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MTHS Class of 1994

This information was taken from the Senior Yearbook.
Please contact us with corrections.

Josh Aberle
Kimberly Adkison
Timothy Alig
Vicki Alig
Penie Atherton
Erica Bailey
Jeff Barnes
Nichole Bartholomew
Christina Bartman
Britt Beard
Kristy Bergeron
Jeremy Bersie
Raymond Bishel
Ryan Bonk
Keri Bonsoe
Scott Braman
Steve Brinkman
Michael Brumm
Crystal Berger
Nicole Burk
Anthony Burnes
David Cardin
Brent Christians
Wendy Clark
Michelle Clemens
Chris Clementz
Marsha Clinch
Kelly Collins
Troy Coone
Nathan Cooper
Stephanie Cotton
Mary Crawford
Karen Crosby
Miranda Crum
Daniel Custer
Aubrey Daniel
Amy Dannenberg
Paul Dean
Tonya Doerr
Julie Doty
Mindy Driscoll
Bob DuBois
Brad DuBois
Joy DuBois
Melissa Dudley
Sonya Eaton
Shawn Eckhoff  
Rodney Ehringer
Karolyn Eilers
Joseph Fandel
Kareem Fikri
Angela Finnell
Aaron Fletcher
Beverly Francis
Dawn Gangloff
Melinda Gangloff
Todd Garber
Brittany Geskey
Kim Glover
Mark Goodale
Meggan Graham
Matthew Guth
Julie Hahn
Gregory Hansen
Keith Hartoebben
David Hawks
Scott Hawn
Calista Heniz
Renee Herring
Christine Hodel
Marnin Humphrey
Eric Johanningsmeier
Julie Johnson
Todd Johnson
Amy Jones
Bo Jones
Michael Kaisner
Aaron Kavelman
Jennifer Kellenberger
Alex Kennel
Jennifer Kettle
Bret Kidder
Stephen Kiesewetter
Mary Knoblauch
Valery Kohlrus
Jason Krumwiede
Monica Kupper
Amy LaCroix
Amy Langewisch
Andrew Langewisch
Tracey Larson
Shannon Leach
Nicholas Leddy
Joshua LeFebvre
Heidi Leighty
Maribeth Lemkemann
Andrea Lenart
Josh Linneman
Jason Logan
Sarah Long
Jaime Louck
Gerald Ludema
Dawn Martin
Samantha Meyer
Tonia Miller
Dawn Minor
Brian Moletti
Cynthia Miller
Jeffrey Murphy
Shawna Murphy
Jason Myers
Gustave Neumann
Lori Newton
Amanda Nichols
Trina Oberlander
Jason Oderwald
Matthew Padilla
Keri Palazzo
Christa Parker
Randy Patrick
Jeffrey Pohlman
Christopher Prather
Kelly Prepejchal
Amber Pretty
Shawn Ray
William Reid
Gregory Richman
Linda Sattler
Abigail Schaer
Kelly Schaer
Melissa Schaidle
Kurt Scheirer
Rich Schertz
Amelia Schrepfer
Amy Schrock
Tenille Schupp
Brian Scribner
Randall Shepard
Michael Sheets
Aron Shuda
Christina Shuda
Tyler Simpson
Danielle Slaughter
Jaime Smith
Stacy Smith
Clayton Spacht
Allison Spencer
Andrea Spencer
Jason Springer
Joe Springer
Joshua Springer
Daniel Steider
Mark Steider
Joseph Stieglitz
Tara Swords
Junzo Tanaka
Jose Perez-Bryan Tello
Deanna Thill
Sean Thomas
Amber Turley
Gretchen Turner
Andrew Vancil
Andrew Vestal
Pat Waters
Julie Webb
James Weigel
James Whitby
Johanna White
Marcus Whitfield
Steven Wilke
Dana Wise
Jodie Wood
Ronald Woods
Benjamin Wright
Jenna Wright
Joel Wyckoff
Rachel York
Joel Ziemer
Holly Zimmerman

Class of: 1994
Address: 5073 University Dr., Santa Barbara,  CA  93111
Phone: 805-964-6298

Comments: After high school, I spent 4 years at Northwestern U. earning a B.S.
in chemical engineering.  Currently (11/2000), I am just beginning my third year of work toward a PhD in chemical engineering.  I attend the U. of CA at Santa Barbara and spend a lot of time mountain biking, ocean kayaking, and doing some rock climbing. When I do actually go to work, I do research in the relatively new field of Nanotribology. Basically, I look at the sources of friction at the molecular level.  You can check out our group's homepage at the given link.

