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MTHS Class of 1996

This information was taken from the Senior Yearbook.  
Please contact us with corrections.
Cori Aberle
Karen Adams
Krista Alexander
Justin Alig
Angela Alread
Jeff Anderson
Christopher Antonacci
Luciana Arantes
John Aronld
Ronalee Bachman
Andrew Baisch
Brandon Barnes
Laura Bartman
Audrey Bonnell
Janette Boyd
Jessica Bray
Tim Bray
Andrew Brooks
Gary Bundy
Nate Burgess
Greg Call
Molly Carroll
Melody Christians
Scott Cline
Angel Coon
Adriann Cox
Katherine Coyle
Tamara Cunningham
Kevin Crone
Bambi Daniel
Nicholas Delinski
Michelle DeMoss
Shelley Denney
Katherine DiGregorio
Timothy Doll
Kyle Dooley
Jacquelyn Doty
Tim Dougherty
Jocelyn Doyle
Chadwick Dudley
Chris Eden
Eric Engstrom
Katie Faklaris
Jacob Feldman
Renato Ferraro
Jennie Fitz
Aaron Foster
Chad Freres
Cory Gallup
Ryan Geier
Lisa Gilmore
Jodi Glover
Eduardo Gracia
Steven Gray
Tim Gresham
Emily Groeper
Christopher Gronewold
Elias Grove
Billie Grzybowski
Kathryn Gunn
Brad Haley
Frank Hammer
Sean Hardwick
Martha Harper
Jered Hartman
Michael Hearne
Vincent Heinz
Jennifer Hindman
Melissa Hintman
Melissa Hinton
Tracy Hobkirk
Heidi Hoffman
Jessica Holman
Pamela Ingersoll
Edward Ioerger
Vanessa Irving
Nathan Johanningsmeier
Matthew Jones
David Kellenberger
Joseph Keller
Joe Kenyon
Stephanie Kerker
Melissa Keysor
Joann Kiesewetter
Lisa Knaak
Kristin Knoblauch
Sarah Koch
Robert Kupper
Ryan Kurowski
Suzanne Lambert
Aaron Lange
Amanda Langewisch
Joel Leman
Nicole Look
Scott Lorengo
Addison Lotz
Cecil Ludema
Jason Lyons
Andres Mac-Kay
Jamie Machen
Christopher Malson
Douglas Manns
Jamie Margherio
Andrew Martin
Dietra Martin
Marianne Masters
Kevin Menke
Dan Miller
Theodore Minger
Aaron Montgomery
Nathan Montgomery
Crystal Newell
Elizabeth Noe
Brandon Noll
Glory Nolt
Mayumi Okazaki
William Oliver
Angela Passage
Amber Pauli
Shamra Penman
Jason Piper
Matthew Poehlman
Matthew Powers
Jill Prose
Wendy Prose
Jessica Pyron
Christopher Read
Steven Reardon
Andy Reeb
Laura Reid
Ryan Reliford
Jason Rex
Bekim Rizvani
Jeff Rocke
Vanessa Rogers
Jennifer Rosenbaum
Kevin Rowe
Tracy Rusnak
Jason Rutherford
Nicholas Sales
Nathan Saving
Jamie Schaer
Ryan Schertz
Eric Schierer
Dana Schmitt
Anne Schrepfer
C. Adam Scott
Brad Seckler
Emily Sliger
Aaron Smith
Kelly Smith
Colleen Speten
Douglas Spooner
Jay Springer
Sarah Stamm
Jeffrey Stewart
Jillian Stieglitz
Rebecca Stockner
Charles Taft
Doug Tate
John Telford
Kara Thill
Sarah Tomas
Bryce Tomaszewski
Jennifer Trau
Jessica Wagner
Jennifer Walker
Elizabeth Webber
Danny Weibling
Gretchen West
Stacy Wettstein
Emily White
Matthew White
Brian Williams
Christopher Wise
Jared Woodruff
Ryan Worrick
Sarah Wright
Ginny Zimmerman
Zachary Zobrist
Name: Krista Westerman
Maiden Name:  Alexander
Class of: 1996
Address: 1355 Tonti St., LaSalle, IL  61301
Phone: 815-830-9755

Comments: I got married December 8, 2007 to my wonderful husband, Matthew.  We moved from East Peoria to the wonderful city of La Salle. No kids yet, but we still have our 3 dogs. We own a flooring business in Ottawa. I am currently in between jobs, but still work at the Air National Guard. I can't believe it will be 13 years in July. Hope all is well with everyone. (Updated: 06/2008)

Class of: 1996

Comments: hey everyone, after graduation I joined the marine corps. got married in 1999 to the most wonderful woman from San Diego. in 2000 our daughter was born. after a couple of years working construction in San Diego. moved back home for 2 yrs. in 2005 I rejoined the marine corps.  I have did a tour in Afghanistan in 2006 and recently returned from Iraq.  I will be stationed in Washington DC in June of 2008. Email me anytime, I would like to hear from anyone. (Updated: 03/2008)
Class of: 1996
Comments: Hey everyone. I graduated from Illinois State in May with a computer science degree. I work for State Farm in Bloomington. Anybody feel free to drop an email.  
Name: John Arnold
E-Mail: johnarnold76@yahoo.com
Class of: 1996
Address: 5011 N. Best Street, Peoria Heights, IL  61616
Phone: 309-258-2228

