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MTHS Class of 1982

This information was taken from the Senior Yearbook.
Please contact us with corrections.

Carlyne Adams
Mindy Adams
Kevin Alig
Myron Bachman
April Ballard
Curtis Ballard
Pamela Ballard
Angela Barber
Timothy Barrow
Jeffrey Barth
Jaylene Barton
Margery Bellot
Jill Bernitt
Bettylynne Bessert
Julie Brousset
Mardell Bryan
Richard Bryson
Angelia Burris
Eric Bursott
Paula Butler
James Caraway
Rick Carr
Kendall Charlier
David Coker
Walter Coltrin
Barbara Conklin
Michele Courtway
Daniel Cox
Terrilynn Cotton
Mary Cramer
Julie Darling
Rebecca Dean
Kathryn DeFreitas
Gregory Delaney
Dawn Dickson
Karie Doerr
Ellen Driscoll
Craig Duncan
Lori Eden
Kimberly Eytcheson
Joseph Fandel
Michele Fandel
Ninette Fandel
Roger Fandel
Tina Fandel
Michael Fenner
Bradley Ferguson
Larry Finch
Denny Fisher
Nanette Gauwitz
Cynthia Geier
Christopher Gillhouse
Thomas Graves
Leslie Grebner
Dale Greenhalgh
Steven Greer
Christine Griffith
Ron Guth
Heidi Haefli
Colleen Hamm
Michelle Hanley
Catherina Harp
Jennifer Hauter
Lisa Heineman
Lynnette Heinold
Danita Henderson
Michael Hodel
Marcy Roxby
Rose Jenkins
Jon Jennings
Keith Johnson
Amy Kapraun
Darryl Kapraun
Peter Kennedy
Douglas Kunkel
Lisa Knight
Pamela Knoblauch
Michael Krumholz
Tammie Krueger
Nelson Kirkham
Deana Lemons
Angi Lidwell
Karen Long
Michelle Lanoue
Gary Lyons
Don Maloney
Sheri McClain
Quentin McClung
Jeffrey McKinney
Debora Mesimer
Rod Meismer
Tina Mendl
Eric Miller
Susan Miller
Daniel Moore
Michelle Mueller
Elizabeth Mullberry
Cynthia Mullins
Eric Neal
Michelle Nemeth
Kurt Neumann
Marla Obery
Charles Orton
Paula Overend
Susan Owen
Timothy Payne
Vince Pennington
Gordon Presley
Tama Ralser
Regina Ramoley
Renetta Rassi
Mary Rauh
Anne Reynolds
Jean Robinson
Dennis Rogers
Richard Rohman
Phillip Ross
Rhonda Roxby
Connie Sanders
Anita Schaidle
Scott Schaidle
Regina Schupp
Cynthia Schleif
Deneen Schaub
Carol Scheirer
Louis Sheets
Scott Siverly
Daniel Smock
Scott Solomn
Amber Speck
Marti Stoller
Dawn Stromberger
Cliff Strum
Kristy Sutherland
Barry Todden
William Tuckwell
Frank Turner
Kandy Umdenstock
Timothy Viggers
Gary Ward
Mark Waterwroth
Michael Waterworth
Michelle Zears
Stanley Zimmerman
Class of: 1982
Address: 1808 Kern Rd., Washington, IL  61548
Phone: 309-444-9955

Comments: Hi everyone! Time is sure flying! My husband Kenny and I have
recently moved back home from Naperville, and built a house in Washington.  Our son Brock, is quite the little athlete, and he wanted to play football at Washington High School to try and break some of his dad's records that he still holds from 25 years ago. How do you say no to that? It's tough living in Washington and being a "Panther". I will always be a Redbird at heart. I keep telling Brock if he wants to play football he needs to play at a real football school like MTHS! I lost the battle though! We also have a five year old daughter, Maci. She is my shopping buddy. She is on a competitive cheer leading team and she is a "flyer" and she absolutely loves it. Too bad she'll be wearing orange and black. I still work for Muzak as their Director of Business Development. I travel the entire United States, so that gets tough at times. I've run into several classmates since moving back. It's great to see everyone. I hope all is great with you and your families, and I wish you all the best!
Updated: 04/2008

Name: April Ballard
E-mail: dancewapril@yahoo.com
Class of 1982
Address:  7690F Canyon meadows Circle, Pleasanton, CA 94588
Phone: 510-331-1138

