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MTHS Class of 2000

This information was taken from the Senior Yearbook.  
Please contact us with corrections. 
Jesse Adami
Brent Aleshire
Lacey Alexander
Douglas Almasy
Penny Anderson
Benjamin Arnold
Joseph Bachman
Leslie Baldwin
Nathan Barker
Tyler Barlow
Nicholas Barnett
Rachel Bellisario
Summer Belsly
Brad Bill
Carl Blessing
Kurt Blickenstaff
Andrew Boulton
Joan Braden
Patricia Bray
Anthony Brook
Anthony Brown
Darrel Bruch
Christopher Capmen
Joseph Carrigan
Jesse Chamberlain
Kayon Chin
Devery Christ
Monica Christy
Nicholas Clementz
Stephen Cole
Abby Collins
Elizabeth Collins
Sarah Coots
Ashley Copes
Michael Decker
Trent Delinksi
Amy Dooley
Kirsten Downey
Dustin Draggist
Mark Werner Dreisorner
Jennae DuBois
Kristine DuBois
Amy Durst
Travis DeWolfe
Kyle Eaton
Leon Edwards
Jennifer Egli
Keith Eilers
Zachary Elger
Tiffany Elliot
Michelle Elston
Sarah Engstrom
Bonnie Fandel
Andrew Farraher
Amy Fisher
Abigail Fliege
Paul Force
Christopher Ford
Russell Fosdyck
Jake Foster
Matthew Gardner
Christopher Gaskill
Heath Gerkin
Edward Germain
Megan Gillhouse
Jonathan Goff
Jamie Golder
Andrew Grabenstetter
Amanda Grebner
Eric Gullet
Javan Hall
Brent Hallahan
Zachary Hamilton
Michelle Hansen
Amanda Hanson
Joshua Harris
Lindsey Harris
Megan Hartnett
Kathleen Harvey
Karen Hatcher
Dawn Haycraft
David Heller
Melinda Heshelman
Matthew Hicks
Rachel Hippen
Chad Hirst
William Hobkirk
Nicholas Hoerr
Tammy Hoerr
Heidi Hoover
Talbert Houle
Joshua Hovey
Jessica Howes
Nicholas Imhoff
Jacob Ioerger
Anne Jackson
Andrea Johnston
Joshua Keim
Jacob Keyser
Sarah King
Jesse Kipling
Matthew Kleeman - deceased
Kristin Knight
Heather Koppenhoefer
Robert Kurtz
Elizabeth Lampe
Erin Larson
Korinne Latta
James Lawson
Kurt Leslie
Nicole Lester
David Lewis
Anne Luhring
Josh Machen
Justin Markle
Thomas Martin
Emily Maubach
Kendra Maurer
Lesley Maurer
Charles McAllister
Timothy Meismer
Erin Meredith
Daniel Meyers
Melissa Miller
Rebecca Miller
Amanda Mitchell
Molly Morrison
James Mulcrone
Anthony Mullins
Melissa Mullins
Christopher Murphy
Julia Myers
Melissa Myers
Bradley Nauman
Carrie Nauman
Mark Nikola
Austin Noll
Amanda Nuest
Paul Nycz
David O'Donal
Michael Owens
Haylle Pare
Jeffrey Park
Zachary Parr
Susan Peithman
Bruce Penny
Jennifer Persson
Jennifer Pizzuti
Nathan Porritt
Mike Purfield
Rick Reliford
Jeffrey Ricketts
Heather Rink
Stacey Risen
Candice Robertson
Niki Robertson
William Robitske
Anthony Rockett
Cody Roe-Beard
Matthew Roedell
Rachel Rohman
Brittany Romani
Jeremy Rutherford
Allen Sattler
Jodi Schaer
Barbara Schertz
Eric Schertz
Matthew Schertz
Andrea Schieber
Jessica Schierer
Derek Schluter
Jamie Schneider
Brian Schroers
Derek Schussele
Emily Setterlund
Matthew Sharick
Lauren Shoff
Mark Shults
Mary Sizemore
Laura Sliger
Brandon Smick
Amanda Smith
Brandon Snopek
Justin Springer
Tim Staab
Stephanie Stalter
Brent Stewart
Kathryn Stonecipher
Rachel Stull
Christina Swords
Jessica Trau
Cassandra Tucker
Lacey Vandergraft
Renee Vandermore
Brionna Vanne
Paige Wahrenburg
Sarah Weber
Lisa Wells
Sarah Wernsman
Jeffrey Wettstein
Jennifer Wetzel
Caleb White
Matthew White
Natalie Wiechmann
Brad Wilke
Autumn Wilson
Jeremy Wilson
Tara Witt
Carrie Wolffe
Shannon Woodall
Robert Zimmerman

