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MTHS Class of 1980

This information was taken from the Senior Yearbook. á
Please contact us with corrections.á
Dave Abrams
Melodie Ahrens
Greg Alig
Mary Alley
Daniel Atherton
Kevin Baer
Terry Baldwin
Janet Ballard
Steve Barber
Mike Bardwell
Larry Barrett
Brad Barrow
Rhonda Bartel
Krinette Bartel
Keith Barton
Doug Bauman
Susan Beechler
Jeff Bednarz
Eric Bell
Jill Bennett
Evelyn Biegler
John Bisanz
Scott Bishop
Jeff Boone
Darren Breitbarth
Glynis Bryan
Dawn Buenneke
Diane Bundy
Jill Bursott
Patti Carlisle
Vicki Carr
Mike Craig
Tom Craig
Pat Crandell
Cindy Coker
Miss Cook
Brad Curless
Kristina Dagit
Kathy Darnell
Tom Davis
Ron DeFreitas
Rhonda Delap
Rebecca Detweiler
Juanita Dimas
Doug DuBois
Tom DuBois
Mike Dreste
Fran Droege
Tony Duran
Sherry Durand
Vicki Ekvall
Ben Elbert
Derek Erickson
Laura Fandel
Betsy Fay
Lisa Finch
Bev Fuchs
Jayne Fuchs
Vicki Funcannon
Michele Foster
Lisa Gann
Tina Gauwitz
Cathie Geier
Mark Gerdom
Lisa Gorham
Neil Gove
Sue Griffith
Tom Grob
Cheryl Gruss
Diane Guerrero
Linda Hale
Lori Hargis
Jolene Heinemann
Denice Heitzman
Brian Hendrson
Mo Henricks
Alva Hezlep
Rosemary Hicks
Roxane Hicks
Gina Honegger
Guy Horton
Terry Howard
Kathy Hrabak
Ken Hubbart
Kelly Hursh
Scott Huser
Sharon Huskey
Roger Jern
Craig Johnson
Nancy Johnson
Tina Johnson
Roy Jonas
Don Jones
Tina Kacir
Janet Kamm
Ruth Kellerstreass
Dan Kelsey
Steve Kennell
DeeDee Kerker
Ron Kiefner
Brenda Kiesewetter
Ron King
Steve Kissner
Chuck Koch
Crystal Kramer
Donna Kuni
Kathy Ladd
Sue Laitas
Lora Lamb
Theresa Lambert
Eric Leach
Gale Leitner
Scott Lindsay
Brad Loesche
Dawn Luster
Greg Lyons
Robyn MacDonald
Kathy McCartney
Angie McCary
Barb McCarty
Gini McKinney
Bob Mallie
Dan Masters
Jackie Marshall
Gary Martin
Pam Mason
Dan Masters
Dale Matson
Chris Martynowski
Lori Meinart
Mark Meinert
Linda Meismer
Art Morgan
Sue Morris
Mike Mueller
Mike Mulberry
Bill Mullins
Jan Nauman
Ted Nauman
Charity Neal
Linda Neff
Larry Neisler
Shirley Nelson
Bea Noel
Kevin Noll
Sonja Norris
Mark Obery
Brenda Olomon
Pete Overend
Cindy Parr
Theresa Parr
Willie Payne
Ron Platz
Rob Polich
Lori Powell
Sharon Raaf
Greg Rassi
Lori Rauh
Nancy Rauh
Gary Rauhaus
Jett Ray
Doug Reising
Bryan Reynolds
Karen Ricca
Ron Rickard
Mike Roach
Donna Rohman
Michelle Rohman
Brian Ruder
Guy Sasso
Joe Sasso
Bob Seckler
Joy Seils
Dan Sellman
Ken Scheirer
Victor Scheirer
Mike Scherer
Jenny Schertz
Sid Schertz
Tammy Schierer
Steve Schleif
Jonnie Schmitt
Bruce Schrock
Scott Sheets
Tersa Simon
Dave Singley
Laura Siverly
Amy Smith
Jeff Smith
Scott Smith
Laurie Sniff
Tom Spencer
Steve Springer
Cindy Strafford
Connie Stickelmaier
Lori Swords
Dawn Tegg
Leanne Thomas
Mike Turner
Steve Tyler
Mark Vernardi
Dave Viggers
Stephanie Volz
Dan Waddell
Jerry Waldschmidt
Wendy Ward
Julie Waterworth
Chris White
Kim Whittington
Dale Weichman
Keith Wernsman
Dean Wiechman
Shelley Williams
Cindy Wilson
Jane Wolfe
Eugene Wood
Teresa Wood
Cheri Wooters
Sherri Young
Name: Daniel Atherton
E-Mail: Dather10@hotmail.com
Classáof: 1980
Address: 61 EichhornáRd.,áSpring Bay,áILá61611