Comments: Hi everyone!  I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 1983, graduated from California State University, Haywayd, CA with a degree in Small Business management and New Ventures.  I work for a title company, managing their subdivision department....we get new projects approved through the Dept of Real Estate for sale to the public.  I have a 15 month old daughter named Scarlett, who is the light of my life.  I used to ballroom dance for many years as a hobby, but since the birth of my daughter, there has not been much time.  I have never been contacted about a reunion, so when the next ones comes around maybe someone can find me. I would love to see everyone.  All the best to everyone.  :) 
Updated: 09/2009

Maiden Name: Bardwell
Class of: 1982
Address: N113 W 12820 Crestview Dr., Germantown, WI  53022

Name: Melissa Ruder
Maiden Name: Blundy
E-Mail: rvalley00@hotmail.com
Class of: 1982
Address: 14460 Toboggan, Green Valley,  IL  61534

Comments: I've been married to Brian for 16 years and we have 3 sons: Jake 13, a high honor student who shows dogs in obedience and agility and just started to show horses. Paul 6, who is entering first grade and is just learning the dogs, and Mitchell 5, in kindergarten and is close behind Paul in the dogs. I volunteer at the primary school, train dogs and spend time with the boys. When we are not showing or remodeling our farm I enjoy antiquing at auctions. Please drop me an e-mail sometime!

Name: Tim Bradshaw
E-Mail:  timb@4bradshaw.com
Class of: 1982
Address: 508 Falmore, Bolingbrook,  IL   60440
Phone: 630-771-9668

Comments: Wow!! 18 years have gone by since graduation, time flies when your having fun! Lets see, I left for the Navy in 1983. What a great experience. I traveled the world. I spent 4 years in southern Spain.  What a great place. I hope to return someday. I met my wife Michelle there and we were married in 1991. We returned stateside in 1992 and lived in Jacksonville , FL for several years. I left the Navy in 1993 and worked at several different jobs in Florida . In 1995 I began taking classes at the University of North Florida. I graduated with a BS in Computer Science in 1998. I started working at Caterpillar as a software engineer, for some reason, I was drawn back to my roots in Central Illinois. I worked at Cat for about 18 months. My first child, Jase Coyle Bradshaw was born on August 15, 1999. He is an awesome little guy. In January of 2000 I accepted a position with Bank of America in Chicago. In 2002, my daughter was born, Cori Rae Bradshaw. She is truly a gift from heaven! In 2003 we bought a new home in Bolingbrook, Il.

Name: Tom Cox
Class of: 1982
Email: pastortom777@comcast.net
Address: P.O. Box 6161, Decatur, IL

Comments: WOW twenty-three years have just flown by!!! I lived my life to extremes for the first 12 years out of high school, which brought many interesting experiences. In 1995 my father passed away and it caused me to reflect on the true meaning of life. I then began a relationship with God that has led me to experience life in a new exciting way. I went back to school in 1996 at Eureka College where I played football at the age of thirty-two. It was an awesome experience that I will enjoy for years to come. I then left Eureka College to attend a Bible College and Seminary for the next 6 years where I graduated CUM LAUDE. Since then I have traveled for several years doing public speaking in schools and in churches. I am currently The Senior Pastor of a country church in central Illinois . I preach with a lot of excitement and passion. My desire is to bring the Bible alive so people can experience God. I married a wonderful woman named Gina from Ohio and I have two boys named Joshua and Thomas (I have truly been blessed).

Name: Bambi L. Spangler
Maiden Name: Crisler
E-Mail: blspangl@uiuc.edu
Class of: 1982
Address: 2226 E. Hwy 136, Carthage, IL 62321
Phone: 217-430-8476
Comments: I started dating TJ Spangler from Eureka at the end of my Senior year. We are coming up on our 19th anniversary in May. We have two children; Daily 16 and Sam 12. We live outside Carthage , Illinois on a family farm. I am a secretary for the University of Illinois Extension in Hancock County . We enjoy riding the Harley, going to concerts, hunting, fishing...all the good country-living stuff.
Class of: 1982
Address: 189 N Carolina Ave., Clovis, CA  93611

