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MTHS Class of 1984

This information was taken from the Senior Yearbook.
Please contact us with corrections.

Jennifer Adami
Jeffery Alig
Wade Alig
Paul Anglin
Joseph Barber
Steven Bartel
Kathleen Barth
Sharie Bauer
Chris Bekermeier
Christopher Bockler
Alesha Bridgwater
Carmel Brousset
Julie Bullock
Lisa Burk
Jeffrey Call
Wendy Chance
Melissa Christensen
Richard Cramer
Kedric Curtis
Betsy Dean
Maichael DeCroix
Antoinette DePoy
Michelle DePoy
Kathryn Dollinger
Stacy Donaldson
Amy DuBois
Alex Dyar
Michelle Eckhoff
Debra Ehrmann
James Ernst
Pamela Ernst
Michele Eskins
Jana Estes
Wendy Ferguson
Karen Gebhart
Jeffrey Gilkerson
Jill Gordon
April Gore
Lisa Gove
Sonya Greer
Theresa Grob
Gerald Guerrero
Bonnie Haedicke
Laurie Hatten
Eric Hautala
Karen Heineman
Andrew Heinz
Bill Herring
Kevin Hicks
Kevin Hill
Kimberly Hilton
LeAnn Horowitz
Winston Hosbrough
Mark Howard
Edward Huett
Michelle Ioerger
Robert Irwin
Gregory Jennings
Michelle Johnson
Michelle Jones
Ken Kaisner
Ann Kavelman
Ida-Ana Kellerstrass
Harold Kenyon
Greg Keys
Daniel Kiesewetter
Dinna Kiesewetter
Michael Kiesewetter
Michelle Kiesewetter
Shelley Kirschbaum
Stacy Knickerbocker
Mark Koenig
William Koenig, Jr.
Brian Lagron
Deborah Lankston
Michelle Love
Lisa Lowry
Timothy Maloney
Michael Marchand
Rodney Marchand
Douglas Mason
Dorinda Matheny
Tracy McClung
Maria McCormick
Ronald McHenry
Joel Mikesell
John Miller
Jeffrey Mullins
Lori Munson
Christopher Nemeth
James Prather
Stephen Prather
Karla Rainey
Ronald Reason
Laura Rembowski
Angela Rice
Troy Robertson
Terry Rogers
Gerald Roth
Curtis Ryan
Maria Ryan
Debra Schaidle
Joan Schaumb
Lori Scheirer
Bonnie Schertz
Ted Schierer
Timothy Schierer
Reneta Schneider
Tami Schupp
Kevin Siverly
Timothy Steider
Kenneth Strum
Andrea Thomas
Michael Tilley
Brad Todden
Ron Tracy
Scott Tweddale
Malene Vessel
Les Walker
Jeanette Waters
Rodney Waters
Lynnette Waterworth
John Welk
Christopher Wernsman
Michael Winchell
Shawn Wind
Evelyn Wolf
Holly Wood
Bettyanne Xanders
Lisa Zobrist
Brian Zoss

Name: Lynne Sterrett
Maiden Name: Alig
Class of: 1984
Address: 3719 Waterford Lane, Walnut Creek, CA  94598
Phone: 925-287-9073

Comments: My ride since high school has been an interesting one.  After graduating from NIU with a degree in Nursing, I immediately went to live in downtown Chicago.  I then went to U of I for a double masters; MBA and MS.  Since then I have been a health care consultant for 2 major firms. I have recently been promoted to Partner at Deloitte Consulting.  On a personal note, after enjoying the single life in Chicago, I met my husband Zane who if you can believe it is from as small of a town in Indiana as Metamora (Delphi).  We have been married 5 years and continued to live in Chicago until last September when my firm moved us out San Francisco!  We will be out here for the next few years and enjoying the perfect weather and Napa Valley!  As of now, no kids, just enjoying traveling and other activities. Special thanks to Holly and Michelle for their 20th reunion efforts!  I unfortunately won't be there as I will be in Chicago receiving my official partnership, I am sorry to miss it! P.S. I wish we could post current photos... thank god I don't look this anymore...

Name: Larry Angel Jr.
Class of: 1984
Address: 6867 Hornbuckle Blvd., North Point, FL 34291
Phone: 941-544-1374

Comments: Hey everyone!!! I'm still living in Florida and am enjoying every moment of my life!! I'm looking forward to our 30th class reunion!! In the mean time, I'd love to hear from anyone who wants to catch up!! Hope everyone is doing well!! (Updated: 08/2012)

Class of: 1984
Address: 21 E. Lake Mary Drive, Orlando,  FL  32839
Phone: 407-851-4733

Comments: Sorry to have missed the 20th year reunion.  I have had a very difficult 9 months.  I hope all had a Great time at the 20th year celebration.  For those that may or may not know, my son and I were involved in a very severe accident back in April.  Although this has been very emotional for me, our son was physically harmed.  If you should have an interest in our journey, we do have a website available for you to follow.  I ask that you pray for our son for his full recovery.

Please go to: 
Click view Patient: Bainter
password: bugs11

God Bless you all and maybe we will see you at the next reunion.

