauman
Maiden Name: Doty
Class of: 1976
Address:á905 Woodland Knolls Rd., Metamora,áILá61548

Comments: I have been married to Steve (Class of '75) for 28 years. We have 4 kids.á Michelle 25 starting her 3rd year teaching Math at Bloomington Jr. High.á Brad 23 graduated December ('04) from Illinois, back at home trying to figure out his next move.á Michael 21 graduate of ICC and hoping to go to Bradley sometime in the future.á The "baby" Breana 19 sophomore at ICC interested in psychology. I work for First Build Associates, a General Contracting company that Steve is co-owner of. I enjoy reading, singing in my church's choir and spending time with family and friends. I am really getting excited about our 30th class reunion we are planning for next summer! We are also including the class of '75, so hope to see a lot of you there. It should be a really good time. Hoping life is treating you well.
Name: Elizabeth Knight
Maiden Name: Driscoll
Class of: 1976
City: East Peoria,áIL

Name: Therese Smith
Maiden Name:áForney
Class of: 1976
Address: 21295 Oakview Drive, Noblesville,áINáá46062
Phone: 317-442-6889

Comments: I live in Noblesville, IN, with my husband of 32 years, Bruce. We have 3 sons, Nathan 27, who just graduated from IU Med School, Brent, 26, who is a Graphic Designer in the Indy area, and Evan, 19, who is an Architect major at SCAD. I am an Ophthalmic Surgical Assistant in the Indy area and have been working in Ophthalmology for 33 years. My husband, Bruce, is an HR Director in the Indy area.á I love to quilt, walk, cook, garden, decorate, and am very involved in church activities. (Updated: 08/2011)

Name: Karen Winnett
Maiden Name: Gangloff
Class of: 1976
Address:á303 W. Pine,áMetamora, ILá 61548
Phone: 367-4867

Comments: I am still married to Roy Winnett and still working at National City Trust Dept.á My daughter Katie Cotton (born '80) has graduated from BU with a degree in Business Finance.á My other daughter Mandi Cotton (born '83) is attending ICC with plans to transfer to ISU with a major in Elementary Education.á We are in the process of planning Katie's wedding for July 19, 2003.áShe is engaged to Shane Morrison.á I am so excited to get a son in law.á I have stayed extremely busy lately between the wedding, work, and trying to do all the things I enjoy to do, there are just not enough hours in the day, I think we all know how that is though.á Please keep in touch I would love to hear from all of my fellow classmates from the class of '76!!áá


Name: Janet Sutter
Maiden Name: Kamp
Class of: 1976
Address: 3036 Big Sky Blvd.,áKissimmee,áFL á 34744
Phone: 407-870-7327
Comments: Hello fellow classmates. I married Bernie Sutter (Spaulding grad) in 82, moved to Fl in 83. We have 3 great kids Clayton'87, Tyler'89, Victoria'95. I have worked as a Neonatal Intensive Care RN since 85, and now am a charge nurse for one of the largest units in the South, 90+ neonates. We travel, cruise, motorcycle, RV and party all the time.á Life's Short Party On... Best friend since MTHS is still Janet Reindell (Sniff), even though we live on opposite ends of the country. Glad to hear 75/76 reunion will be combined. Hope to see you there.
Name: Gregg Kramer
E-Mail: greggkramer@yahoo.com
Class of: 1976
City: Louisville, KY
Web site:

Comments: I'm now living in God's country with my beautiful wife, Cora and faithful dog Jake.á After almost 20 years, I'm finally getting out of the retail business and into broadcasting for Cox Radio here in Louisville (Asst to Operations for 4 stations).á Cora is a true southern belle and is a leasing manager for our apartment community.á Jake doesn't do much except chew on things and try to be the center of everyone's world.

Name: David Lloyd
E-Mail: dwlloyd@alum.bradley.edu
Class of: 1976
Address: 810 N Oak Dr.,áPlymouth,áINá46563

Comments: I married my beautiful wife Betty Andre in 1982. We have three adult children. Check out my facebook profile at http://www.facebook.com/david.lloyd810. Since Graduating from MTHS, I've been to foreign countries in Europe, Canada, and California! (Yes, I know California is just foreign, not a country.) I went to Bradley University. I have had a number of different careers over the year. I've been a school teacher, a registered representative, a programmer, and an IT consultant.

Most recently I was a volunteer ESL teacher working with immgrants who want to become US Citizens, and I was back in school working toward a masters degree in developting online courses. My plans were abruptly put on hold when a car hit me while I was bicycling for exercise. With one class to go, amnesia, narcolepsy and limited short-term memory forced me to put the degree program on hold. I am maintaining a blog of my experiences as I slowly recover. The blog is located at
http://bicyclecrash.blogspot.com. I hope that the blog will become a first step in the development of a website that provides resources for victims of brain injuries.

Write to me! I would love to hear from old friends and acquaintances. (Updated: 01/2013)

Name: Thomas Platz
E-Mail: busjocky@msn.com
Class of: 1976
Address:á309 Harris St., Bay, ARá 72411
Phone: 870-781-9364

Comments: I am married and have 4 children.á I am a truck driver.
Name: Deborah Bradford
Maiden Name: Richey
Class of:á1976
State: TN
Phone: 931 264-1018

Name:á Bruce Kuni
E-Mail: B.kuni@att.net

Class of:á1976
Address: 2156 Mill Valley, Seguin, Texasá 78155
Phone: 304-893-1865
Comments: Is anyone working on our 40th year class re-union this year?
(update: 3/2016)

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