Comments: Well I've been married to Rena Morse (Class of 83) since 1987 and we now have 3 beautiful children; Colleen (17), Ethan (15) and Aaron (1). Life is interesting, I have been working for Caltrans (CA Department of Transportation) for 7 years and have many titles that lead to more work not more pay. We enjoy fishing, boating, camping and going to the beach.  We travel to the coast or San Diego whenever we get the chance. Hope to make the next reunion or see some of you that are still in the area next time we come back.
Updated: 04/2008

Name: Kimberly (Kim)
Maiden Name: Davis
E-Mail: UPRED82@sbcglobal.net
Class of: 1982
City: Peoria,  IL 

Comments: Hi everyone! Great to see so many have posted here.  The year I am writing this is 2006.  Would like to know when you all posted yours.  I live in Peoria (for the last fourteen years).  Have two kids, Son (Baylen) born in 1992, he just grad. from grade school this year with the princ. achievement award. I also have a daughter (Shelby) born in 1997.  I have been with my partner for fifteen years. I went to ICC for accounting and now own my upholstery shop since 1985. I love it!  We have a dog and two birds and two bunnies.  And many many wild animals around us. I also own two rental houses. With everything it keeps me busy.  Hope to see more posts and to hear from you all.  Take care.
Name: Paul Engst
E-Mail: paengst2214@yahoo.com
Class of: 1982
City: Peoria,  IL


E-Mail: travelnutt@yahoo.com
Class of: 1982
Address: 734 Lockett Rd., Kirkwood, MO  63122
Phone: 314-398-7979
Website: www.GEphotos.com

Comments: Went to ISU and got a BS in Accounting '86. CPA in '88, MBA in '95. Lived 4 years in Door County, WI and just loved it. In STL since ’00. Have 3 kids, Matthew (19), Natalie (18) & Patrick (16). My kids will all graduate from Richwoods :-(. Oldest got a full football scholarship to a small college near STL and 2nd will be there too in '10. Youngest has his heart set on Bradley.

Controller for manufacturing company in St. Louis. Keeping busy with home improvements, wine and photography as a hobby. Remarried in '05. Wife is in nursing admin at a local hospital. Her 3 makes us the Brady Bunch. I loved my years at MTHS but wish I pushed the edge more as a kid! Getting old sucks! If in the Lou I would love to hear from you!!

Updated 05/2010


Name: Beth Omer
Maiden Name: Foltz
E-Mail: enadog@hotmail.com
Class of: 1982
Address: 298 Brooks Street, Dallas, GA  30157
Phone: 770-445-7861

Comments: Hi everyone, I have been living in Georgia since graduation from Bradley.  I have two great kids Sara(8) and Allen(5) and have been married for oh boy, 18 years.
Class of: 1982
Address: 1900 Inverness Blvd., Austin, TX  78745

Comments: I am a Electrical, Air Conditioning and Heating Contractor. Have two Master Licenses and own and operate my own business. I have one son Caleb who is 10 yrs and have been a single father for 8 years. We love to travel and play all sports, hunting, fishing.  Do some contracting for the University of Texas (Hook Um Horns) where Caleb is well known by all the coaching staff and is able to work with Baseball and Football teams.  Caleb was invited to play baseball with a travel team in Australia this Christmas break.  Will see you there for the new Millennium.  Tim.

Class of: 1982
Address: 76 S. Sycamore St., Florence,  AZ  85132

Updated: 05/2012


Class of: 1982

Comments: I've been living in the Dallas Metroplex for 30 yrs and still working at the same job. I was hoping our class would've had a 30 yr reunion. Maybe we will have one next year. I have 3 children, 2 are grown and gone. My youngest son is still living with me and is graduating high school next year. I look forward to seeing everyone at the next reunion.
(updated 5/2016)


Name: Ann Mosby
Maiden Name: Hastings
Class of: 1982
Comments: Graduated from the University of Illinois in '86 (go Illini!), have worked as communications director for multiple agricultural businesses -- GROWMARK in Bloomington since 1993. Married Brad Mosby in 1999. I have two step daughters (grown) and 3 dogs (babies). The latest is my enrollment in Seminary (a masters program in Biblical Studies) at Lincoln Christian College -- a whole different subject matter to communicate about!