Comments: I ended up quiting school but did end up finishing.á Now I do just what Mr Danner said I'd be a ditch digger. I work for P.A Atherton construction, actually building Metamora another subdivision/golf course. I'm site supervisor for daily operations for under ground infrastructure. I was blessed with 2 children and adopted 4 more all are grown and doing well.á I'm an example how even tho high school wasn't a fit a person can still turn out ok. But I still remember the good times and people from that time.á God Bless
Updated: 01/2010


Name: Terry Baldwin
E-mail: tbaldwin1@vzw.blackberry.net
Class of :1980
Address:á907 Highland Court, Germantown Hills, IL 61548

Comments: Wow, it has been a long time. I went to U of I, then Northwestern Medical School. You guys (taxpayers) paid for it, as I then spent 10 years repaying the Air Force. I have been back in the area for 10+ years , with my wife Vani (a very nice dentist) and kids: Shri 28 - a civil rights lawyer, Matt who is 17 and a senior at MTHS and Kala, 15 a sophomore at MTHS. I am a gastroenterologist. We live in Germantown, have a farm near Spring Bay. I hope to host our 30th reunion. Dont tell Vani. It's a suprise.....

Maiden Name: Ballard
Class of: 1980
Address: RR#1 Box 151,áTimewell, ILá 62375
Phone: 217-773-2461

Comments: To update 25 yrs--can't be done. I am still married to Chuck (25 yrs) it doesn't seem like that long. We have 3 children Josh(b-1981) Frances (b-1984) and James(b-1985). No grandchildren yet. Looking forward to the EMPTY NEST for a while. I am still employed @ DOT FOODS for the last 13+ yrs. I love my job. Started taking STAINED GLASS classes and I LOVE it. Hope to get an invite for the 25th.
Maiden Name: Bartel
Class of: 1980
Address:á4675 Walmsley Rd.,áDecatur, ILá 62521
Phone: 217-428-9219

Comments:áGraduated from EIU in 1984 and took a job as programmer/analyst with Grossman & Associates, Inc.á Lived in Champaign for 10 years, then moved to Decatur, then Mt. Zion (yike..the old rivals). áMarried (finally) in 1995.á Had a baby girl in 1996 and a boy in 1998.á They're at a fun age now. We laugh at their jokes and enjoy watching them grow in their spirituality, education, SPORTS, art and music (although they complain a lot about piano lessons).á We've been blessed with good health, great family and friends.á But I miss ALL my old friends. áDid I say OLD? 50 is the new 40, right??? Hope to see you at the next reunion!
Updated: 09/2009

Name: Jeff Bednarz
E-Mail: jeffb@directorz.net
Class of:á1980

Name: Jill Bennett
E-Mail: JCasey@Arbill.com
Class of: 1980
Address:á5128 S. Cameron,áMapleton, IL 61547

Comments: Looking through all of my classmates pictures brought back good memories of MTHS!á Our daughter, Julia is on the football cheerleading team, and we are very proud of her.á Myself...I have been selling safety equipment for the last 20 years, remarried to Lonnie 4 years ago, and am so happy!
Updated: 04/2009

Class of: 1980
Address: RR#8 Box 24 Hickory Cove, Metamora, IL 61548
Phone: 309-367-4269

Comments: My personal page hasn't been updated since the 20 year, so here's the latest. I have been assigned to the Illinois State Police, State and Local Auto Theft Enforcement Task Force, SLATE, (Peoria, IL) since 2000.á In August 2001 was named SLATE's Deputy Director.á Still employed by Secretary of State Police, where I'm assigned to the Bomb Squad, however detailed out to the State Police. Still in Metamora with wife Vicki and kids....Hope all is well with everyone...Boonerá
Name: Dawn Buenneke
E-Mail: buenneke@mtco.com
Class of: 1980
Address:á115 Lake Wildwind Dr.,áMetamora,áILáá61548

