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MTHS Class of 1990

This list was taken from the 1990 yearbook. 
Please contact us for corrections.

Andrew Adami
Ami Adkison
Therese Ahlqvist
Laura Ahlstrom
Melissa Alig
Craig Baldwin
Krista Bally
Brian Barringer
Robert Bastain
Timothy Beechler
Janet Bernhardy
Nikki Bernius
Nathan Bockler
Hank Broeren
Jennifer Buck
Stephanie Bull
Sally Bullock
Brett Bumeter
Meri Bunch
Fenton Burke
Troy Burke
Troy Butler
Matthew Byrd
Thomas Cammack
Tamara Carr
Brad Casley
Joey Chung - Yi Chu
Martin Clift
Jay Collings
Gilbert Crosby
Stephen Cross
Apollo Cross
Teresa Cunningham
Jennifer Dahl
H. Wayne Davis
Roger DeVore
Crystal Dickey
Erik Diestelhorst
Michael Dodwell
Robert Doty
John Driskell
Diane Durre
Melissa Durst
Shannon Dutton
Michael Ealey
Jonathon Eaton
Stephanie Ehrmann
Kevin Eilers
Fail Elvert
Steven Engst
Christina Eudaley
Amy Fandel
Matthew Fay
Patrick Fels
Erik Force
Teri Freeburg
David Garber
Stephanie Gardner
Michelle Geurin
Ralph Glueck
Felicia Goodman
Ricardo Gracia
Jeff Grant
Charlotte Gray
David Gray
Troy Gray
Sherilyn Grebner
Jennifer Grist
Penny Grist
Tammy Grove
Jason Hall
Heather Harms
Randall Harper
Rob Harper
Kyle Harrell
Mark Hayse
Renee Heiken
Robert Heiple
Andrea Henderson
Chuck Hewitt
Stacey Hildebrand
Rachel Hines
Jeremy Hockenbury
Scott Hohenbury
Paula Hoover
Andrew Hopp
David Ioerger
Carrie Johnson
William Johnson
Scott Jones
Anthony Kamp
Jeremy Kauffman
Matt Kemper
Amy Kiesewetter
Mindy Klepfer
Pamela Knutson
Laurie Koppenhoefer
Tim Kubal
Kerry Kunkel
Angie LaHood
Wannai Lim
Lance Lotz
Pamela Ludema
Mindi Maher
Julie Manns
Brain mason
A. Kelly Mason
Sean Mathison
Amy May
Heather May
Donna Mayer
Anita McCarty
Kathleen McCraith
Sandra Meinert
Kevin Mellen
Dawn Messer
Jay Miller
Lori Miller
Ty Miller
Cheryl Mitchell
Thomas Mitzelfelt
Katherine Moore
Cathy Munson
Audra Murrell
Jennifer Myers
Terri Neahring
Chad Nelson
Tomas Nilsson
Katherine Noe
Jason Noll
Kristen Nott
Kelly O'Reilly
Kurt Oehlwein
Mark Ohl
Leeann Oliver
Dawn Orren
Shelly Overturf
Steven Penrod
Scott Poole
Anne Pretty
James Pugh
Shaun Quinn
Aimee Rauh
Shawn Ray
David Read
Jill Reynolds
Della Richards
Aaron Riedell
Jill Riggert
Joyce Rocke
Keith Rodgers
Brent Rohman
Michael Ryan
Ty Rynearson
Errol Samp
Chuck Scierer
Fred Schirer
James Schneider, Jr.
Lori Schneider
Stephen Schneider
Scott Scribner
Amy Seckler
Michael Smith
Stephanie Smith
Myron Spencer
Jon Stamm
Michael Steider
Ryan Steider
Eric Stemler
Jim Strehlow
David Stromberg
Tim Strayer
Scott Strum
Ryan Stuber
Jennifer Swift
Guenevere Taft
Ximena Torres
Ken Wake
Christine Waldo
Libby Waldrip
Gary Webster
Tamara Wendland
Rachel West
Derek Whittington
Carol Wiese
Sam Wilcoxen
Reece Willerton
Wendy Williams
Micke Wolf
Ireatta Wyman
Elliott Zobrist