Name: Brian Hedden
E-Mail:  drcrane2015@gmail.com
Class of: 1982
City: Murphy, TX
Comments: After moving to TX. during our junior year, 4 years as a Navy jet mechanic, 5 or so years as a prison guard, 20 years or so in private corporate security it's time to pursue my childhood love of trucks and become a paid tourist as a long haul trucker. I'm single now, so why not.  My daughter is 28 and I have 2 grand daughters I can spoil rotten. I look forward to the next reunion to see y'all (as they say down here). I do have plans to move to the family farm in Farmington, IL so who knows, we may run into each other in the area.

Updated:  5/2015

Name: Ken Hensey
E-Mail: khensey@steelboss.com
Class of: 1982
City: Rehoboth Beach,  DE

Comments: Moved to Delaware after graduation for college and that lasted for 3 semesters and decided to go out into the real world. Moved to Texas in 1986 and spent 15 years in the steel industry in sales/management working for others then starting my own company. Now I own the #1 marketplace website for the steel industry www.steelboss.com and eight other websites just like it for segments of the steel, lumber, chemical and wire and cable industries. Married at 25 two girls now 10 & 12.  Divorced at 33, remarried at 35 moved back to Delaware to live at the beach in 2003 and loving it. Haven’t kept up with anyone from Metamora since graduation. I still have lots of relatives in Washington and central Il.


Maiden Name:  Horton
Class of: 1982
Address: 2953 W. 116th Place Apt. 204,  Westminster,  CO 80234

Comments: Hello fellow classmates! Been living here in Colorado for nearly 6 years now. Originally lived in St. Louis for nearly 15 years after graduating from ICC in 1985. Divorced in 2000, relocated here to Denver and have since remarried. Have truly found my soul mate and best friend. I am working for a small printing company in Boulder , and absolutely LOVE my job, and enjoy the challenges of the job and the environment and people I work with. My husband is a network engineer for Jefferson County school district, and also has a home computer business. We hope to eventually relocated out to Washington state, to be near my folks who retired out there several years ago, as well as my husband's children from his first marriage, who live in the Portland , OR area.  We enjoy the mountains here, Harley Davidson motorcycles, and would love to hear from any of you. If you make it out this way, look us up.. I'd be happy to show you the sights!
Name: Jacqueline (Jackie) Nieukirk
Maiden Name: Leonard
E-Mail: mrsnieukirk@yahoo.com
Class of: 1982
City: East Peoria, IL 61611

Comments: Upon graduating high school, I received a degree in Graphic Design. I started working as graphic designer for a screen printer and quickly moved up the corporate ladder to production manager for a newspaper then as an art director for a Sports Publishing Company. I made a radical career change to education, fueled in part by a stint of substitute teaching while working on my M.F.A., tired of life in a cubicle, I found my passion for teaching. Over the past ten years I have taught at Washington Middle School, Woodruff High School and am currently at Washington High School (Yes, I'm a Panther) I have a BA in Art from Eureka College, BS in Education from Bradley University and a MA in Educational Administration from ISU. I married a motorcycle enthusiast. I ride a Harley Softail Deuce and a Moto Guzzi-- yes, these are mine...... my husband has his own toys. Plus my students think it's pretty cool that their teacher rides a Harley to school... that's me... a great role model for todays youth!

Name: Dave Marchand
E-Mail: www.rabbithnt@yahoo.com
Class of: 1982
Address: 201 Rohman, Metamora, IL  61548
Phone: 367-6038


Name: Kelly Traver
Maiden Name: McCallister
E-Mail: binky@mtco.com
Class of: 1982
Address: 1405 Hickory Point Road, Metamora,  IL  61548
Phone: 309-367-6095

Comments: Hi everyone, I just recently learned of this website.  I lived in Germantown Hills , IL for 11 years and moved closer to Metamora 2 years ago.  I married my husband Noel in 1992, who has 2 children from a previous marriage, Elise is 20 and attends ICC and Drew is 18 and attends Washington High School .  We have two daughters, Dayna (2/97) who is in 3rd grade and Megan (3/99) who is in 1st grade.  Since my girls attend MGS, I have ran into many former classmates and it is really fun to see them again.  I work for the Orthopedic Institute in Peoria, IL as a medical coder and love my job, I have been there 13 years. I am hoping to organize a 25 year class reunion in 2007.  If you would like to help, please contact me.    