Comments: Since 1980 a lot has happened. Been married and divorced twice.áTook 2 times for me to see that single is the way to go. LOL I have an 8 1/2 year old son, Dakota (b.1996). He is my light and joy. We have such a good time. We have a pop-up camper and go camping and fishing on the weekends. I have worked (?) at the post office in Peoria for the last 17 years. 13 to go til retirement. LOLá Moved back to Metamora so my son could go to a great school, too.á
Maiden Name: Carr
Class of: 1980
Website: www.2sisterstravel.com

Comments: It's been awhile since I have updated, why does 1980 seem not so long ago?? Jeff and I still live in rural Metamora, although with all the growth it won't be rural for long. Jillian, our oldest got married 2 and 1/2 years ago to her long time boyfriend and we now have an 18 month old granddaughter, Elli. It sure is fun being a grandparent, did I just say that? Our son, Nick is 21 and at ISU. Our youngest, Lauren is a freshman at MTHS and keeps us young! I am finishing up my master's in Curriculum and Instruction from Olivette Nazarene and will be done in May. That has been an experience. I am still teaching at Germantown Hills which I love very much! My sister and I continue an internet travel business which keeps us busy and allows Jeff and I to travel a couple of times a year. It's been a lot of fun! Looks like our 25th didn't happen, hope to see everyone at the 30th...WOW!

Name: Dude Breitbarth (yes that is my REAL first name)
E-Mail: dudebreitbarth@hotmail.com
Class of: 80
Address:á3 County Road 212,áCorinth, MS 38834
Phone: 309-635-1552

Comments: My wife andáI moved to Miss. 1 year ago for her promotion. Nicest people I've ever met in my life, and I've been all over the world. I have worked for NATO, NASA, Blue Angels, Thunderbirds and also worked on the space shuttle. I also did bad things to bad people on the Russian border during the cold war, that shouldn't surprise anyone who knew me back in the day, but as they say, until you've walked a mile in my shoes. Thank god the past is the past, because you wouldn't believe the walk my shoes had to make. Now I'm a pussy cat, madly in love with my wife and 3 kids, I run a shipping and receiving office, work out at lunch time and read at night. Sincere wishes of the best to you all.
Class of: 1980

Comments: I have not updated this in many years.á I spent over 20 years in the Marine Corps (who woulda figured?) and am now living in the D.C area where I practice law with a D.C. firm.á I married my college girlfriend, Mary Johnston, and we have two kids, Jenna (b.1987) and Jacob (b.1990). áWork and family fill most of my time and I have no problem with that. áDrop me a line if you knew me back then, or even if you didn't, and we'll get caught up.
Name: Kathy Smith
Maiden Name: Darnall
E-Mail: blsd6lady@sbcglobal.net
Class of: 1980
Address:á1263 Stafford Ave.,áBristol, CT 06010
Phone: 860-302-5661

Comments: Unfortunately I haven't made it back to any reunions, since I've been in CT for over 20 years. I have 6 wonderful kids - 5 Girls ages 8, 12, 14, 16, 18 and 1 boy age 10 (I now have all schools represented - elementary, middle school, high school and college). As you can imagine, they keep me extremely busy - especially after being divorced again after almost 20 years of marriage. (Sounds much worse - it was truly for the best - for the kids and I.) We're happy and everyone is definitely thriving. I've been in the insurance industry for the last 25+ years - first with Travelers and now with Aetna - working my way up from a typist to a Business Systems Analyst - it's challenging and I work part of the time from home - always a plus for a single mom. I'd love to connect with some old classmates. Please email or call! This year (as with most others) the kids and I drove back to visit my parents (still in Germantown Hills) over Christmas (2006). We'll probably be back in the summer, as well. Hopefully I'll be able to make it to the next reunion!