Name: Lacey Leigh Alexander
Class of: 2000
Phone: 309-635-8694
Comments: In 2004, I graduated from Bradley University with a Bachelor's Degree in Health Science. In July 2004, I started classes at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport , IA. In October 2007, I will be graduating with a Doctorate in Chiropractic. Hope everyone is doing well.

Name: Leslie Grabenstetter
Maiden Name: Baldwin
Class of: 2000
Address: 1128 North Nancy Street, East Peoria, IL  61611
Comments: Hello Class of 2000! After High School I went to Illinois State U where I achieved my Bachelor's in Arts. Also since High School I met up with Andy Grabenstetter (Thanks, Facebook) and we are now married (October 31st, 2008) and we have two beautiful daughters - Ellenore 11-26-08 and Georgia 6-1-10. We moved back to the Ole Germantown Hills stomping grounds so that our kids can go to the same school that I did. Sorry, St Mary's folks. :) I am currently working as a full time mommy, and when it comes up - seasonally as a District Manager for the Spirit Halloween chain of stores.

Sorry that we didn't make it to the 10 Year Reunion. I was working as a manager at the Halloween Chain at the time and could not get away!

Hope everyone is doing well and achieving their dreams and aspirations, whether they are the same as when you were 18, or completely different one. (Updated: 08/2011)

Name: Summer Youngkin
Maiden Name: Belsly

Comments: Hi guys! I got married to my husband CJ in October of '07. We live in a Kansas City suburb. I work as a company sales rep for an Audio/Video company based out of California. My husband owns a remodeling company. We don't do too much and feel really old already. We are SO happy though! We go to all the KC Chiefs games, and travel around the country quite a bit. That's about it. No babies for awhile...at least that's the plan. Hope everyone is doing great! (Updated: 02/2008)



(Updated: 08/20120)

Name: Abby Collins
Class of: 2000
City: Newport Beach, CA

Comments: I moved out here to California in August of 06. Although I miss my family and friends back in IL- you can't really beat living at the beach! I work at a great salon here in Newport Beach.

I recently got married in September 09 to Aaron. Even though I met him out here- he is also a mid-westerner...from Ohio!

Hope everyone is doing well, I can't believe it is almost our 10 year reunion! I hope we can make it back. It will be so great to see everyone. (Updated: 10/2009)

Name: Elizabeth Collins
Class of: 2000
105 South Beth Court, East Peoria,IL   61611
Phone: 309-698-1240

Comments:  I now (as of
2-6-06 ) have a 9 month old little girl, Emmalyn Michele! She is beautiful and changing every day.  Obviously I m back in IL.  I am still in the national guard and still engaged to Tanner (Emma's Father).  We have been engaged for about 4.5 yrs but I do not want to get married till I get through nursing school and well (until he grows up a little more)!  He is now out of active duty because I talked him into getting out and switching into the guard.  So he did, and then they sent him back to Iraq(that is where he is now, his 2nd time there)  Hopefully he will be back soon hope to hear from some of you soon! 

Name: Sarah Stokes
Maiden Name: Coots
Class of: 2000
City: Mackinaw, IL

Comments: Hello! I have been reading all the wonderful things everyone has been doing for years now. I finally decided to change the "ICC is great" post. Whoever put that up for me, thanks:) I still think it was you Krissy.