Name: Penie Atherton
E-Mail: plather10@mac.com
Class of: 1994
Address: 1628 E. Clement Street, Baltimore, MD   21230
Phone: 914-523-3217

Class of: 1994
Address: 351 N Townhall Rd., Metamora,  IL  61548
Phone: 309-383-4571

Name: Kristy Garcia
Maiden Name: Bergeron
Class of: 1994
Address: 420 E Frye Ave., Peoria, IL  61603

(Updated: 10/2011)

Name: Ryan Bonk
Class of : 1994
Phone: 309-263-3597

Maiden Name: Burk
Class of: 1994
Address: 107 Sunset Lane, Metamora,  IL  61548
Phone: 309-645-7882


Comments: I have finally moved back to Illinois. I lived in Milwaukee Wisconsin for many years. I married a beautiful girl named Erin McCraith. Same girl I was with in H.school. We have two great kids Joe Thomas & Rachel Ann Rollie Cardin. And a Goofy black lab named Grimus. Nothing left to say, I guess GO NASCAR! bye. David T-Rex 

Name: Brent Christians
Class of: 1994
Address: 3909  N. Lynnwood Pl., Peoria, Il   61614
Phone: (309) 635-2626

Name: Michelle DuBois
Maiden Name: Clemens
Class of: 1994
Address: 105 Lexington Ct., East Peoria, IL  61611
Phone: 309-698-8027

Comments: Hi everyone!  After graduating from Metamora, I received a degree in special education from Bradley University in May of 1999. In July of 1999, I married Brad DuBois (also class of 1994) who graduated from Knox College in June of 1998. After a brief two year stay in Paxton, Illinois where we both taught and coached at Paxton-Buckley-Loda High School, Brad and I have moved back to this area. Brad is teaching history and coaching basketball and baseball at East Peoria High School while I am teaching special education at Germantown Hills Elementary School. We just purchased a house near ICC and are enjoying married life and a new cocker spaniel puppy named Maggie very much!

Name: Troy Coone
Class of: 94
Address: 507 E. Husseman, Roanoke, IL 61561
Phone: 309-923-9466

Comments: Lets see where do I start. I have been married for 7 years now, I met my wife Kathy when we worked together at Mitsubishi I was a parts person and she was the receptionist. We bought a home in Roanoke IL . where we have been living since. We have a 7 year old daughter Brittany and 2 year old son Cameron. I currently am a Master operator in the field of digital printing and finishing, I'm responsible for a lot of that mail you throw away, ha ha. hobbies I guess I would just have to say spending time together as a family we have a boat we spend a lot of the summer on, we just all love the outdoors so if we are not boating we are swimming. Drop me a line anytime.

Name: Stephanie Haney
Maiden Name: Cotton 
Class of: 1994

Name: Daniel Custer
Class of: 1994

Comments: Since the MTHS days, I've gotten married to Jackie in 1999 and we have two beautiful boys, Bennett Daniel and Jackson Grant.  Having kids is the greatest thing that ever happened to me.  Other than that, my wife and I bought a house in Pekin , of all places, a few years ago (I live literally 30 seconds from a golf course, which is nice).  We both work in Bloomington .  She works for State Farm and I work for a bank (finally went ahead and got that degree thingy). Oh, I also coach my son's 4-5 year old coach-pitch baseball team.  It's a good time.

Name: Aubrey N. Daniel IV (Andy)
Class of: 1994
City: Albuquerque, NM
(Updated: 10/2010)


Name: Mindy Webster
Maiden Name: Driscoll
E-Mail: rnm1996@mtco.com
Class of: 1994
City: Metamora, IL

Comments: I married Rick Webster (Class of 1993) in October, 1996. We have two wonderful children, Brody (02/00) and Emma (11/03). I worked full-time up until I had my children. Once Brody came along, I became a stay-at-home mom. Hope everyone is doing well! (Updated: 04/2008) 

Name: Melissa Warfield
Maiden Name: Dudley
E-Mail: mfield8376@hotmail.com
Class of: 1994
Address: 108 Brenyn Court, East Peoria, IL  61611
Phone: 309-694-2260

Comments: Hi guys! I love reading what people are up to! I am teaching Special Education at Washington High School . It was very strange working at our rival at first, but now that we've been out of high school for 10 years (WOW!) it's not so bad. I still love Metamora and my husband has adopted the Redbirds as his favorite area school! We have been very busy with our 2 boys. Jacob turned 5 September, 2003 and Alex will be 2 on Valentine's Day, 2004. I hope everyone is doing well! Email me with addresses so we can start getting in touch with you about the reunion plans!