Maiden Name: Adkison
Class of: 1990
City: Hanna City, IL

Comments: Will be married 10 years this September ('10). Samantha and Riley (6 yrs. this November) Sawyer (4 years January '11).  The girls will start full day kindergarten this fall and Sawyer will ride the bus w/ them for half-day preschool. I'm still a stay at home mommy and looking forward to mornings alone and getting back into a career outside the home. Brett is still at CAT and is working on his MBA at Bradley. We recently moved to Hanna City and are enjoying our new home and yard. (Updated: 03/2010)

Class of: 1990
Address: UT Box 2220, 401 W. Kennedy Blvd., Tampa, FL  33606
Phone: 813-908-7325

Comments: Back in the States after nursing school and lots of traveling. Looking forward to receiving my MBA in Dec 2000.

Name: Janet Stock
Maiden Name: Bernhardy
E-Mail: jbernhardy@yahoo.com
Class of: 1990
Address: 629 Nelson Circle, Westmont, IL  60559

Comments: After MTHS, I graduated from North Central College in 1994 with
a double major in German and English. For the 1994-95 school year, I taught English as a second language at a school in Haltern, Germany, on a Fulbright Grant. I worked in marketing at a small publisher for a year after I returned, then I received a teaching assistantship to get my Master's in English at Illinois State. While at ISU, I met the love of my life, Kevin. We've been married since October of 2006. In the time between graduating from ISU in 1998 and now, I have worked in the marketing and advertising industry in downtown Chicago, as well as doing some copy writing for a major company in the suburbs while I was finishing my teaching certification. I denied my genetics for a long time, but finally admitted that teaching was my true calling (my mom was very relieved!). I've been teaching 6th and 8th grade reading and language arts since 2004, and I absolutely love it. My husband is a high school teacher and coach, and we recently bought a house in the western suburbs of Chicago. We didn't make it back for the 10-year reunion, but I'd love to hear from you--feel free to e-mail. (Updated: 04/2008) 

Maiden Name: Bernius
Class of: 1990
Address: 111 W. Chippewa, Dwight, IL  60420

Comments: Hey there everyone!!! Was reading my comments before, in dire need of updating! Moved from Bushnell in 2003, back to Vermont, IL, lived there until, July of 2004, currently living in Dwight, on the "outside" (women's prison is here). Separated and will be divorced form Jim this year (been apart for over a year). Now just working in a bakery, 3rd shift, its a good place to work. Have a new man in my life, His name is Tom, he has 3 beautiful girls, and we all get along really well. Doing remodeling on our house and a rental property, (my old house in Vermont). Most likely will rent this one out in a few yrs and buy something bigger. Anyway, hope to be invited to the 15 yr reunion! Anyone that wants to contact me feel free!! Later! 

Name: Hank Broeren
Class of: 1990
Address: 4418 N. Rosemead Dr., Peoria, IL 61614
Web site:
Comments: Working on the Par a Dice.

Name: Sally Krystal
Maiden Name: Bullock
Class of: 1990
City: Lakemoor, IL
Phone: 815-578-4354

Comments: Not much has changed since the 10 year reunion.  I am still a Police Officer for a village (for some strange reason, that is what they call towns up here?!?!?) just north of Chicago.  I am still married and do not have any children.  I still have one very wonderful and spoiled dog, Bear (she is a black lab/sheltie mix) and a bunch of fish!  I am looking forward to coming home for the 15 year reunion.  I cannot believe it has been 15 years already! Where has time gone?! Hope to see everyone there! Keep smiling!