Comments: I've been working for Caterpillar for 15 years and as of this posting hold the position of 2nd Vice President of UAW Local 974. The year 2013 was a very big year for me. I had weight loss surgery that saved my life and now on the road to a healthier lifestyle. As of this posting I've lost 280 pounds, don't have high blood pressure anymore or take any medications. I was a big guy in high school but really let myself go afterwards. I'm doing everything I possibly can to live a healthier lifestyle so I am around to see my nieces and nephews grow-up.
updated 9/2015
Name: Andrew Baisch
E-mail: andrewbaisch@gmail.com
Class of: 1996
Address: 69 Shipwright Street, Annapolis, MD 21401

Comments: I graduated from college in 2000 with a double major (Philosophy and History). I coached sailing for a couple of years after school, but am now a business manager for a dental practice and should be starting my JD in 2010. No marriage, no kids, one cat and I live on the water in downtown Annapolis.
Name: Audrey Larson
Maiden Name: Bonnell
Class of: 1996
Address: 935 146th Ave., New Richmond, WI 54017
Phone: 651-308-1626

Comments: Hi everyone! I'm excited to find this site and get in touch with anyone willing to drop me a note! After MTHS I worked a year, then did ICC's nursing program. In 1998 I meet Rob Larson, who had moved from near the twin cities (MN) to work for Cat Engineering. We married in 1999 and lived/worked in Peoria for 5 years. In 2004 we moved near his family (on the WI side of the border) and began a family of our own. We have 3 girls: Grace, 4, Hannah, 20 months and Ellie, 3 months. I've been a stay at home mom since Grace arrived and I love it. Would also love to hear updates on anyone I went to school with. Blessings to you all :) 

Name: Jessica Hansen
Maiden Name: Bray
Class of: 1996
Address: 1103 Avenue G, Ormond Beach, Florida      
Phone: 386-671-2195

Comments: Hi everyone!  After high school I attended ICC for 2 years and decided Illinois wasn't for me anymore.  I packed up my little car with all my stuff and moved to Daytona Beach, Florida in 2001.  I graduated from college here in Daytona with a degree in Esthetics.  I married a great guy named Travis on May 3rd, 2003 at Ravina on the Lakes in Peoria.  Now we are expecting our first baby in about 2 weeks!  It's supposed to be a girl and I think we are naming her Ella.  We just bought our first home in Daytona.  My husband attends Embry-Riddle University and is majoring in Aerospace engineering!  We have a cat named Tiger and a Pit bull named Beretta.   


Name: Scott Cline
E-Mail: sdclin@kcms.msu.edu
Class of: 1996
Address: 26590 Spike Buck Drive, Nisswa, MN 56468
Phone:  218-56-5756

Comments: I am finishing my residency in Emergency Medicine and will be moving to upper Minnesota or Wisconsin to start practice in 07.  My wife and I have been married since 2001 and are expecting our first child in January of 2006.  I wish everyone well, feel free to drop me an email sometime. 


Class of: 1996
City: East Peoria, IL

Name: Katie Horton
Maiden Name: Coyle
Class of: 1996
Address: 1600 W Cimarron Drive, Peoria, IL  61614
Phone: 309-691-3521

Comments: Hi everyone! Well, after many years in Tennessee and one year in St. Louis, I am back living and working in Peoria. I am a Junior High English teacher at St. Vincent de Paul Grade School and love it. This is my 4th year teaching and hopefully within the next two years I will go back to school to get the master's. Nice to see that all is well with you! 

Name: Tamara Cunningham
E-Mail: lynn_bundren2000@yahoo.com
Class of: 1996
Address: 1901 s.2nd st apt b, pekin, il  61554
Phone: 309-620-3957

Comments: its been so long since ive updated on this a lot has happened since then welp still have 4 wonderful kids autumn austin aaron and abbie they r 10 9 8 and 7 and 2 cats and a dog im still w/the fire dept and im know w/forman ambulance going on 3 yrs know just try 2 stay active and healthy for my kids pets and jobs and still working at freedom gas in pekin going on 2 yrs know been w/the fire dept for 8 yrs so loving life.:) (Updated: 08/2012) 

Name: Nick Delinski
E-Mail: nickd_4@yahoo.com
Class of: 1996

Comments: Hi everyone.....I'm currently teaching at Princeton High School where I also coach varsity football and baseball. I'll probably head back in a year and work on my master's degree. In the meantime, I'm coaching and planning a wedding for June 19, 2004. Take care.  