Name: Sonya (Sunny) Heenan
Maiden Name: Eaton
E-Mail: heenan4@msn.com
Class of: 1994
Address: 4673 W. Gatehinge Ct., Tucson, AZ   85741
Phone: 520-579-9140

Comments: Well we are still calling Tucson our home. It's nice being in the same place for awhile. I'm staying busy as a mom. My how fast kids grow though. Jake is 9 now and Josie is 7. My husband and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary this September (2006). How the time flies by!! I missed the 10 year reunion but am hopeful to make it to the next one. It's good to see everyone is doing well. Look me up if you're ever in town!

Name: Karolyn ("Karrie") Eilers
Class of: 1994
Address: 1448 West Byron #3, Chicago,  IL  60613
Phone: 773-281-1163

Comments: I cannot believe it has been ten years!  After high school, I graduated from the University of Illinois with a B.A. in Speech Communications and Spanish and later, graduated from law school at the University of Iowa .  While in school, I figured out how to use my student loans to study abroad in Granada , Spain and Prague , the Czech Republic (according to my father, my vacation 101 classes).  Currently, I am an immigration attorney living in Chicago -- I love working with people from all around this world.  No kids or husband yet, but I have a wonderful boyfriend, Steve, and the cutest nephew (4 years old) and two nieces (both around 6 months).  I'm looking forward to the reunion!

Name: Aaron  Fletcher
E-Mail: aftree@bwsys.com
Class of: 1994
Address: 1895 Nofsinger Rd., Washington,   IL  61571
Phone: 309-444-9886

Name: Beverly Smith
Maiden Name: Francis
Class of: 1994
Address: 1022 E. Washington St., Bloomington, IL 61701
Phone: 309-339-7866

(Updated: 08/2013)

Name: Dawn Gangloff
Class of: 1994
Address: R.R. #8 Box 22, Metamora, IL  61548

Comments: After high school I attended ICC and studied x-ray.  Then I transfered to Baptist College of Health Sciences in Memphis , TN where I graduated with my BS in radiological sciences/Ultrasound (May 1999).  After attending school down there for two years, I moved back to Metamora.  I am currently working at St. Francis Hospital doing general, OB , and vascular ultrasounds/sonograms. Love to hear from everyone!

Maiden Name: Gangloff
Class of: 1994
Address: 1929 Stoneridge, Washington,  IL  61571
Phone: 444-3072

Comments: I am currently a Kindergarten teacher at Germantown Hills Elementary School. Clayton and I have been married since October 1999. On October 20, 2004 , our beautiful daughter, Ella Faith was born.  We are enjoying family life to its fullest. Hope everyone is doing well!  Keep in touch!

Name: Kimberly Schultz
Maiden Name: Glover
Class of 1994

Comments: Hello everyone, I graduated from EIU in 1998 with a degree in Early Childhood and Elementary Education.  Curt and I were married on July 21, 2001 and we live in Florida.  I teach first grade and love working with the kids.  Looking forward to seeing everyone. 

Class of: 1994
Address: 721 E. Glen Ave, Peoria Heights, IL  61614
Phone: 309-685-3237

Comments:  Salutations Everyone. Many strange things are afoot here, so I decided to jot you all down a bit of an updated picture into the oddity that is my life. Let's see...First of all, I'm back in the Peoria area...Got a little house all to myself while I attend Bradley University working on my Bachelors...Aiming for a major in...get this...Religious Studies!  Minoring in Sociology as well, with a bit of a sidebar in business administration and entrepreneurship.