Maiden Name: Miller
Class of: 1982
Address: 4010 Cranston St. SE, Salem, OR   097301
Phone: 503-585-7946

Comments: As everyone else has stated, it really does seem hard to believe that we are approaching our 20 year reunion.  I graduated from Illinois State University in 86.  I taught special education for 2 years in Illinois and then I moved to the Northwest.  I taught in Vancouver, WA for 4 years and that is where I met my husband Randy.  Randy and I just celebrated our 10 year anniversary.  We now live in Salem, OR .  I am no longer teaching, instead I am doing recruitment, certification and training for foster providers of developmentally delayed children.  My hobbies are working in the yard and working out.  Since my husband is a chef, I found it necessary to start going to the gym. :)  I can't wait for our reunion!


Name: John Nauman
Class of: 1982
City: O'Fallon, MO

Comments: After graduation went to University of Missouri-Rolla for one year. Then I went back home where ICC and Bradley were next. I graduated from BU in '88 in Industrial Engineering. Moved to St. Louis area in '92. Still rooting for the Cubs though. Married Sharon in '07 and we have two sons, Zach '98 and Nick '02. Working as a Quality Engineer for a manufacturer of Surgical Instruments in O'Fallon. We’ll be there on 8-11 for the 25th.


Name: Sandy Bernitt
Maiden Name: Nauman
E-Mail: cct@mtco.com
Class of: 1982
Address: 752 Santa Fe Trl., Metamora, IL  61548

Comments: Married to Jeff Bernitt (class of 79) in Aug. 84.  We have 3 children, Nick (11/85), Brooke (6/88) and Megan (3/90).  We have been very busy keeping up with our kid's sports schedules for the past several years.  It is really funny to go back to MTHS and watch your kids participate in activities there.  It has really changed!! We love to visit the mountains and try to get there every summer and then again at Christmas break to ski.  I am working at MTCO here in Metamora and have been for about 8 years.  Would love to hear from any classmates and hopefully we can get another reunion started.


Class of: 1982
Address: 3141 Hwy 336 E, Clinton,  AR  72031
Phone: 501-745-5379

Comments: Hey y'all, I moved to Arkansas in 1984 working as a mechanic for Caterpillar. In 1987 I was blessed with my daughter, Beth, and also became self-employed as a Snap-On-Tool dealer.  On Christmas day 1989 my son Clay was born.  In 1992 I began racing IMCA dirt modifieds.  Now 8 years later, I have 5 track championships and over 65 feature wins.  I divorced my Eureka High School sweet heart in 1998 and 2 months later married my beautiful wife Tina, who had been employed by Snap-On-Tools for 10 years.  She is now a Snap-On-Tool dealer also, running my territory.  We just won another track championship this year at Batesville Speedway.  We are both looking forward to our class reunion.  I haven't been back to Metamora in years, since my parents also live in Arkansas now.  Feel free to write back. P.S. Yes we do have indoor plumbing in Arkansas , and I apologize about our President.


Name: Scott W. Norton
E-Mail: scott_norton_1@yahoo.com
Class of: 1982
Address: 405 McGrew Loop, Aiea, HI  96701
Phone: (808) 294-1877 

Comments: Aloha MTHS “Ohana” Classmates! Great site - a special “mahalo” to those that put this web page together – excellent idea!

After graduation and a “last hoorah” Summer, I left for Orlando FL & Navy boot camp. Little did I know that what started out as a way to obtain funds for college, would turn into a life-long adventure and career. After getting out of the service in 1990, I attended NIU and went on to complete my Masters Degree in Physical Therapy at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, MI. While maintaining my reserve status in the service, I worked as a Physical Therapist in KY and TN before accepting my Commission and returning to active duty.

The 2nd half of my career started in Pensacola, FL and continued on thru Charleston, SC and Virginia Beach, VA on the USS Theodore Roosevelt CVN 71. After the carrier tour, I accepted orders to Hawaii as the Dept Head of the medical clinics Physical Therapy Department. At the end of that tour in the Spring of 2010, I accepted another 3 year assignment to provide medical support for the SEAL Teams.

Throughout these last 27 years, I met my wife of 21 years, Doreen, and have 1 beautiful daughter, Meagan – the absolute light of my life. We currently reside in Aiea, HI near Pearl Harbor with our loving beagle, Patches.