Name: Michelle Kronfeld
Maiden Name: DeMoss
Class of: 1996
Address: 2444-33rd Avenue, Rock Islane, IL  61201
Phone: 309-732-0957

Maiden Name: Denney
Class of: 1996
Phone: 309-645-4284

Comments: My husband, John, and I live in Peoria. I am currently in my sixth year of teaching junior high language arts in Elmwood. Still no kids yet, but we do plan to start a family in the near future. Kelley, on the other hand, has three kids and is living in Savannah, Georgia. Feel free to send me an email anytime. I'd love to hear how everyone is doing! (Updated: 04/2008 )

Name: Kate Weber
Maiden Name: Kate DiGregorio
Class of: 1996
Address: 2239 Seaver Ln., Hoffman Estates, IL  60194
Phone: 847-858-8673

Comments: I am on my 6th year at Rolling Meadows High school teaching Math and Science. I married Eric Weber in 2004 and we welcomed our daughter Josephina in April of 2006.

Class of: 1996
Address: P.O. Box 206, Metamora, IL 61548

Comments: I graduated from Bradley in 2000 with a degree in nursing.  I currently work at OSF on the general surgery floor.  

Class of: 1996
City: Tampa,  FL

Comments: Hello everyone! I hope all is well. I've been doing great since high school! I got an associates degree in criminal justice, and then went to Western for 1 year before relocating to Tampa, FL, in 2000. I had enough of the cold weather and was ready to explore new opportunities. It was rough at first, but now I'm a Realtor/investor in Tampa and Clearwater. I would love to hear from anyone and I hope everyone is fulfilling their dreams. When your ready to make some money drop me an email and I'll show you how you can profit on FL real estate...even from IL. I would love to share the wealth with all my fellow classmates. 


Class of: 1996
Address: 1603 Orchard Avenue, Schaumburg,  IL  60193
Phone:  309-303-0470

Comments: It seems like everyone in our class is married with kids nowadays!  Not me. I live in Schaumburg and teach and coach at Proviso East High School.  This coming school year will be my 5th at this school.

Name: Kate Faklaris
Class of 1996

Comments: Hello!  I graduated from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign with a degree in Speech Communication, and I am now living and working in Chicago for the time being.  My plans are to return to school within the next year, although hopefully to somewhere both sunny and warm...I love Chicago, but the winters are rough!  Also, my family moved out of Illinois last year, so I am not able to get back to Metamora very often.  I would love it if you would all write me and let me know what you are up to!

Class of: 1996
Address: 3918 N. Saymore Ln., Peoria, IL  61615
Phone: 309-682-8607 

Comments: Hello everyone. I hope everyone is doing good. I know I did not get the chance to graduate with you all, but, I did go on to get my GED. I Plan on going to collage soon. Very soon! I have been working very hard since High school. I have been raising two wonderful children. My son, Austin, is four, and I have a little girl, Jessica, who is three. I am employed at Parsec Enterprizes, INC. here in Peoria as a repair tech. I will be getting married on June 23, 2001. Very happy! I hope everyone is doing good, and filling there dreams. Good luck to everyone. Stay in touch.


Class of: 1996
Address: 11505 W Akron Rd., Princeville, IL  61559
Phone: 309-635-2669 / 309-385-1652

Comments: Hope to see you all soon. A lot has changed for me in the last few years. I'm married with a 2 year old son. I started my own tile business (CF Tile & Grout). I install all types of counter tops and floors. I still coach football also. I'd like to hear from anyone who has time to send me a message.


Name: Lisa Gilmore-Riess
Maiden Name: Gilmore
Class of: 1996
Address: 1903 Peach St. Apt# 5, Bloomington,  IL   61704
Phone: 309-838-7132

Comments: Wow! Eight years since graduation. A lot has happened since then. I graduated from ICC with an Associates in Arts and Sciences in May of 1999. I then began attending St.Francis College of Nursing in May of 1999. During my schooling there, I met my husband. I actually met Mark Riess in Panama City Beach, FL, in March of 2001. I graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing in May 2001. Mark and I were married in September 2002- in Metamora. He didn't believe me that Metamora was just like Varsity Blues until he went to his first home football game. He totally agrees!

I work at Bromenn in Normal IL in pediatrics, postpartum, and the nursery. I love working with children. My husband works at Hammitt School, which is a privately owned school for mentally and physically handicapped, and also for children with behavior disorders. We have no children yet, because we take care of everybody elses! HAHA! We do have two wild cats named Candy and Frodo. They are our pride and joy. I would absolutely love to hear from anyone who went to good old MTHS. I miss seeing everyone, and wonder what everyone is up to. Hope everyone is healthy and well. PS. I miss Joe Kenyon :(

Name: Jodi Webb
Maiden Name: Glover
Class of: 1996
Address: 7704 20th Avenue NW, Bradenton, FL  34209
Phone: 941-518-6063

Comments: Hi everyone!  I moved to Florida in 2000.  I met my husband Paul and we married in 2003.  We had our son Logan in November of 2004.  I also have a step-daughter named Reagen who turned 12 this year.  My husband and I run our own IT company.  We have 2 cats and a rabbit.  Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion!(Updated: 08/2011)



Name: Eduardo Gracia
E-Mail: eduardo@kidy.com.br
Class of: 1996 
Address: Av. Dr. Jose de Arruda Camargo
, Birigui 16201050
SP Brazil
Phone: 55 18 9107-1773


Comments: Hello from Brazil.  I miss  Metamora a lot. I graduated in B.A. here in Brazil, now I'm a director of a Cattle Farm (I sell beef to USA and other country), I'm married, no kids yet.  I will visit Metamora in October,  I hope to see someone from my class. (Updated: 06/2008) 

Class of: 1996
Address: 950 SW 163rd St, Apt 516, Beaverton, OR  97006

Comments: BS in Computer Science from CSF in Joliet, IL.  I am currently a Software Engineer for the Intel Corporation in Hillsboro, OR.  Spend free time riding mountain roads with a bunch of motorcycle fanatics.  "Keep the shiny side up..."   