Name: Rhonda Dingley
Maiden Name: DeLap
E-Mail: rhondadingley@mtco.com
Class of:á1980
City: Metamora, IL 61548

Comments: I have 2 children that go to MGS. Ryan is 12 & is in 7th grade. Sarah is in 3rd grade & Connie Stickelmaier is her teacher this yr. She is happy she got her. She thinks its neat that we went to school together & her brother had her also. If you have kids that go to MGS you might have seen me there. I have been subbing since Ryan started. I have done recess, cafeteria.,& last 2 yrs. Teachers Aide. In June I got certified as a Teachers Aide. so now I am official. In 1989 I moved to Nap, Ca. I was there for the earth quake in Oct. That was something else for this country girl to experience! I lived there til Aug. 1992. Meet my ex. in 93, got married in 97, divorced in 06 (oh happy day). I also worked at Toys R Us. My son went to his first NASCAR race in July at Indy. He is a big Jeff Gordon fan. One of Mark Martins guys gave him and his friend lug nuts right off the car after a pit stop(still HOT!). You would have thought the boy had been given a million $$$. The best thing from my marriage was my children. Don't know what I would do without them. They are my life. Hope to hear from some of you.
Updated: 08/2008

Name: Rebecca Wehr
Maiden Name: Detailer
E-Mail: mrzehr@juno.com
Class of: 1980
Address:á699 Park side Dr.,áWatson, OH 43567á

Comments: Although I actually graduated from Morton High School, I think of Metamora as my alma mater since I spent most of my school years with you folks. I went to Goshen College for 2 years after HS grad and then I married a Fisher, IL guy (Michael) in 1983 who I met while traveling in a full-time music/youth ministry team the previous year. After declaring that I would never marry a pastor (after being a PK) that's exactly what I ended up doing. We have lived in IL, IN and are now ináOH. Mike is a worship/youth pastor and his worship team just finished up a week of leading 14 sessions at our national Mennonite youth convention in Atlanta,GA.

We have two beautiful daughters, Lauren (b. 1988) and Taylor (b. 1995). They both love to sing, and Mike is currently doing some recording of Lauren in our home studio. She dreams of being a professional singer someday. After 23 years, I'm still only 7/8 of the way to a B.S. in Organizational Management... maybe some day. Right now I work part-time and job-share an admin. asst. position in the Safety Dept. at Sadder Woodworking. This works great for me, because pastors tend to have weird schedules. I still sing as much as possible, mostly with the worship team at church.

It's been great looking through all your BIOS! We had lots of fun at MTHS.

Name: Fran Cox
Maiden Name: Droege
E-Mail: fcox@bradley.edu
Class of: 1980
Address: 602 Firethorn Dr.,áWashington,áILáá61571
Phone:á á309-444-9902

Comments: Feb '11 Hey classmates, long time no see! Unfortunately, I haven't been able to make the last few reunions but hope to come to the next one...I heard the one at the Baldwins was great!

Since graduation, I married Carl Cox of Washington and have 2 children. Brent (b. 1985) is an accountant at IL Cancer Care,married 2 1/2 years ago and is expecting their first child this coming July. (Our first grandchild:YooHoo!). Caylin (b. 1988) is attending Rosalind Franklin Univ of Medicine to get her doctorate in Phyiscal Therapy and just got engaged this past Christmas.

Although banking was my career for many years, I entered the world of education and currently work as Exe Admin Asst to the President of Bradley University. I love my job, my family and would love to reconnect with some MTHS classmates. I'm on email and Facebook.
Updated: 02/2011

Class of: 1980
Address:á805 Woodland Knolls Rd., Metamora,áILá 61548á
Phone: 383-4917á

Comments:á Am single and still working at Methodist Medical Center as a C.T. Tech.á Enjoy working in the yard, gardening, woodworking, photography and bicycling.á Hope to see everyone at the Reunion.á
Name: Maurice Heinrick's (aka Mo)
E-Mail: blackbart36350@yahoo.com
Class of: 1980
Address: 70 Private Rd 1565,áMidland City,áALá 36350

Comments: Hey gang it's been awhile guess i needed to do an update. Well still living here in the deep south in a town called Dothan with my wife for 18 yrs now she is a nurse at one of the hospitals, myself i work at Ft.Rucker Alabama as a equipment mechanic prior to to that was working as a defense contractor in Iraq and other parts of the world. I enjoy taking road trips on my Harleys ,camping out in the motor home and messing around in my shop with my biker friends. You all give me a shout some time would love to hear from you.
Updated: 02/2012

Name: Gina Kempf
Maiden Name: Honegger
E-Mail: ggkempf@mtco.com
Class of:á1980
Address:á402 Wedgewood Terrace, Germantown Hills,áILáá61548

