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MTHS Class of 1992

This information was taken from the 1992 yearbook. 
Please contact us for corrections.

Kira Adams
Michelle Adams
Paula Alig
Krystal Allen
Jared Anderson
Tina Arnold
Mitchell Atherton
Robert Azbill
Jennifer Bachler

Richard Bachman
Shane Bachman
Jennifer Beechler
Brian Blood

Jane Breitbarth
Wendy Brinker
Wendalyn Broeren
Seth Brown
David Bruninga
Jamie Buck
Nichole Bussen
Christina Call

William Cardin
Sherry Christianson
Eric Claudin
Walker Cole
Aaron Coon
Melissa Coots - Deceased 2005
Clint Cowling
Kemberly Creemens

Stephanie Crosby
Shawn Curry
Dana Curtin
Dawn Custer

Renee Dailey
Keith Delap
Shane Diebel
Erin Diestelhorst
Chad Doty
Bradley Durst

Chad Dutton
Kelley Dyer
Shannon Egli
Brandon Emlen

David Evans
Cameron Feldman
Sarah Fels
Thomas Flatly

Megan Foster
Jason Gangloff
Doug Garber

Paula Garthaus
Alyssa Ginder
Jennifer Gillhouse
Bertram Goodman
Mary Grampp
Chad Gray
Timothy Gresham
Michelle Groeper
Jamie Grove
Rachelle Gudeman
Nicole Hagan
Mark Hahn
Lowell Halford
Aimee Halverson
Dianna Hardin
Brendan Hartnett
Jason Heiple
Jeremy Heller
John Heshelman
Herschel Hicks

Nicole Hildebrand
Ken Hobson
Jason Holman
Troy Howard
Jodi Jackson
Courtney Jones
Ryan Jones

Tricia Jones
Charles Kahler
Kassandra Kelch
Amy Kimbro
Robert Klobnak
Lars Knupfer
Dawn Koppenhoefer
Paul Kouri

Mark Krumweide
Karen LaHood
Robin Lambie
Josh Layman
Bryan Leggett
Jinny Lemkemann
Michelle Lenover

Tracey Leslie
Jason Long
Tiffany Lotz
Steven Loveless
Heather Lykins

Shari Malcomb
Kristen Matheny
David McCandless
Anne McCraith
Karl McKenzie
Jenifer Mendenhall
Stehen Menke
Mindy Meyer

Kathryn Miles
Dawn Miller
Jeremy Mischler
Dana Montgomery

Nicole Morris
Tammy Mount
Kerry Meyers
Brad Nauman

Mark Neahring
Tamara Nelson
Brian Nichols
Donette Nicholson
Ted Obery
Erin Ogle
Lori Oliver
William Owen
Talva Parker
Nichole Parr
Scott Penrod

Nate Poehlman
Michael Poole
Jennifer Prepejchal
Theresa Pugh
Andrew Rachford
Anthony Ramoley

Catherine Remmert
Joseph Renken
Dane Richards
Christopher Richman
Donya Riggert
Dawn Rocket
Courtney Rohman
Angelina Sasso
John Schaffer
Jolene Scheirer

Robert Schini
Kathryn Schmitt
Jeanette Schneider
Earl Segler
Troy Shay
Matthew Sheets

Tiffany Sherman
Tonya Sherman
James Shuda

Jennifer Simpson
Ron Smith
Joy Spacht
Darrick Spooner
Bill Spradlin
Shana Stamm
Eric Stone
Dana Stull
Eric Thatcher
Kattina Turpen

Carl Vallianaos, II
Joseph Vogel
Janell Vogelsang
Jennifer Voros
Rebecca Wegner
John Weigel
Jeff Westbrook

Jennifer Wilke
Ryan Willerton
Aaron Woodruff
Jason Zobrist



Name: Kira Kwon
Maiden Name: Adams
Class of: 1992
Address: 2812 North Main Street, East Peoria, IL 61611
Phone: 309-698-1111
Web site:
Comments: I graduated from ISU in 1996.  My husband, Bill Kwon, and I were married in 1995.  Our son, Liam, was born in December of 1999.  I started my own business designing and promoting web sites two years ago.  I work from home and spend most the majority of my time taking care of my son and husband, both of whom I love very much.