Name: Brett Bumeter
Class of: 1990
Address: 801 Fern Drive, Boca Raton, FL 33432
Phone: 561-394-3044

Comments: I joined the Army as an intelligence analyst after high school and soon after moved and lived all over the country (MO, CA, TX, Boston, GA, CA, GA, CA). I met my wife Rebecca while I was stationed in Savannah, GA. She was an art student at Savannah College of Art and Design.

Since I had turned down the West Point option (not as smart as Capt. Pugh!) I decided that I didn't look forward to a future in the military, got out and moved back to IL to go to school on the full ride I always wanted at ISU. While at ISU, I went to work for the Postal Service, and my wife and I had our son, Corbin Broc (backwards is corb n I Broc). We lived in Morton then Creve Coeur breaking all sorts of social norms. I graduated from ISU in 2000 with a double major in Accounting and Finance and took a job with Motorola in Boynton Beach, FL (aka Palm Beach County). We moved down just in time to help shuttle civil war veterans to the poles in November and assist in the general confusion. I started my masters at St Thomas University of Law in Miami last fall and will graduate in 2002 with a Masters in International Taxation and offshore financial planning and asset protection and a few other lengthy words that basically mean that I will spend a lot of time in front of a computer balanced by a lot of schooozing time. I apologize for missing the reunion last fall, but due to our recent move down to Florida and a trip to Hawaii for a wedding in August we were a little overwhelmed with traveling and readjusting. Hope everyone is well and happy, feel free to drop me a line sometime email or otherwise. I will probably drop a non-solicitous line in the direction of several of you as well.

PS I have been researching my family tree a great bit recently so I wouldn't be surprised to run into a few of you on the message boards. I never realized it (always took my family for muts) but we have been in Woodford County for around 170 years.  

Class of: 1990
Address: 3823 N. Illinois, Peoria Heights, IL  61614

Comments: Married a wonderful woman named Chris Moore in March of 1998, have two great step-children; Oakley 10, and Celena 6. 

Class of: 1990
Address: 489 Perrey, Holt's Summit, MO 65043
Phone: 573-896-4492

Comments: Wow.  10 years. Just when I was starting to get over feeling old...anyway, after graduation, I spent four great years at Illinois State (B.A. Criminal Justice), followed by law school at Washington University in St. Louis.  I currently work for the Department of Revenue here in Jefferson City, MO, but I'll be moving to Michigan later this summer to join my wonderful fiancée.  No kids, two dogs.  (We treat 'em like kids, though.)  I look forward to seeing everyone this fall.  Feel free to e-mail and chastise me for losing touch.

Class of: 1990
Address: 4307 Prescott, Lincoln, NE  68506

Comments: Married in 1996 - Jeanne  Children - Gwyneth, 8 years old, Deirdre, 3 years old, and a new baby boy due any day now (as of October, 2005)  I work with Experian (one of the three credit bureaus) as a Manager of Solutions Strategy.  Essentially I manage a team of consultants for automotive and financial marketing strategy.   My hobbies include cycling - I got back into the sport in early 2004 with some fair success. I won the Nebraska State Championship for Category III Road Racing in 2005.  Other interests include reading of Christian theology, political ideology, and history. 

Name: Teresa Rybolt
Maiden Name: Cunningham
Class of: 1990
State:  PA

Comments: Well, I am in PA now lol. I am a legal/medical transcriptionist.
I have four beautiful kids now. I am heavily involved in starting a single parents ministry that I pray will spread and grow. My kids are heavily in all kinds of activities, too numerous to mention. Needless to say we are a busy family. Hope yall are doing well and hope that someone can do a 25 or 30 year reunion and make it a family event. (Updated: 03/2008)

Maiden Name: Dahl
Class of: 1990

Comments: Two wonderful boys Andrew (13) and Kyle (10). Can't believe that I'm old enough to have children that old!!!! Really haven't been up to much. Just trying to keep in the rat race and as a few of you know how much fun that is with teens! Ok how many of us have said stuff to our children that made you die cause thats what your parents would say to you! I have become single and I totally love it!!