I have been fortunate enough to return to MTHS for the 10 year reunion but regrettably unable to attend the others. Would love to make the 30th (is that correct? The 30th?...hard to imagine it has been that long).

During past visits to Metamora, classmates.com, and face book reunions, it has been fantastic catching up with so many High School friends and getting reacquainted. This sight is just another wonderful way to allow us all to stay in touch with each other. Reading every ones profiles and seeing how you are all doing has been great. I hope to see more of our fellow classmates join this sight. Please feel free to contact me to catch up and chat - especially if your visiting the island – I would love to show you around paradise.

Scott Norton 
Updated: 08/2010
Name: Wendy Falk
Maiden Name: Olomon
E-Mail: bwcmfalk@gmail.com
Class of: 1982
Address: 1617 County Road 2200 North, Washburn, IL  61570

Comments: Hello "Old" Friends, At least I feel a lot older since I last spent time with any of you. I got married in 1984 to Bruce Falk, we farm and have 2 grown children. Christina, (22) who graduated in May from U of I and is staying for her Masters and Matthew, (20) who is and going to ICC, hoping to get a degree in Criminal Justice. I would love to find out where Rose Jenkins, and Sheri McClain are now and what they are doing. I haven't been back to a reunion since our 1st. At that time not much had changed. It is great reading what your lives have turned like now.

I work as a C.N.A. at the Apostolic Christian Home in Eureka because I have such a heart for the elderly. They have blessed my life tremendously. I am also my husband's number one helper on the farm and love it. Take Care, and I
look forward to hearing from any of you. Wendy
Updated: 10/2010

Name: Mary Beth McGrath
Maiden Name: Olson
E-Mail: themoneypit@insightbb.com
Class of: 1982
Address: 2504 5th Street, Peru, IL  61354

Comments: I have been married for 15 years.  We relocated to Peru about 9 years ago.  I still work for the State Police, have almost completed 20 years!  We have two daughters, Morgan-11-6th grade, and Kelly-7-1st grade. Send me an email sometime!


Maiden Name: Owen
Class of: 1982
Address: 304 NE 304th Ave., Washougal,  WA    98671
Phone: 360-835-7024

Comments: After graduating from Coe College in 1986, I have lived in Iowa, Illinois, Ohio and now the beautiful state of Washington. My husband Matt and I thoroughly enjoy the mountains, forests, and the close proximity to the Pacific Coast . Our lives are filled with plenty of pets who join us camping, hiking, fishing and more. I taught at the elementary level for 5 years followed by working with individuals with developmental disabilities. For the past 12 years I have been in administration for non-profit retirement communities, where no matter how old I get, I continue to be young! 


Name: Vince Pennington
E-Mail: vrpennington63@gmail.com
Class of: 1982
Website: Facebook

Comments: Married to my wonderful loving wife Denice currently living in the  Germantown Hills area. If someone was to ask what we as a couple love doing it would be traveling we just really enjoy getting away from the daily grind...
Updated: 02/2014


Name: Jerry Rebholz
E-mail: rebz@mail.mtco.com
Class of: 1982
Address: 121 W. Pine, Metamora,  IL 61548
Phone: 309-367-2286


Name: Millissa Kanaga
Maiden Name: Rohman
E-Mail: Kanaga_Milissa_a@cat.com
Class of: 1982
Address: 321 North Morgan, Metamora, IL  61548


Class of: 1982
Address: 12060 Harmony Cir., Gulfport, MS  39503
Phone: 256-289-9592

Comments: Glad to see all at the reunion. had a great time. I am now in Mississippi. I have two years left on my tour with the navy, hopefully the last. Michael is 22 and at MSU Go Bulldogs! and Justin is 19 at UAH in Alabama. Keep in touch.
Updated: 03/2008


Maiden Name: Schaer
Class of: 1982
Address: 25 Swan Ln., Beecher,  IL 60401
Phone: (708)946-9143

Comments: Hi! I graduated from ICC in 1984, Bradley in 1986 and U of I in 1990. I have worked at a community college since 1996 as the director of the Children's Learning Center. Prior to this position, I taught in the state funded pre-k programs/early childhood programs in Gailman, Watseka and Fulton, IL. I married my husband Dennis in 2003 and we were blessed with Trinity in 2004.


