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MTHS Class of 1978

This information was taken from the Senior Yearbook.  
Please contact us with corrections. 
Sandra Ahrens
Richard Allen
Stephen Bachman
Barbara Baer
Mark Baldwin
Kristine Barrow
Scott Bartel
Jeffrey Bennett
Timothy Bernitt
Gregory Bernius
James Berry
Mark Bitner
Joan Bockler
Thomas Boehl
Jackie Booth
Keith Bowles
Eric Broberg
John Callahan
Daniel Carroll
Kelly Cieslewicz
Judith Clem
Susan Coltrin
Corrine Cook
Tina Cordes
Wendy Cox
Pamela Dalton
Phillip Dagit
Scot Decker
Larry DeWitt
Leanne Dehn
Michael Dollinger
Dorwin Doty
Daniel Driscoll
April Droege
Elaine DuBois
Robert DuBois
Matthew Eaton
Cheryl Fandel
Debra Farmer
Ricky Farmer
Gregory Filzen
Robert Fisher
Stephen Flowers
Rebekah Ford
Michael Foster
Gregory Funk
Phillip Gangloff
Brett Gann
Steven Garber
Randy Gordon
Marcia Grebner
Marvin Guy
Larry Haedicke
Leeanne Hardman
Scott Harmison
Gregory Heck
Deborah Heineman
William Herring
Laura Hinz
Patricia Howard
Douglas Huser
Marianne Ioerger
Thersa Ioerger
Alan Jenke
Deborah Jenkins
Michael Jern
Becky Johnson
Brian Johnson
Cindy Jonas
John Jones
Steven Kamm
Gregory Kapraun
Diane Kiesewetter
Vickie Kiesewetter
Richard Kipling
Dennis Kissner
Phyllis Klein
Denise Koch
Dennis Koch
Debbie Krowlek
Michele Krumholz
Michael Kulisky
Alan Lagron
Tina Lambert
Lynette Lanoue
Lynnette Larson
Alan Leach
Morgan Lela
Cynthia Livingston
Sherry Lowery
Janette Lyons
Cynthia McClain
Kimberly McClaskey
Dixie McCullough
Mary Mallie
Theresa Marchand
Paula Martin
Cindy Mason
Jana Mason
Kenneth Matson
Susan Mayfield
Danette Meinart
Jodie Melvin
LuAnn Miller
Scott Mischler
Darren Mitchell
Mitchell Mueller
Joan Mullins
Michael Murphy
Cynthia Nauman
Douglas Neff
Curtis Nelson
Elizabeth Nicholson
Sharla Norris
Cathy Pace
Timothy Parr
Denise Payne
Wendy Polich
Tracy Polk
Tamela Prunty
Timothy Prunty
Thomas Ralser
Peggy Redenius
James Reed
Charles Remley
Gregory Rhoads
Connie Ricca
Francoise Richard
Nancy Rogers
Christina Rohman
LeeAnn Rummel
Edgar Sampedro
Teresa Sasso
David Schaidle
Elizabeth Schertz
Larry Schertz
Redldon Schertz
Janet Schierer
Keith Schierer
Stuart Schupp
Lou Schupp
Stanley Schupp
Daniel Seckler
Jeffrey Selburg
Paul Seppelt
Sharon Shawver
Beth Sheets
Mindy Sloan
Edmond Smith
Elisa Smith
Jeffrey Smith
Richard Smith
Mark Stafford
Lynda Stickelmaier
Ronald Stotler
Donald Sweet
Edward Tanton
David Thomas
Lisa Thomas
Jerry Thurman
Janean Tracy
Michelle Tyler
William Ullrich
Jilleen Vance
Deborah Wagenaar
Beth Waldschmidt
Michael Waldschmidt
Cindy Walker
Harlan Walker
Thomas Ward
Rebecca Waterworth
Janet Weichman
Shawn Wilson
Lenard Winnicki
Joyce Withers
Thomas Wolfe
Sharon Worner
Shelly York Buttrum