Name: Diane DeNicola
Maiden Name: Durre
Class of: 1990
Address: 36370 Daisy Lane, Fruitland Park, FL 34731

Comments: Time for a little update. My husband, Anthony and I had our first child on November 15, 2002. His name is Jared and he is amazing. Being a mommy is the best! I work for The Villages in Florida. We are a fully contained retirement community for active adults. We are currently building 2500 homes a year and growing every day. It's an awesome development and I am learning alot about the construction business. I would love to hear from anyone who would like to pick up old friendships. I think this site is a great idea. Take care!

Name: John Driskell
Class of: 1990

Comments: I married a wonderful woman and have 4 awesome kids. I have a pretty decent job in the automobile field. Sorry I have lost contact with you all. (Updated: 02/2009)

Maiden Name: Dutton
Class of: 1990
Address: 1996 Lyndhurst Lane, Aurora, IL  60503

Class of: 1990
Address: 2216 West Third, Cedar Falls, IA  50613
Phone: 319-268-8311  

E-Mail: akengst@mtaonline.net
Class of: 1990
Address: 8970 E. Alpine View Dr., Palmer, AK  99645
Phone: 907-746-2078

Comments: Married, 4 kids, Been in Alaska since 1991, drop in if you are ever in the area. (Updated: 05/2011)

Maiden Name: Eudaley
E-Mail: Chilli07@msn.com
Class of 1990

Comments: Currently living in Pickerington, Ohio. I have a 3 year old son, AJ and 2 dachshunds...Gus and Max. Currently working as a therapist for Children's Hospital, graduated with my masters from The Ohio State University...Go Bucks! 

Maiden Name: Gardner
E-Mail: stephanielcurry@yahoo.com
Class of: 1990
City: Atlanta, GA

Comments: March 2007 will be 3 years since I married (Richard Curry) on the beach in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. No kids yet, just two spoiled cats. We recently relocated to Atlanta, GA where I accepted a position as Director of Learning and Development for an national accounting association (left the music teaching role about 8 years ago). Atlanta is fantastic. I love living away from the snow zone.

Name: Charlotte Ramos
Maiden Name: Gray
Class of: 1990
Address: 3816 W. Warwick Drive, Peoria, IL 61615
Phone: 309-692-4274
Comments: Well here it is ladies and gents! Probably thought I'd fallen off the face of the earth since graduation, well at least someone did because I'm not even listed as a graduate of MTHS in 1990.  I did after all come to Metamora from Canada half way through my Senior year!  Shortly after graduating I moved back to Canada and decided that I preferred to live here in the states.  I lived in Reno, Nevada for a short time and finally settled here in Peoria.  I have been happily married to my husband Donnie for 5 years and have two step sons, Donnie Jr, 22 and Al, 21  and two biological sons from a previous relationship, Dustin, 12 and Kyle, 11. We are avid campers and spend most of our weekends in the summer months doing just that. I also have interests in photography, scrap booking, fishing and gardening.   I am a contract employees inside of Caterpillar  working as an analyst for all of East Peoria cribs, My official title is "Facility 16 Materials Specialist".  I am basically! Im a machine repair parts buyer to put it simply. I have been at Cat for 8 years now and will probably make it my career. I do enjoy my job-most days! I hope everyone is as happy as I am! 

Name: Robert Heiple
Grad Year: 1990 
Address: 135 Elm St., #27, Milford, NH  03055

Name: Andrea Henderson
Class of: 1990
Address: 740 N. Edinburgh #2, Los Angeles, CA  90046
Phone: 323-782-9422

Comments: Hello everyone. I moved Out of Pee-oria about 6 years ago to Los Angeles. I love it here. I did a few jobs modeling when I first got out here. Then I decided to start working a 9-5 job.  I am currently the Audio/Visual Manager of a Metaphysical Store. I have been there for quite some time. I also have a natural bath & body product business on the side. It is doing really well. The name is Midnight Moon. I met my man, Richard, about 6 months after being in L.A.  We have been together since. We are very happy and live together. No marriage, kids, or pets.  I think just the 2 of us are enough. I wish I was able to come back for our 10 yr. but I have been extremely busy.  I think about alot of people that I have lost touch with. Feel free to email, write  or call.  By the way does anyone know what happened to Jason Hall??? Let me know if possible. Take care.  I go by Dre now, for short. Peace