Anyways, once I left ICC, I began working for the billing office at OSF. After 2 years of pure cubicle boredom, I decided it was time to get back to the books. I commuted to ISU for 2 years and now teach 3rd grade spec ed at Peoria Heights Grade School. I got married this past July (09) to Mark. We live in Mackinaw, which works out great for us now. No kids soon but hopefully in the future. Take care! (Updated: 11/2009)

Name: Ashley Copes
Class of: 2000
Address: 2042 S. Oakdale Dr., Bloomington, IN   47403

Comments: I graduated from the University of Illinois with a BS in Biochemistry in May 2004 with a thesis in analytical chemistry. Since then, I have been studying chemistry & biochemistry at Indiana University and will be graduating with an MS in May 2006. I'm currently searching for a position in the pharmaceutical/biotech industry anywhere in the world! Things are going well, good friends, good work, a good man :) I hope all is well with everyone. Feel free to drop me a line or AIM me (angelrae9).

Name: Michael Decker
E-Mail: decker.mike.e@gmail.com
Class of: 2000
City: East Peoria, IL
Website: www.customartwork.blogspot.com

Comments: Graduated from Life University College of Chiropractic (Marietta, GA) in March of 2009. Have returned to the Peoria area in search of an associate position in nearby chiropractic office. (Updated: 09/2009)

Name: Kirsten Downey
Class of: 2000
2606 W. Wardcliffe DrivePeoria,  IL   61604 

Comments: Hello!  Well in High School I was a pretty BIG girl since then I've changed! I lost over 100 lbs.  I joined the Army in Sept of 2001.  Spent 4 years active duty.  Seen many beautiful places like Germanyand oh of course a year in Iraq.  I got out in Nov of 2005 and currently serving in the National Guard.  Only 3 years left!!!  I now am going to school full-time working toward my RN sooner or later.  In January my boyfriend and I are expecting a little one.  Should be married but hey I'm doing it my way.

Name: Dustin Draggist
Class of: 2000
Phone: 309-253-6339

Comments: Long time no see, for most of you that is.  I'm almost done at Bradley, getting my master's in accounting.  I'm interning at Caterpillar right now and am thinking that's where I'll end up after school ends in December.  Other than that I have been enjoying living with my roommates (most of the time), being active in campus activities, and my brief stint on American Idol.   Well, two out of three ain't bad.  I hope all of you are doing well.  Feel free to call, so we can catch up.

Comments: Hi everyone.  Here's and update on me.  I work at OSF Saint Francis in the Purchasing office.  I am currently finishing up a Bachelor's Degree at U of I.  I am moving to Florida in August to start on my MBA at Florida State .  Hopefully I will get that done by '07. Sorry ladies but, I am now married to Stephanie (Nimmo) from highs school (Class of 2001).  We were married on Valentines Day '04.  No children as of yet. Send me an email anytime at travis_dewolfe@yahoo.com.

Name: Kyle Eaton
Class of: 2000

(Updated: 12/2010)

Name: Keith Eilers
Class of: 2000

Maiden Name: Fandel
Class of: 2000

Comments: After my stint working for the church at WIU, I moved back to central IL and am currently working in admissions for my alma mater, Eureka College . I got married December of 2006 and life is GOOD. I'm about to leave for my Scottish honeymoon and then begin life as a homeowner and mom. :) Hope all is well with everyone.

Class of: 2000
Address: Augusta College, Box 615, Rockford, IL   61210
Phone: 309-360-2656

Comments: I am almost done with school!  I am going to graduate in February 2004 from Augustana College with an International Marketing Degree with language emphasis in Spanish and Chinese.  I am working as a Quiche Marketing Specialist at Nancy 's Pies in Rock Island while finishing up classes.  I love it in the Quad Cities!  Email me!  Take care. ~Amy

Class of: 2000
Phone: 513-490-5459

Comments: I graduated with a bachelors of social work from the University of Illinois at Springfield in 2006. I graduated with a masters of science in social administration from Case Western Reserve in 2008. After grad school I spent some time in Cincinnati working with children and adolescents that had mental health issues. After that I spent six months in Montana as a school based therapist. I moved back to Ohio and finally made my way back to Peoria. Currently I am working for an insurance agency. It's been a crazy journey but I am glad to be back home. Please feel free to contact me or look me up on facebook. Take care. (Updated: 02/2012)

Name: Jacob Foster
Class of: 2000

Class of: 2000
City: Shaw AFB, SC 29152

Comments:  After summer vacation I joined the Unites States Air Force.  My first day of basic training was on September first.  I was in San Antonio Texas .  I graduated that on October 13th.  Then I went to Witchita Falls Texas at Sheppard AFB.  I graduated there and am currently at my 1st permanent duty station.  I am in South Carolina at Shaw AFB.  It is by the wonderful town of Sumter .  It is just like back home... you have to drive 30 minutes to get there and it sucks when you do.  At least the weather is nice here.  I work on generators and arresting barriers... those are the cables that catch "injured" fighter planes... kinda like on a naval aircraft carrier.  This summer I will probably be deployed to Saudi Arabia for 3 months, then after that who knows where they will send me.