Name: Rick Bachman
E-Mail: RiBachman@aol.com
Class of: 1992
Address: 3526 SW Maize Dr., Ankeny, IA 50021
Phone: 515-289-2183

Comments: After MTHS, went to Northeast Missouri State University in Kirksville where I ran track and received a degree in Marketing/Management.  I also met my wife, Jana.  I am a Compliance Manager for Wells Fargo Financial.  After working in Kansas City , MO for 3 years, we were transfered to Des Moines . We have 2 girls, Heidi will be 4 in June of 2005 and Hannah will turn 2. Fortunately, they look like their mother. Hope everyone is doing well.    

Maiden Name: Breitbarth
Class of: 1992
Address: 1311 S. 9th St., Pekin,  IL  61554

Comments: I have been married to Butch Kaebel for 5 years. He is professional
hockey player. We have lived in several different states because of his playing on different teams, have really enjoyed meeting some wonderful people who have become life long friends.  We have a 18 month old son, Moses, who looks just like his dad; dimples and all.  In May 2001 I am expecting our second child.   We are very involved in our church Faith Christian, Our Lord God is the center of our life and he has blessed it greatly.

Class of: 1992


Class of: 1992
City: Eureka,  IL 61530

Comments: I have been married to Angela Claudin (Schroers) since 1995.  Angela is a CPA at Clifton Gunderson in Peoria.  We have 3 children, Ashley, Bryson and Ryley.  We live in Coventry Farms Subdivision in Germantown Hills.  I am a patrol officer with Woodford County Sheriff's Office and have been a police officer since 1995.  Feel free to drop me an email.


Maiden Name: Crosby
Class of: 1992
Address: 6321 N. Devonshire Dr., Peoria,  IL  61615

Comments: Hello to all of you.  Doesn't seem possible that ten years have gone by!!!  Anyway, I have been married for eight years to Todd.  We have three beautiful children.  Jade was born in 1994, Lexus in 1998, and Garrett in 2000.  I have been a stay-at-home mom for the past six years and recently went back to work part-time.  I work for Parc and I love it.  So email me sometime, I would love to hear how everyone is doing.  See ya at the class reunion!!

Maiden Name: Dailey
Class of: 1992
Comments:  Hello!  There's about 50 of us from the Class of 1992 on facebook!  You should join too! (Updated: 02/2009)


Name: Chad Dutton
E-Mail: duttoncm@hotmail.com
Class of: 1992
Address: 13312 S Robinson Ave., Oklahoma City, OK 73170
Phone: 405-912-7994

Comments: After high school I went to Drake University for 2 years and then graduated from the Air Force Academy in 1998. Since then, I have lived in South Carolina , Texas , Arizona , and I am now living in Oklahoma City . I am a pilot for the Air Force and fly the AWACS(the plane with the big radar dish on top). I have been to the Middle East , Europe , and South America with the Air Force. It's awesome. I am going back to the Middle East this summer, but I should be back for the reunion.


Name: Kelly Kircher
Maiden Name: Dyer
Class of: 1992
Address: Neureuther Str. 26, Munich, Germany 80799a

Comments: Hard to believe that it has been almost 13 years since graduation! I have spent 10 of those years living in Germany . (Thanks Mr. Bachfischer, for teaching me basic survival skills - I still don´t get all of the adjective endings right, much to my dismay...) After graduating ISU, I spent a year in Bonn working at the German Parliament, then moved to Frankfurt for several years and have now landed in Munich - a fantastic city. I met my husband, Sven, in 1995 and we were married in 1998. No children yet, but we are slowly warming up to the idea. I am working in global sales for a market research firm covering (of all things) the IT industry. Thankfully, the theater training from acting in musicals at MTHS has paid off, and none of my customers have noticed that I am faking being versed in IT. Jamie Buck (now Block)and her husband were over for a visit last September, and we were both shocked to find that we can still remember the MTHS school song. Drinking some good German beer before launching into song helps, I guess. Should you be in Germany , give me a shout - I am always up for some high-school reverie and for seeing old friends. In case you are doing advance travel planning - remember, Oktoberfest is in September!