Comments: Ok, I can't believe I didn't know about this site even though its on my kids school home page. Never occurred to me to click the alumni button. Anyway thanks Jeff B. for the 30th reunion info. I can only come on Friday so hope to see alot of you at the game. This will be our first time in 9 years without a Redbird football player :(

My husband Gary and I have been married 28 years and have 5 kids ages 13-23. I'm an RN but have mostly stayed home to raise those 5 kids! Can't believe how fast time has gone! I remember my parents going to their 30th class reunion Yikes!
Updated: 09/2010

Maiden Name: Hrabak
Class of: 1980
City: East Peoria,áILá 61611
Phone: 309-693-2220 Wk

Comments: As all of you are saying, I can't believe it's been 20 years.á Some of it seems like yesterday.á I have been married for 10 years and we have 1 daughter, Breanne, age 9.á I am an office manager at a Periodontics office.á Our daughter keeps us busy.á She is on a competitive power tumbling team.á We are either going to practice or meets.á She was even in the AAU Junior Olympics last year.á I hope to see a lot of old friends at our big 20 in 2000.á

Maiden Name: Huskey
Class of: 1980
Address:á243 E Ten Mile Creek Rd.,áEast Peoria, áIL á61611

Comments: Well, an update is always a good thing. I am still divorced and Cassandra is now 22 and married. She is also expecting my first grandchild in early October 2004. They tell us it is a boy but you know how that is...LOLá My looks have changed since I last attended a reunion. I really am looking forward to the next one. Please feel free to email me.

Maiden Name: Johnson
Class of: 1980
Address:á291 Vesta Dr.,áMetamora, ILá 61548
Phone: 309-645-9118

Comments: I guess it's time for an update to my profile! Since my last posting I have changed jobs. I now work for Caterpillar performing Sarbanes-Oxley audits worldwide....you guessed it, I'm not the favorite of everyone around! Oh well..someone has to do it! I guess the biggest news is that we have a grandson now! He will be 2 in March and what they say is true... "If I knew how much fun grandkids were, I would have had them first!" Autumn is 25, Beth is 24 and Kaleb is 17. Kaleb is the only one living at/near home! I look forward to hearing from some of you...give me a ring or e-mail! Our website will be up soon...we own Whispering Pines Woodshop, so if you need a new kitchen, bath or furniture..give us a call.

Class of: 1980
Address:á220 E. Washington St.,áP.O. Box 167, Morton,áILá 61550
Phone: 309-208-4301

Comments: Attended EIU for 2 years following graduation.á Went on to graduate from Simmons School of Mortuary Science in Syracuse, NY. áReturned to the area and worked in Pekin for a few years before moving to central Wisconsin where I managed 2 funeral homes.á We later moved to western Minnesota where I managed a funeral home for the same company.á In 1994 I returned to the area and am currently a partner in a small group of funeral homes in the area.á áI have 2 children, Emilie (16) and Collin (14).áá
Maiden Name: Kiesewetter
Class of: 1980
Address:á215 S. Prairie St.,áMetamora, áIL á61548
Phone: 309-367-2009

Comments: áHi!á I married Todd Smith September 3, 1983 .á We have three children Ashleigh 16, Jonathon 11, and Alexis 4 yrs old.á I decided it was time to further my education so I started back to school attending ICC to get my RN degree last year.á I should finish school in the spring of 2007. áI am anxious to get back in the working world again!á Hope everyone is doing well!

Name: Steve Kissner
E-Mail: sdk1062@gmail.com
Class of: 1980

Updated: 03/2013

Maiden Name: Kramer
Class of: 1980
Address:á125 Hilton Dr.,áLexington,áILá 61753

Comments: Graduated from Illinois Wesleyan, and have stayed near the area since. Have worked for Bromenn Healthcare since graduation, currently in Home Health, primarily Maternal-Child emphasis. Two girls fill the rest of my time, Caitlin 14 yr. and Maddie 10 yr. These teenage and preteen years are a frightening thing!