Name: Rachel Manasco
Maiden Name: Hines
Class of: 1990
Address: 201 Lincoln Street, Longmont, CO 80501

Comments: Wow! I can't believe how time flies! I went to SIU right after HS and graduated in 1994 with a bachelor's in visual communications/graphic design. After college I moved to Chicago for a few months and then made a big switch to move to Florida to be with my significant other, Pete. We were married in September of 1998, after which we moved out to Boulder, CO. I am currently working on a design team for a greeting card company, with 2 days in the office and 3 days from home. Pete and I just had our first child, Bryce Peter on May 1, 2000. Colorado is beautiful, I highly recommend it. :-)

Name: Paula Olson
Maiden Name: Hoover
Class of: 1990
Address: 288 W. Forrest Drive, Metamora, IL  61548
Phone: 309-208-8949

(Updated: 06/2013)

Comments: It has been a long time. It seems that many good times took place inside of those four years long ago. I am happily married and have four wonderful children. I work at the Federal Prison in Pekin. Things are going well. I am now using my teaching degree in the recreation department. I wish all of you the best. (Updated: 03/2012)

Name: Matthew Kemper
Class of: 1990
Address: 42 C  Bristol Ct., Angier, NC  27501

Name: Amy Geier
Maiden Name: Kiesewetter
Class of: 1990
Address: 502 Justa Road, Metamora, IL 61548
Phone: 309-383-2864

Comments:  I hope everyone's doing well.  I am happily married since 1993 to Dave Geier (class of 1981).  We have a son; Jonathan; born September 2000.  We just built a new home in rural Metamora.  We moved in about 6 months ago, but are still getting settled. I don't have the heart to put any holes in the walls, so it's pretty bare still. I have been employed at Marquette Group (Formerly Ruppman National Yellow Pages) in Peoria as a team leader since February 1992. I would love to hear from you; feel free to email me anytime.

Name: Pam Gustek
Maiden Name: Knutson
Class of: 1990
Address: 303 Quail Ridge Dr., Simpsonville, SC  29680

Comments: After graduating from MTHS, I spent the next four years at the University of Illinois working on my degree in accounting.  The summer of 1994 was very busy for me:  I graduated from college, married my husband, Michael, passed the CPA exam, and moved to the Chicago-land area to start my first job.  After living there for two years, we decided to head South to get away from the cold winters and congestion of the big city. We now live just outside Greenville, SC (between Atlanta and Charlotte), and we thoroughly enjoy it.  We have been blessed with 2 beautiful daughters, Kayla and Samantha, and since they have come along, I've decided to be a stay-at-home mom. 

Name: Julie Baumgarth
Maiden Name: Manns
Class of: 1990
Address: 3870 E. Campbell Ave., Gilbert, AZ  85234

Comments: Graduated from college in 1994 and 1996. Married Glenn in 1995. Worked as a registered nurse in pediatrics for the last 9 years. Have lived in St. Louis, MO and Evansville, IN and recently moved to Phoenix, AZ. We have 3 children - Shea is 6 yrs, Adam is 4 yrs, and Ty is 6 wks old.

Name: Amy Bedwell
Maiden Name: May
Class of: 1990
Address: 1220 Ann Court, East Peoria,  IL  61611
Phone: 309-698-3036

Comments: Hi Everyone!  Well it looks like we are coming up on 15 years. Wow I can hardly believe it.  I married my wonderful husband Scott in 1994. We built a new home in 2000 which is located in the same area I lived during high school.  We had our first child on February 10, 2001.  His name is Seth Allen and he is the light of my life.  I help my dad out a little with his construction company but I am basically a stay at home Mommy.  I never thought I would like being home so much after being in the executive world for 10 years but I love it!  Hope everyone is well and would love to hear from some of you.  