Name: David Evans
Class of: 1992
Address: 244 Whispering Oaks Dr., Metamora, IL  61548

Maiden Name: Foster
Class of: 1992
Address: 409 Rinney Drive, Normal,  IL  61761
Phone: 309-451-8104

Comments: After high school, I spent two years at ICC, receiving my A.A.S. in '94. I then transferred to Washington University in St. Louis , where I graduated Magna Cum Laude in '96 with a degree in Art History. I am currently pursuing my Ph.D. in medieval art history at the University of Illinois . This past year, I also taught 2 art history courses at Eureka College .Between Wash U and U of I, I took a year off and moved back to Metamora. I met my future husband, Frank Campbell, during that time; we married in July of 2000.  We currently live in Normal (he works for Caterpillar in Peoria , and with me at U of I in Urbana-Champaign, we do quite a bit of driving on I-74!!) However, he likely will not be joining me at our reunion, since he's been transfered to Geneva , Switzerland (starting Sept. 1 of '02). I will join him in mid-December (after wrapping up exams and other loose ends at U of I). I'm looking forward to the move, for it will allow me to complete my dissertation research in several libraries across Europe . Looking forward to the reunion.
Name: Paula Garthaus
E-Mail: punkygarth@hotmail.com
Class of: 1992
City: Mt.Sterling, IL  62353

Comments: 2015 Update - continuing to work in the mental health field...20 years and running.  Loving my job and life.  My daughter, Cori, has graduated college and moved to Springfield.   Hope everyone is doing well.
(updated:  9/2015)

Name: Jennifer Gerrish
Maiden Name: Gillhouse
Class of: 1992
Address: 504 Mississippi, La Crosse, WI  54601
Phone:  608-792-4068

Comments: Well just a little update since my email was wrong. I am  now the mother of 7: Mikaela (12), Elijah (10), Josiah (9), all with my late husband Mike who passed away 8 years ago. Austin (6), Katanna (5), Kiara (4),and last but not least Kaden (9mo) all from my fiancé Tom. I am a stay at home mom and my kids keep my life very busy. My daughter Katanna has some medical problems so we do spend time at the doctors and have been making trips to Mayo as of recently. I love my life and hope all is going well with you all. Drop me a line some time and we can catch up. Check out my homepage for pics.

Class of: 1992
Address: 208 E. War Memorial, Peoria, IL  61614
Phone: 309-208-8013

Comments: Life is great!!! Keep up the good work all! 

Class of: 1992
Address: 602 E. Madison Apt. 22, Metamora, IL  61548

Comments: After graduating from MTHS, I went to work at Snyder Village in May of 1993. I'm still there and most of time am an assistant cook. In spare time I enjoying bowling, golfing, and traveling. Also have a new pet, Tweety the cockatiel.

Class of: 1992
Address: 25 NE Tandem Way, 190,   Hillsboro, OR   97124
Phone: 503-693-8819
Name: Michelle Groeper-Hong
Maiden Name: Groeper
Class of: 1992
Address: 339 Robin Glen Lane, South Elgin, IL   60177
Phone: 224-558-7234

Comments: It's nice to be able to check this page periodically to see what everyone has been up to.  I noticed it's been 2 years since I last updated mine, so might as well do it now!  Still living in the Chicago suburbs (just a new one!).  Married Phil in Nov 2002, who I met at work through another co-worker.  Still have my 2 cats and last month added 2 gerbils to the house.  Adopted them from the animal shelter I volunteer at.  Hope to start my own business sooner than later...upscale pet products and cruelty-free people products.  Hope everything is well with everyone!

Name: Rachelle Fabrazzo
Maiden Name : Gudeman
Class of :1992
City: Belleville, NJ

Comments: After graduating, I went to ICC and then Heartland Community College in Normal, IL. I moved from Metamora to Washington, Normal , Venice, FL before settling here in Belleville, NJ. I met my husband while living in Florida and moved to NJ. We married August 1001 and had our first child, Gabriella, June 2007. My husband has his aircraft mechanic license however he works for Falcon Jet in Teterboro, NJ. I am a stay at home mom.