The previously announced pursuit of a young lady fell through, but all in all, it's better that way...wasn't all that healthy a relationship...But I digress...Stuff I'm up to now.  Well, I've gotten involved in the New Age community and now work actively on spiritual development, writing, and teaching. I'm now an ordained minister through the Universal Life Church of Modesto, California, and a Certified Reiki Master Practitioner in the Usui Reiki system. I've studied meditation under the Ishaya's, and I'm currently writing a book on Christian Theology.  All in all, I'm actually beginning to get my life together, although it's still a bit comfortably rough around the edges.  But then again, for most Capricorns, success does tend to come later in life. I'd love to hear from any of you, so if you feel inclined, drop me an email, give me a call, or just pop over. (word of warning, I usually live in Bloomington on weekends. Rest of the week I'm usually home though.)  Bright Blessings to you all.

Class of: 1994
City: Metamora, IL  61548

Class of: 1994
Address: 434 Mackenzie Place, Metamora, IL 61548
Phone: 309-383-4879

Name: Dave Hawks
Class of: 1994
Address: 1553 Hickory Point Rd., Metamora, IL  61548
Phone: 309-370-5599

Name: Calista Kelly
Maiden Name: Heinz
E-Mail: crkelly@mchsi.com
Class of: 1994
Address: 133 Melody Lane, East Peoria, IL 61611

Comments: After high school, I received my bachelors degree in biology and psychology and masters of physical therapy degree from St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa. I married my husband Casey in 2003 and in 2004 we moved to Mississippi. I completed my doctorate degree in physical therapy from the University of Mississippi. This past summer (2007) we moved back to the Peoria area this spring and am glad to be back in Illinois. I am working for OSF and my husband is a union carpenter. I would love to hear from anyone I hung out with in high school. Hope you all are doing well!


Maiden Name: Humphrey
Class of: 1994
Address: 1111B Columbus Circle, Warrenton,  MO  63383
Phone: 636-456-0941

Comments: Hello everyone! After high school I played volleyball at Illinois Central College and Missouri Baptist College . After this, I transferred to Lindenwood University in St. Charles , MO and graduated with a degree in Elementary Education, Early Childhood Ed. and Early Childhood Special Ed..   I am now teaching fourth grade in Warrenton , MO at the same school district as my husband, Stacey Smith, he teaches high school math. I'm looking forward to seeing everyone at our ten year reunion in 2004. Drop me a line.

Class of: 1994
City: Ozark, MO 65721

Maiden Name: Knoblauch
Class of: 1994
Address: 106 Court Drive, Washington,  IL  61571

Comments:  After High School, I attended Illinois State University where I completed my degree in Social Science Education in 1998.  I am employed by Peoria Notre Dame High School. In the spring, I assist the Girl's Track Team.  In 1999, I married Tim Damery and we have a little boy that was born in August 2000. Soon, I will be looking at programs to begin my masters degree, but right now I am looking forward to see what life has in store for me next.

Name: Valery Evans
Maiden Name: Kohlrus
Class of: 1994
Address: 206 S. Tazewell St., Metamora, IL  61548
Phone: 309 922-5806

Comments: I got married to Brian and started my family during college 17 years ago. We have a daughter,Anna-17, who is home schooled and will graduate early. Our son, Austin-14, is a freshman quarterback for Metamora. We also have been foster parents for 5 years and will be adopting our daughter, Sofia-3, this September. In my free time I like to bake, scrapbook, go to auctions and garage saling. I LOVE going to church, football games, good times with friends and family, sweet tea and cupcakes. (Updated: 08/2012) 

Class of: 1994
Address: 711 N. Chicago, Spring Bay, IL  61611
Phone: 360-7438

Comments: Went to ICC for an associates in Law Enforcement.  Graduated Bradley University with a BA in Public Relations minoring in business and sociology.  Joined Alpha Phi Omega in College and had a great time.  I now work for the Federal Bureau of Prisons as a Corrections Officer.   Interesting Job.  I am engaged to be married August 6, 2005 to Liz, a girl I met at Bradley. No kids, just a German Sheppard named Dakota. 