Maiden Name: Lamb
Class of: 1980
Address: 2769 Wildwood Road, Columbus, OHá 43231

Comments: Can't believe it's been almost 35 years now - they have gone so fast!á I still live in Columbus & work at Chase- and recently I finally bought my first house & moved in with my fiance and his dog. Iá will be getting married again in summer of 2015 (name then being Lora Kern), having lost my wonderful husband and soul mate in 2009.á (I don't seem to throw in the towel on marriage!). My parents still live in Metamora, and I do get back on occasion.á My brother Dave (Class of 1989)á is living with his wife Vicky in the suburbs of Chicago.á Feel free to email, I would love to hear from any of you!

updated 10/2014

Name: Brad Loesche
E-Mail: poets86@comcast.net
Class of: 1980
Address:á1 Heron Court,áLake in the Hills,áIL á 60156

Comments: Loving life since graduation. Enjoy boating, running, going to Wrigley, and golf. Broke down to the mid-life crisis in 2000 and purchased a Harley. I work for CDW, a technology company, as an sales rep since 1995. If you get to the Chicago area give me a ring.ááá
Name: Greg Lyons
E-Mail: gregorylyons44@yahoo.com
Class of:á1980
Address:á1309 Ridgeway Ave., Round Lake Beach, ILá 60073

Updated: 11/2009


Class of: 1980
E-Mail: robmac1961@comcast.net
Address:á1417 Lincoln St.,áPekin, áIL á61554á

Comments:á WOW! Time flies when you are having fun!á I can't believe it has been so long... I am still single and still have a four legged kid that is getting old like me.á Still working on an Asphalt paving crew and have been called more names than I care to remember... I love hearing from people, so PLEASE give me a hollar...
Updated: 02/2009

Name: Robert E. Mallie
E-Mail: thor9re@yahoo.com
Class of: 1980
Address:á2760 Sandyhills Driveá,áHamilton,á OH á45013
Phone: 513-737-9653

Comments: I earned my undergraduate degree from The Ohio State University and my masters degree in physiology from Miami University .á I work for a global pharmaceutical research company in Cincinnati , Ohio .á Married to an executive with Zurich Financial Services.á Spend time traveling the world for both work and pleasure.á The fall is still a painful time of the year as the desire to play one more game (or one more defensive series) on the field at MTHS tugs at my heart.á God has it really been 25 years since I last did that.ááá
Maiden Name: Meinert
E-Mail: martin.lori14@yahoo.com
Class of:á1980
Address:á2480 Hwy 115,áImboden,áARáá72434

Comments: I have updated my contact info. I recently moved to a new home. I'm still working at the medical clinic. I would love to hear from you. I also have a facebook page, so look me up on there. Hope to see everyone again this year.
Updated: 05/2010
Name: Sue Morris-Ramirez
Maiden Name: Morris
E-Mail: sramirez109@yahoo.com
Class of: 1980
City: Pekin
Comments: Sorry I missed our 20 th reunion.á My husband and I co-coordinate a round the clock softball tournament for MDA over Labor Day weekend.á I did not get any sleep for 72 hours and was "toast".á And no I don't play softball, I have a hard enough time catching a cold!á I graduated from Bradley in '85 with a degree in psychology and worked many years with the mentally challenged in administration and programming.á That is my total love but found out there was more to do in life than work 24/7 and getting the snot beat out of you.á My husband and I do alot of community work and ran a special Olympic team for 16 years out of our home. I then went to work in education and due to budget cuts, I am now a domestic engineer.á I am remodeling my house and taking care of my pride and joy-Soccer '96 (thought it was a kid didn't ya?-nope dog- but don't tell her).á I have 2 step children-24 and 22 and 4 wonderful grandchildren.á I am too young to be a grandma!á Well that is the short of whatá has been going on with me.
Class of: 1980
Address:á316 Pinecrest Dr., Germantown Hills, ááIL á61548
Phone: 309-383-3019

Comments:á I graduated from the University of Missouri-Rolla as a Civil Engineer in 1984 and spent the next 14 years with the Missouri Department of Transportation supervising roadway construction projects in and around the St. Louis area.á Married Stacey Yount of East Peoria in 1987 and we have two children, Braden (1991) and Elise (1993).á Moved back to Germantown Hills in June of 1998 and now work as a Project Manager for his Germantown Hills based general contracting company, First Build Associates.