Name: Nicole Hildebrand
Class of: 1992
City: Chicago, IL  60622

Comments: Post high school I recieved BS and MA in Mathematics. Moved to Chicago and began working in the Actuarial Field. My family (parents and older sister w/ her family) all still live in the Metamora area so I am usually "home" a couple times a year. It is June 4th and I am wishing that summer break continued through out one's adult life as well. (Updated: 09/2009)

Maiden Name: Jones
Class of: 1992
City: Washington,  IL  61571
Web site:

Comments: Wow, so much has changed since I last posted! I am still married to Dan, who works at Morton buildings in Morton and we still own our house in Washington . My girls are getting so big now, Brooke is going into 8th grade and is about 2 inches taller than me! And Jaden, my baby, is turning 8 this summer! I just graduated from nursing school in may 2007 - ya ya, I know about time I finally grew up and got a real j-o-b! I have accepted a job as an OB nurse at OSF in Peoria and I am thrilled. hope you are all doing well! drop me a line anytime, I'd love to hear from any old classmates!
Maiden Name: Kelch
Class of: 1992
Address: 937 NE Glen Oak Ave., Peoria,  IL  61603
Phone: 309-681-8699

Comments: After high school, I attended ISU and received a B.S. in Social Sciences in 1996.  I married my husband Bob in June of 1997.  No children or pets unless you count the 30 odd goldfish in our pond.   I am a teacher at Metamora Grade School (how's that for leaving home?)  Last year I taught seventh and eighth grade American History.  This year I am assigned to third grade.  I am pursuing my master's in Curriculum and Instruction at Bradley University with one more year to go.  I am looking forward to seeing everyone in 2002.
Name: Mark Krumwiede
E-Mail: krum98@mtco.com
Class of: 1992
Address: 1510 Hickory Point Rd., Metamora, IL  61548

Comments: I married Joann Kiesewetter in June 1998. We have a daughter, Josie, born November 2001 & a son, Jacob, born April 2004. I work for Springfield Electric in East Peoria in Sales.  (Updated: 08/2010)

Maiden Name: Leslie
Class of: 1992
City: Lake Mills, WI

Comments: After high school I attended UW Madison and earned a BA in 1997. I also met my husband, Vince Guerrero, at UW, where he was attending law school.  We got married on July 11, 1998 , and had our first child, Isabelle, on November 4, 1999 . We are currently residing in Lake Mills , Wisconsin , where I am working in the loan department at a local bank.

Maiden Name: Lotz
 E-Mail:  tryan@syc427.org
Class of: 1992
Address: 320 Ashwood Dr., Sycamore, IL   60178
Phone: 815-872-0244

Comments:  My husband, Joe and our two boys (Jackson born in 97 and Luke born in 2000) live in Sycamore, IL.  We moved here in August of 2004.  We love it here!  Joe teaches & is the head football coach at Sycamore High School .  I teach in Sycamore at Southeast Elementary School where our kids also attend school.  Both of our parents still live in Metamora, so we make it there occasionally. 

Name: Shari Malcome
E-Mail: melonfan74@yahoo.com
Class of: 1992
State: IL

Comments: As most of you know, I didn't get to graduate from M.T.H.S.(I had to move to my Dad's a week before school started my Junior yr.)I went to I.V.C.H.S. and graduated a semester early (Jan.92) I didn't go to college til 1994. I took Law Enf./Corrections classes at I.C.C. I loved my classes, but the fundage ran out. So, I continue to work at peon jobs. I am still single, and I don't have any kids, but I do have a cat(Bizkit).  I like hanging w/ my friends, and going to see concerts.  My main form of fun is MUSIC. I have met MANY cool bands over the years. (Saliva, Cinder, Joe from Chevelle, Josh & James from Stone Sour, doubleDrive, LaJon from Sevendust, Deaf Pedestrians, & Rob from Revis, are just some of the bands I've got to meet.) I love the local scene too. There are some great bands around here & I have had some great times with these guys. They are some of the nicest people I have ever known. I would love to hear from my old friends from grade school & high school. So, my friends, (you know who you are!! :) feel free to email me. ) It sucks that, over time, we loose contact with each other. "Friends are the family that we CAN choose!!" Rock on!!!!!!!!