Name: Maribeth Bettis
Maiden Name: Lemkemann
Class of: 1994
Address: 100 North Montana Ave., Morton, IL 61550

Comments: Although I graduated from Eureka , I still consider Metamora my home school so I thought I'd post for fun. Since high school I've had two wonderful children with my husband Todd. Sara is 4 and Noah is just 10 months old. I've had a career full of computers and consulting and I'm currently at State Farm doing project coordination of Systems projects. I don't get the chance to keep in touch with many but still see my best friend of all time, Rachel York (Wilkins). I've loved reading all these updates of how everyone is doing and look forward to checking back occasionally. (Updated: 05/2007)

Name: Josh Linneman
2309 Chestnut Street, Columbus, IN   47201 

Comments: Hope everyone is doing well.  I am a hoosier now.  I still don't know what that means but...  Have two kids and that is the BEST job in the world.  When I'm not at home, I work as a design engineer.  Other than that, enjoy traveling, hiking and bike riding.  My wife of five years (2004 - it will probably be another 5 years before I update this thing)  is finishing her PHD work in English Literature.  Its funny, I've become fairly knowledgeable about books, philosophy and theater yet have never read, studied, nor watched these things.  However, if you ever want to discuss Dr. Seuss, A.A. Milne, or any other children's stories, drop me a line. I'm well read.

Name: Jaime Emlen
Maiden Name: Louck
Class of: 1994
Address: 202 Parkside Drive, Goodfield, IL  61742
Phone: (309) 965-2673

Comments: Hello everyone!  It is so good to hear what you all are up to!  I attended ICC after high school and graduated with an AAS in Radiography (I'm an x-ray tech).  I then went on to Illinois State University and graduated with a BS in Biology with a Chemistry minor.  Besides hanging the degree on my wall, I'm not sure what I'm go to do with it yet.  I married Brandon Emlen (class of '92) in October 2000.  We live in a new home we built in Goodfield.  We love it there, nice and quiet.  We had our son, Gage Andrew, 4/3/02 and our lives have been hopping ever since.  He's a great kid and Brandon and I often ask ourselves what we did with our time before he was born.  I'm currently a stay-at-home mom, although I work part-time at Eureka Hospital as an x-ray tech.  Brandon graduated from University of Illinois and works at State Farm in Bloomington as an actuary (he does statistical analysis of insurance premiums among many other things). Anyway, great to hear from you all!  Take care.

Class of: 1994
Address: 156 Lake Forest Ct., Kalamazoo, MI  49006
Phone: 269-553-0612

Comments: Hello everyone!  I'm still living up here in the cold Michigan state, but I'm loving it.  The skiing, the lakes, and especially the GOLFING! I'm still working for Menards, working my  way up the ladder to store manager.  I have no wife or kids. My girlfriend lives with me so it's like I'm married.  Life is going really well. 

Name: Samantha Bennett
Maiden Name: Meyer
Class of: 1994
Address: 303 Pinecrest Dr., Metamora, IL 61548

Comments: After graduating from high school, I received a degree in Early Childhood Education from ISU. I am teaching Kindergarten in Creve Coeur. I married my husband Aaron in 1998. We have two beautiful daughters, Madalyn, 4, and Mallory, 2. Hope everyone is doing well.

Name: Shauna Murphy
 Class of: 1994
Address: 135 S. Division St., Carterville, IL 62918

Comments: In the last 13 years , I attended Illinois College (B.A. in English/Political Science), University of Illinois-Springfield (M.A. in Political Studies), have been married and divorced (better luck next time!), and finally have been employed and unemployed (someday I'll find my dream job!). Currently, I am dating a wonderful beau and live in Carterville , IL with my baby girl, a border collie named Pepper. I am still close friends with Karrie (Eilers) Talbot and Marsha (Clinch) Heller. I have been dragged into the MySpace world so look me up!

Name: Gustave Neumann
Class of: 1994
Address: 407 Ridge Dr., Geneseo, IL  61254
Phone: (309) 502-1193

Comments: Hey everyone! Life's been an adventure I must say. I graduated from Western Illinois University with a B.S. in Law Enforcement and Justice Administration and a minor in Computer Science. I worked a few various jobs in my early 20's including working as an Investigator in the Inspector Generals Office for the City of Chicago. I was lucky enough (it's who you know) to land a job as an IT Business Analyst two and a half years ago with Deere and Company (John Deere) in the Quad Cities. It was a busy time as I was hired in March, bought a house in May and was married in June of 2007. I am married to my beautiful wife (Sharon) and we are looking to start a family within the year.