Class of: 1982
Address: 1514 Sunset, Washington, IL 61571

Comments: Since High School I spent 7 years on active duty in the Army, got out and went back to school and have now been teaching for 7 years. Along the way I met and married Barb from Pennsylvania, had three children (Jake-12, Anne-10, and Zach-6) I now teach 8th grade Science at Eureka Middle School and will get my Masters in Education in the summer of 2002. My wife works in the Intensive Care unit at St. Francis as an RN and I am currently trying to convince her that we need to move to Metamora.


Name: Doug Shinkle
Class of: 1982
Address: 335 Porta Drive, Brighton, MI  48114

Comments: September 20, 2005 :  I only recently found out about this site. It's been interesting to read about everyone.  I wish everyone the best.  Since graduation, I have lived in Michigan.  I graduated from MichiganStateUniversitywith a BS Mechanical Engineering degree in 1987, and then settled into the suburbs of Detroit.  My first job after college was as Senior Project Engineer for a commercial HVAC contractor.  I then transitioned into the automotive industry as a Sales Engineer for various suppliers for interior trim (car/truck seats, headliners, door panels etc.).  I am currently Sales Manager for Lear Corporation - one of the largest suppliers of automotive interior trim components.  More importantly, I found the love of my life, Stephanie, and was married in 1999.  She brought with her a son from a previous marriage, Johnathan, who is 10 years old.  We have another son, Matthew, who has just turned 5.  Along with our Golden Retriever, Scout, we keep pretty busy.  We're also involved with the Church, the kids' activities and just finishing building our dream house.  I am truly thankful for many blessings.


Maiden Name: Sluga
Class of: 1982
Address: 210 Birch Leaf Dr., St. Peters,  MO 63376

Comments: It's hard to believe that it's been over 20 years...where has the time gone?  I married Kevin in September of '88, we relocated to St. Louis soon after.  I work at Monsanto as an executive assistant. This past year I made the decision to go back to school, I'm working on a business degree with an emphasis on marketing.  In our spare time, which there is not much of with work and school, we travel and enjoy spending time with friends and family. Life is good.


Name: Kathy McCormick
Maiden Name: Spencer
E-Mail: kmccorm@mths.us
Class of: 1982

Comments: It's been awhile since I wrote my last bio, so I thought it was time to update the page.  I'm still working at MTHS teaching Senior English (Advanced Composition is what it was named when we were here.)  I also direct the play and recently gave up directing the musical after seven years.  My husband is a principal at a school near Springfield.  We are kept busy with our kids' activities.  Both Jack (a high school freshman) and Brooke (a 7th grader) are competitive, year-round swimmers.  We spend an obscene amount of time at the pool!  Jack also plays high school soccer and tennis.  Brooke is enjoying her first school sport, track, and is doing well throwing the shot put and discus.  I spend my "spare" time transporting them to and from the pool or picking them up from their other sport practices. Shoot me an email if you have time so I can catch up on your lives!
Updated: 04/2014


Name: Renee Greer
Maiden Name: Stickelmaier
Class of: 1982
E-Mail: greerr@schools.mtco.com

Comments: The reunion was really fun! Thanks ladies for putting it together ;o)
Steve Greer and I have been married for 17 years and have four kids. Gillian (21), Cullen (16), Makinzie (14), Madalyn (13). Steve works at Caterpillar in Mapleton and I teach seventh grade Science at Germantown Hills Middle School . I'll have my Masters in Administration next June. We live in Germantown in the White Oak Lake subdivision. We really enjoy seeing old classmates.



Comments: I happened to stumble across this page "googling" an old classmate and was pleased to see many of my friends with life updates. I graduated from Taylor University in 1986 with a B.A. in Mass Communications. I moved back to Peoria and began an 11 year career as a Producer/Director at WTVP-TV PBS. I enjoyed many successes at the station including a nationally syndicated documentary on "Dick and Jane". I discovered in my research the original and only remaining watercolor paintings for the books and co-curated a traveling museum exhibit which ended me on the Today Show. Left my TV career in 1998 to enter the world of restaurants. I managed Dominics in Peoria and moved on to be the Corporate Wine Buyer/Educator and Beverage/Service Manager for the Biaggi Ristorante Italiano out of Bloomington. This moved me to West Des Moines to open a new restaurant in 2003. In 2004, I joined an Importer/ Distributor and sell wholesale wine to restaurants and retail. I consult on several wine lists which lead in 2006 to Wine Spectator's Editor Marvin Shanken writing about my 100% Italian Wine List and Tour Program I managed and created for Cafe di Scala in Des Moines. I have a love for Italian wine and cuisine and have been to Italy three times! I spend my off time collecting vintage Brunello di Montalcino, classic films (over 4,000 now), political campaign buttons (all the way back to McKinley), and domestic/international travel. I live with my partner of 8 years, Matthew, in West Des Moines. Would love to hear from some MTHS friends. It has been too long! Great to see everyone is happy and healthy!
Updated: 03/2011