Class of: 1984
Address: 8430 W. Bryn Mawr Ave., Suite 560, Chicago, IL 60631

Comments: A brief update to let you know we are living in Metamora/Germantown Hills for the first time since I graduated MTHS. Work had us relocating back to the Midwest (from Dallas). Instead of doing Chicago AGAIN, we opted for Central Illinois. Nice to be back here, although surreal at times. Easy to accept that I have aged, but hard to imagine for everyone else. Although everyone else looks terrific. It's especially gratifying to see the success of my old friends -- personally and professionally speaking. So very proud of them, but mostly just glad to see them happy and healthy. God speed. (Updated: 11/2008)

Class of: 1984

Name: Jan Breitbarth 
E-Mail: jbreitbarth@satx.rr.com
Class of: 1984
Address: 1439 Butler Drive, San Antonio, TX  78251
Phone: 210-647-1168

Comments: I graduated from Eastern Illinois University with a Master's degree in Business Education in 1990. I taught at EIU for 1 yr. and then at a very small high school (12 graduating seniors) for 1 yr. before moving to Texas. I've been teaching at Business Careers High School in San Antonio since 1992. It blows my mind to think of everything I've learned about technology since I began teaching. Multimedia and Web mastering are my favorite classes to teach.

I am single-again. I have many pets who keep me company as well as keeping me busy. Unlike children, they never grow up. I enjoy working out at the gym, being active at church, and traveling to Metamora to visit my family. My brother, Matt, is probably their biggest football fan.

I missed the 20 year reunion due to my 2nd back surgery. I had a stimular
implanted in my back a year ago -- it has helped me get more of my life back as I can be more active instead of just looking forward to when I could lay down. Although, my nephew thinks I'm a robot. I hope to attend if we have a 25th reunion. Shoot me an email if you'd like. (Updated: 02/2008)

Name: Nancy Einoder
Maiden Name: Bumbales
Class of: 1984
Address: 19353 Everett Lane, Mokena,  IL   60448
Phone: 708-478-1481

Comments: My husband's name is Joe and we have on son, Joseph. He is almost 3 years old. My husband is a mason contractor and I also own a masonry company. In addition, I'm a senior account representative at Illinois Paper Company. I really enjoyed seeing everybody at the reunion. I'm glad everybody is doing so well.

Name: Pamela Hamm
Maiden Name: Bundy
Class of: 1984
Web site:

Comments: Hello everybody, it's been a L-O-N-G time.  Lets see-I have three children now, my oldest son just graduated from high school.  I have an 11 yr old daughter who currently is attending
Washington Gifted School and a 3 yr old son.  I attended Illinois Central College where I became a nurse now I currently work for Washington Christian Village as their Community Nurse Liaison and I love it!  My hobbies include:  Fishing, boating, and riding my Harley Davidson.  I have a very good life and feel very blessed.  I hope to see you all at our 20th reunion. Take care and God Bless.

Name: D. Shane Christopher
Class of: 1984
Address: 10398 Splendor Way, Indianapolis,  IN   46234
Phone: 317-852-1313

Class of: 1984
Address: 2405 West Ayres Avenue, West Peoria , IL  61604
Phone: 309 676 9676

Comments: Just a quick thanks to Michelle Mihalo (Rauh) and Holly Heck (Wood) for a job well done organizing the 20 year reunion!!  Great job, ladies!   We had a wonderful time.  Hope to see everyone in five years!

Name: Ginger A. Jensen
Maiden Name: Cox
Class of: 1984
Address: 2313 Fairway Drive, Orangeburg, SC 29118

Comments: After high school, I attended McKendree College in Lebanon , Illinois , where I received my B.A. in History in 1988.  Thereafter, I moved to Charleston , South Carolina , and began working as a legal secretary and met my husband, Robert. This June will be our 10th year anniversary.  We have two beautiful children, Thomas, who is six, and Hannah, who is closing in on two.  In 1992, I moved to Los Angeles and obtained my law degree.  I had the pleasure of practicing all different types of law in one of the most busy cities in our country.  What an experience! After almost 5 years, it became obvious to me that my time would be more valuable spent at home with my son.  So, we moved back to South Carolina to the much slower pace of life - and I am totally consumed by taking care of my two little ones :)

Name: Catherine Craig
Grad Year: 1984
City: Washington, IL

Comments: Hello, my senior year I worked coop and went to I.C.C. 2 years later I had an associate degree in Art. Married for lust and we ran away to Phoenix. In A.Z. I was busy managing a furniture store by the name of This End Up, went to A.S.U. part-time and I have two beautiful children Zachary (1987) Rachel (1989). Divorced in 1990, no more lust, I grew up and he didn't. How often do you hear that. Moved back to Peoria and took over the family business and work with my brother Mike Craig. I was a single mother for 10 years, until I met my husband Ken Klotz. Fast forward to 2008 and we live very comfortably on a serene lake in Washington. Rachel is now 18 and joining the USAF and Zachary is 21 and just got married. I have 2 stepsons Brandon 21 and Jason 24. Soon we will be empty nesters and I am certain in the near future grandparents. High school is a blur.

Name: Carrie Van Bruwaene
Maiden Name: Crilly
Class of: 1984
Address: 6731 Fire Opal Lane, Castle Rock, CO  80108

Comments:  I thought I would update this since we just recently moved back to Colorado after living in Texas for 3 and 1/2 years.  We had a great time in Texas but we really love Colorado so we are happy to be back and look forward to being here hopefully for a very long time.  Both of our kids, Ashley age 11 and Brenden age 8, were born in Colorado so they really feel like they are back at home too.  Because of our move we won't be able to make it back for the reunion in September, but I hope you all have a great time.  I would love to hear how it goes and if there is going to be a reunion booklet I would like to see about getting one to see what everyone has been up to.