Class of: 2000
Address: 281 Pokagon Drive, Carmel,  IN  47906

Comments: I'm out here at Purdue right now majoring in Nuclear Engineering.

Name: Megan Gillhouse
Class of: 2000
Address: 3811 Ricketts,
Bartonville,   IL   61607 
Phone: 309-642-1974

Comments: What's up to all. So after five years of straight partying I decided it was time to hit the books again. In the year 2007 if all goes well I will have my degree in sci. majoring radiology.  Still in the wonderful state of  Illinois  even though  I have moved a lot since graduation. I'm glad to see that a lot of you are doing so well. Sorry to say no children or marriage yet but did just celebrate my five year aniv. with a wonderful man named Paxton. Out of all the towns that I would date someone from I picked Pekin. Feel free anyone to email. see all of you at the reunion.

Name: Andrew Grabenstetter
Class of: 2000

Comments: After high school I started an internship at Caterpillar and went to ICC(I have my degree in Engineering). I ended up working at Caterpillar for 5 years before I left. I then moved to Morton (in 2005) and started working at a small Computer Software Company (CSE Software Inc.) where I am a Project Manager in Quality Control and have been working there ever since. Just this year (2009) we started another company (Simformotion) which develops 3D simulated environments for people to train on Caterpillar equipment. So, I play "video games" all day and make sure our products are ready for the customers.

During all of this I managed to meet back up with Leslie Baldwin and we got married on Halloween in 2008. We have 1 daughter (Ellenore Louise) who just celebrated her first birthday on Thanksgiving this year. We are expecting our next kid in June 2010! We lived in Morton for a little while and bought a house in Germantown in 2008.

It will be nice to see everyone again at our reunion. Take care. (Updated: 12/2009)

Name: Eric Gullett
Class of: 2000
Address: 14 S. Decker Ave, Baltimore,  MD 21224

Comments: I am an account manager for Aerotek Engineering in Baltimore, MD. I work directly with manufacturing companies and defense integrators. Have been with the company for the last 5 years. Still have not made it back to Metamora since I was a sophmore in college but would love to see what it looks like these days. Hope everyone is well! (Updated: 09/2012)

Class of: 2000
Address: 94-207 Waipahu St. Apt. 159, Waipahu, HI   96797
Phone: 309-256-4845

Comments:  Aloha everyone!  I can't believe that it's almost time for our first reunion; I just hope I can make it back.  It sounds like all of us have done a lot in the last 4 years, probably some things we never expected!  I graduated from the University of Illinois with a Bachelor's in Leisure Studies in December '03, and after coming home and landing in the hospital where I ran into a couple of old classmates, I moved to Hawaii in June 2004.  I'm currently working for the Navy's Morale, Welfare, and Recreation Department on Naval Station Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.   I love it down here, and spend a lot of time with my friends and boyfriend enjoying the view of something other than corn!  Feel free to email or call if you'd like to keep in touch.


Name: Amanda Hanson
E-Mail: ajhanson81@hotmail.com
Class of: 2000
City: Denver, CO

Comments: Oh God, LOOK at that picture! I just moved to Denver, CO with my boyfriend Josh to be an xray tech. I miss IL a lot, but wanted to take the opportunity to "do something" with my life while I am still young. I hope to return to Metamora someday and raise a family ;) (Updated: 03/2008)

Name: Megan Hartnett

E-Mail: meganhartnett@hotmail.com
Class of: 2000
24207 E.Maxwell Ave., LibertyLake, WA  99019

Comments: Hi everyone. Well Matt and I just moved out to
Washingtonand we love it here so far. We are expecting the first addition to our family in late December. If you are ever up this way feel free to get ahold of me. Take care and keep in touch.