Maiden Name: Ahrens
Class of: 1978
Address: 1585 Sweetwater Bend, Metamora, IL 61548
Phone: 309-367-4835
Class of: 1978
Address: 10185 Gillespie Oak Dr., Lakeland, TN   38002
Phone: 901-355-1650

Comments: Hey everybody, just want to update my profile.  Anybody comes into Memphis area please give me a call.  Let me treat you to some BBQ.  All is well here.  Busy with owning 2 companies (see web address) and still working in transportation industry.  Ashley will be 13 in March and Blake 10 in March.  I am still traveling MAJOR!  Hope to see Harlan Walker or Matt Bednarz back in Dallas or Tom Wolfe in Reno .  Heard from Ralser last year but couldn't work out logistics.  Anyway, hope all is well and give me a ring.
Name: Jackie Spring
Maiden Name: Booth
Class of: 1978
City: Newburgh, IN

Comments: Hello Everyone! It was great seeing everyone at our 30 yr reunion in '08 & I'm looking forward to the 35th. I've been in southern IN for 15 yrs. Don and I have been married for 26 years and have two daughters, Abby, age 16 and Claire, age 14. I've been in the fitness industry for over 20 yrs and can't think of anything I'd rather be doing! I love helping others attain their goals and feeling good about themselves. My hobbies include exercise (imagine that), gardening, cooking & entertaining! I still love to be around people and throw parties when possible. Living away has made me appreciate my roots more. I look forward to every reunion and the opportunity to see everyone again. I've only missed one! 
Updated: 01/2010


Name: John F Callahan Jr.
E-Mail: masterchiefbt@yahoo.com
Class of: 1978
Address: 1983 Old Oak Dr., Tyler, TX  75703

Comments: Finally retired US Navy after almost 27 years and now working for ALSTOM Power (Boiler manufacturer)as a consultant for Texas Utilities here in East Texas . Sue and I moved to Tyler from Jacksonville, FL in Dec 2006 and really like it here. Brought AMY (17) and Stacey (12) with us. Candise (21) and Patrick (27,US Navy) still in Jacksonville . Brook (26) is in Peoria . Robbie (19) is at West Point and is a member of the Black Knight football team as a FULLBACK. He made the traveling team as a Plebe. Really love this military retired life, but staying busy at ALSTOM. Should be able to attend the 30th reunion. It will be fun seeing everyone. Take it easy.

Name: Kelly Carr
Maiden Name: Cieslewicz
Class of: 1978
Address: 401 Olive- Varna, P.O. Box 12, Lacon, IL  61540
Phone: 309-463-2382

Comments: Currently, I am single.  I have 7 children and a grandson-Shawn(82), Kimberly(83), Kevin(85),Timothy(86), Daniel(89), Amelia(95), Jesse(99).  My grandson, Keil, is 1.  I returned to school a year ago and just entered the Occupational Therapy Assistant program at ICC this fall.  Hopefully, I will graduate in May'06.  I also work part time at pharmacy in Lacon.  Feel free to call or e-mail anytime.
Name: Judith Ann Phillips
Maiden Name: Clem
Class of: 1978

Comments: I married my highschool sweetheart Don Phillips, we've been married for 27yrs. We have 3 daughters Janelle, Justine and Erica. We live in the Metamora area. We love sports and the outdoors.
Updated: 03/2010

Name: Susan Eaton-Kersey
Maiden Name: Coltrin
Class of: 1978
Address: 24831 N Parker Rd., La Feria, TX  78559
Phone: 956-797-2162

Comments: Hi everyone! Married Matt in 1979.We have two kids, Greg (81) and Kirby (84). We moved to Memphis in 1985. We divorced in 93. I went back to school and got AS degrees in Chemical Engineering and Occupational Safety/ Environmental Health. Met and married Jim in 2003. Moved to Jonesboro, AR. I went back to school again, finished my BS at Arkansas State in Clinical Laboratory Sciences. We moved to deep South Texas in 2005. Jim is retired from the Army (Major) after 32 years. I now work for the US Government. I am a Medical Technologist for the Dept of Veteran Affairs. I tell everyone its the best job in the world. Working on the kids to move here too.