Maiden Name: Meyer
Class of: 1992
City: East Peoria, IL

Class of: 1992

Comments: I graduated from Saint Louis University in 1996 with a degree in Philosophy and Women's Studies.  I then headed east to Delaware where I completed my PhD in English.  I am currently a professor of English at Unity College --a great little crunchy green school in Maine.  I spend what little free time I have with my partner, Greg, and our pets on the Appalachian Trail or the beach.  I count as one of my great accomplishes the dramatic reduction in hair size over the past 10 years (eek!).

Name: Nikki Medaris
Maiden Name: Morris
Class of: 1992
Address: 405 Seventh St., Lincoln,   IL  62656
Phone: 217-732-2218

Comments: After graduating from EIU with a BA in Psychology, I went to Lincoln Christian Seminary for an MA in Counseling.  I did campus ministry for a year in North Carolina (at UNC) before moving back to Lincoln to marry one of my seminary colleagues, Brian.  (Brian's an IU grad, so I'm also a Hoosier fan.)  I recruited for LCS for three years before having our son, Stone Everett, and am blessed to be able to stay home with him.  If you'd like to know more details or see some up-to-date pictures, please drop me an email.  
Maiden Name: Mount
E-Mail: tmarie74@hotmail.com
Class of: 1992
(Updated: 09/2012)

Class of: 1992
City: Metamora, IL  61548
Phone: 613-715-2147
Comments:  After high school, I served three years in the Army before attending the University of Illinois in Urbana/Champaign.  I graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and have worked for Caterpillar for 8 years.   I recently resigned to enter medical school this fall (2008) at the University of Illinois. (Updated: 03/2008)

Maiden Name: Nelson
Class of: 1992


Name: Nate Poehlman
E-Mail: nspoehlman@msn.com
Class of: 1992
City: Hudson,  IL
Phone: 309-261-7295
Comments: Hope this finds everyone doing well.  Feel free to drop me an email. (Uodated: 12/2008)

Class of: 1992
Address: PO Box 222, Keams Canyon,  AZ  86034
Phone: 520-738-2282

Comments: Malo e lelei!  A little Tongan from my adventures around the world...after HS, I traveled around the state attending various universities for environmental engineering.  I finally graduated with a BS in Civil Engineering from University of Illinois .  After an extremely brief stay at home, I headed to the Kingdom of Tonga in the South Pacific to work as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Education.  It was a beautiful relaxing  experience (sunsets every evening from my front porch included) teaching Math and Communications.  I just came back in September, worked for a while at a consulting firm in town and now my ventures are leading me to the deserts of Arizona to provide water services to the Hopi Indians.  Another amazing cultural experience!  So if you are ever heading out to the grand canyon look me up!  Take care!

Name: Joseph Renken
E-Mail: sonar732@verizon.net
Class of 1992
City: Normal, IL   61761
Phone: 309-451-1076

Comments: Hello everyone.  I'm back in the area after floating around for a while.  Let me see...where should I start?  I attended Concordia University for a double major of History and DCE in the Lutheran Church , but the funding ran out.  While there I was in the Kapella singing group.  With no other options, I joined the navy.  Served in Illinois , Connecticut, and finally Washington state as a sonar technician aboard the USS Alaska SSBN-732.  Right before I joined, I married Paula Rocket.  We have two children, Kayla and Madison , ages 7 and 5.  A few years of bad jobs, I landed a job at the Post Office in Bloomington .  Paula and I got divorced and I transferred to Quincy , IL where I met my wife.  She has a son and we have 2 more girls.  Talk about a houseful during weekend visitation...:) I'm sub contracted by State Farm right now in the computer field, but am looking for something permanent.