Name: Kathleen Luman
Maiden Name: Harvey
Class of: 2000
Address: 1512 W Candletree Dr. Apt 107, Peoria, IL 61614

Comments: Most of you probably don't remember me but I was the quiet girl. All of that has changed so get a hold of me. My boyfriend of six years, David, and I got married 7-7-07. No kids yet, but we have cats. He's been at Cat for 6 years and I wait tables a VOP's. I might get a degree sometime, but for now I'm happy doing what I do.

Class of: 2000
Address: 145 Zimmerman Rd., Spring Bay, IL  61611
Phone: 309-822-0491

Comments: Ok, so I didn't technically graduate.. But I'm carrying a 4.0 at ICC right now, getting ready to get my associates in Psychology.. Then I'm transferring out of this wonderful state of ours, and spending 6 more years in school.. I'm studying forensic psychology is specific, if that makes sense to anyone :) So, if this actually makes it up, feel free to email me..

Name: Dawn Haycraft
Class of: 2000
Address: PO Box 2, Rutland,  IL  61358

Class of: 2000

Name: Rachel Hippen
Class of: 2000

Comments: Hello!! I wish I could report that I have 7 degrees, I'm working for the CIA or anything remotely cool, but.......that's not so much the case. I'm still working for Walgreens as a merchandiser.  Therefore, I am constantly traveling around the country opening new stores.  Don't be surprised if I look some of you up in my travels!! Other than that, I have nothing new to report. Whenever I'm home, I'm making time for my little niece and boyfriend (I'll let you know when he becomes more than that.....).  Be good everybody!!

Class of: 2000
City: Normal, IL 61761

Comments: I finished my degree in Telecommunications Management in the fall of 2004.  Since then, I was the Assistant Technology Director for Pontiac School District .  In July of 2005, I took the District Technology Director position as LeRoy School District .  It is a great opportunity and I'm happy to finally have money!  After a couple more years of administrative experience, I should hopefully be able to achieve my dream of living out West, preferably in Colorado .  It is always good to hear from old buddies, so drop a line already.

Name: Jessica Stace
Maiden Name: Howes
E-Mail: jessicah1616@hotmail.com
Class of: 2000


Comments: Hello everyone... Life so far has been great. After high school I moved out to LA. I lived in Cali for about two years. Then I moved to Las Vegas for about 3 years. Both places were a lot of fun but I met a man from Wales, UK so I moved to England. We got married July 5, 2005. About a year ago we moved to an island in Med called Cyprus. So if anyone wants a nice holiday just let me know...


Maiden Name: Johnston
Class of: 2000
City: Groveland, IL
Phone: 309-699-5608
Comments: - Got married in 2007; Logan (son) just turned 2; Purchased home in Groveland early 2008; Shift manager/cashier at Aldi; Can't wait to see how everyone is doing!! See ya in 2010  (Updated: 05/2008)

Name: Joshua Keim
Class of: 2000
Address: 111 N. Creamery St., Eureka, IL  61530

Comments: I work For Woodford County at the jail as a Deputy also work for Minonk Police Department as an officer. (Updated: 02/2010)

Name: Sarah Raymer
Maiden Name: King
Class of: 2000
City: Champaign, IL
Comments: I am now living in Champaign with my husband Vail, son Tyler and a new addition- a daughter Madalyn Kate. I am a stay-at-home mom -- life is busy! It's nice to be closer to family and friends but we really miss the coast and being 15 minutes from the beach!!! We are only in the area for a couple of more years and then we are headed back to Virginia. Look us up if you are in the area! (Updated: 02/2008)

Name: Matt Kleemann - deceased
Class of: 2000

Comments: What's up people? I'm doing good. I live in the St. Louismetro area now. I like it WAY better than up there, though I miss it a little. (There's WAY more to do down here) I work full time during the day at a butcher shop. And I'm in a band that takes up a lot of my time in the nights. We're doing really well. That's about it. There's been hard times and lots of good times since High School, but everything's cool. College sucks. My dad always said "don't knock something til you try it." Well, I've been to college 3 separate times..and they all suck. I'm doing great without it, so who cares?