We are fixin to build a new home on our 10 acre ranch. We have cows and I have 100 chickens. I sell eggs every Sat at the farmers market. We also have 6 acres of grapefruit trees. OOOeeee the juice is great. Its a short drive to South Padre Island. The winters are GREAT! My parents live in Snyder village and are Winter Texans too. So I get to be with them 6 months of the year. Thats why I never visit IL. This is a vacation destination. Call me. I'd love to hear from everyone. I had a great time at the 30th reunion. Come visit beautiful South Texas and Mexico.
Updated: 10/2010

Name: Tina Otten
Maiden Name: Cordes
Class of: 1978
City: Washington, IL
Phone: 309-745-3851

Comments: Married Mike Waldschmidt in 1980, divorced in 1991. We have 3 wonderful children Melinda(Mindy) b 80, John b 83 and Austin b 89. Married to Dave Otten. I also have a daughter Dana Otten b 96. I have an associates degree in Graphic Design from ICC and a Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design/Multi-media. I enjoy spending time with my children,
boating. Working at Caterpillar Inc., East Peoria logistics. (7/08)


Maiden Name: Cox
Class of: 1978
Address: 2016 Moss Valley Dr., Fairfield,  CA  94533
Phone: 707-428-3941

Comments: Hi everyone!  Sorry I missed you at the reunion.  I'm teaching 1st grade at a year-round school so it's kind of hard to travel when it's not my month off.  I have 2 children - Nikki (12) and Nate (7).  They along with my husband, Steve keep me busy when I'm not at school.  We live about an hour from San Francisco so if you are ever in this part of the country, I'd love to see you!
Class of: 1978
(updated:  10/2015)
Name: Matthew L. Eaton
E-Mail: mleaton@midsouth.rr.com
Class of: 1978
Address: 2105 Keith Cove, Memphis, TN   38133
Phone: 901-266-5335

Name: Ricky Farmer
E-Mail: rcfarmer@gmail.com
Address: 603 Franklin Street, Roanoke, IL 61561
Phone: 309-923-7772

Comments:  Hi everyone.  It has been a long time since we were all in High School together.  Always wonder what has happened to everyone and what they are doing.  Seems like I could never make it to the reunions to see everyone.  After high school I got into driving a semi hauling steel.  I married my wife Cathy who I met at our church in 1982 and we have one daughter named Rebecca who is 19 years old.  I now work for Boley Tool & Machine and have been there for 14 years.  I also got into the fire and rescue in 1988 at Germantown Hills Fire Dept.  We moved to Roanoke, Illinois in 2001 and I no longer and doing the fire service after 13 years but am still a EMT for Roanoke Ambulance.  Been working, church and being on call for the ambulance service.  Its hard to find time to do anything.  Every once in a while I will come across someone from our class and it is great to see them.  I work with fourth, fifth, and sixth graders at Averyville Baptist Church.  Hard to believe that I am teaching boys and girls about the Bible when some of you could remember the way I was in high school.  Hope to see some of you in the future. Take care and God bless.

Class of: 1978
Address: 451 Monument Road, Jacksonville,  FL  32225
Phone: 904-721-5525

Comments: Hi everyone. It was great to see everyone at the 20th reunion last year.  It sure make me wish I had attended prior reunions. I moved to Jacksonville, Florida in 1980 and worked in a family electrical contracting firm and then later as a project manager for some larger corporate contracting firms. I switched professions in 1992 and I am now a Sales Manager for a Mazda VW BMW store in Jacksonville .  I finished my BA last year and I am working on my MBA now. I enjoy ballroom dancing. I started taking lessons over a year ago and now I compete two or three times per year. I would like to have my own business someday. Still single - came close to marrying twice.  I would like to settle down. I have considered moving back to the Peoria area as I have teenage half siblings here. My father Don Filzen was conducting the Peoria Pops in 1998 when he passed away from a stroke.  I would sure be nice to be closer to my younger sister and brother. Frequent visits just aren't enough it seems sometimes. I miss the Midwest but living near the beach is great too.  Hope to see as many of you as possible at the next reunion.