Name: Jenny Sarver
Maiden Name: Crow
Class of: 1984
Address: 111 Cypress Lane, East Peoria,  IL  61611
Phone: 309-822-8594
Web site:

Comments: Hi everybody! Right after high school I went to ICC and kept changing my major, because  there were way too many neat things to do with my life.  I also worked at  various part time jobs while at ICC.  I did well enough there that I  received a partial scholarship to Eureka College (I was on the same ten year plan as  Steve Clore) and in '94 received my BS in biology, Magna cum  Laude.  While I was there I worked part-time at the USDA Ag labs in   Peoria , with the same people my mom worked with when she was pregnant  with me.  I also worked at Eureka as a biology lab assistant.  After   Eureka , I attended Logan College of Chiropractic in St. Louis .  Talk about  a rough ride!  I put in 5 years worth of schooling in four and graduated  as a Doctor of Chiropractic from Logan in August of 1999.  I received my license to practice in IL in March of 2000, and have been enjoying  helping people ever since.  I am also teaching the lab portion of Human  Anatomy and Physiology at Eureka College and enjoying that,! too.  I  married Dan Sarver (EPCHS '77) in 1993 and we have a little boy, Shaun  William, who will be two in July and is just an absolute delight!  I was  fortunate enough to be able to attend both our 5 year and ten year  reunions, and I am really looking forward to our twentieth, even though  it doesn't feel possible that we should be out of high school for that  long!!!

E-Mail: spedteacher2@hotmail.com
Class of: 1984
Address: 1931 Canterbury #110, Washington, IL  61571-2143
Comments: I decided last year that I no longer enjoyed teaching. It was actually the politics that did me in, (I don't play nicely!) I'm currently a day care teacher and I love it!!!

Courtney is now 21 and studying to become a nurse. I think she just wants to take care of me when I get older. Wren is 19 and is a welder. I definitely couldn't do that. The BIG NEWS you ask?! Wren and Rachael are expecting my first grandbaby on Dec. 29th!!! I'm so excited!!!

I am planning on moving to Florida the summer of 2013. Me, of all people, moving far away. It will so be worth it!!

I have surveys for the reunion. If you haven't received one, send me an email and I'll get it to you!!! (Updated: 08/2012)

Name: Cathy Hall
Maiden Name: DeWall
Class of: 1984
Address: 108 Briar Court, Washington, IL  61571
Phone: 645-2809

Comments: 20 Years! Sometimes it seems like yesterday.  I currently live in Sunnyland with my 3-1/2 year old son Austin.  He is, by far, the highlight of my life.  I attended ICC and received a certificate in Mechanical Engineering.  I've been at my place of employment for about 6-1/2 years.   I enjoy landscaping, boating and traveling.  I try to attend as many NASCAR races as possible.  My son is a huge Dale Jr fan!  I'm looking forward to seeing everyone in September and really liked reading everyones life's adventures.

Name: Lynne Schall
Maiden Name: Dickey
Class of: 1984
Address: 420 Riverview Bluffs, Metamora,  IL   61548

Comments: I can not believe it has been so long!!!  Even though I did not graduate with you all, I would very much like to see you.  I have been married for 11 years, and have two girls, Emily 10 and Nicole who is 7, they are both great kids. The kicker is, we moved back to Illinois and decided to live in the Metamora area, because the school is so great and I have so many good memories there too.  It is fun to walk the halls again, (as an adult ) !!!!  See you all soon. 

Name: Jean Filson
Maiden Name: Doremus
Class of: 1984
Address: 1161 County Road 600N, Eureka ,  IL  61530
Phone: 309-467-4577
Web site:

Name: Cheryl Schofield
Maiden Name: Durre
Class of: 1984
Address: 4730 Oak St., Fruitland Park, FL 34731

Comments: June 2007 - Jim Schofield ('83) and I will celebrate our 21st anniversary on the 28th of this month. Our oldest daughter Nicole is 20 now and was married last month to her high school sweetheart Brady. Allie our other daughter is 13 now and will be in the 8th grade this year. We moved to Fl in '96 and now own our own canvas awning business. We are quite active with our Church and will be returning to the Dominican Republic for another mission next month. Jim's family still lives in the area, so we return to our old stomping grounds several times a year.

Name: Patrick Epping
Class of: 1984
City: Hamilton Square, NJ

Comments: Switched companies about 5 years ago. Work for an Illinois based company, Square D. NJ, NYC area. Deamanding but interesting and they are a decent company to work for. Still getting used to the big corp world. Mary is doing well with J&J and is my rock in a hectic world. Spending more time in the Fla keys than Maine lately but would love to split our time between the two and hang here in NJ when we HAVE to.