From the obituary: Matthew Paul Kleemann, 27, of Highland, Ill, born May 1, 1982, in Corpus Christi, Texas, died Saturday, Dec. 19, 2009, in Troy, Ill. Matthew was a graduate of Metamora Community High School, Class of 2000.

Name: Kristin L. Fehr
Maiden Name: Knight
Class of: 2000

Comments: Hello everyone! We are now a family of four- Sam was born 3/29/06 and Ruby was born 3/3/08. I am working as a special education teacher at Germantown Hills Intermediate School. Scott works for PJ Hoerr as a project manager. We live in Washington and things are great. Hope all is well with everyone else! If anyone has ideas, plans, wants to help, etc. with the 10 year reunion, it isn't too far off, so let me know! Scary, but true! :) (Updated: 04/2008)

Class of: 2000

Comments:  I am going to graduate from Saint Francis College of Nursing in less than a month (Dec 2005).  I have accepted a position at Saint Francis in the Pediatric Intermediate Care Unit.


Comments: Hello everyone! Thought it was about time to update this thing. Time is flying by very quickly these days!! I have a son named Rowan, who was born Sept. 17th, 2007. I graduated from SIUC after 9 long years of school on and off. I have a degree in English. I am living back in Germantown for now, and working at Peoria Community Bank in Peoria. I have worked there for about 2.5 years, and I LOVE it! I have been in banking about 5 years, and although it has nothing to do with my degree, I am very happy. Hope all is well, and see you next year for our 10 year reunion! (Updated: 09/2009)

Name: Kurt Leslie  
Class of: 2000  

Comments: Hey everyone. Well I didn't graduate with the class but I did go to school their till my sophomore year. Just an update I recently got married in August to a wonderful girl named Jessie. Also I moved up to Lake Mills , Wi in 2000 about half an hour from Madison and went to Jr. College up hear in Madison , Wi . I now work for Kraft Nabisco as a full time Sales Rep. Well if anyone wants to get ahold of me than feel free too I like to keep up with old classmates and friends. I still keep in touch with Tim Staab but don't really know what's happen to anyone else since leaving.

Name: Nichole R. Brown
Maiden Name: Lester
Class of: 2000
Address: 606 E. Jefferson, Washington, IL 61571

Comments: Hey everyone it has been really great catching back up on Facebook. Hope all is well and just think our class reunion is just around the corner. (Updated 04/2009)

Comments: I have since graduated ISU Dec 06 and now teach Physical Education at Farmington Aug 07. I am also the assistant head coach for the Varsity football and baseball teams. My family and I moved to Pekin for the time being. My daughter is now 2 1/2 and keeps me on my toes. The only people from high school I really talk to are Talbert Houle and Ryan Otto (room mate from college).

Class of: 2000
Address: 0331 Mae Smith, Brush Towers, SIU, Carbondale, IL 62901
Phone: 618-536-1095

Comments: Hi all...how goes it. Well I'm down in SIU in Carbondale . It's a blast down here, but just a little bit warmer than up north. I'm majoring in Microbiology. Get in touch and let me know what's up. Cya L8Rs.

Class of: 2000
Address: 2017 Harlan Dr. Apt. #1, Bellevue, NE   68005
Phone: 402-505-6846

Comments: Hey fellow 2000 grads and others.  Lots have happened in the last three years of military service.  First of all this January it  will be 4 years in the military with no looking back.  I got married Aug 1 2004 to Lisa Day, you might have seen the announcement in the Peoria Journal Star or Metamora paper.  Anyway, I am still in Omaha and go back to Illinois every now and then.  PLEASE contact me and let me know how things are.  I probably have a photo of you somewhere, I was always a photoholic.Hope to hear from you soon.