Name: Bob Fisher
E-Mail: ref737@mtco.com
Class of: 1978
Address: 394 Riverview Bluffs, Metamora,  IL  61548-9075
Phone: 309-657-7060

Comments: I have been flying for American Airlines since 1986. I am at present a Captain on the 737 flying the continental US and Mexico. I married Kerry in 1984 and we have four daughters. Laura is a Senior at MTHS and Rachel will be a freshman. Anna is in 7th grade at  MGS and Kerra is in 1st grade at MGS.  

Name: Stephen Flowers
E-Mail: sjflowers@grics.net
Class of: 1978
Address: 118 N. Main St., N. Pekin,  IL  61554

Comments: I just found this web site and browsed through the listing, I wasn't disappointed, It's been a long time since we graduated hasn't it? I have been married for 12 years and have two daughters Jenifer (22) and Jacqulyn (11). For the last 9 years I have been a supervisor for a local demolition company and for the last 2 I have held a position in my local government. I'm looking forward to our next reunion and seeing some old faces, till then best wishes to everyone.
Class of: 1978
Address: 121 W. Rohman St., Metamora,  IL  61548
Phone: 309-648-8817
Comments: The 35 Year Class Reunion is a few years away, however, our lifetime committee member, now Vice-President Sharon Seckler [Worner] is anxious to hear from everyone who plans to make it. Her promotion was a long-time coming. Stay in touch and hope to see everyone back here in 3 years (2013)!
Updated: 05/2010
Name: Laura Keller
Maiden  Name: Hinz
Class of: 1978
Address: 18207 Arbormont Dr., Cypress,  TX   77429
Phone: 281-373-5719

Comments: Hi Y'all!  After graduating from MTHS I continued to ICC and finally SIU-C where I received my BS in Geology.  I worked for 17 years in Houston , Texas at a service company converting analog data of all types to digital format for the oil and gas companies.  I am now a substitute teacher in the CY-Fair school district.  I married a wonderful man, Donald Keller, in 1991 and we have a son, Nicholas, born in 1994 who truly is the answer to our prayers. During my free time I help a friend with his carnivorous plant business - really interesting stuff!  Hopefully this will be posted before the 25 year reunion because I do not have any information about it and would like to try and attend.

Name: Marianne Skinner
Maiden Name: Ioerger
Class of: 1978
Address: 116 Colchester Drive, Normal,  IL  61761

Comments: It sure has been awhile since we were together at MTHS, hasn't it? I went to ISU, and as you can see from my home address...never left here!  I taught high school mathematics for 5.5 years, and then decided that being a full time Mom was best for my family.  Gary and I have been married for 19 years and we've been blessed with two wonderful daughters, Angela and Deborah. Gary works at the Wal-Mart Supercenter. Ang will be a senior at Central Catholic next year, and Deb seventh grade home-schooled. I still enjoy singing, (all of you who were in choir with me), and playing the piano, too. It certainly would be nice to hear from each and every one of you!

Class of: 1978
Address: 2736 Springhill Dr., Corona,  CA  91720
Phone: 909-735-6448

Comments: Hello everybody...Neat way to keep in contact. I currently live in southern CA where I have been for 7 years. I have been married for 12 years and have a boy and a girl: Ryan - 10 and Taylor - 6. We have been around the country in FL, NY and now CA. I work for UPS as a Project Engineer. My hobbies are coaching my children's soccer teams and mountain biking. We enjoy the CA climate with the beaches and mountains. Sorry I missed the 20 year reunion, but will be there for the 25. If you are in the area give me a call!!
Maiden Name: Kiesewetter
Class of: 1978
Address: 303 Timberlan Rd., Metamora,  IL  61548
Phone: 309-383-4748