In terms of recent news, on May 2nd, 2009 a car turned in front of me while I was on my motorcycle and after surgery I now have 2 screws in my ankle. I'm very lucky it wasn't worse. I'm on Facebook so look me up if you would like and have also posted our blogspot website for anyone that is interested. (Updated: 09/2009)

Class of: 1994
City: Hanna City,  IL  61536

Comments: Hello All! Graduated in 1999 From SIU Carbondale, where I received B.S. in Speech Comm. Married my Husband Bryce in 2001. Currently Working in Management at my Father's Medium and Heavy Duty Truck Dealership in Peoria , IL . I had a little boy in Oct. 2005 his name is Jonah... and he is Gorgeous! Life is great and we are so lucky!

Name: Bill Reid
Class of: 1994
City: Columbus, IN

Comments: This is really strange, it's been ten years now?  Anyhow, it's amazing to see all the places that we've been since '94.  After high school I headed up to Michigan to freeze my tail off for four years.  I graduated in '98 from Ferris State  University with a degree in Heavy Equipment Service Engineering...That shouldn't surprise anyone.  I really haven't changed folks, just have less hair now.  I moved to Columbus after school to work at Cummins Inc., we make all sorts of products but mostly diesel engines.  Having been here well over five years now I can say that I really like it.  A good company, great people and a great town.  I'm still into boating (actually jet-skiing these days), hunting and fast cars.  This place gives me all of that.  I met a great girl a few years  back and got married in November of '01.  That whole thing is quite a story so you can ask for details at the reunion if you'd like.  Married life has been wonderful.  In more recent history I just finished the last course for my MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University. My next and final graduation is coming up next month.  Good luck to all of you, see you in September. This run-on paragraph never would have been allowed in English would it? 

Name: Greg Richman
E-Mail: gtrichm@hotmail.com
Class of: 1994
Address: 121 Walnut Drive, East Peoria,  IL  61611
Phone: 309-694-1905

Comments: Well, a few things have changed since my last posting. I am engaged to be married next October. We just bought a brand new house on the edge of East Peoria and Morton, and now have plenty of projects to keep us busy. Still hanging out with quite a few people from Metamora, but am always interested in what everyone else is up to. Feel free to drop me a line or an e-mail anytime, or if you are ever up in the Heights, I am still managing Grayboy, so stop on in!

Name: Linda G. Sattler
Class of: 1994
City: Palo Alto,  CA

Comments: Hello, fellow Metamora alums!  After high school I attended Bradley U., where I graduated in May 1998 with a B.A. in Psychology.  Then after realizing I had no idea what I wanted to do with that, I packed up my car and headed West for adventure.  I first lived in Saratoga , CA , where I worked at a summer camp in the mountains, and then I moved to LA and taught for 3 years.  I taught math and art classes to middle and high school age kids at a private school in West Hollywood called Pacific Hills  School .  I learned so much!  I then moved to San Francisco in fall of 2001, where I taught again for one year.  Last year, I decided that maybe it wouldn't be so crazy to go back to school to become a therapist.  So, I am currently studying to be a mind doctor, in a 5-year doctor of psychology program at Stanford U. and Pacific Grad. School of Psychology .  I love living in Northern. Cali . for all the diversity in culture and wonderful sunshine that it brings.  I am glad to read up on what many of you are doing, and I look forward to hearing of a 10 year reunion soon!

Name: Kelly Schaer
Class of: 1994
Address: 2319 N. Sherman, Milwaukee,  WI   53210

Comments: Well, since high school, I graduated from college and have a master's in school counseling.  I live in Milwaukee , WI and love it.  I married in September '03 to Wendel who I met here in Milwaukee .  The past few years I have done everything from office administrator to substitute teaching to working at an inner-city church.  This fall I am starting work as a guidance counselor at a private all girls high school in downtown Milwaukee.


Address: RR# 5 box 200, Metamora,  IL  61548

Comments: I have been working at Wal-Mart for 2 years.  It is going good and  I'm going to football games when I can and having fun.

Class of: 1994
Address: 500 Lancaster Dr., Pingree Grove,  IL  60140
Phone: 847-946-8507

Comments: Well, thought it was about time I updated this thing. I have been living & working in the Chicago land area since 2001. I am currently working in the Commercial division of a large bank in downtown Chicago . In my spare time, I keep pretty busy with my church, Harvest Bible Chapel, and hanging out with friends. I enjoy going to movies/concerts/plays, watching sports, cooking & traveling. I still get back to Metamora every now & then as my parents still live there. Not sure what's in store next, maybe graduate school - lots of options available! Drop me a line if you're ever in the area or you get a chance sometime.