Name: Dane Richards
E-Mail: Banerbird@yahoo.com
Class of: 1992
Address: PO BOX 103, Toulon, IL  6148
(Updated: 03/2011)


Class of: 1992
City: Champaign,  IL

Comments: I graduated from U of I in 1996 with a degree in Psychology and a background in Computer Science (learned everything I know from the computers in the writing lab at MTHS).  I'm currently the lab manager for a federally funded research project in the Department of Educational Psychology at U of I.


Name: Dawn R. Downs
Maiden Name: Rockett
Class of: 1992
Address: 1688 State Street, Cazenovia, Il  61545
Phone: (309) 573-1075

Comments: Single mother of three two boys 17 and 11 and a girl soon to be 15.
Got a bachelors degree in business back in 2010 but still looking for a better job. So as of right now still working at McDonald's in Metamora been there for 14 years. (Updated: 01/2013)




Name: Angelina Sasso
E-Mail: Beachbum74@comcast.net
Class of: 1992
City: Highlands Ranch, CO  80129

Comments: Hello everyone! I finally broke down and bought a computer! Its 2008!!! After graduation, i attended Oehrlein School of Cosmetology. I have been a stylist/colorist for 15 years and loving every minute of it! I am currently living in sunny Highlands Ranch,Co and have been here since 2003. I work at a trendy salon in the burbs called Hair Color Xperts,where i have a very demanding clientèle. What little free time i have is spent with friends, shopping, traveling to the coast, and doing lots of yoga. If anyone is planning a trip to the Rockies, look me up! Hope all is well with everyone... keep in touch


Name: Robert Schini
Class of: 1992
Address: 16044 West St., Remington, IN  47977

Comments: I am married with 3 kids enjoying living in my childhood home working at a motorcycle shop as a service manager at the moment. I received my degree in Architectural Engineering. Just want to say Hey to everyone that remembers me and that I enjoyed the time I spent at Metamora High.

Name: Cathy Schnetzler
E-Mail: caschnetz@yahoo.com
Class of: 1992
Address: 520 W Walnut, Metamora, IL  61548
Phone: 309-367-4229
(Updated: 08/2012) 


Class of: 1992
Address: P.O. Box 2334, East Peoria, IL  61611
Phone: 309-253-7945


Maiden Name: Simpson
Class of: 1992
Address: 810 West Northcrest Ave., Peoria, IL  61614
Phone: 681-1327

Comments: I graduated from Calvin College in 1996 and married Mark that summer.  I taught for a while at the Valeska Hinton Early Childhood Education Center. In April 1998 we had our first child, Caleb who is now 3 1/2 years old. The next August we had Joshua who recently turned 2 years old. Life was crazy enough with them and God blessed us again this past August with Matthew. They are so much fun and we love every minute with them. I've stayed at home since Caleb was born and I'm involved with Community Bible Study in Peoria. My husband is an accountant for Caterpillar and a wonderful Christian father.  We love to travel and hang out with our families. It's hard to believe that almost 10 years have gone by and I hope to see alot of our classmates at the reunion.

Maiden Name: Spacht
Class of: 1992
Address: 125 Justice Drive, East Peoria, IL  61611
Phone: 309-694-1501

Comments: Hi there all!!!  Although time has been flying... things are going very well. I began a new career with a local company called "River City Digital Services, Inc." in October 2002.  I finally have fabulous bosses who understand the challenges of 4.5 year old boys.  My husband works for Enercon Engineering in East Peoria .  He manages the Mechanical Engineering Department.  Hoping to "add" to our family in the near future.  Wish that I could have made it to see you all at the reunion.  I hope that everyone is doing well.  Please write/call if you have any spare time. 
Name: Bill Spradlin
E-Mail: bigshowchevy@hotmail.com
Class of: 1992
City: Germantown Hills, IL  61548
Phone: 309-645-0242
Comments: I got married in 1996. I have three great kids. My oldest is a senior this year at Metamora High. I'm the director of finance at Ray Dennison Chevy. Want to know anything else just call me. (Updated: 08/2013)
Name: Shana Ott
Maiden Name: Stamm
Class of: 1992

