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MTHS Class of 2002

This information was taken from the Senior Yearbook.  
Please contact us with corrections. 
Adami, Nathaniel
Adams, Daniel
Almasy, Erica
Alvis II, Richard
Ambrosch, Joshua
Anders, Leslie
Andrews, Samantha
Armstrong, Sarah
Baruzzini, Kristin
Bell, Erica
Blickenstaff, Duncan
Braden, Jami
Brennan, Paul
Burchette, Nathan
Burns, Shannon
Burroughs, Jr., Robert
Buttrum, Nichole
Callaway, Megan
Camp, Adam
Carr, Landon
Carrell, Christopher
Caroll, Samuel
Clark, Eric
Clement, Ryan
Cole, Sarah
Cornell, Nikole
Cotton, Amanda
Cross, Michael
Dansart, Jack
Davis , Brock
Deatherage, Staci
DeCroix, Raymond
DeLine, Jarod
Dentino, Kyle
Dixon, Heather
Doerr, Jeramy
Donahue, Colleen
Doty, Rickie
Douglas, Heather
Dragoo, David
DuBois, Kyle
Durre, Andrew
Eichhorn, Jr., William
England, Paul
Ericksson, Dana
Facker, Angela
Fandel, Karl
Feagans, Jennifer
Fitz, Travis
Flad, Andrew
Frederick, Andrew
Gaskill, Jonathan
Gerkin, Hollie
Gleason, Jennifer
Goodyear, Melanie
Graves, Travis
Grier, Rachel
Haedicke, Amy
Hammer, Kelly
Hansen, Jonathan
Hansen, Megan
Hanson, Melissa
Harris, Megan
Harrison, Tiffany
Hill, Toren
Hoehne, Anthony
Huber, Dustin
Janssen, Zachary
Johnston, Elisabeth
Jolliff, Clinton
Kamm, Andrew
Kapruan, Kimberly
Kellenberger, Thomas
Kern, Mathew
Kilduski, Elizabeth
King, Douglas
Kochendorfer, Robert
Krohn, Melissa
Krus, Kasey
Kurtz, Keith
Layhew, Austin
Leathers, Jr., Gerald
Malson, Jason
Matts, Jennifer
Maxwell, Andrew
Maxwell, Valerie
McAdams, Amanda
McCumber, Timothy
McMillan, Brian
McWhirter, Justin
Messersmith, Andrew
Mohn, II, Roger
Morgan, Tracey
Mouzourakis, Jamie
Mullins, Daniel
Murphy, Dylan
Nauman, Michael
Nauman, Sara
Nelson, Kevin
Nosbisch, Jennifer
O’Shea, Kevin
Bery, Brian
Otto, Ryan
Peck, Joshua
Perau, Jeffrey
Peterson, Steven
Pfaff, Eva
Pitts, Marilyn
Polanin, Joshua
Prewett, Emily
Raube, Megan
Redenbo, Seth
Reich, Lindsay
Reinmann, Ashley
Renken, Miranda
Riddle, Victoria
Rigg, Jacquelyn
Roberts, Kari
Robertson, Kenneth
Rooney, Michael
Ross, Timothy
Russell, Nicolas
Rutherford, Jennifer
Sabin, Linda
Sanders, Michael
Sargeant, Cheryl
Scachette, Charles
Schaidle, Colleen
Scheirer, Nicholas
Schertz, Christopher
Schertz, Daniel
Schertz, Jesse
Schertz, Molly
Schlemmer, Jonathan
Schmillen, Rebecca
Seelye, Marty
Sekera, David
Seppelt, Nicole
Setterlund, Erinn
Severinsen, Sherri
Shelton, Andrea
Sherwood, Amanda
Siefken, Sarah
Slover, Charles
Smith, Jennifer
Solomon, Sandra
Stokes, Brandon
Stonecipher, Matthew
Stull, Janie
Stull II, Timothy
Sullivan, Camilo
Sundin, Jade
Test, William
Tisseret, Timothy
Tuckwell, Angela
Urban, Jeremiah
Urbanc, Molly
Vanne, John
Vogelgesang, David
Vogler, Sarah
VonFeldt, Emily
Waldschmidt, John
Walker, Kimberly
Wallace, Tara
Wear, Daniel
Wernsman, Nicole
Weyeneth, Karl
Whalen, Kimberly
Wickman, Scott
Wiechmann, Melissa
Willi, Renee
Winkler, Anthony
Woll, Shasta
Wood, Erica
Wragge, Samual
Zoss, Christopher  
Class of: 2002
Address: 818 North Broadway, Goreville,  IL  62939

Comments: Well finished HS and on to college, starting at Shawnee then transferring to SIU. I miss home, its such a dramatic change but I think our class if anything can handle this well best wishes to all my fellow students and good luck in life along w/ props to all my teachers that devoted their time to getting me outta MTHS! LUV to all. Nate (daego) Adami PS keep in touch and ill see u all at the ten year reunion
Name: Sarah (Beth) Armstrong
Email: armstrong.sarah@yahoo.com 
Class of: 2002
City: Overland Park, KS

Comments: Hi, old friends. I hope the last five years have treated you all well. After graduating from Truman State University in 2006, I moved to Kansas City to work at Sprint as an accountant. I'm working there while taking classes toward an MBA from Rockhurst University . After I finish that degree and have some work experience, I would love to teach collegiate business courses. We'll see. I'll be marrying Mike Hibit, a wonderful Kansan high school math teacher, in Peoria on July 5, 2008 . I'm very excited for what the upcoming years have in store!