Name: Emily Groeper Rhoades
Maiden Name: Groeper
Class of: 1996
Address: 1017 N. Glenwood Ave., Peoria, IL  61606

Comments: Recently I returned to work after almost 4 years doing the stay-at-home mom thing. I'm now a pharmaceutical sales rep. in the Peoria-Galesburg area for Abbott Laboratories. My husband Rodney and I will celebrate our 7 year wedding anniversary in June 2008, and he is a 6 Sigma Green Belt as well as a certified orthopedic nurse at OSF St. Francis Medical Center. Tyler (4) and Nicholas (2 1/2) are doing great (always keeping us on our toes!), and we recently moved to a wonderful, family-friendly neighborhood called The Uplands (by Bradley University). We have been so blessed and I wish everyone well in their pursuits. (Updated: 06/2008)

Name: Katy Dye
Maiden Name: Gunn
Class of: 1996
Address: 1905 Harpers Ct., Frederick , MD  21702

Comments: Hi! Just wanted to say that if anyone has any ideas for the reunion in 2011, let me know!!! Life in MD is good. John and I have a 1.5 year old puppy named Dudley. I am teaching Bio, Genetics, and Microbio at Mount St. Mary's University. You might have seen us in the first round of the 2008 NCAA tournament getting thrashed by North Carolina :) John and I are both conducting Ebola virus research at USAMRIID on Ft. Detrick. Remember the movie "Outbreak"? Fun stuff. Hope all is well with you. And really, send me reunion ideas and contact info!! (Updated: 05/2008) 

Class of: 1996
Address: 812 N. Damen, 1st Floor, Chicago, IL  60622

Comments: Hello Ladies and Gentlemen, I went to ICC for two years where I played baseball. After that I transferred to U of I where I also played baseball (the link below is to U of I ' s media guide) and I majored in Electrical Engineering. I just graduated in Dec. 2000 and I moved up to Chicago. I currently work for Sargent & Lundy, which is the largest engineering firm in Chicago. Other than that I hope everybody is doing well. Peace.
Name: Melissa Durbin
Maiden Name: Hinton
Class of: 1996
Phone: 309-397-4172

Comments: Hi to everyone! I can't believe it's been 10 years. Well, I married Dustin on June 8th, 1999 and we have 2 beautiful daughters-Victoria (7) and Natalie (almost 2). We recently moved to Ohio. Dustin is going through a training program here for about 9 months to prepare him for opening up his own practice in chiropractic. I stay at home with our girls, but I will also have some training while we're here,because I'm going to be his assistant in our office. I'm very excited about that! We haven't decided where we will open our practice, but we know we want to be close enough that we can visit our family and friends back home without much traveling. Hope to see alot of you at the reunion.


Class of: 1996
Address: 120 Melody Lane, East Peoria, IL  61611

Comments: My college career has been very interesting since high school.   I attended Illinois State University for a year and then came back to attend Illinois Central College where I got my associates degree in Education.  I then went on to Bradley University where I got my Bachelor's  Degree in Education in May of 2003.  I am looking forward to teaching English Language Arts and Social Studies in Illinois.  I am currently at Rogy's Educational Centers as a part time teacher working with young children.  I also am a substitute teacher for District 150 and I love being a teacher.  The most important thing in my life right now is that I am a proud aunt of my brother James' son, Cameron James Hoffman. 
Name: Jessica Westerfield
Maiden Name: Holman
Class of: 1996
Address: 720 S. Clayton St., Bloomington, IL   61701


Comments: Well, I haven't updated since the Reunion so I thought I's better.  I'm still working as a Chemist in Peoria, and have been the supervisor for 2 years now.  I still enjoy it, but have been considering moving south to get FAR away from the darn Illinois winters.  Still just have my two children, Jacob (almost 5) and Emma (2) who have definitely proven to be my best accomplishment in life.  Hope you are all doing well. See ya at the 15 year reunion. (Updated: 10/2008)
Class of: 1996 
Address: 3705 N. Lakewood Avenu,  Chicago, IL 60613    

Comments: Hi, everyone! I'm sorry to have not made it to the reunion; I hear it was a nice time. Maybe the 20-year! Since high school I graduated from college (Eastern IL University) with a degree in journalism. I worked in TV news for a few years in Champaign and Peoria before taking a job in public relations and moving to New York City. There I met my husband, Dennis, and we were married in October 2005. Although a life-long NY/NJ resident, I somehow convinced him to move to Chicago... at least for a brief stay. Well, somehow that brief stay has turned into nearly two years and counting -- we just bought our first place together, here in the city! So we'll be in Chicago for a little while longer. We both work in PR (me as a publicist for a small firm in the Loop and him in research for a larger, international firm in the Mag Mile). I hope everyone is doing well!
Class of: 1996
City: San Jose, CA

Comments: I just moved out to San Jose, CA (9/2001) working for Texas Instruments and I love California.  Houston was a little humid for me.  If you're ever in the area, let me know.   