Comments: Hello Everyone! I graduated from SIU with a degree in social work. Married Ross Ott in 2003. We have a three children: Seraphine is 7, Hosanna is 4, and Gideon is 2. God Bless You! (Updated: 02/2011)

Class of: 1992

Comments:Time flies (as I am sure we are all aware of by now)! It has been over five years since I updated my entry and alot has happened. As some of you know after graduating NIU in 1997 (History B.S.) I spent eight years teaching history and coaching football at McHenry High School ( McHenry , IL ). I married Natalie in February 1998. We have both been in the McHenry school system ever since. In June 2004, we had our one and only at this point, Arianna Elizabeth. In September '04 we built a new house in McHenry where we still live happily. This summer ('05) I was fortunate enough to obtain an Assistant Principal job at McHenry...so I gave up the classroom and the whistle. Recently, I saw some old (no offense) teachers at a wedding where that fact became quite a chuckle. Yes, Carl is one of three APs in charge of discipline of 1,500 students at McHenry High School West Campus. I think we all probably know that things change and life takes turns. I do find some irony in it all! . Best wishes and I hope all is well.
E-Mail: vog@mtco.com
Class of: 1992
City: Metamora, Illinois

Comments: Since high school I have been really busy! I graduated from ISU with a degree in business and I am currently working at Caterpillar in Morton , Illinois .  I am glad to be employed as I took some time off from the working world.  I did have the opportunity to travel to some fun Spring Break sites during my time off!  I also resided with Kay and Bob ( my parents) for an extended amount of time.  I have moved out and currently live friends.  Hope to hear from you all soon!!
Maiden Name: Vogelsang
Class of: 1992
City: Peoria, IL

Comments:  To sum up the past ten years quickly:  Got married, did diagnostic ob/gyn, abdominal, and vascular ultrasounds, moved to Atlanta, had a daughter, moved to San Francisco, had a son, moved back to Peoria....BABY # 3??????? No, not yet, but Lord willing we'll have one here too.  It's so great to be back in the area, YES, I did say that.  There's nothing like getting back in touch with good friends and of course, it doesn't hurt that both sets of grandparents are here too!

Name: Jennifer Voros
Class of: 1992
Comments: After high school it took me a while to figure out what I wanted to do with my life...Did the "ICC thing as many of us did...then I made my way to OSF St. Francis College of Nursing.  I graduated in May of 1999.  In the fall of that same year, I gave birth to my daughter, Taylor ( 9-9-99 ).  She's the light of my life.  Did I mention she's gorgeous and wonderful and brilliant and...? I currently live in Peoria and since October of '01 work at Pekin hospital emergency room.  We're doing OK and looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion.  Tah tah for now. 

Maiden Name: Wilke
Class of: 1992
Address: 1454 Lake Santa Fe, Metamora, IL  61548
Phone: 309-277-8456

Comments: I was back on this site to get information regarding tonight's football game ( 9/21/07 ) and found out my "update" is very very dated. I'm married to Tony Wolfe, whom I met on my first day of college (well, actually, it was the day before the first day...) We were married in our yard in October 2000. I graduated from U of I in '96 (undergrad) and NIU in '99 (law school) and am an attorney with the Peoria firm Cassidy & Mueller. We have two kids: James (8/04) and Andrew (AJ) (4/06). With AJ came the need to either move or add onto our house, so we've got that project going on that we "hope" to finish it before the kids move out. Hope all is well with all of you.


Class of: 1992
Address: 2823 MacArthur Avenue,  South Bend,  IN  46615

Comments:   Hope all is well with everyone.  Here's the latest from me
(accurate as of 11/2004):

-Met my future wife while at Bradley.  Graduated in 1996.
-Got my master's degree at EIU in 1998.
-Got married on the 4th of July, 1998 .
-Have 2 sons [(Jack (8/00) and Quinn (12/03)].
-Work as an Assistant Director in the Student Activities Office at the
University of Notre Dame in South Bend , Indiana (sao.nd.edu). GO IRISH!

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