Seen alot of you on facebook, so cool to reconnect in such an easy way.
Let me know if any of you are coming to NYC, love to get together or give advice for a memorable time. (Updated: 10/2009)

Class of: 1984
Address: 244 Hillbrook Ct., Dunlap,  IL  61525
Phone: 309-243-5799

Comments: Graduated from Illinois State University , May 1988.  I started at Caterpillar in 1988 and am currently an Information Systems Specialist. I met my wife Jill at Cat and married in 1990.  We have two children; Kelsey (91') and Kyle (93'). Looking forward to 20th reunion.  I have not been back to MTHS since graduation and hear it has changed a bunch!

Name: Kelly Flavin
Maiden Name: Fandel
Class of: 1984
Address: 101 Fandel Lane, Metamora,   IL  61548
Phone: 309-383-4934

Maiden Name: Fauber
Class of: 1984
Address: 419 Home Ave., Lincoln,  IL  61656

Comments: Well, I guess we are finally entering "middle age". Jeff (my husband of 15 years) and I are having a great time watching our children grow up. We have a granddaughter, Alexandria (2),By our son, Jason. Our life revolves around being a taxi driver for our daughters, Meghan (14), Melyssa (12) and Madalyn (9). Jeff is still a history/civics teacher at Lincoln High School , where he is the girls softball coach. (No pressure on our girls). I am still working at Abraham Lincoln Memorial Hospital as a Nurse Manager. In our spare time, we are Christmas tree farmers. Hopefully we will make enough to help get our kids through college. I hope everyone is having a great new year! (Updated: 2007) 

Name: Jeff Filson
Class of: 1984
Address: 1121 W. Bonnydoon Lane, Peoria IL 61615

Comments: Hi Everyone, I was in the U.S. Navy 1985-1989 Aviation Structural Mechanic 2, Honorable Discharge, Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal. Worked on F-14 Tomcats (the fighter jets you see in "TOPGUN"). Currently working for MACTEC Engineering and Consulting in Peoria,for 15 years now. I am a Land Surveyor doing alot of highway construction layout, and other engineering related tasks as well. Still like to work on just about anything mechanical.

I have had 5 wonderful children : Andy, Cheri, Tiffany, Jesse (son), and Kate. Married Jill Loftus about a week after graduating from high school, divorced about a month after getting out of the Navy. Married Jean Doremus in May of 1991, and are currently separated, in the beginning stages of divorce. (Just can't get it right.) I think I am done marrying women that I went to high school with! And then...the most devastating thing that a person could ever deal with...my son Andy was killed in a car accident on July 17, 2005. If you knew me in high school, you knew him...he was born when I was a Junior...March 16, 1983. I miss him like you could never imagine...trying to pick up the pieces and move on, but it's the toughest thing I have ever had to do. 

He also was a graduate of MTHS in 2001. He graduated from the ICC Cat Tech Diesel Program in May 2005 while working as an intern at the East Peoria Proving Grounds and full - time there as an Experimental Mechanic. He had everything going for him, and new people across the U.S. A friend to everyone... His passion was his 1987 Buick Grand National.

Cheri is attending college at Aurora University as a business major she currently is 19 years old. Tiffany is in her last year of high school at Eureka,IL she is currently 17 and is also working on becoming a CNA, planning to continue her education through OSF St. Francis in Peoria,IL. Jesse is 11 years old and is into just about everything. Kate is 7 years old and, like most youngest, is spoiled rotten! She steals my heart! Take care everyone, Jeff.

Maiden Name: Hanley
Class of: 1984
Address: 1387 Pink Panther Drive, Jacksonville,  FL  32225
Phone: 904-646-9469

Comments: I am married with (3) beautiful daughters.  I have twins that are (9, and another daughter that is 12.  The twins names are Victoria and Valerie.  My oldest daughter is Nicole.  My husbands name is Greg.  We just bought a new house here in Jacksonville .  I am an Administrator.  I was working for Century 21 until we moved to Jacksonville in October.  I enjoy lifting weights, running, white water rafting, football, shooting darts, playing cards, just to name a few.  As far as accomplishments go; I have accomplished raising (3) children thus far.  They haven't out done me yet!  I love my girls dearly, and wouldn't trade them for the world.  If there ever was an accomplishment to day, it's being able to make sure your children make it to adulthood.  So far, so good.

Class of: 1984
City: Elgin, IL  60123

Comments:  I graduated from ISU in 1989 with a degree in Industrial Technology. I work at ATI as the laboratory manager. My wife Roula and I live in Elgin , IL with our three kids Jason (14), Alyssa (12) and Alexandria (11).

Maiden Name: Hargis
Class of: 1984
Address: 1008 N. Arbogast St., Griffith, IN   46319

Comments: I am currently married to my husband, John.  I have three children:  Katelyn (9), Becky (7) and Austin (5). I teach preschool at a local community center.  My husband is assistant fire chief in Riverdale , IL .

Name: Wendy Overend
Maiden Name: Hendryx
Class of: 1984
Address: 1265 N. Carefree Dr., East Peoria, IL  61611

Comments: After high school, went to Methodist School of Nursing.  Met up with Alex Overend again while in nursing school and got married after I graduated.  We have 3 daughters, 10 year old identical twins, Heather and Haley and a 5 year old, Sydney .  I have worked as a hospital nurse in pediatrics and newborn nursery for most of my career, but now work on an "as needed" basis.  Raising 3 kids is definitely a full time job in itself (plus being "mom" to a 100 lb yellow lab and 2 cats and a gerbil!) I am a Girl Scout leader for my older girls troop and in my spare time I enjoy creating glass beads with a torch (lamp working).  Looking forward to the 20 year reunion!!!