Name: Matt Jones
E-Mail: jonesmc6@yahoo.com
Class of: 1996 
Address: 4700 N Western Ave 3H, Chicago, IL  60625

Comments: Hi everyone. I have been living in Chicago since graduation and most recently have been working for Ernst & Young. My wife and I celebrated the birth of our twins girls not too long ago so life has been keeping us on our toes -- it sounds like many of you can relate. Feel free to drop me a line to catch up. Hope all is well. (Updated: 03/2008)  

Name: David Kellenberger
E-Mail: davekberg@hotmail.com
Class of: 1996    

(Updated: 11/2010)
Class of: 1996
Address: 2246 38th Stree,  Rock Island,  IL  61201
Phone: 309-794-9517

Comments: Hope all is well. We have been busy with running after our little girl, Lily. She is an absolute joy and we are so thankful to have her. Her "big fuzzy brother" has been demoted in our family, but he has been handling the adjustment well. Paul is working on his Master's degree, so life is pretty hectic. I think we enjoy life more that way!! Take care everyone! (Updated: 08/2008)

Name: Melissa Mondello
Maiden Name: Keysor
Class of: 1996
Address: 933 Crestview Trail, Byron,  IL  61010
Phone: 815-234-4366

Comments:   Hello everyone.  I've been keeping busy teaching high school choir and raising my two children: Lauren (2 years) and Isaac (8 months).  I have also continued the tradition of Metamora madrigal dinners by co-founding the Byron-Winnebago Madrigal Dinner with my husband Jason.  It definitely brings back memories!  Hope to see you all at our reunion sometime soon. 

Maiden Name: Kiesewetter
Class of: 1996

Comments: Hello! I married Mark Krumwiede in June 1998. We have two children, Josie and Jacob. I worked in Real Estate for about 15 years. Recently (Sept. 2011) I switched gears and took a position with ContinuityX, a telecommunications company, as a Compliance Officer/Human Resources. I still reside in Metamora. GO REDBIRDS! (Updated: 09/2012)
Maiden Name:  Knoblauch
Class of: 1996
City: Gainesville, FL  32608

Comments:  My husband and I moved to Florida in 2004.  He is getting ready to begin his 3rd (and final) year as a pediatric gastroenterology fellow. I am in Nurse Practitioner school at the University of Florida (GO GATORS!). I will graduate with my masters in Pediatrics this December. I also work as a nurse on an open heart team. We have one cat named Lou Dobbs and she is very spoiled. We love the winters down here!
Class of: 1996
Address: 8010 Janes Ave., Apt. #204, Woodridge, IL  60517
Phone: 630-910-4056 

Comments: I graduated from Northern Illinois University in May 2000 with a B.A. in German (emphasis Business/Translation).  I am currently working at Newspaper Services of America (an advertising/marketing agency) in Downers Grove.
Name: Suzanne Lambert-Lewellen
Maiden Name: Lambert
Class of: 1996
Address: 815 E Gift Ave., Peoria, IL  61603
Phone: 309-688-0558

Comments: Hello everyone. It is Christmas time 2004 and I am excited to celebrate it with my 6 month old daughter, Olivia. My husband, Tom, and I were married in 2000 after I graduated from UIUC. I am currently working on my Master's in School Counseling at Bradley University and working for a staffing agency in Peoria.

Maiden Name: Langewisch
Class of: 1996
City: Peoria,  IL  61606
Phone: 309-589-5726

Comments: Well, hmmm.  A bit has changed since I last updated.  I graduated from Bradley University with a Bachelor's in Music Education in December 2002.  Yes, I know it took me awhile! 

I married a wonderful man from Washington (of all places) named Aaron.  We have a beautiful daughter, Alexis who is 8 and a handsome little boy, named Alton, who is 5 months now.  We waited quite awhile for him...such a blessing, though!  I am in my third year of teaching in Washington as a music teacher K-8 and vocal music director.  It keeps me quite busy.  Although I work in Washington, my heart still belongs to Metamora and always will.  We bought a house in August of 2001 in Peoria.  We have a dog named Allison (or Allie McBeagle) and a cat named Sophie.  I keep in touch with a few of you and would LOVE to hear from more of you.  Please feel free to drop me a line via email.  I hope you are all finding your way in life all right.  Go MTHS!!! 

Class of: 1996
Address: 2134 Channel Island Dr. NE, Bemidji, MN  56601
Phone: 218-243-3316

Comments:  I moved back up to the Northwoods in October of 2005 from Tucson, AZ...  I actually started missing the green, tall trees and winter. I started my own taxidermy studio, Look's Alive Taxidermy and decided to go back to school and get my teaching certificate in Biology and Chemistry for grades 9-12 since there is a university here.  There's not much else to do up here in the winter with no snow toys.  But it is fun to park your truck on the ice instead of the parking lot!  When I'm not stuffing dead animals or going to class, I'm out snowshoeing or training my puppy dog to bird hunt. She's my baby- a German wire haired pointer named Larsyn.  I'm glad to hear that everyone is doing well!!   