Comments: Hi everyone! My name is Diane Smith now, formally known as Diane Kiesewetter. I am married to a man named Steven Smith and I have three beautiful children, Amanda age 18, Kandi age 15, and Courtney age 10.  For my job, I transport Bright Beginnings children to Germantown Hills Elementary School .  I am also a receptionist at Merrilee Studios in Metamora.  Even though I did not say much in high school, I love to talk to people now.  I also love to read when I have a chance to and shop.My future goal in life now is to be able to take a break and go on a second honeymoon with my husband.  I'm not sure exactly where yet!  I am also looking forward to the day when I will become a grandparent and see my grandchildren come and visit me.  I still hope that is a far aways away though!  Well, I would like to say hi to all of those from the Class of 1978.  I wish them good luck in the future!
E-Mail: rudykip@gmail.com
Class of: 1978
Address: San Diego, CA
Comments: Leading a life of depraved debauchery was tiring after a while, so 12 years ago I found a woman to save me from my crazed indifference to personal safety. I like soft music, candlelight dinners and long walks on the beach. Gee, Kipling became a salesperson, who would have thought. 
Name: Lynn Elliott
Maiden Name: Larson
Class of: 1978
Address: 152 W. Maple St., Sequim, WA 98382

Comments: I can't believe that it has been so long since we were in high school. I am married and have 2 children of my own Jacob 17 Chelsea 7 and 3 step children Elizabeth 16, Elisha 15 and Emily 14. We live in beautiful Sequim WA , right at the base of the Olympic Mountains . I am an Operations Manager for a trucking company, and spend alot of time with my kids hiking, horseback riding and just enjoying the Pacific Northwest . Maybe I will come to a reunion if I ever get some kind of invitation or notice when they are going to be, I guess I am hard to find or something. Hope all is well with everyone.

Class of: 1978
Address: 1105 N. Cedar Brook Rd., Boulder,  CO  80304

Comments: After MTHS, I attended Bradley, getting a BS in engineering. I moved to northern CA in late '83 and worked as an engineer in the data storage industry for 13 years. Participating in the glory days of silicon valley's high tech revolution, I tested and qualified the very first 2.5 inch disk drive (20 MB!) to be manufactured for use in laptop computers. I married Elizabeth in 1988 and we spent 8 fun years as DINKs. When our son Brendan was born in '96 we moved to the more sane environment of Boulder , Colorado where we also had Justin in '99. I'm currently the Reliability Engineering Manager for a small startup company (DataPlay) making data storage devices and media for consumer electronics products. Watch for DataPlay products coming out in Aug '02 - and buy one! Elizabeth is Director of Env Health & Safety for ATT Wireless. We enjoy raising our kids, traveling, and skiing (a lot) at our condo in Keystone. If anybody finds themselves in CO, drop a line.

Name: Sherry Finn
Maiden Name: Lowery
Class of: 1978
Address: Woodmere Lane, Goshen,  IN   46528

Comments: Enjoyed the 20th and hope to hear information about the upcoming 25th reunion. Kevin and I celebrated our 20th anniv. last October. We have 3 children and just sent our oldest off to college last fall.  She is attending Lincoln Christian College in Lincoln , Illinois. I also went back to college part-time for 6 years and completed a degree in Elementary Education and English as a Second Language. I am currently teaching at an elementary school in Elkhart , Indiana. I'd love to track down and hear from Wendy Polich (heard she might be in the Denver area) and Laura Hinz (Keller). 