Name: Kimberli Jacoby
Maiden Name: Holt
E-Mail: kimberlij@comcast.net
Class of: 1984
Address: 1547 Sand Wedge Way, Castle Rock, CO 80104
Phone: 720-982-6521

Comments: Hey everybody, went to ICC after graduating.  Married Bob Jacoby in 1987 and moved to Chicago, and we just celebrated our 27th anniversary.  We have 2 kids, Dominic who is 22 and a struggling writer, and Juliet age 15 who plays competitive volleyball.  We currently live in Castle Rock, Colorado.  We moved here after living in Fort Lauderdale for 7 years.  I am in the hospitality business, and love it, working for the company HelmsBriscoe.  I source hotels for companies or groups holding conferences.  That's about it. (Updated: 01/2014)

Class of: 1984
Address: 2005 Foxglove Road., Wausau, WI  54401
Phone: 715-241-8344

Comments:  I married my high school girlfriend (Teresa) from Eureka High and we have four children.  I served in the Air Force before moving to California where I worked as a police officer in the San Francisco Bay Area.  In 2002, we left the hectic urban life and now live in the woods of north central Wisconsin .  Give me a call if you are ever in the area.  I hope to see you at the reunion.  

Name: Laura Fandel
Maiden Name: Hutchens
Class of: 1984
Address: 624 West State Route 116, PO Box 566, Metamora, IL 61548
Phone: 309-367-2750

Comments: I currently live in Metamora with my two daughters Morgan ('92) and Emalee ('94).  After high school I moved to Oklahoma and married my high school sweetheart - Tom Fandel.  We were married 19 years and are still friends.  I drive a school bus for Metamora Grade School and really enjoy it.  I am considering going back to school this fall - kind of scary!  My girls both play traveling softball and keep me very busy in the summer.  I would love to hear from any of you and see you in September.

Name: Dale Kaisner
Class of: 1984
City: Austin, TX

(Updated: 03/2011)

Name: Tiffany Kouri
Class of: 1984
Address: 1962 N. Dayton, Chicago,  IL  60614

Comments: Hi, I can't wait to see everyone in a few weeks.  I've been living in Chicago for 15 years now (still rooting for the StL Cardinals) and working for the government since I moved here.  Believe it or not, I really miss the small town life. P.S. Glenn, you can stop harassing me.  I entered my info.

Class of: 1984
Address: 2213 Ashley Drive, Oklahoma City , OK  73120

Comments:  I am married with 2 daughters and now live in Oklahoma City OK .  Currently getting ready to open a new restaurant in a few months. 

Name: Patrick P. Leonard
Class of: 1984
Address: 934 Shiloh Ct., Joliet, IL  60431
Phone: 815-741-4793

Comments: I have been around a bit.  From high school, I went into the Army and took basic training at Ft. Dix N.J. Thereafter, I attended machinists technical school at Aberdeen proving grounds MD. I was next stationed at Ft. Bragg , NC for 3 1/2 years. I met and married Connie who was in the Air force at the time. I worked for Western Publishing Company as a machine operator making games and puzzles while I was in Fayetteville , NC after I was honorably discharged. Since my wife was still in the Air Force, she received orders to Okinawa, Japan, and I tagged along. In Japan, I took the time to earn a B.S. degree from University of Maryland (Asian Division)in Business Management. This was a good time. We vacationed in Tokyo , Hong Kong, and China. My wife exited the military, and we returned to Joliet, IL. My parents lived here at the time. I worked as a Production Supervisor at Filtration Group for 5 years. Next, I took a position as a 3rd Shift Chemical Processing Area Manager at Alberto Culver(VO5. Tressume, St. Ives shampoos and lotions).   After 1 1/2 years I transferred to 1st Shift Production Area ! Manager. I did this for 3 1/2 years. Next, I was promoted to Project Coordinator where I am currently managing new product launches for Culver specialty brands such as: Mrs.Dash, Molly McButter, Static Guard, and Kleen Guard. We have 2 great boys: Christopher (94) and Nicholas (97).  

Name: Cheryl Bowman
Maiden Name: Long
Class of: 1984
Comments: I am now watching my daughter go to high school and it is amazing how time flies by.

Name: Jeff Meixsell

Class of: 1984
City:  South Carolina

Comments: After high school I joined the Navy and stayed in for 6 years. I got out just as the gulf war was starting up. After the Navy we moved back to Spring Bay and I worked as an Electrician and then Maintenance Supervisor for Keystone Steel & wire until 1996. I took a job as a Maintenance Lead man at Nucor steel in Darlington SC.  I've been here almost 12 years now. I've got 3 kids, Nick (21)living in Peoria, Andrew (15)Freshman class president West Florence high school in SC, and Katie (13) loves to run. I still love motorcycles and ride all the time. (Updated: 04/2008)

Name: William M. Miller
Class of: 1984
Address: 700 NE 3rd Ave., Pompano Beach, FL  33060
Phone: 954-942-1081

Comments: No wife, no kids, not gay, and I still hunt gators! (Updated: 12/2009)