Class of: 1996
Address: 805 Taylor St., Jenison, MI  49428

Comments: Hello, hello, hello.  Well I graduated from Calvin College in Michigan with a degree in Psychology, and a minor in music. Right now I'm a Sleep Tech at a sleep disorder center in Grand Rapids, Michigan. I am also married to a beautiful woman named Betsy (Sept. 7, 2001).
Name: Jamie Pettett
Maiden Name: Machen
Class of: 1996
Address: PO Box 32296, Jerusalem, Israel 91000

Comments: Hey all! My husband Alex and I have been living in Jerusalem, Israel since January '07. We are working with an organization called Shevet Achim which finds children with congenital heart defects from the surrounding Arab nations and territories and brings them into Israel for surgeries (check out www.shevet.org). I am back in school (again) studying Hebrew. On top of all that our first child, Abigail Grace, was born May 3rd, 2007 here in Jerusalem. She's beautiful! If you're ever on this side of the world, let us know.


Name: Doug Manns
E-Mail: djmanns@gmail.com
Class of: 1996
City: Memphis, TN


Comments: I moved to Dallas in 2001 after Graduating from ISU. I moved to Memphis in 2003 and was married April 1st 2006 to a northern Illinois Farm girl. No kids. We are Midwesterns at heart and will probably eventually move back we just don´t like the winters. If anyone is in Memphis and wants to grab a bite and a beer give me a call. Or if you just need directions I can do that. (Updated: 02/2008)

Name: Andrew Martin
E-Mail: andrew@martinsignservice.com
Class of: 1996
City: Metamora, IL 61548
Phone: 309-303-4034
Web site:

Comments: Hi everybody. Time marches on. I got married to my lovely wife in October 1998. We are proud parents of twins - 1 boy, 1 girl. After living in Morton for 5 years, we moved back to Metamora in 2003. I am working in the advertising field as I operate a signs/graphics business with my father. Contact me and let me know what's new. 

Class of: 1996
Address: 2248 Brookdale Ln., Pekin, IL  61554

Comments: Hi everyone.  I am currently teaching business classes at Pekin Community High School.  I live in Pekin as well.  It is nice to be able to see what everyone has been doing with their lives.  Take care.

Name: Crystal Marx
Maiden Name: Newell
Class of: 1996
Address: 709 E. Third Street, Glasford, IL 61533
Phone: 309-224-5175 

Comments: Well, Here's an update. I went to classes and got my Insurance Agent License. I got a job working at Miller Dredge Insurance. My husband and kids are all doing good. Looking forward to hearing from some of you and the class reunion. Give me a call sometime or if you need home or auto insurance I'll see what I can do. :) Talk with ya'll later.

Name: William Oliver
E-Mail: william.l.oliver@nmci.usmc.mil
Class of: 1996
Address: 3349 Murray Ridge Road, San Diego, CA 92123
Phone: 619-886-3881

Comments: Well where to start!! HUMMM or should I say GEE WHIZZ LOL!! I have been in the Marine Corps now for about 8 years and love it. I have been all over the world and even seen some combat. Trust me it is not like the movies. I am married with (2) kids. William 4 years old and Leeann 5 years old. Who would of ever thought of this!!!! Let me know what is up with you all oh yea please contact me about the reunions.    


Class of: 1996
City: Gilbert, AZ
Phone: 630-776-3339
Comments: Hello.  I have been living in Arizona for the last five years and each December when I head back to Illinois to visit, I realize how much I love Arizona even more.  I am still teaching 7th and 8th grade math, as well as coaching volleyball, cross country, and basketball.  I love the kids....what can I say :-)  I went back to school to get my Masters in Counseling and graduated in 2006.  Right now I still enjoy being in the classroom, but it is always nice to have a backup plan.  I got married in May 2008, but no kids yet...hopefully soon!   


Class of: 1996
Address: 1435 NW 63rd St., Kansas City, MO  64118
Phone: 309-369-7292
Comments:  It's been a while since I updated this.  I am currently working for Caterpillar, who transfered me to KC.  Glad to hear everyone is doing well.  

Name: Wendy Fitzanko
Maiden Name: Prose
E-Mail: wfitzanko@hotmail.com
Class of: 1996
Address: 401 Crawford Avenue, Dixon, IL  61021
Phone: 815-284-7154

Comments:  I graduated from Knox College in 2000 with a double major in Spanish and Secondary Education.  I taught at Tremont High School for a semester, and a few years later I married James Fitzanko (July 2003).  We are currently living in Dixon, IL (hometown of former President Ronald Reagan) where I have been teaching Spanish at Dixon High School for the past four years.  I absolutely love it!  Currently I am working on my Master's Degree in Spanish at NIU and will graduate in December of 2005.  Life is great!  I hope you are all doing well!