Name: Amy Johnston
Maiden Name: Schrock
Class of: 1994

Comments: I'm still in the area..and love living here in Metamora.  I have three awesome kids.  Life is good!

Class of: 1994
Address: 113 N. Behrens Ave., Washington, IL 61571

Comments: Since high school, I have graduated from ICC with an Associates in Electronics Technology. After that, I took a job at Kress Corp. in Brimfield as a Technical Illustrator.  It is here where I met my future wife Cindy. After dating for six years we finally decided to tie the knot.  I figured any woman who can put up with me for that long is definitely worth marrying. We were married in June of '03 and married life is going great!  Cindy is a Court Reporter for Advantage Court Reporting in Peoria. I've been at Caterpillar for 5 years and currently work in their Product Support Division as a Information Engineer.

Name: Tyler Simpson
E-Mail: tyler_simpson@hotmail.com
Class of: 1994
Address: 3301 North Southport #2, Chicago,  IL  60657

Comments: After living in New York (and even Australia ) the past few years, I recently decided to move back to Chicago .  It's great to be closer to friends and family for a change.  I've been working for Microsoft for a while as a software developer/architect and really enjoy it.

Name: Danielle McNulty
Maiden Name: Slaughter
Class of: 1994
Address: 15424 N. Von Achen Dr., Chillicothe, IL  61523
Phone: 309-267-9151

Comments: Life has flown by since we graduated!!! I had a wonderful career in accounting for several years. Then I decided to become a stay at home mom. I unfortunately joined the divorced club in 2007. I still get to be proud sah mommy to five beautiful children. Delainey, 1998; Tristan, 2000; Garrett, 2002; Isaac, 2003; and Lily, 2005. Having my 2 girls and 3 boys has been such a blessing. Our lives are filled with a lot of smiles and giggles and SPORTS! :) I am a true soccer mom and baseball mom. I love my life and wouldn't change a thing! :) Ok, so maybe owning a house would be nice, but yea. I am currently on facebook. Feel free to look me up to see what trouble I'm getting into next! :) Hope everyone is doin good and can't wait until our next reunion!!! (Updated: 05/2010)

Name: Jaime Welch
Maiden Name: Smith
E-Mail: sjaime22@msn.com
Class of: 1994
Address: 65 W 70th St., Apt. 5N, New York, NY 10023

Comments: After graduating from Univ. of Illinois , I lived in Chicago for 7 years and worked in sales and marketing for Abbott Labs. I met my wonderful husband there (also name Jamie) and we have been married now for 5 years. We have one, four-legged child... a golden retriever named Ruby. We recently relocated to New York City in January of 06 where my husband is an options trader for the American Stock Exchange, and I work for Novartis Oncology in Global Marketing. I am seeing the world and loving it! Great to hear everyone is doing so well. I really enjoy reading about all the success in careers and family! Take care. (Updated: 05/2007)

Name: Dan Steider
Class of: 1994
City: Normal, IL

Comments: I have lived in Normal, IL for the past 10 years. Got married to my beautiful wife Angela about 7 years ago, and have two little ones Catherine and Robert. I'm an architect and work at BLDD Architects over here. Enjoy being a good dad and husband, remodeling our old home, and watching sports (Especially the Steelers) (Updated: 05/2012)

Name: Stacy Vlahakis
Maiden Name: Smith
Class of: 1994
Address: 4826 N. Damen Ave., Unit 3, Chicago, IL 60625
Phone: 773-784-3457

Comments: Just a quick hello, everyone.  I admit to not having been in the greater Metamora area in at least five years - my family left Peoria , and it just doesn't seem to be on the way to anywhere I've gone since.  I graduated from U of I in 1998 and have been living in Chicago for the better part of the last five years - one year in medical school (I salute any and all health care professionals out there, but it just wasn't for me), three years in my current position in operational management in Elmhurst, and the balance on hiatus in San Diego, CA. I met my husband, James, a Chicago attorney, on the Chicago El nearly three years ago.  We were married in September, 2002.  From the sounds of things, many of you are doing well.  Congratulations to all the newlyweds and new parents out there.