Name: Ty Miller
Class of: 1990
2124 Belle Ave., Davenport,  IA 52803  
Phone: 563-323-8980 

Comments: Just an update.. Still working for Cityblue Technologies. I am the Operational Manager for the Moline location. I have been in the Quad Cities for 10 years. I love it. I have been married for almost 15 years. We have 2 sons, 14 and 10 years old. My hobbies are still running and bicycling. Maybe I'll see everyone at the 20th year class reunion...

Name: Cathy Munson
Class of: 1990
City: LaSalle,  IL  61301
Phone: 815-223-3043

Comments:  Still living in LaSalle, been in this area about 13 years.  I work with people with disabilities, and have for 6 years.  My job is generally fun, and I have learned some interesting sign language. I am tattooed, pierced, and all sorts of out of the closet.  I do make it to the Metamora area often, because I have lots of nephews and nieces, who I absolutely adore!  I am so good at being a cool aunt.  (Updated: 09/2008)

Name: Jennifer Soliz
Maiden Name: Myers
Class of: 1990
City: Ullin, IL

Comments: After MTHS I went to Lincoln Christian College & ICC. I then worked with socio-economically challenged kids in Peoria for about 10yrs. I gave birth to Melodie Loren in 11/96; I home school her. I met my husband on line, and married him in Texas on 7/4/01. I spent 2.5 years working for the Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice as a Correctional Officer. I really LOVED that work. My husband wanted a change, so in 7/06 we moved to SO. IL. I really miss San Antonio, Corpus Christi, and South Padre Island, but SO. IL has cooler temps, fascinating swamps, and rolling hills. I'm back in college studying criminal psychology. There are many mentally ill young people locked up in our prisons, and I feel called to address this problem. I hope you're all well! Feel free to send me an e-mail. May God bless His children.

Name: Tomas Nilsson
Class of: 1990
City: Malmo, Sweden

(Updated: 02/2010)

Name: Kristen Bergmann
Maiden Name: Nott
Class of: 1990

Comments: I graduated with a BA in psychology from Miami University (in Ohio).  I then moved to Cleveland to get my masters in social work from Case Western Reserve University and am currently working for a private agency as a therapist working in psychotherapy with children.  I just started a part-time private practice.  In Aug. of 1998 I got married to Michael and we live on Lake Erie which helps to keep me still swimming.  See everyone at the reunion!

Name: Leeann Welsh
Maiden Name: Oliver
Class of: 1990
Address: 521 W. Washington, Ottawa, IL  61350

(Updated: 02/2011)

Name: Kelly O'Reilly
Class of: 1990
Address: 2654 Trenton Street, Denver, CO  80238

Name: Dawn Orren
Class of: 1990
Address: 3422 Royal Dr., Peoria,  IL 61604
Phone: 676-1453

Comments: Going to school for travel/tourism.  Currently working at Paradise Riverboat Casino in the sales department.  Still single, no children (obviously).  Still a rock and roll chick, but starting to really like the Dave Matthews Band (introduced to me by Sean Thomas, class of 1994).  Email me if you ever get a chance.

Name: Scott Poole
Class of: 1990

Comments: Wow! Ten years already. After High School I joined the Air National Guard and served until 1996. During that time I attended ICC and then SIU in Carbondale. I graduated from SIUC in 1996 and have been living mostly in St. Louis working as a Web Designer.

Name: Jim Pugh
Class of: 1990
Address: 189 Tallstone Dr., Fayetteville,  NC  28311
Phone: 910-630-3491

Comments: Graduated from West Point, United States Military Academy in 94 with a BS in German.  Spent 2 years in Germany in an Armor battalion, 1 year in Bosnia, 1 year in Ft. Knox, KY and am now in Ft. Bragg, NC.  Currently am a Captain in the Army Special Forces and learning Korean for the next 6 months.  Going to Okinawa, Japan in OCT 2000 for 3 years.  Married with 1 son, Etienne, 3 yrs.