Name: Jessica Pyron
E-Mail: Jessicat782003@yahoo.com
Class of: 1996
City: Peoria, IL
Phone: 309-643-9787

Comments: Ok, I always thought I would update this thing once I had some exciting news, but no...don't. I have been working in the health insurance industry forever now and hope to retire soon. Still single and loving it.  It's like being 21 forever. I have a Yorkie, so that's kind of like having a child, minus diapers. It was so great to see everyone at the reunion. Yes Katie (Science Geek) I will totally help you out with the reunion. xxoo (Updated: 06/2008) 

Class of: 1996
Comments: I went to ICC for three years.  I am now enlisted in the Air Force for four years. I will be working as a crew chief on F-16s. After that I would like to go back to school and get my associate in Elementary Education.


Name: Laura Reid
E-Mail: lreid5@yahoo.com
Class of: 1996
Address: 2846 Thornhill Rd #52B, Birmingham,  AL   35213
Phone: 812-219-7975

Comments: I graduated from Illinois in 2000 with a BS in kinesiology, then worked in insurance for a few years.  I received my masters in clinical exercise physiology in May 2005 from Indiana University.  I'm currently working as an exercise physiologist in Birmingham.  No marriage, no kids - just a great boyfriend and some animals.  If anyone is in the south, let me know!

Class of: 1996
Address: 11/13 Parkway, London, NW1 7PG, England

Name: Jennifer Whitaker
Maiden Name: Rosenbaum
Class of: 1996
Address: 1115 W. Wikshire Dr., Peoria, IL  61614

Comments: Hi everyone!  It's good to see that so many of you are doing so well.  Stu and I met shortly after high school, but waited to get married until we were both done with college, and had decent jobs.  It wasn't long after our wedding(march 2003) before we were blessed with pregnancy.  Our daughter, Taylor, was born just nine months and one week after our wedding.  At that point in time I was still working at Methodist, on the cardiac unit.  Since then I had a short employment at Proctor in the cardiac cath lab, the "on call" schedule didn't work well with being a wife and new mom. So, I took a great job at Peoria Day Surgery Center, now I'm Mon - Fri, and much more stable hours during the week.  My hubby is a Recreation Maintenance Manager for the Peoria Park District.  His job suits him well, and it definitely has it's perks--free PPD events, free golf and so on.  We own a home in Peoria, and have two dogs, a pug and a Boston terrier.  I hope to see everyone at reunion, it should be a good time. Stay healthy, stay happy!
Class of: 1996
Address: 6441 S. Crabapple Ct. #1, Oak Creek, WI  53154
Phone: 414-304-1173
Comments: Since graduating college, I have been living in Milwaukee and working as an actuary.  I got married in 2006 to a wonderful girl named Jena (Updated: 12/2008)   


Class of: 1996
Address: 275 Syndicate St. N. #234, St. Paul,  MN  55104
Phone: 651-631-6767

Comments: Hey guys. I'm at school up in Minnesota at Concordia University. I have about a year and a half left of school as of Fall, 2001. When I'm done I'll be a Director of Christian Education which means I'll be a high school youth minister in a church. What's with all you guys getting married? I'm not even close. Feel free to drop me a line if you'd like. Take care.
Name: Ann Culler
Maiden Name: Schrepfer 
Class of: 1996 

Comments: I currently work at Caterpillar Inc. w/ Systems and Processes Division. I have a 2 yr. old little girl named Elliet Culler and am married to Jeff Culler who works at ATS. (Updated: 09/2008)

Name: Brad Seckler
E-Mail: bseckler@scotforge.co
Class of: 1996 

Comments: Hello everyone! Just wanted to give everyone an update on what I have been doing. I graduated from Western Illinois University in 2000 with a Bachelors in Finance. I also when back to school in 2004 to get my Masters in Accounting, which I received from Keller Graduate School of Management. I am married, four years now, own two dogs or they own me not sure which yet. I am currently living in Northern Illinois almost in Wisconsin. My wife has just finished her PhD in Psychology. Which, I think she did just so she could understand me? Looking forward to catching up to everyone at the reunion.

Maiden Name: Sliger
Class of: 1996
Phone:  309-685-4673

Comments: After 2 years at ICC, I went to EUI and graduated with a degree in biological sciences with teacher certification.  I got married to Dan Wegner and taught 4 years at Richwoods High School while we lived in Peoria.  When our first child arrived, I became a stay at home mom.  God has now blessed us with 4 children.  We have a brown haired, brown-eyed daughter named Lily (04), then came blonde-haired, blue-eyed identical twins, Grace & Naomi (05) and a brown haired blue eyed boy Asher (10).  They keep us busy, but we would love to hear from any old friends. (Updated 08/2010)
Class of: 1996
Address: 3501 S. Stover Bldg1 Apt 19, Fort Collins, CO  80525
Phone: 970-225-6314
Comments: I am now attending Colorado State University in Fort Collins, and studying Fisheries Biology. I will graduate in a year and half I hope, then go on and get my masters.  