Maiden Name: Norris
Class of: 1980
Address:á868 Carl Ave.,áElgin, áIL á60120
Phone: 847-289-0455

Comments:á The last update we had was 2000.á It is now 2005 life gets better all the time!á Willie and I are going on 19 wonderful years of marriage. On December 7, 2004 , we finally became parents.á We traveled to Colombia and adopted 2 brothers, Jhon (9) and Juan (6).á In the past 2 months we have adjusted well to being a family of 4.á

Class of: 1980
Address:á868 Carl Ave.,áElgin, áIL á60120
Phone: 847-289-0455

Comments: Sonja (class of '80) Told you about what is going on in her post, so I won't bore you with it again.á See Ya at the Class Reunion !
Name: Sharon Raaf Gonzalez
Maiden Name: Raaf
Class of: 1980
Address:á474 N. Academy St.,áGalesburg,áIL á61401

Comments: Currently I am still an Assistant Principal at Galesburg High School .á I finally married the man of my dreams, Arnie Gonzalez.á He is a teacher and head varsity baseball coach at GHS.á We had twin daughters on 11/24/04 ! We have Madeline and Natalie and really enjoy being parents! á
Class of: 1980
Address:á112 S Spring St.,áMetamora,áILá 61548
Phone: 309-367-2372

Comments: 26 years I feel old all of the sudden. I've been married to my wonderful wife Tina (20 years) and have two girls Alexis (16) and Rachael (14) One driving, talk about the grey hair popping out now. I am the Operations Manager for Brubaker Transfer,Inc. in Goodfield. I work way too much (at least thats what Tina tells me) but when I do have time I love to get out and golf. The girls keep us busy the rest of the time. We purchased a house in Metamora about a year ago and love living in town. Drop me a e-mail would love to hear from you.á


Class of: 1980
Address:á878 Whispering Hills Dr.,áLebanon,ááIL á 62254
Comments: I am married to the former Elizabeth Kelly from Havana , Il (1978 grad) 3 Kids, Tristan, 19; Tyler 16; and Lindsey 14.á Been in the Air áForce for 22 years and plan on at least 2 more.á Just got moved into a new house in May 05.á Plan on doing more house building after I retire.á Take Care and God Bless...Doug Reising
Name: Ron Rikard
E-Mail: ronrikard@bellsouth.net
Class of:á1980
Street1: 1410 Bonita Ave.,áBrewton,áALáá36426

Comments: Still working for the hospital. I would like to find out about any plans for a 30 year. My wife Lori is also working for the same hospital, life is going well at the moment. Updated: 05/2010

Maiden Name: Rohman
Class of: 1980
Address:á108 W. Bertram,áMetamora, IL á61548
Phone: 309-367-4278
Comments: Married to Bill Reich class of 77 since 1981 and have 2 children, Lindsay born in 84 and Mason born in 88.á I currently work as a personal lines CISR for a Peoria agency, and enjoy spending my weekends with my husband on our Harley.
Name: Steven Schleif
E-Mail: smschleif@charter.net
Class of: 1980
Address:á217 Dogwood Place,áPigeon Forge, TNá 37863
Web site: http://www.eventborders.com

Comments: After taking pictures at a 50th Anniversary reunion held here in Pigeon Forge, I did a search and found this site. Thought I would add my info to the list... I began airbrushing t-shirts and such in 1982 and throughout the next 15 years worked in Cherokee, NC, Clearwater , FL and finally Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge, TN. I began designing web sites in late 1996 and took a "real" job (9 to 5) with a design firm in 2000 where I remained for the next 2 and a half years. I am once again self-employed - this time as an event photographer and graphic artist. I am married to Pam (a TN native) and we have two children: Michael (b:1988) and Jayde (b:1992) Michael plays most any sport available while Jayde is a competitive cheerleader on the Premier Sharks team out of Knoxville, TN. Between the two of them, I don't have a lot of time left! I do manage to get in a weekly game of D&D, however!!! I also attend a few VW car shows each year. And, oh yeah... in regards to Dave Singley's remark - my hair is much longer.