Name: Terri Harms
Maiden Name: Nullmeyer
Class of: 1984

Comments: Met my husband Henry at ICC in '85. Married in"86 and moved to Springfield. I am currently the Director of St. Johns Lutheran Preschool where I have worked for the past 11 years. We have 3 beautiful daughters - Abby (89) is currently at ISU studying to be a Spec. Ed. teacher; Kaitlyn (92) is a junior at Springfield High and Molly is in 1st grade. (Updated: 11/2008)

Name: Joy Bragg
Maiden Name: Obery
Class of: 1984


Comments: Hello all! I have definitely grown roots in Phoenix, AZ. I have become a Reverend and my wife Chris and I love to travel. I also have 3 new beautiful grandkids. And yes, I'm still a cardiac secretary at the trauma hospital. My plans are to become a first responders chaplain. Here's to seeing you soon. (Updated: 08/2012)

Maiden Name: Rauh
Class of: 1984
City: Addison,  IL  60101

Comments: Hi everyone!  I haven't updated since our 20 year reunion last Fall (2004).  Just wanted to thank everyone that attended.  We had a great time!! About 110 people (including spouses) showed up. A few people have already volunteered to organize a 25 year reunion so looks like we will get together again in 2009 (wow, that's scary!). My son, Jeremy, is finishing up kindergarten this May (2005).  T-Ball is also underway with my husband (Dale) as the coach. Not sure who is more excited to be playing, Jeremy or daddy! 

My husband played baseball in high school and college so he is enjoying it! My daughter, Lyndsey, will be going to 3 yr old preschool in the Fall (2005).  She will be dancing in her 1st recital in June. I am still at home and keeping busy volunteering at Jeremy's school. I will probably go back to work (part time) in a couple of years when Lyndsey goes to Kindergarten. Hey, can't let that U of I degree go to waste!!  If any of you see a classmate that hasn't posted their info on this website, please encourage them to do so!! It would be great to hear from more people.

Name: Kristin Boyer
Maiden Name: Rhoads
Class of: 1984

Name: Chuck Riggert
Class of: 1984
Address: 1370 Riggert Road, Metamora,  IL   61548
Phone: 309-367-4974

Name: Sheryl (Sheri) Higgins
Maiden Name:  Rodich
Class of: 1984
Address: 4609 S. Baker Ln., Bartonville,  IL   61607

Comments: I can't believe it has been 20 years already.  It just seems like the other day I was walking those halls of Metamora High School dreaming of the day I would finally be an adult and out in the real world.  I must say I do have days I wish I could go back in time when my biggest worry was what to wear and what big plans we had for the weekend.  I married my husband Doug in 1991 & we now have two wonderful children Josh (11 years) & Kelsey (6 years) who keep us very busy.  I have worked for the past 17 years as a loan coordinator at a local credit union.  I'm sorry to say but I have lost touch with my close friends from high school (moving away, marriage, family etc.) but you have not been forgotten.  I'm sorry I will not be able to attend the reunion but I hope everyone has a great time!

Class of: 1984
Address: 1596 Guardian Dr., Jacksonville, FL  32221
Phone:  904-710-6991
Comments: I am in the military, after my first eight years in the Marine Corps
I transfered into the U.S. Navy. I just got back from six months in Italy. I
just bought my second home and looking at getting married on 18 Oct, 2008. (Updated: 04/2008)

Name: Jill Breitbarth
Maiden Name: Seckler
Class of: 1984
Address: 12013 Orme Rd., Garfield Heights,   OH  44125
Phone: 216-663-9000

Comments: After graduation, I attended ICC for 2 years, worked at St. Francis Hospital for 5 years until I married John Breitbarth and moved to St. Louis, Mo.  We lived in St Louis for 10 years where I worked for Ernst and Young for almost 7 years.  We then moved to Cleveland, OH for 2 years and ended up moving back to Illinois due to John taking a job at ADM.  We now live in Mt Zion, IL and have been here for almost 4 years.  We have no children, but have  a four legged child, a 5 pound Yorkshire Terrior named Chloe.  I now work for an agency that advocates for individuals who have Developmental Disabilities.

Name: Michelle Comer
Maiden Name: Shinkle
Class of: 1984
Address: W5108 County Road H, Phillips,  WI   54555

Comments: After graduating from high school I attended numerous colleges and finally finished my education at ISU.  College was not one of my favorite things!  In 1988 I married my best friend and the most wonderful man in the world!  This year we will celebrate 16 years.  Three days before our wedding we moved our possessions into our first home that we built on our 120 acre property in Fairview , Illinois .  Three years later a senator from Chicago bought all the bordering property and decided to put in a mega-landfill surrounding  our property.  He was forced to purchase our property and we bought a piece of property outside Chillicothe , Illinois in 1991.  We built our second home on this piece of property.Between raising whitetail deer, horses and operating our construction related business we were very busy.  In 1997 we sold our business, even though it  was not being marketed for sale, and relaxed, momentarily.After a devastating illness ran through our herd of deer we sold those  that were not sick and donated two of the breeder bucks to Wildlife Prairie Park .  We had always wanted to live in the "Northwoods" of Wisconsin so we bought  a piece of property with a lovely home on it and moved.  We currently own a log furniture and antler lighting manufacturing corporation in Phillips , Wisconsin .  We have no two legged children, by choice, but we do have 2 Quarter horses, 2 cats and a yellow lab that travels everywhere with us in our 40' motor coach.  Unfortunately, we will not be able to attend the reunion because we will be hunting elk in Montana in September followed by a Moose hunt in Maine .  Life is great and we are trying our darndest to live it to the fullest!    