Name: Daniel Meyers
Class of: 2000

(Updated: 02/2010) 

Name: Becky Miller-McGrath
Maiden Name: Miller
Class of: 2000

Comments: Hello all! I am currently working at Western Illinois University as an instructor of Psychology (going on 4 years). Since working 1 full-time job leaves me with so much extra time, I am also helping out Monmouth College by teaching a class or two for them each semester. I got married in June 2005, and my husband and I live in Canton. The only addition to our family so far is a cute, spoiled miniature pincher named Addison. If you get a chance, drop me an e-mail; I would love to hear from you (if you have tried previously, sorry, the e-mail address listed prior was missing the number 1, and I was not getting them). Hope to see/hear from you soon. (Updated: 04/2008)

Name: Melissa A. Cuttin
Maiden Name: Myers
E-Mail: Cuttin02@aol.com

Comments: Hey everyone!  Well, I didn't not technically graduate from MTHS, I actually graduated from some little private school in AL , but I went there for a long time...does that count?  Since then I have joined the Army.  I am at Ft. Bragg , N.C awaiting my deployment orders to Afghanistan .  I got married about a year and a half ago, and we were blessed with a little baby boy, Kaleb Matthew, on February 2, 2002 .  My husband, Cody, is also in the Army, and we enjoy a crazy life as a dual-military couple.  It sounds like everyone is doing really well, I am glad to hear it.  Things here are great....oh what a wonderful life this has turned out to be!  Feel free to write if you get a chance.

Class of: 2000

Comments: Well, where should I begin?  I am having a great time here at ISU.  If my buds read this than leave my hooch alone.  I miss the football team so much!  Rumor here is that they are doing great.  Big Kev-O better get a TD for me!! HAHA!  He's got the orange hooch right now!  I have been going to all the games here.  They can get pretty crazy.  It's nothing like MTHS football.  The Flock will Rock!  Make sure to study...because you'll need it for college.  ISU is a tough place.  I can't wait to get back in town to see all my friends.  I am going to go to POWER class here, so see yalls later.

Class of: 2000
Address: 345 N. LaSalle Blvd., Chicago, IL  60610
Comments: I'm glad to hear everyone is doing so well. I graduated in 2007 with a finance MBA and Master of Architecture from the University of Illinois. I’m now employed as a financial analyst for a small real estate investment firm in downtown Chicago. (Updated: 11/2007)

Class of: 2000

Comments: Hi, I am he who is called Bill.  Okay, okay...  Well, I graduated with the Class of 2000 and have gone on to ICC.  I am striving to become a video game developer, but in the mean time, I'm working on a web comic called Irrational Otaku University.

Name : Jodi Heflin
Maiden name: Schaer
Class of : 2000

Comments: Hello!  Its so nice to read what everyone has been up to! I am still in the area teaching first grade at Germantown Hills and living in Peoria.  Derrick and I were married in June of 2007.  He is a sales contractor with Millworks in Peoria.  No kids yet...just our dog Riley and our cat Oscar.  I hope everyone is doing well and I guess we'll all be together in just a little over a year for our 10 year reunion!  CRAZY!

Name: Andrea Ennis
Maiden Name: Schieber
Class of: 2000
City: East Peoria, IL

Comments: I have been married to my husband Nate for almost 4 years this coming summer. (2007) I'm the very proud mother of our son Kyle Austin who was born on June 6, 2006 . He is a healthy, happy baby! I am a first grade teacher at LGS in Washington , IL . This is my 3rd year teaching in the district. Being a mother, wife, and teacher keep me busy, but I wouldn't have it any other way!

Class of: 2000

Comments: Hello Everyone.  I'll be glad to see all of you at our reunion. Peace and Love.

Maiden Name: Smith
Class of: 2000
Address: 212 Anker Ln. Lot #35, Metamora, IL  61548
Phone: 383-3326

Comments: Hi Everybody.  Hope everyone is doing well now. I am now married.  I got married on September 8, 2001 to Chad Thomas.  I still live in the Germantown Hills area. I work at Versa Press in the camera department.  It is a good job, and I love doing it.  I have also been taking classes at ICC.  I continue to teach dance classes at Merrilee Studios as well.  I still love to dance, write, and smile. Feel free to write to my email or just drop a line.  I would love to hear from you!  Remember to always smile.

Name: Brandon Alan Snopek
Class of: 2000
Address: 207 S. Tazewell St., City: Metamora, IL 61548
Phone: 309-265-5338

(Updated: 03/2010)

Name: Tim Staab
Class of: 2000
Address: 917 Canyon Trail N, Apt. 2321, Euless, TX  76040
Phone: 309-360-9437

Comments: Hey y'all!  I graduated from SIUC in May of 2004 with a degree in aviation management and flight.  During the last few years of school, I worked as a flight instructor, teaching fellow SIU students.  Now I'm an airline pilot flying for American Eagle.  I am based at the Dallas / Fort Worth international airport.  I live down here in Texas , but I enjoy my travel benefits, and get to travel on my days off from time to time.  It's been a long time since I heard from many of you, so feel free to get ahold of me!  Here's wishing you all good health, happiness, and success!  