Name: Mary Mallie Fagan
Maiden Name: Mallie
Class of: 1978
Address: 1201 Edenville Ave., Clearwater,  FL  33764
Phone: 727-535-4721

Comments: I have been in the death care industry since graduating from Worsham College of Mortuary Science in 1980.  I have been with Stewart Enterprises, Inc. for 16 years and manage their " Care Center " for several funeral homes in Pinellas County in Florida .  My husband Jim is a letter carrier with the USPO and we have a scattering business where we scatter cremains in the Gulf of Mexico . Florida is GREAT and I'm never coming back:) Look me up if you're in Florida!
Maiden Name: Mason
Class of: 1978
Phone: 309-697-1388

Comments: I married Glenn Koepple (Limestone, class of '74). We have 2 children, Drew, 10 and Sam, age 2. We now live in Bartonville. Glenn is in the building trades, and I work for Graybar Electric as an outside sales representative. We are very involved in sports with Drew (baseball, football and basketball). Glenn coaches Drew's baseball team, and Drew is also on a traveling team. Life is very busy, so my only hobbies are exercising and shopping. Apart from having my 2 wonderful children (I AM prejudiced), my major accomplishment was becoming the first woman in an outside sales position at Graybar.
Name: Jana Harris
Maiden Name: Mason
Class of: 1978
Address: 2105 Fleming, McKinney,  TX  75070

Comments:Been awhile since I have been out on the site to catch up with what yawl's been doing. The girls and I have been enjoying our time back in TX and seem to go in all directions. Nothing new to all of you I'm sure. My oldest will be a senior in 07 and is fairly set on attending school in Missouri. She wants to join the water ski team and has had enough of volleyball.  I'll miss cheering in the stands though.  My youngest is in band and alway seems to have a crew over to the house. Chaperon is my latest title. Ha Ha. I am still working at Experian here in the Dallas area but occasionally travel to sunny CA to visit my team there. The only drawback of living in TX is missing the Redbird play!

Maiden Name: McCullough
Class of: 1978
Address: 212 Anker Ln. Lot 2, Metamora, IL  61548

Comments: Hi! I married Jim Kauffman in 84. I have three step-children, which have given us four Grand-children. I enjoy the Grand-kids much more then raising the children. We can send them home. For fun we enjoy going to the Metamora football games. Most Redbird fans can find me at the 20 yard line holding up the fence.
Name: C. Denise Pace
E-Mail: tractorgirl731@yahoo.com
Class of: 1978
Address: 204 Baird Blvd., Salem, IN  47167
Updated: 08/2010


Maiden Name: Prunty
Class of: 1978
Address: 307 Arbor Vitae Dr., Metamora,  IL  61548-9132

Comments: Hello fellow classmates! I would sure like to hear from all of you. Type me an e-mail sometime.
Updated: 09/2009
E-Mail: maxroi@aol.com
Class of: 1978
Address: 520 Sheritan Way, Smyrna, GA  30082
Phone: 404-231-0735

Comments: Hi,Here's an update on what has been going on in my life lately. I'm still happily single.


Name: Peggy Bockler
Maiden Name: Redenius
E-Mail: pbockler@mtco.com
Class of: 1978
Address: 314 W. Mt. Vernon St., Metamora, IL  61548
Phone: (309)367-4509

Comments: I have been married to John Bockler since 1982. We have two sons Jason (1986) and Adam (1989). John works at Bradley University inFacilities Management and has been there since 1989. After spending many years teaching preschool, I made a career change in 2007 and now work as an Assistant Circulation Librarian at Illinois Prairie District Public Library in Metamora.


Name: Edgar Sampedro
E-Mail: esampedro@comcast.net
Class of: 1978
Address: 8276 Boca Rio Dr., Boca Raton, FL  33433
Phone: 561-302-5843

Comments: Hey Everyone!  It’s been a long time since I have heard from you all. As you know I was an exchange student (AFS) from Ecuador. After I graduated from high school I went back to my country to study architecture. Every few years I came back to visit, one time I went back to Metamora to visit my American family, the Abrahams'. During my stay I visited one of my friends, Sherry Lowery. Also in one of my trips to New York I had lunch with John Jones, which was a lot of fun, finding my friend who lived very far away from my home. But when I did come to the United States I mainly kept coming to Florida. Every time I visited Florida I had a great time, that’s why now I’ve been living here since 1990. I love this country so much, that I became a U.S. citizen!