Name: Melanie (Mandy) Smith
Class of: 1984
Phone: 602-330-3292

Comments: I live in Mesa , Arizona , and loving it!  I work with the City of Phoenix , where I am employed as a Career Adviser.  I assist folks who are seeking employment with a variety of services including resume help, interviewing skills, networking skills and job leads.  Have been employed with government for a total of 17 years.  Pays very well!  Just purchased a Mercedes Benz E320, and cruise in style!  Am single with no children yet, but hopefully will have at least one.  It's nice to be 37 and look 27!!  I plan to attend the 20 year reunion to see how much everyone has changed(if at all...?)  Kelly Fandel will also be in attendance.  See all there!!! Peace

Name: Raymond A. Smith
Class of: 1984
Address: 7837 E. 500 N., Lafayette,  IN  47905
Phone: 765-589-7551

Comments: 20 years, WOW!  I joined the U.S. Air Force after graduation and was stationed at Grissom Air Force Base in Peru , IN.  Received an  associates degree in aerospace engineering.  I left the air force in 1994 and got a job at Caterpillar in Lafayette , IN.   I worked there for approximately 6 years.  After leaving CAT I began working at Mike Raisor Pontiac(also in Lafayette , IN ) in 2000 where I met my wife Julia(who I sold a car to).  We got married at the dealership in 2002.  We now have a daughter Jaden Raye that was born in March 2004.  Along with Jaden I have a 14 year old son Trey and a 10 year old son Connor. Just recently I was promoted to New Car Sales Manager for Pontiac sales.  I have really been looking forward to this years reunion and can't wait to see everyone.

Name: Rebecca Fallon
Maiden Name: Tyacke
Class of: 1984
Address: 2215 E.Avalon Ave., Santa Ana,   CA  92703
Phone: 714-560-0949

Comments: Hi Everyone!!! It's great to hear how well everyone is doing!  After High School I attended ICC for almost 2 years. In November of "85" I was having a few medical problems so I moved to California to be with my Mom & Sisters. In "86" I met William Fallon ,we got married in July "87" and were blessed with our daughter Leah Noel in April "88" After attending our 5 year reunion We  decided to move back to Metamora "92" but I missed the California weather so we moved back to California in "94". For the past ten years I've been an office manager for a small vitamin company. We cant make it for the reunion but I'd love to hear from past class mates.  

Class of: 1984
Address: 921 David Drive, Bensenville, IL  60106

Comments: Graduated from North Central College in Naperville , IL  in 1984 with a BS in Computer Science and am currently working for  EMC Corporation as a Solutions Architect.  I married Karen Wilson in August of 1988 and have two incredible children - Kim ('90) and Marc ('92).  Both are very active in school, sports and the community, keeping us on the run!

Name: Tami Riggenbach
Maiden Name: Wenzel
Class of: 1984
Address: 116 Timber Lane, East Peoria, IL  61611
Phone: 309-699-4732

Comments: Hi all- Wow, it's been awhile.  Where has the time gone.  Sorry to have missed the 20 year reunion.  I didn't hear anything about it until afterwords-not sure how that happened.  It's been a busy 20 years!  In 1986 I married the sweetest man I ever met, Kim Riggenbach(EPCHS class '81).  Since then we have lived in East Peoria most of the time.  After visiting one of our church's orphanages in Brazil we decided to live there.  We experienced many problems during my pregnancy with Abigail and needed to return to the States for her birth and have since decided to stay here.  Currently, our 6 kids keep us very busy-Hannah-15, Ruthie-13, Christine-10, Abigail-7, Matthew-3, and Benjamin-5 months.  Kim works for the E. Peoria Fire Dept. and is one of the pastors at our church.  One of our favorite jobs at church is the pre-marital classes we teach.  We want everyone to enjoy being married as much as we do!  We enjoy being foster parents, most of the time, and received a wonderful "present" from it - Matthew.  He came to us at birth and we were able to adopt him (our second adoption-we adopted Chrissy when she was 3) when he was 18 months old.  He is a special needs child who has brought great challenges, but even greater joy to our lives.  In my spare time, we have a small catering business- A Few Fruitcakes - that fills up whatever time it can between our children's schedules.  If you are involved in pre-hospital emergency medicine in our area and take your continuing-ed. classes through the OSF EMS office, we will most likely be the ones feeding you or teaching you since we do that there also. 

Name: Jeanette "Jeanie" Waters Becker
Maiden Name: Waters
Class of: 1984
Address: 4991 Robinhood Road, Winston-Salem, NC 27106

Comments: I missed all of my friends from MTHS and graduating fromt he only school I ever knew.  Our family moved to Dallas, TX the summer between my junior and senior year.  I have enjoyed traveling the southeast, working in Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations for the past 20 years and I am currently spending time at home raising our two children Emma and Anson.  Motherhood is much more work than a stressful career hands-down.  But I love the rewards too!