Name: Jill Schoolman
Maiden Name: Reynolds  
Class of: 1990       
Address: 207 Hillside Rd., Bayview Gardens, East Peoria, IL  61611
Phone: 309-657-3290

Comments:  I was taking a quick peek and noticed that my page was way outdated.  I am still very busy with family life.  I have three children, Bradley 13, Joey 11, and Danielle 9.  I have worked as an orthopedic nurse for the past 6 years since graduating college and  enjoy it very much.  My husband Dan and I had a house built 2  years ago and moved from Spring Bay to the big exciting town of Bayview Gardens.  We will be celebrating our 15th Anniversary this year (2006), WOW!!! We are very active in our church and are so happy  to have our children also involved!!  I hope everyone is well. 

Name: Della Stewart
Maiden Name: Richards
Class of: 1990
City: Peoria,  IL

Comments: Since high school, I have done a lot of things.  I went to ICC and got my Assoc. degree in Art and Education then moved onto getting my Bach. degree in Social Work down in Carbondale at SIU.  That was an awesome experience.  Then, I made the big step into getting married to a wonderful gentleman, Chad Stewart.  We bought a big old Victorian home and are redoing it ourselves.  That's pretty cool.  I am now working on my National Certification and Licensing for Massage Therapy then Reflexology after a couple of years.  In my spare time, how ever brief that is, I spend doing crafts and bead work and taking care of Chad and our two cats.   No kids, yet.  But, they'll come in due time.  So, that's life in a nut shell for me. 

Name: Jill K. Koch
Maiden Name: Riggert
Class of: 1990
Address: 1378 Mennonite Rd., Metamora, IL 61548

Comments: Married to a wonderful man, Brian, from Roanoke. We have three great kids Chas 14, Jalynn 11, Benjamin 6. Also a foster son, Christopher 7 months. I work as an ER nurse and also as a nurse at a day surgery center. I never thought my life would have turned out so different from my original plan...so much better than I ever could have hoped! Brian and I bought the house I was born in about 5 years ago and began a major renovation that we are still working away on today. Learned two big lessons, I can lay wood floor like a pro and I hate drywall. Take care!

Name: Brent  Rohman
rohman @mtco.com
Class of: 1990

Comments:   I have a beautiful family,(Andrea-wife, Caitlan, Skylar, & Brock my three kids). I am now a federal law-enforcement officer for the BOP.  Hope to see some of you, not all, but some very soon. Take care. P.S. Don't ever forget our brother Kyle Harrell, miss ya man!

Name: Lori Wood
Maiden Name: Schneider
Class of: 1990
Address: 108 N. Hancock, Metamora, IL  61548
Phone: 367-4582

Comments: Hello,  I graduated from nursing school and have been working in pediatrics at St. Francis hospital. I got married to Brad Wood and we have a wonderful son, Grant that is 3. We are also expecting twins. We are very excited. We live in Metamora and will probably always. Hope to have a 10 year reunion. Bye.

Name: Jon Stamm
Class of: 1990

Comments: Life has pretty much went downhill since I won the chow hound of the senior class award.  My crowning achievement since graduation was my position as the conservative panelist on "the Chuck Schierer Show".  I spend most of my time now working on teasing my mullett haircut and my duties as the president of the Chuck Schierer fan club.