Name: Sarah Hedman
Maiden Name: Stamm
Class of: 1996
Phone: 309-686-7730
Address: 519 E. Melbourne. Ave., Peoria, IL 61603

Comments: After high school, I spent 2 years at ICC, then got my Bachelor's degree in Visual Art from Northern Illinois University. I married my incredible husband, Darrel Hedman, in December of 1999. I now stay home with our two beautiful daughters. Josephine is 5 and Eliza will be 3 in August of '06. We are foster parents and both of our daughters are adopted through the foster care system. We got them both as babies and they are biological half sisters. They look nothing alike, though, and nothing like us either because they are African American. They are a huge blessing to us and we look forward to adopting more. My husband works for Pearl Technology here in Peoria. We are involved with Riverside Community Church in downtown Peoria. Ummm...let's see. We have a yellow lab named Moose. I don't know, that's about it. I would love to hear from any of you!!


Name: Jill Smith
Maiden Name: Stieglitz
Class of: 1996

Comments: After graduating from the University of Illinois in May 2000 with a degree in business, I moved to Chicago and began working in HR for PricewaterhouseCoopers Consulting. I returned to school to get my Master's in Education and taught math for a year at Palatine High School. Since then, however, I've decided to return to the comforts of the consulting industry. My husband, Scott (Highland Park, IL) and I bought a house in the northwest suburbs, and we just welcomed our first child - our daughter, Brynn, in May 2006. Plans for our 10-year reunion are underway. Hope you can join us!

Class of: 1996
Address: 1688 State St., Cazenovia,  IL  61545
Phone: 309-367-2695

Comments: Ok... What have I been doing since High School... I've asked myself that quite often actually... I enlisted in the Army Reserves, spent from August 1996 through January 1997 in training to be a Combat Medic (yeah, scary, isn't it....), came home, tried the school thing at ISU... spent a semester there as a Psychology major... returned to ICC... Spent two semesters there as a Computer Science major... I held a few various jobs during that time... Got married (even scarier, ain't it?) in September of 2000, I've been working for Accelerated Technology Companies Ltd. in Peoria since September of 2000 and now I divide my time between on-site computer service calls and Network Administration at Cilco.  Other than that... not much happening. I'm still living in central illinois... only I've moved to the other side of town and have corn fields for neighbors...
Name: Jennifer Dunkley
Maiden Name: Trau
Class of: 1996  

Comments:  I got out of the military in 2004 and moved to my husband's home town in North Carolina.  I didn't like it at first but it has grown on me.  It is nice to be so close to the beach.  We have two wonderful children Logan(5) and Madison(3).  I am the Athletic Director for the County Parks and Recreation Department and love it.  My husband, Will, is a police officer for the city we live in, so we both have a crazy work schedule.  We are going to try and make it to the reunion, but the older I get the harder it is to find time to make it home.  I had to pull the yearbook out after checking the website and had some good laughs thinking of High School (have to say I don't miss it).  It is great to hear how well everyone is doing and hope to see you at the reunion. (Updated: 06/2008)
Maiden Name: Walker
Class of: 1996
Comments::  Hey, it's good reading about everyone here. Congratulations on all of your careers and families! I finished NIU in 2000 with a BA in El. Ed. and I also got married in 2000. We lived overseas for a few years, but we're back here living in Washington now. We have no children yet, but maybe someday! Any word on a reunion this year? 

Maiden Name: Wettstein
Class of: 1996


Class of: 1996
Address: 1493 Springbay Rd., East Peoria,  IL  61611
Phone: 309-822-0464

Comments: I graduated from Nashville Auto Diesel College in November of 1997.I do auto body repair and work for Germantown Hills Autobody, I have been with them since graduating form college. I am still single. 

Name: Jared Woodruff
E-Mail: jaredwoodruff@yahoo.com
Class of: 1996
Address: 1295 Glenwood Avenue, Metamora, IL 61548

Comments: I got married in May of 1999 to my wife Jean. We have three children...Gavin 6, Grant 4, and Garyn 2. I am a project manager and design engineer for Belcan Corp. I have recently found a love for dirt bikes. In my very limited time for play, I like to trail ride.


Class of: 1996
Address: 1422 E Union #205, Seattle,  WA  98122
Phone: 206-794-5888


Comments: Alright, Jackie Doty yelled at me for not writing anything, so here goes. I'm currently working for a small environmental firm in Seattle, Washington.  Saving the planet and all keeps me pretty busy. We do a variety of things, including Superfund Site Cleanup, Spill Cleanup, etc and I get to be outside a lot, so I am happy.  I've lived out here for 4 years.  Jackie, is that good enough?
Maiden Name: Zimmerman
Class of: 1996
Address: One Wheaton Center, Apt #1610, Wheaton, IL  60187
Phone: 630-784-8724

Comments: I graduated in May 0f 1999 from the University of Illinois with a B.S. in Animal Science.  I moved to the Chicago area after getting married on June 19, 1999.  I have worked at the Brookfield Zoo, and a therapeutic horseback riding center for children with disabilities.  I decided to go back to school to get my masters in Education.  I am currently attending Aurora University and working at Cosley Zoo in Wheaton as an educational instructor.  I will be done with my masters program in the spring of 2001 and hope to stay at Cosley Zoo as a full time Educator.
Class of: 1996
Address: Box 1040, Metamora, IL 61548
Phone: 309-383-3049

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