Name: Jami Clementz
Maiden Name: Braden
Class of: 2002
Address: 110 Schmitt Lane, Germantown Hills, IL   61548

(Updated: 11/2009)


Class of: 2002
Address: 328 Ash Lane, East Peoria,  IL   61611
Phone: 309-219-1817

Comments: Just thought that I would update.. I am now a mother of one girl, Dafne who was born in December of 2005. She's my everything. Right now I am a stay at home mom and I love it.

Name: Landon Carr
E-Mail: LNC-Enterprises@ltdteam.com
Class of: 2002
Address: 316 Court Dr.Washington, IL  61571
Phone: 309-712-5384

Comments: Well hello 2002 class! Quick update on the Carr family: Natalie and I are close to celebrating 2 years of wonderful marriage to each other. Currently owning a home in Washington and I am a Mechanical Engineer at Belcan Advanced Engineering and Technical Division. Natalie is a Director/Principal at a private Christian school in Washington. Life is good, young, and healthy and we are excited about meeting new people and some of you from the past. If you would like to connect/network with us sometime, we are on Facebook and you can use my above email address. Excited for a class reunion in 2012 and will see you all there and where life has taken you. Ps 8:34-35 (Updated:




Name: Amanda Cotton
E-Mail: ctnball14@hotmail.com
Class of: 2002
Address: 303 W. Pine, Metamora,  IL   61548

Comments: Hi Everyone!! I am currently at ICC and plan to transfer to ISU with a major in Elementary Education.  School is going great and I am meeting some really great people.  I miss everyone from high school, so drop me an E:Mail sometime.  I hope everyone is doing great.  Love Ya All!


Name: Rick Doty
E-Mail: grad0224@yahoo.com
Class of: 2002

Comments: Hey what's up...Well since high school which was 4 years ago already I have worked many places but now I am a Detail Manager at Uftring Nissan of Peoria...that is all pretty much that I have been up to...but hey wish you all luck in your future and look me up if you wanna.

Name: Paul England
E-Mail: Spooner02320@hotmail.com
Class of: 2002
Address: 192 Adomeit Dr., Henderson , NV 89074
Phone: 309-922-9379

Comments: After High School I joined the Army. I was stationed in Germany for two years and went to Iraq . I'm married now to a German woman whom I met while stationed there. After Germany I was stationed in Texas and am now out of the military and going to school for a business degree in Las Vegas , NV.

Name: Angela Facker
E-Mail: momma2krue@gmail.com
Class of: 2002
City: Peoria, IL

(Updated: 11/2010)


Name: Jenni Gleason
E-Mail: jenni.gleason@clarke.edu
Class of: 2002
City: Dubuque, IA
Phone: 563-588-6718

Comments: Hey:  Just thought I'd add little info onto whats been going on in Dubuque Iowa. Life has been going well. I've met tons of new faces up here, and you could say Iowa does stand for "Idiots out walking around" because all you see is people out walking around. I finished my first season of soccer and eh... it went ok. Second semester I decided to switch my major and now I'm majoring in Art/History. You're probably wondering what I'm going to do with it... I'm planning on taking into gallery and museum work. I've pretty much been keeping in touch with a few people from back home. Dave Sekera, Shannon Burns, Missy Krohn, Jenn Smith, and my buddy Jeremy Doerr. On occasion getting ahold of John, Maxwell, and Timmy. But thats about it. Jeremy and I are keeping it cool, planning some major trips together to Colorado and Italy in the summer time.  Hopefully some of you will be joining us in '04 with the trip to Italy with good 'ole Hicks. I'm thinking about studying abroad in the spring of '04 so I might get a taste of life out there before I take the trip with Hicks.  Hope things are going great for you guys can't to see you all again!  Later: Jenn


Name: Melanie Goodyear
E-Mail: mmgoody@ilstu.edu
Class of: 2002
City: Normal, IL 61761

Comments: I'm still at ISU...finally graduating in May! I decided to major in English but I have no idea what I want to do after that. Right now I'm just working a lot and finishing up school. Hope everyone else is doing well!

Name: Kelly Braun
Maiden Name: Hammer
E-Mail: KellyJBraun@yahoo.com
Class of: 2002


Comments: I was a little bummed that our class did not have a 5 year reunion this year. It would have been nice to see everyone! I must say, God's good! Currently, I am living in Eureka, Illinois, in a house on 32 acres. My husband, Cal and I recently celebrated our 2nd wedding anniversary in September. I finished my Associates at ICC in Summer of 2005. There I also received my preschool teaching certificate.I am currently at Eureka College working on getting endorsed in special education where I plan on graduating in May '08. I've already completed a degree in Elementary Education specializing in Language Arts. Other than that, I keep busy volunteering at the Heart House and working. Please feel free to drop me an e-mail. I'd love to hear how you are doing and what you've been up to! May the Lord bless you in all areas of your life!