Name: James Strehlow
Class of: 1990
City: Orlando, FL 32828
Phone: 407-697-4667

Comments: I married Cindy Hanley ( Class of '89 ) in 1992. We have been living in Orlando, FL for 9 years now. I currently do software engineering for Novatus Software, Inc. a startup company specializing in contract management. I have 3 children, 2 boys and 1 girl. I will attend as many reunions as I can. It would be great to keep in touch with anyone interested. (Updated: 09/2009)

Name: Scott Strum
Class of: 1990
Address: 702 S Main, Washington, IL, 61571

(Updated: 01/2010)

Name: Jennifer Entrican
Maiden Name: Swift
Class of: 1990
Address: Sunset Blvd., Oglesby, IL  61348
Phone:  815-883-7132

Name: Guenevere Taft
Class of: 1990
Address: 543 Pacific Street, #2, Brooklyn, NY  11217
Web site:

Comments: After graduation, I moved to Chicago where I attended and graduated from Columbia College.  Upon graduation, I moved to Memphis, TN where I lived for four years and began my career working in a contemporary art gallery. I moved to New York in 1999 and live in Brooklyn. My boss and I are opening a 4500 square ft. gallery in the Chelsea area of Manhattan May 31, so I'm busy and NYC is great!  The old boyfriend is gone and I found my soon-to-be-husband Emanuel last year before the reunion.  I'll be married in New Orleans in September of 2001.  p.s. Jodi Arnold is due to have her second child in late August.  It was great to see everybody last year!  Check out our website

Name: Kenneth Wake
Class of: 1990
City: Kenai, AK
Phone: 907-529-7010

Comments: I am now living back in Anchorage, Alaska operating/owner
of a mixed martial arts gym (cage fighting). I spend most of my time with my 2 boys (Kyle 11 & Nate 5) & my beautiful girlfriend & best friend Marlis. If we are not fishing or fighting then we must be relaxing.

Name: Libby Northrip
Maiden Name: Waldrip
Class of: 1990
Address: 170 Queenswood, Bolingbrook, IL   60440
Comments: I married my husband, Paul, in 1993. My son, Simon, was born in 1999. I have 2 stepchildren, Danny and RoseAnn. We've moved some, but have decided to stay in the Chicago area. I graduated from ICC in 1994 and from Bradley in 1999. I'm a geologist and health & safety manager for Burns & McDonnell Engineering Company in Chicago.

Name: Wendy Wheatley
Maiden Name: Williams
Class of: 1990
Address: 405 Briarbrook Drive, E. Peoria, IL 61611
Phone: 698-0177

Comments: How the time has flown. I married in 1993 and moved to Seattle, WA for 6 years where we started our family. We have 3 little girls, ages 5, 3 & 1-1/2. In Seattle, I was the Creative Resource Director for an advertising agency and we recently moved back to Peoria last August. With 3 active children, it's tough not being around family! I'm still in advertising and work for Simantel Group downtown on the riverfront. I'm also a freelance writer for Childfun.com where you read about the 2,081 ways I've discovered how to humiliate myself in public.

Name: Micke Craft
Maiden Name: Wolf
E-Mail: micsamboys3@aol.com
Class of: 1990
Address: 1343 Lakeview, East Peoria, IL 61611
Phone: 309-822-0752

Comments: I have lived around the Peoria area since graduation. I started college to get my degree in nursing while working at St. Francis. I was injured at work and was told I could never do the type of nursing that I had always wanted to do. Therefore I now drive the school bus at Riverview Gradeschool were I attended gradeschool and I am also a licensed child care provider in my home. I decided to be an at home mom to my 3 boys. Josh age 11. Michael age 2. Maxwell age 6mo. on Feb. 4th 2003. I am married soon to be 3 years on July 22nd 2003 to a man that I met while working at the hospital in 1996. His name is Sam. I had a small wedding but with wonderful memories from childhood when my sister and I would sit up and talk about getting married on the same day. That is what we did, we had a double ceremony and had many laughs as we dropped the unity candle and my sister forgot her lines. Those are wonderful memories. Now she lives right next door to me too. I will probably always be in this area.

Name: Ireatta Lynn Wyman
Class of: 1990
City: Peoria Heights, IL  61616

Comments: Hello everyone!  Since our last reunion, nothing much has changed.  I am still working for a corporate law firm in Peoria, Illinois.  I enjoy my life being single and the company of my dog and cat.

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