Hope to hear from a few of you still out there.  I've been in touch with many of you over the years and it is wonderful.  Hope life has been good to all.  Take care. (Updated: 09/2009) 

Name: Glenn Wiechman
Class of: 1984
Address: 3721 North Racine, Chicago, IL   60613
Phone: 773-665-1965

Comments: After I graduated Illinois State University in 1988, I moved to Chicago and pursued a career in sales in the packaging industry.  I had gotten quite accustomed to the bachelor life style in the big city a block away from Wrigley Field.  Finally, this July I decided to settle down and get married to my beautiful wife, Sharon.  After our two week honeymoon in France and Spain , the next big trip we have planned is to Metamora for the big reunion.  Hope to see you there!   

Class of: 1984
Address: 8769 Brentwood Place, Brentwood,  MO  63144

Comments: After MTHS I went to Ill. State for a year then Western Il . University.  I got my B.A. in Music.  Student taught in Quincy Il . I took a teaching job in the St. Louis area in 1989.  I teach High School Band at Webster Groves High School , Webster Groves MO.   It's a great place to work. Pres. Clinton visited 2 years ago and TIME Magazine did a 40 page article Oct. 1999.  Finally found my true love (Kelly Moore)and got married June 13, 1998 .  We have no children...yet. Our dog, Bogie (australian sheppard) loves to take us hiking, rafting and camping.  Sorry I missed our first two reunions (conflicts with work) I can't wait for the 20 years ... I bet we will all have gone through some changes by then! e-mail if you get a chance.

Maiden Name: Williams
Class of: 1984
Address: Rt.# 1 Box39, Roanoke,  IL  61561
Phone: 309-744-2830

Comments: Although I didn't graduate with my class I would like to hear from any of you. I am married to Larry Ellis and we have two children Amber is almost 16 and Craig is 8. I work at Delaney's restaurant in El Paso , Il . I have been working there for a little over a year. We live on a farm outside of Secor , IL . I also have a step son Ronald and a step grandson Austin. Hope to hear from any of you.

Class of: 1984
Address: Avda. Juan Carlos I, 32 1D
             19250 Siguenze (Guadalajara), Spain
Phone: (+34) 949-39-16-00

Comments:  I earned two B.S. degrees from Michigan State University in 1989, then two graduate degrees from Indiana University in 1992.  I worked for the next 11 years for the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency regional office in Philadelphia , in the Superfund Program.  My wife Joanne and I were married in 1988 and we have three daughters: Elaina (1993), Elizabeth (1995), and Emily (1997). In August 2003, we moved to Madrid , Spain  where we are now serving as missionaries with SEND International, an evangelical Christian agency (see www.send.org). We are currently helping to begin an evangelical church in Siguenza, a town of 5,000 people located 80 miles northeast of Madrid.  We are also very involved in the community with English classes and other activities. I still enjoy running and have completed several marathons,  including Boston and Seville. Since 2000, I have also done many portrayals of President Abraham Lincoln in churches, schools, parades, etc. (see www.mrlincoln.com)  I wont be able to make the 25 year reunion, but would love to hear from some of my old classmates. If you have any plans to visit Spain, be sure to let me know! (Updated: 01/2009) 

Class of: 1984
Address: 916 Queen Street, Alexandria,  VA  22314
Phone: 202-306-5564

Comments: Hello Everyone.  Until last March I served as a Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Interior in Washington DC .  In March I moved to New York City to serve as the Deputy Director of Media Operations for the 2004 Republican National Convention where I oversaw the needs of the 15,000 journalists covering the Convention.  I hope you all got a chance to watch a bit of it!  Upon conclusion of the Convention....I hit the Campaign Trail once again.  I am now a Lead Advance-Person for First Lady Laura Bush.  Until election day I will be traveling with the First Lady helping to arrange and organize her campaign events.  I am honored to have the opportunity to work with her as we work toward the President's re-election. I wish everyone the best and hope that if my schedule finds me in the Midwest the weekend of the 18th I will be able to make it to the reunion and catch up with everyone in person.

Name: Martha Yates Newton
Maiden Name: Yates
Class of: 1984
Address: 10017 Blake Lane, Oakton, VA  22124
Phone:  571.294.0156

Comments: Hello all, I figured it had been 5 years since I provided an update, so hear it goes! I still live in Washington DC area and recently just completed a stint as a senior staffer to Governor Sarah Palin for the McCain-Palin 2008 campaign. Prior to that I was with the federal government directing refugee issues for the Department of Health and Human Services. I also had the legal guardianship of all unaccompanied illegal aliens under the age of 18 in the US, so if anyone ever has any questions about immigration, I am your gal. I still get back to central Illinois from time to time and would love to connect with folks who are in the area. My son Heath is now a second grader and it is amazing how time flies! I still run quite a bit and am taking up a new hobby--kenjutsu-- samurai sword fighting! Hope everyone is well and curious if there will be a 25th reunion? Best, Martha Yates Newton (Updated: 03/2009)

Name: David D. Zimmerman
Class of: 1984
Address: 804 Crestview Drive, Metamora, IL  61548

Comments: After graduating I attended ICC and then went through 4 year apprentice program with Sheetmetal Workers Union, I am currently working for Caterpillar in East Peoria as a Hvac maint. tech. I married Connie Forney and we have been married 25 years plus. We have been very happy. We were lucky enough to have 3 great sons. David (25) Hollywood, california. Brandon (21) Eureka college, Jordan (15) a freshman at MTHS. The time has really flew by. (Updated: 03/2010)

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