I have 2 beautiful, smart girls, Maria Teresa (20) and Nicole (16). I work for the government as a Construction Inspector for the Housing Program. Let me please know when the next reunion is so that I can go because I miss you all a lot, especially my little town.  I would appreciate if you guys could let me know if you have heard from the Abrahams’ recently, my brother Tom Abraham was from the 1979 alumni, and my sister Barbara was from the 1981 promotion. Also if any of you guys have heard from Francoise Richard, who was from Belgium , and in the same program as me. I would appreciate If you would let me know what she’s been up to. This spring break 2005 I will be in New York with my family and might find one of you there like I did with John in 84’. Just to let you know, I don’t use glasses anymore and look much younger than I do in my yearbook picture! Hahaha.

Class of: 1978
Address: 4288 Arrowhead Place, House Springs, MO 63051
Phone:  314-671-0028

Comments: Hey Former Classmates, missed seeing many of you at the 20 year reunion. Just thought I'd drop you a line. Finally talked someone into marrying me. She gave me 2 fine youngins, both boys, one of which is already following in his father's footstep by being one fine troublemaker.  I'm not sure the other one is mine as he gets good grades and all.  Well I've got to go I'm late for a meeting with my parole officer. 
Name: Lou Ann Torres
Maiden Name: Schupp
Class of: 1978
Address: 1425 Summit St., Mesquite, TX  75149

Comments: After getting out of school, I moved to Aurora, IL up near Chicago , got married to my husband Mario & have a 24 year old daughter who just recently got married.  We now live in Texas near Dallas & I am in the medical profession, working toward becoming a head surgical nurse.  Sorry I have missed out on a lot of reunions, seeing some of the photos on this website brought back alot of memories & some good laughs, just like my picture is gonna do.  It's good to see & hear about how well you all are doing. Congrats you all!! 
Name: Edmond R. Smith
E-Mail: seaphlex@gmail.com
Class of: 1978
Address: 5545 Cambria Dr., Pensaciola, Fl  32507
Phone: 828-582-6545

Comments: Hey all, joined Regular NAVY as  aircrew of Grumman E2-C Hawkeye aboard USS Enterprise for two deployments to the Indian Ocean and Med. Sea. After 8 years, Employed by U.S.C.S. Air Operations as Detection Systems Specialist (Airborne). Deployed to Central and South America aboard a Lockheed Electra fitted with state-of-the-art "Spook Gear" to stem the flow of drugs into U.S.

After 10 years I left the government service and moved to central Wisconsin. Took up a few hobbies... My favorite was powered paragliding until an accident took my left leg below the knee. I became a Sea Captain, joining "Floating Doctors" to deliver free clinics to third world locations around the Caribbean sea for 1 year. I now Captain a Pirate Ship, the "American Star" out of Orange Beach, Al.  Ciao, Captain Edmond " Rusty Ironleg" Smith.
Updated 02/2013


Name: Lynda Stickelmaier
E-Mail: lstick@ameritech.net
Class of: 1978
City: Warrenville, IL

Comments: Hi Everyone!  I'm looking forward to seeing you all at the 25th reunion in a few weeks! I can't believe we're so old! I live in the Chicago area and work for a company called LANSA. We are a software company and we sell and service a suite of productivity tools for IT professionals. I work in the education department. My sisters have blessed me with 9 beautiful nieces and nephews and I enjoy spending time with them when I can. I am a 14 year cancer survivor (I'll be the bald woman at the party) and have learned to live life as it comes...a true blessing from God. 
Class of: 1978
Address: 3 Bandecon Way, Bloomington, IL 61704
Phone: 309-662-0334

Comments: After 20 plus years in the travel industry I have made the proverbial mid-life career change and am now selling insurance. Married with 2 kids. Still make it to a couple of Metamora football games every year, especially when they are good (which they are supposed to be this year). 