Name: Anthony Hoehne
E-Mail: ahoehne@bradley.edu
Class of: 2002

Comments: Hey y'all!  I'm currently at Bradley University going for my Bachelor's in electrical engineering, and may decide to go for a masters afterwords.  I live in Peoria now in a house near Bradley, and everything is going awesome.  Hope to hear from some of you guys sometime. 

Name: Jenni Matts
E-Mail: jl-matts@wiu.edu
Class of: 2002

Comments: Hey there! Graduated from WIU in December 2005-glad to be done! Hope all is going well for everyone.
Name: Tim McCumber
E-Mail: TimyMc24@aol.com
Class of: 2002
Address: 326 Arbor Vitae Dr., Metamora,   IL   61548
Phone: 383-4666

Comments: Whats up all!!!  I have been pretty busy since the end of high school.  I'm at ICC.  I coached JFL this year and I am currently working part time in a machine shop.  I miss everyone so much.  I am having a blast at ICC and still try to keep in touch with my buddies.  I hope that everything is going well for all of you!
Name: Jamie Mouzourakis
E-Mail: jm9383@insightbb.com
Class of: 2002


Name: Kevin O'Shea
E-Mail: kevinoshea@gmail.com
Class of: 2002
Address: Purdue University, 504 W. State St., West Lafayette, IN  47906
(Updated: 11/2011)
Name: Josh Peck
E-Mail: JPKiddd@aol.com
Class of: 2002
City: Fayetteville,  NC  28322

Comments: Hey everyone, hope everything is going good, just finishing up my junior year down here in North Carolina at Methodist College.  I'm double majoring in business administration and marketing with concentration in professional golf management, which is a great program if anyone is interested in the golf business.  Having fun down here while it lasts.  Send me an e-mail, would like to hear from all of you! Take it easy.


Comments: I opened "Do It Up" Hair Design in Metamora in 2009. I am currently a full-time hair stylist and have three stylists working with me. Come in and get your hair done! I got married October 2010 and we are currently living in Marquette Heights. Life is great and God has amazing plans for me! (Updated: 04/2011)


Name: Chris Schertz
E-Mail: schertz70@yahoo.com
Class of: 2002
Address: 235 N. Bureau Ave., Ladd, IL  61329

Comments:I graduated from the Caterpillar Think Big program in 2004, and have been working for Altorfer since then, first in the shop and now as a field service technician. just got married July 15, and then went to Costa Rica on our honeymoon. My wife went graduated from U of I this past spring and now is a law student at NIU. We bought a house in a small town outside of La Salle-Peru, which is halfway between DeKalb and Peoria . I've been playing for the Midstate Steel, a semi-pro football team in Peoria as well as coaching JFL.  After my wife is done with law school, we plan to move back to the Peoria area.




Name: Jon Schlemmer
Class of: 2002
Address: 505 Crestview, Metamora,  IL  61548
Phone: 309-635-3482

Name: Erinn Setterlund
E-Mail: emsette@ilstu.edu
Class of: 2002
Address: 417 Park Creek Court, Normal,   IL   61761
Phone: 309-310-2671

Comments:  Hi everyone!  Just wanted to update my information.  I am currently living in Seville , Spain .  I am finished with my Spanish minor and Communication degree from ISU, and am currently considering completing a Spanish major.  After I return from Spain , unless I get a second degree, I plan to look into organizations such as Americore or the Peace Corps.  The world is a crazy place right now, so I figure we as young citizens needs to help out as much as we can.  Any ways, I hope everyone's life is going great, and please keep in touch!  Erinn

Name: Andrea Simpson
Maiden Name: Shelton
Class of: 2002
Address: 972 W 400 N, Salt Lake City, UT 84116

Comments: Hello to everyone! I just wanted to let everyone know of my beautiful life. I have a wonderful husband, Tim. A beautiful little girl named Lauryn. A son due May 5, 2007 to be named Owen. Tim is a plumber and we live in SLC, UT. Perfection. Hope all is well for everyone. Peace- Andrea :)

Name: Angela Boulton
Maiden Name: Tuckwell
Class of: 2002
Address: 1623 N. Arrow Ave., Peoria, IL  61604 

Name: David Vogelgesang
E-Mail: vogelgesang1@gmail.com
Class of: 2002

(Updated: 08/2012)
Name: Sam Wragge
Class of: 2002
City: Washington, IL
Phone: 309-696-0815

Comments: Comments: Hey everyone. Gettn close to 10 years so figured I should update this. Since high school, I went to Illinois Welding School, was in the Army and went to Iraq all of 2005, got back and met my wife, Sarah. We have two beautiful kids, Nathan who's 4 and Grace who turns one in October. I've been a union Ironworker for 4 years now and enjoy the work. Hope to see everyone again soon. (Updated: 10/2011)
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