Name: Tammy Harder
Maiden Name: Webb
E-Mail: t.j.harder@worldnet.att.net
Class of: 1982
Address: 403 E. Walker Rd., Parma,  ID  83660

Comments: Hi everyone, I'm living in Idaho , beautiful country. I had Tessa after grad. Three years later I met my husband John,(13 years now)he had two girls from his 1st marriage, Jenae & Jenny.  He adopted Tessa & we got custody, so now Jenae has 2 boys Taylor & Cayden, Jenny has a 1 boy Carsen, so in away I'm a grandma, love it! Tessa just graduated this year(2001) Looking forward to seeing everyone at the Reunion!
Name: Tonda Thompson
Maiden Name: Wild
E-Mail: jeftonda@comcast.net
Class of 1982

Comments: Hi Everyone! It was so nice to read updates from all of you. After graduating from MTHS, I continued my redbird passion by attending Illinois State University for both my undergrad and graduate work. After ISU, I began working at Proctor Hospital developing their Community Health Education outreach programming. After 5 years at Proctor, I worked in the Long term care industry for 2 years. This job lead me to the American Cancer Society. I have been honored to work the majority of my career at ACS helping fight cancer. Currently, I serve as the Regional Vice President for the West Central and Northwest Regions of the Illinois Division of your American Cancer Society.

My best life accomplishments are my family. I married Jef Thompson in 1991. We have two wonderful children; Jessica (17 yrs) and Michael (14 yrs). We live in Peoria, IL. Our free time is spent attending kid's activities, supporting their school (Peoria Christian) and our church (Northwoods).

I am still a very proud MTHS redbird alumni. I have great high school memories and many of you are part of them. Bando's Rock!!! I have trouble convincing my children of this but we all know it's true... LOL!

I would like to wish all of you a happy, healthy, life full of love!
Tonda :)
Updated: 01/2011


Name: Jolene Withers
Class of: 1982
Address: 1532 Hickory Point Rd., Metamora, IL 61548
Phone: 309-256-4531

Comments: I was excited to find this site and read everyones comments. Since High School I have graduated from Cosmetology School and have worked in the industry since 1985. My 40 hour a week job is working for Great American Insurance Company which is a Crop Insurance Company. I am the Claims Service Unit Supervisors and I am getting ready to start my 23rd year there. I am not married and have no children. I love to travel, read, sing in the Praise Team at Church and spent 6 months out of every year living in my travel trailer in Hopedale, IL . I look forward to seeing everyone at the class reunion.


Name: Andrea Miller
Maiden Name: Wright
E-Mail: cstone@mtco.com
Class of: 1982
Address: 513 Schmitt Lane, Metamora,   IL   61548 

Comments: Rod Miller (class of '81) and I were married in 1986. We were blessed with a son (Zack) in 1988 and a daughter (Danielle) in 1991.  I finally finished my BS in computer science in 2004. I work at the Ag Lab in Peoria as an IT Specialist. My children are both bando's at Metamora, and are thankfully more mature than I was in high school. Rod and I have the pleasure of hosting a high school youth group at our barn in Germantown every week. Some of your kids have probably been there!


Name: Robert Zimmerman
E-Mail: rzimme2002@yahoo.com
Class of: 1982
Address: 1565 Richwood Dr., Galesburg, IL 61401
Phone: 309-343-0813

Comments: Since graduating from High School I've worked at Maytag in Galesburg for 12 years (starting in 1990). I married Kathy Streitmatter from Brimfield on January 16, 2000 . We have been blessed with a wonderful son, Jonathan Robert born on January 5, 2002 . He keeps us busy. I've been working in the factory at Caterpillar since May of this year. It is a change from working in the office as an engineer.

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