Name: Janean Corriveau
Maiden Name: Tracy
Class of: 1978
Address: 3149 Dan Mor Lane, Racine, WI   53404
Phone: 262-637-3146

Comments: Hello fellow graduates from the class of 1978! I hope all of you are doing well and have something special to be happy about in your life. My life includes, husband Mike since 1991, dog Addie, cat Bubbie and finally after many trials and tribulations we welcomed our newest addition on 1/30/03 Thea Grace Corriveau, I've waited a lifetime for her.  She is proof positive that you should never give up on your dream. Anyway, hopefully I'll get to the 25 year reunion to see some familiar faces. 
Maiden Name: Vance
Class of: 1978
Address: 620 Collins Lane, East Peoria, IL   61611

Comments: It's amazing how fast time moves. I haven't made it to the last few reunions, but am looking forward to making it to the 25th. (OMG 25 years, doesn't seem possible) I have 2 grown children 21 and 19.  I'm back in school finally finishing my nursing degree. Life is good! Drop me a line and we'll catch up. (Can't believe I had this picture put on here.....LOL) 
Maiden Name: Waterworth
Class of: 1978
Address: 120 W. Partridge, Box 995, Metamora, IL   61548
Phone: 309-367-4567

Comments: Hi!  I married Jeff Ziegel in 1980.  He is a heavy equipment operator for money, but his true passion is his go-kart, and racing it.  We are the proud parents of 2 sons, Tyler b '82, Zach b '85.  Ty will be graduating from MTHS in '01, and is way into his electric guitars.  Zach is a freshman as of '00-'01, plays football and baseball and is his dad's pit-crew at the race track.  Ping-pong in the Ziegel garage has been the latest attraction for the kids and their friends.  I work at the Family Fountain (again!) and at Cozy Corner Quilt Shop.  Quilting is my newest hobby--still into the sewing/craft stuff.  We moved back to Metamora in '86... we have done tons of work to this 100 yr old home, (not finished yet) and love it here. I could go on and on, but that usually gets me into trouble.
Class of: 1978
Address: 1242 North Rockdale Dr., Sparks, NV 89434-0772
Phone: 775-331-8680

Comments: I was just back there in Metamora in early August for the 30th year reunion. It was great seeing everyone. Ken Matson gave me a tour of the High School... I haven't been in there in many years. It was amazing how much had changed in 30 years. The new football field and stands were beautiful. I couldn't be any prouder of Pat Ryan and the accomplishments of the football teams over the years. I miss Metamora and it's people. It's a wonderful area and everyone that still lives there should be proud of where they live.
Updated 9/08


Name: Sharon Seckler
Maiden Name: Worner
Class of: 1978
Address: 1203 N Nofsinger Rd., Metamora, IL 61548

Comments: Hi everybody! Hope this finds you well. Hard to believe that we have been out of HS now since 78. Have 2 kids; Kyle 20 going to be a Jr. @ Northern IL Univ. and Kara 16 a Jr. @ MTHS..been married to Dan/ high school sweetheart for 23 yrs now. Working @ Caterpillar as an Administrative Assistant for 5 yrs. Hobbies: Enjoy music, movies, exercising, walking and especially socializing w/friends. Hope to see you at our 30 yr. Steve Garber is in charge! Take care!
Maiden Name: York
Class of: 1978
Address: 211 W. La Salle, Spring Bay , IL   61611
Comments:  I've been married to Steve for almost 25 years. We have 2 kids, Jimmy 25 (our birth son) and Nikki 17 a senior at MTHS, 3 cats and a rabbit named Simon. Reunited with Jimmy through the internet in 1999 and now have a grandson Colby. Jimmy moved here in 2001 to start a new life in a small town!! Couldn't have gotten much smaller than Spring Bay !! Nikki has no plans for her future so we'll just wait it out and see. I didn't graduate so I am just thankful that she is finishing school and I'm sure she will be great at whatever she chooses to do.


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