Name: Stephanie Stalter
Class of: 2000
Address: 511 N. Wicker Park Ave., Chicago, IL 60622

Comments: Hey everyone! I graduated from law school and work as an attorney in Chicago. I live with my boyfriend in Wicker Park area of Chicago so drop me a line if you are ever in the area. Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion (if Kristin actually puts the thing together). (Updated: 12/2008)

Class of: 2000

Comments: Hi there.  I'm still trying to finish up my degree in Advertising and Integrated Marketing Communications and double minoring in Psychology and Sociology.  It really doesn't help to change your major in the middle of your Junior year.  But I'll be done with school forever in May of '06.  I really like college but I'm definitely ready to be done with it.  I'm also still with Nick; it will be 6 years this August.  It's crazy that we've been out of MTHS for 5 years but it might be good to see some old familiar faces again. 

Name: Cassandra Schlatter
Maiden Name: Tucker
Class of: 2000
Address: 721 W Corrington,  Peoria, IL  61604
Phone: 309-258-0937

Comments: My husband, John, and I bought a house in Peoria about a year ago and our son, Logan, is about to be 2 in October. I just went back to work at Affina from a year and a half of being a stay at home mom. Time is just flying. Hope everyone is doing well and drop me a line if you wish!

Name: Renee Vandemore
Class of: 2000
City: St. Louis,   MO
Phone: 314-456-6865

Comments: Seems like only yesterday we were seniors in high school.  I have spent the last three and a half years here at Saint Louis University pursuing a Masters in Physical Therapy.  It was a bit of a shock moving from my small hometown to the middle of a city, but I couldn't be happier.   I still keep in touch with a few close friends from high school, but would love to here from more of you.  I make the occasional return to Metamora, but if anyone is ever in the STL give me a call!!! 

Name: Sarah Weber
Class of: 2000
City: Mount Pleasant, SC

Comments: I actually forgot about this Alumni thing! Crazy...Anywho, its January 2009 when I am writing this...I went to ISU for 4 years then tried to stay in the Bloomington area for a year. I ended up miserable so I threw a dart at a map and it landed on Charleston, SC. I picked up and moved to the Charleston area late August 2005. I love it here...everything from the southern hospitality to the warm weather to living 10 minutes from the beach to the historical places to the palm trees outside my window. I love it all! I am a nurse on a Postpartum/Nursery Unit at a hospital in the area. I love those newborn babies!

After only 4 1/2 months of dating, I got engaged to my finance, Alex, on August 16, 2008. He left for Iraq August 22, 2008. He will hopefully be back around April 1st so we can start the rest of our lives together:) We are planning an August 7, 2009 wedding here in the Charleston area with a reception back in M-town on Augus 15. I hope everyone is doing well! It's crazy to read where everyone is in life these days. Feel free to contact me! I have myspace as well. I love hearing from anyone:) I hope you are all happy and I hope life brings you all great things.

A point to ponder: If Donald Duck doesnt wear pants, then why does he put a towel on when he gets out of the shower? (Updated: 01/2009)

Name: Jeffrey Wettstein
j stein13@hotmail.com
Class of: 2000
Address: 1725 State St., 213 Wilder Hall, LaCrosse, WI 54601

Comments: I obtained my Masters in May 2006 in College Student Personnel Administration. I work as a full-time hall director at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse.  

Class of: 2000

Comments: Hello everyone! I have finally finished school and am now on my way to Denver , CO to start my career as a School Psychologist.

Maiden Name: Woodall
Class of: 2000
Phone: 309-353-5092

Comments: Since having my son, Rylan James, on October 14, 2003 - I have went back to work at Pekin Hospital as a Mammographer Associate.  I have to say I never saw myself in the health profession, but I have learned a lot and hope to keep advancing.  I am still happily married to Brad, going on 3 years in June.  I hope all of you are doing well and are achieving your dreams.  Good luck to everyone!

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