Name: José Pérez-Bryan Tello
Class of: 1994
E-Mail: PEPEPW@santandersupernet.com
Address: Carrill de Castell 47, Málaga Spain  29016
Phone: 952224955

Comments: I was at your school in 1994, and I was trying to contact with Bryan Shoff. I also Played in the basketball team, and this time was of my best moments in my live. I would like you to create a foreign section in which I was the one of the members. I also remember the Spanish lessons with Linda. Please attend this great dream for my.And Answer my as soon as possible

Maiden Name: Thill
Class of: 1994
(Updated: 09/2010) 

Name: Amber Turley
Class of: 1994
City: Seattle, WA

Comments: Well, after almost three and a half years in San Diego , I decided I just couldn't deal with sunshine everyday, so I moved to Seattle.  I'm still consulting for Deloitte, primarily in the San Francisco Bay Area, and trying to travel to other parts of the world when I can. It was great to see you all at the reunion and I am looking forward to the next one.

Class of: 1994
Address: 212 Anker Lane, Lot #53, Metamora,  IL  61548
Phone: 309-383-2179

Comments:  Hi everyone. It was nice to see all of you that made it to the class reunion. Hope everything is going well for everyone. Still looking for a job in Graphic Design area. After Graduating from Bradley in  May of 2003 I took a Web Design class in the summer of 2004. I am still working for MTHS. I will be starting my 13th year there. Hopefully with in the next year or so I will find a job in my field. If I have to relocate I will. Keep in touch. Go Redbirds!!! (Updated 04/2012)

Name: Marcus Whitfield
E-Mail: marcusw@mtco.com
Class of: 1994
Address: 17 Remington Way, Washington,  IL  61571

Comments: After graduating from Metamora I attended Southwest Missouri State University . It was there that I met the beautiful and talented Rachele Murray of Kansas City and on the 26th of August 2000 she became the beautiful and talented Rachele Whitfield of Washington IL . My name stayed the same, although at times there is an explicative stuck in there when I forget to take out the trash. Rachele works as an accountant at Caterpillar in East Peoria and I work for Blackwell Consulting out of Chicago (stationed in Bloomington ). I still keep in contact with my old buddies from Metamora, both of whom defend our country from "Evil Doers". Jake as a state cop and Anthony as a paratrooper in Italy . Didn't know there was a tremendous need for paratroopers in Italy , but I think there is a need for people with a fondness for beer. If you ever see me in the mall just forget your urge to speak with me and walk the other way - just kidding I hope to see and talk with many of you in the future. 

Class of: 1994

Name: Jenna Tynan
Maiden Name: Wright
Class of: 1994
City: Madison, WI

Comments: Hi folks! Although not truly an alum (I moved away before my Junior year), I thought I would post here anyhow...I finished high school in Tuscon, then attended University of Arizona for 2 years. Then back to Illinois to complete a BA in Spanish from ISU. Got a masters in Linguistics from UW- Madison in 2001, got married to Tim in 2001 also. We have 2 beautiful children: Clare (12/02) and Patrick (01/05). I am enjoying teaching English as a Second Language to international students in Madison. I'd love to hear from any old friends- take care!

Name: Joel Wyckoff
Class of: 1994
City: Peoria,  IL  61615

Name: Rachel York
E-Mail: ryork26@hotmail.com
Class of: 1994
Address: 3441 S. Douglas, Springfield,  IL  61611

Comments: Since MTHS, I graduated with a bachelor's in Psychology and an Elementary Teacher's Certificate from the University of Il at Springfield. I also played volleyball all 4 years.  I'm sure that doesn't surprise too many of you. I am entering my second year of teaching in a small town south of Springfield , Girard. I teach Math to fifth and sixth graders. There is never a dull moment!  I've also been dating a great guy from Chatham for two years now. No marriage plans have been discussed yet, but I will keep you posted. Take care!

Name: Holly Dowling
Maiden Name: Zimmerman
E-Mail: hollydowling@yahoo.com
Class of: 1994
Address: 43 Staffordshire Way, Simpsonville,  SC  29681

Comments: I am currently a 6th grade math teacher at Mauldin Middle School in South Carolina. I finished my master's degree in Math Education at Illinois State University in July of 2000. I then married Matt Dowling (class of 1993) in July of 2000 and moved to South Carolina. Matt is currently working as a physical therapist.

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