Name: David Singley
E-Mail: dsingley@carleton.edu
Class of: 1980
City: Saint Paul, áMN

Comments: Still living in St Paul, MN.á Teaching part-time at two differentácolleges, playing quite a bit. Divorced. Running alot..oh and Steve Schlief? The hair thing?á I'd like to see yours.ááMine's even longer than it was 5 years ago at my first update.
Updated: 03/2009

Name: Connie Stickelmaier
E-Mail: cstick@schools.mtco.com
Class of: 1980
City:áMetamora, IL 61548
Comments: I teach third grade at Metamora Grade School...and love it!!! I have three children of my own that keep me extremely busy.
Maiden Name: Dianna "Dawn" Tegg
Class of: 1980
Address:áP.O. Box 473,áOrion, IL 61273
Phone: 563-949-7911

Comments: This is great fun scrolling thru and reading all these comments!á I also can not believe it has been 20 years. I am still married to Al.á We have 2 children, Blake (16) and Ashley (8). I am the Operations Manager for Prism Mortgage in Champaign. I keep very busy following my son around in the summer with legion baseball and in the fall with football (Centennial High School ).á I am still a Redbird fan though and got to see them play in the playoffs here in Champaign last year. What a great tradition!á Can't wait to see everyone at the reunion.
Name: Mark Venardi
Class of: 1980
Address:á601 Dove Court,áPleasant Hill, CA 94523
Web site: www.vefirm.com

Comments: I started at Metamora my junior year. What an awkward time. I enlisted in the Coast Guard after graduation. After five years in the Coast Guard, I moved to Santa Barbara, CA and spent two years working on an offshore oil rig. I then attended Santa Barbara City college for a bit of remedial work. I transferred to Univ. of Cal. Berkeley and graduated in 1991. I attended law school at Univ of Cal. Hastings College and graduated in 1994. I made partner in a large law firm in 2001. Iáthen started my own practice two years ago. I handle appropriate cases around the country. On the personal side, I have two children from my first marriage, which ended in divorce. I then met and married a great woman, and we have had two children together. My wife stays at home and takes care of the kids, including my first two, who are with us most of the time. All of my kids are involved in sports, and it seems like I am always coaching at least one team. We enjoy our time together as a family playing sports, hanging at the beach and skiing. If you are in the area and would like to become reacquainted, or if I can ever help you out, drop me a line.
Name: Julie Fandel
Maiden Name: Waterworth
E-Mail: jfandel@mtco.com
Class of: 1980
Address:á305 W. Chatham,áPO Box 806,áMetamora, áIL á61548
Phone: 367-2165
Comments: Wow, twenty years?!á I married my high school sweetheart in 1985 (Jim - Class of '79).á After high school and a college degree I worked for awhile at an insurance company, a college and then a bank.á I am now self-employed and love my boss!á We have two very sweet daughters.á How'd this happen?á Maggie is 10 years old and Madison is 8 years old.á I've been looking through the 1980 Cardinals.á What a hoot!á Call or email me.á I'd love to hear from you.

Class of: 1980
Address:á2 Canterbury Lane,áLincoln, áIL á 62656áá

Name: Dean Wiechman
E-Mail: wiechman@mtco.com
Class of: 1980
Address:á207 S. Wilmor,áWashington, ááIL á61571
Phone: (309)444-3193
Comments: Married since 1986 to Maureen (Crandell). Class of '75. Twins, Samantha and Nick, born in 1987. I've been an engineer with Caterpillar since 1988. My hobbies include basketball, volleyball, and boating.

Name: Shelley Williams
E-Mail: Mousears5@aol.com
Class of: 1980
City: Champaign, IL

Comments: Wow-- can't believe it's been 20 years !!--And we are all still so young !! I have been in Champaign since graduating from EIU with a degree in speech, theater, and English education. I taught Jr. High for 4 years- Currently, I am V.P. of Uniform Specialists, we do on-site nursing uniform sales at hospitals in IL, IN, & IA.á In addition we are launching a division that manufactures & sells hospital auxiliary tops.á Looking forward to seeing all of you at the reunion.
Maiden Name: Wolfe
Class of: 1980
City:áHenry,á ILá 61537

Comments: I have lived in Henry , Illinois for 21 years.á I have 3 kids of my own and 2 step daughters. I work for my church twice a week as the church janitor. Yes, I clean Holy Toilets ~ LOL~ I was single for 12 1/2 years waiting to meet my soul mate, which walked through my church doors and we started dating and then got married. Both my husband and I are very active in our church.á I sing and play either keyboard or guitar for my church worship team and my husband runs the sound board and records the sermons and also designs the powerpoint presentation for the sermons.
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